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The Moral Authority To Question Trump

January 29, 2017

Whether what Donald Trump ruled against refugees is ethical or not is next question. My first question is, how many of the oil-producing rich Arab nations have taken in any of them. ZILCH. Any of them taken by other islamic nations like Brunei (incidentally one more oil rich nation but not Arab), Pakistan, Bangladesh? One Ummah, are you?

The population of Hindus in Bangladesh was 30% of their total in 1947. In Pakistan it was more than 12 %. Now in Paksitan Hindu population is reduced to less than 1% and in Bangladesh to under 3%. Even during recent Diwali, more than 15 Hindu homes were demolished, Hindu temples vandalized, Hindu pundits (priests) stabbed to death near Dhaka.

No question of a church or hindu temple in Saudi even if millions of expat christians and hindus work and live there. They still stay put for the oil-money. Not even a sign professing your faith can be exhibited in public – like the cross or an idol for instance. Censorship in the media, You Tube, any internet content for that matter.

Yazidis are supposedly closely connected to Hindus, worst hit by the middle-east war. Any sympathy in any media for their cause? Trump can take in the Yazidis. Just google to know their sad plight.

What about those given asylum by Germany. Trouble is brewing and Angela Merkel has openly admitted that she could have made a gross miscalculation on the issue. The culture shock is bound to be overwhelming. There are stories of refugees converted to christianity.

On humanitarian grounds, yes, those who flee in such a pathetic condition the war zones, may be considered for refugee status.

But after watching Hamid Ansari, India’s vice-president, NOT saluting our national flag even in our Republic Day parade, I would like to give thumbs-up to Trump. Ansari also confirmed to 800 million Hindus around the world why a muslim MUST NEVER BECOME INDIA’S PRIME MINISTER. Imagine a muslim PM for India not saluting our national flag..

There are 2 sides of every coin. First let the said community learn to stay LOYAL to their nation: whether mother country or adopted. Some of them in Indian soil cannot even put Indian nation first over their religion in order of their priorities. None can love Mother India pledging his/her first and unflinching loyalty to the nation than a Hindu. Ofcourse I can say the same about our sikh brothers and sisters and also our christians. But never would I trust an Indian muslim.

True there are muslims in India’s armed forces. There are muslim doctors and scientists in India. But this is a very negligible population. Their sane voices are muffled by disloyal fundamentalists who can’t wait to see India turn into another Pakistan.

To question Trump, first your slate must be clean. You must treat your minorities with equal rights and respect first. Your minorities must be able to profess and practice their faith in public without fear of persecution. Can you imagine the fate of minorities from other faiths in all the banned seven countries?

Shame on media and journalists who suffer from selective amnesia. Not a single report in ‘The Hindu’ about our vice-president’s questionable conduct. These so-called intellectuals may argue, saluting the tri-colour or rising to your feet when the national anthem is played does not essentially qualify one as patriotic citizen. But the VP post requires certain decorum and conduct and if you cannot abide by that, you must step down. Ex-President Abdul Kalam never once was this arrogant, insulting the very Indian nation in public like this. Why was there no screeching headlines in Times of India? Individual’s choices have limitations when you assume public office.

Someone dares to defy these guys – Trump does have the nerve for it. Give respect, take respect. It is time gulf nations, all arab world and other islamic nations learn manners. If you are going to treat others like sh*t, be prepared to take sh*t.

There was this Indian engineer from Chennai who had just started working in Saudi. It was not even a week since he landed and he was shopping for basic items in a mall. He was reportedly gazing at a row of packaged food when there was a local woman clad in burqa top to bottom with mere slits for eyes, who reported on him that he was looking at her. He did not even know what knocked him down. He was thrown into jail and deported. With damaging stamping with comment on his passport.

Another Indian got his spiritual material torn to pieces in front of his eyes with profanities rained at him and his faith defiled beyond description. All for carrying a book of Bhagwad Gita.

One more Indian/Hindu was caught eating in day time during Ramzan in Saudi. Thrown behind the bars after being beaten black and blue.

Where is justice for others in islamic world. You may not even dare to do normal things, attempt to live as a normal human being.

The same hypocrites today want secular, democratic nations to treat them at par with rest of the society they want to become part of, while they believe they reserve the right NOT to treat others as equals in their own miserable closed world. 

We Hindus have the right to question anyone. Because we have never invaded any other nation. We have not plundered others, we have not converted others. In spite of losing for over a 1000 years from barbaric invaders and later at the hands of the British,we still remain a secular democracy. No other nation or people on earth has the moral authority to question Trump. If anyone can, we Hindus may (note not all Indians).

