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Review: The Devil Wears Prada (Hollywood)

March 1, 2017

Raining ‘movies’ for me this week 😀 – privileges of a bored housewife unfit for work… Anyway there are quite a few ladies who envy my station in life, so let me not complain…

Caught up with the picture after over a decade finally.

All these names never meant anything: Prada particularly. I mean I know Prado because my hubby drives it here in middle-east but no way we will get it in India because there we go real CHEAP hahaha – only shabby small desi car for us. No imported luxury.

As someone who stepped into a beauty salon as late as in my 36th year, there are miles between me and fashion. (Un)popular (!) for wardrobe malfunction among friends and family and wrong accessorizing, I was quite lost in the fashion capitals of Europe Rome, Milan and Paris. Can you believe I bought nothing at all in these places?! No cosmetics either. Not even perfume! But picked up VEGAN CHEESE in Amsterdam. More interested in art galleries and museums that way.

Seriously I think those who obsess over clothes have a psychological issue – me including. I think i binged on something like ‘retail therapy’ to rid myself of boredom and loneliness when I was with my son in India, with my hubby here in middle-east. Even if there are circles and circles of friends and relatives, basically I am a lonely person. Preferred shopping alone. Once in 15 days shopped to lift my mood up for things I never wanted … but had the sense to go for inexpensive and usable stuff that would come in handy sometime… like night gowns, lingerie, towels etc. Then I branched over to affordable and practical kurtis. Every Indian woman’s rage these days!

Now I miss my son and to fill the vacuum I am shopping once again for clothes I don’t need. I know what is my problem. But it is manageable so I let it hang on. I know my limits.

But as far as fashionistas are concerned, I think they have a far more serious problem in hands than me! I mean, how can you spend so much on shoes, clothes, bags and belts??? Perfumes? Cosmetics? It is a shame. It is vulgar.

May be I am exaggerating my shopping sprees – i imagine I am addicted to ‘retail therapy’  – but most of my friends and women I know shop far more and worse than me. I am nothing. May be the sense of guilt is associated with my middle-class background.

Anna Hathaway playing Andy (Andrea) as a fresher in Miranda (Brooke Shields)’s fashion mag ‘Runaway’ seemed much more adorable than the faku one that she projected herself as. Good god, she regained her senses finally! I would have hated to see her become the next Miranda. I was anticipating that with worry.

I did see all the labels : Dior, D & G, Prada, Bvlgari, Gucci, Versace etc (Italian, French, Spanish brands I cannot recall sorry but can reckon if I see them) – most of these names I learned from shopping malls in middle-east. Not even window-shopping for me (in this segment). Almost all the labels I saw in Europe are here in middle-east. India too… (and I am not happy about it).

Last year for the first time I shopped in Marks & Spencer and Mango – normally don’t. These brands are there even in Chennai but I’ve always felt like sin checking them out. May be normal by European standards but not for us middle-class Indians. But for Europe tour, my hubby wanted me to pick up some ‘decent’ stuff. It was he and my son who picked my clothes (because they don’t trust my taste) !! Of course in ‘sale’ only. I was uncompromising on that. If I buy in full price, I cannot sleep for the night. M & S had a 60% sale and also Mango and Bershka and Pull & Bear – these brands I never thought I would own in life. Got them in a big, big bargain – otherwise not for them at all. But surprisingly I found, they gave me a super fit, far better than unbranded clothes – and they are very much machine-washable and easy maintenance. Never have shopped in these places for fresh/new arrivals. (And now I am a in a strange predicament. My hubby wants me to shop in branded stores asking me to STOP shopping cheap but I want to stick to my taste & price range).

Brand conscience is there only in last couple of years : love certain Indian stuff to others when it comes to ethnic clothes. Mainly for a good fit. But extremely price conscious. Same goes for shoes or handbags. I prefer Indian stuff be it clothes or accessories. Even some Indian brands are global.

I think Andrea made a good choice out of life. If we have more important things weighing on our mind, we won’t have time to think about clothes. I am thinking more about clothes now because … that keeps me sane, from missing my son, and from going crazy doing nothing… Until I turned 45 i don’t think i was like this… clothes happened … that’s all… where was the time then like I have now..

Bizarre, working in fashion industry I guess… You can’t eat well…you have to be self-conscious all the time…

I don’t think any girl who thinks too much about nail polish, hair, clothes and accessories has real fun in life. It is alright if it is family wedding, birthday party, family holiday or something like that. But I guess it is rather abnormal to accord so much importance to grooming…

Because I know I have personally enjoyed life maximum when I never had as much, when I wasn’t even aware of all these superficial things like I do now and when I couldn’t care less about my clothes or hair or whatever… All these never mattered because, there was LIFE. Full throbbing exciting life and a promising future that lay ahead of you…. and this is in spite of our rocking Indian joint family melodrama…

I think once I wore even my shalwar pant inside out to office when my son was an infant 😀 No time and mercifully I rode a scooter. My friend alerted me and I quickly escaped into ladies room for reversing it! Hardly owned 5 sets of salwar kameezes for office use and 5 saris (including 3 of my wedding silks). 2 more kameezes for evenings out. That sums up my entire wardrobe until the year 2001. Even in Malaysia I owned only this much plus 2 jeans & t-shirts. From 2014 is this obsession with clothes, donno why ?! Can’t believe once upon a time I used to be such a minimalist…

The Devil does wear Prada! I am not sure if Miranda character is worth an Emmy but Brooks Shields was phenomenal living the role. I can imagine the snobbish elite society she is part of. We have an Indian equivalent. I can never belong in this world.

Okay affordability is a reason. Otherwise even if you long about and thirst after and crave for, can you go anywhere close and lay your hands on original Prada even in your dreams !! I am a complete fashion faux pas, excuse me!!! Probably the last person who should be reviewing the film 😀

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