America is indeed an immigrants’ nation. Made up of and built by immigrants. Land of dreams for millions. I hope at least now the muslims of the world feel remorseful about what they have been doing to others.

America and Australia and even Canada and New Zealand were built on the natives’ tombstones. But they are doing their bit to change.

Europe is compensating by way of taking in truckloads of refugees for centuries of colonization although they forget, who they have to recompense is native Africans and Indians and South Americans not Arabs.

Gulf nations do provide gainful employment to millions from around the world. It is undeniable that in spite of tough conditions in Saudi, expats from Europe to India work and live there earning handsome. But it helps to remember, nothing comes free to expats. They work, they get paid. Not like what these people did to India.

Afghanistan ravaged India for centuries. From Turks to Persians to Afghans – who were the moghuls but yesteryear Taliban – everyone took turns to rampage India. See their condition today. Ghazni to Ghori they plundered and razed India but where is the stolen wealth from desecrated Hindu temples and Hindu homes? What is Afghanistan or Iran now?

KARMA. As a Hindu, I am a firm believer in that. What goes around WILL come around. If not today, then tomorrow.

In Christianity you can confess your sins and seek pardon. In Islam you have the judgement day. But for us Hindus there is only the Newton’s third law of motion which is otherwise called Karma: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  You simply cannot escape your Karma and if you don’t pay it back in your lifetime, your legal/political heirs will pay for you in their own sweet time with accrued interest. Not a penny less. You inherit your ancestors’ Karma just like you will pass on yours to your children. Which is why, think good, do good. Karma is our morality and ethics bank, to put it short. Deposit and withdraw as you fancy.

If Hindus have not invaded other nations it is not because of cowardice. It is more because of a complacent nature: a strong wish to avoid controversies (wars in the past). A yearning at any cost for peace to prevail. A basic trust in fellow humans, incapable of imagining them being so inhumane. Ghori succeeded only the 17th time. 16 times he lost and was pardoned and sent back by the Hindu king. That is Hindu dharma. But Ghori’s own dharma was not and could never be ours. But his karma is definitely Hindu karma, believe me.. King Ashoka became a buddhist because he could not come to terms with the river of blood flowing in battles among small kingdoms. This is an indication of what India was like in those days. Even in south, the smaller kings fought among themselves. The cheras, cholas and pandyas have had animosities and frequently battled for gain, but the basic dharma reigned over entire India and smaller Hindu kingdoms. There was never overt greed. Christianity was spread because Christ was thought of as one more God – not as a competitor. Sufi shrines sprang up because Hindus respected and believed or rather trusted everyone – to his/her own peril. Our ancestors never realized that others won’t follow or comply with our just dharma.

May be the British gave us the name India but India has always gone by the name Bharat for as long as we can record history. The British only changed our name. In Puranas and Itihaasas centuries old, ‘Bharat’ refers to entire landmass that is now known as the vast Indian subcontinent: a single mass entity spanning from Afghanistan to the tip of our peninsula, Kanyakumari.

First to fall was Afghanistan. Hindu-Buddhist. That is why they never fought back their invaders.

Neither do us Hindus want to rewrite the current map of India. It is the wishful dream of foreign media (read pak) – never ours. We in India are content with what we are today. Partition is the blessing in disguise.

When you have such a bloody history that you were so lucky to survive and remain a pedigree today in this 21st century by sheer miracle, you know you cannot dismiss those like Trump just like that. 

No action is one-off. It is a chain reaction – that much I know. 

It is naive of some people to assume that Trump is a fluke. A majority of Americans are behind him and echo his views. Nationalist tendencies are on the rise throughout the world. Why should America or India be suckers? For the only reason we are proclaimed secular democracies? Or is it that when you guys pre-fix your names with adjectives like ‘islamic republic’ you are automatically entitled to disown your share of virtues of humanity and equal justice that you want others to practice and uphold.

I do remember the times when in good old Madras our parents would not even tell us who they voted for or discuss caste/religion in public/ with others. Religion and politics were very personal-private affairs.  India has come a long way since then. Even in the present, the senior citizens  of my nation feel awkward discussing politics or religion in the open. Mass entertainment media like our tv channels have managed to influence some of them but not all.

Trump’s IQ is anybody’s guesswork though. It is indeed sad that a nation as great as America should deserve such a character for head of the state. What an assault on one’s fine sensibilities. Offensive is a mild term to use. Not that I second Trump. This post is merely to question those who claim authority to point fingers at the president of the United States.




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