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Big No To DMK ADMK Porukkis

March 19, 2017

I remember my Paatti (grandmother) telling me, ‘porukkis’ started roaming the streets of good old Madras with DMK. The seniors’ worst fears came true when Congress was defeated in Tamil Nadu for the first time in 1968 and the Dravidian (regional) parties took over.

I was having this conversation with my husband only last evening. He said even the state’s first Dravidian govt CM Anna Dorai had ‘visited’ actress Padmini in those times (the topic perked up when we were discussing Suchileaks). He said this is not new, and given that media is so advanced these days and technology is superior, everything from behind closed doors is coming to light. When confronted, it seems Anna said, ‘Naan thuraviyum illa, aval (referring to actress) pathiniyum illa’ (neither am I a saint nor is she a patni (the term ‘patni’ in Tamil refers not only to wife, but also to a one-man woman that 100% all Hindu women are expected to be and are mostly).

This incident served to be a sample of what DMK rule was supposed to be in the state. Everyone’s private life is theirs to enjoy the way they like, but those in public office do have a social responsibility because their influence on the mindset of a population is significant. Anna died soon.

BJP leader Subramanyam Swamy hit the headlines with his ‘Porukki’ tweet only months back. The general comment hurt the sentiments of all Tamil, me included. But once tempers cooled down, I set thinking. So if we are not porukkis yet, what are we?

Look at the calibre of ruling party and opposition MLAs and ministers. Hooligans and rowdies and even criminals. Who have we entrusted the state with.

Many old Tamil flicks where the hero and heroine are romancing around huge pipes that went to dust bear witness to Veeranam scam of Karunanidhi period. Recently I was watching a black & white tamil film: villain chasing the heroine (for what else other than to rape. no wonder the rape culture is becoming like our national identity). Heroine runs within the rusting Veeranam pipes and the villain is jumping over the pipes to catch her. They are playing hide and seek until the hero materializes from nowhere to save the damsel in distress just as it happens whether in Bollywood or in Tamil pictures.

Corruption started in Tamil Nadu with DMK and Anna Dorai even if Anna personally did not seem to mint much. But Anna’s use of derogatory language and abuse of Hindu gods never went down well with many Tamils. The lowest classes were happy perhaps because income and wealth were not probably equitably distributed in 1950s and ’60s as they seem to be now. The computer era has thrown all classes together – and the rags to riches stories are no more exclusive. Small town boys and girls are doing extremely well in India ever since the 1990s which was not to be the case for the first 30-40 years after our independence from the British.

Congress CM Kamaraj was illiterate, was unmarried yet he did maximum for the state with making primary education mandatory providing free midday meals for village and corporations school students for the first time in our history. This pushed for higher literacy rates in the state right in the 1950s. Kamaraj initiated major irrigation projects and invested heavily in human resources which made Tamil Nadu a leading and progressive state from the beginning.

My grandmother used to say how the DMK guys like Anna and Karunanidhi used to call Kamaraj a eunuch because he did not marry. They passed very rude and indecent personal remarks on the best CM Tamil Nadu ever had, tarnishing his image in public meetings. Meetings and rallies are nothing in India today. Political meetings happened at a grand scale in an era before the advent of television/computer age. I have memories of public meetings from childhood – we had one every fortnight atleast. Now these happen only around election times.

Karunanidhi after Anna not only married thrice but also had an endless list of women whose life he spoilt – from actress Vijayakumari (who was married to actor SSR) to others. Karunanidhi is also not completely exonerated/absolved along with his party either from Veerappan case or Rajiv Gandhi assassination (at least in Tamil Public conscience).

In late 1960s, after Kanimozhi’s birth, a Tamil reporter posted news in a Tamil tabloid how Karunanidhi became the father of an illegal girl child. Karunanidhi filed a suit in court against the reporter and got him jailed for 6 months for false reporting and defaming him. That Kanimozhi you know today as the 2G scam queen, is not only legalized but pampered by Karunanidhi who went to Tihar in wheelchair to see her. The news was reported by late Cho Ramaswamy with the court ruling copy in very recent past. Trying to trace it now but proving to be difficult.

So this is the kind of chief ministers Tamil Nadu has had. Anna slept with actress. Karunanidhi fathered many illegal children. The next CM M G Ramachandran (MGR) was known for his weakness for pretty ladies, especially his heroines. From Saroja Devi to Jayalalitha and Latha to Manjula he had a field day with his leading ladies on screen and off screen. MGR left no legal issues like Anna Dorai and Kamaraj, thankfully. In order to make up for them, Karunanidhi came with a litter of his own dirty stock: Stalin, Azhagiri, Kanimozhi and more to come from next generations. Looks like the old man is in coma. Let him die a horrible torturous death – I have never wished for cruelty to anyone. But in his case I want him to suffer. Suffer maximum.

Come I can show you the prime commercial and residential properties and corporations grounds/parks MGR gifted to JPR, Isari Velan family, Devaram and his other cronies. What must belong to the public of Tamil Nadu. Our lungspace. Robbed. Why cannot the Jallikattu, Neduvasal guys protest for reclaiming these lost breathing spaces from our cities?

Jayalalitha Jayaram – a sad case who made the best of her resources and opportunities – could have done more for the state. I am not saying she was free of corruption. But the gang that held her to ransom made more in her name even without her knowledge perhaps. Whether by assent or reluctance, JJ had a role to play in the vast scale corruption the Mannargudi mafia committed. Today they have grown into scary proportions, uncontainable.

JJ did seem to be set for her last term curiously despite her flailing health. She inaugurated the Anna Nagar-Nelson Manickam Road flyover, extended the Chennai Metro to many more kilo meters – within mere 3 months of taking over as the state CM for 5th time. But we had our doubts whether she would survive the term. She was supposed to be on daily dialysis. The public were aware even then how she was a parrot trapped in a golden cage, a prisoner of her own circumstances. If she could not do more than what she did, we know the reasons now.

After Kamaraj tell me, where have the DMK and ADMK porukkis taken the state.

Atleast in JJ’s period, the police were spic and span and security was tight. I used to take car to airport – sometimes taxis – after midnight. But I have never felt insecure. My landing time used to be early morning 3.15. At times if my regular driver wouldn’t turn up, I have had to take call taxis or cabs home by morning  4 am. Traveling alone in night hours is very common for Chennai ladies. Whether it is taking taxis or driving 2-wheeler or car, nothing stops our young ladies from being independent and on the move. There would be a cop on duty every 20 to 30 feet in the city which would make me feel safe and secure. I wonder whether any future government can give me and the women of Chennai this kind of safety and security.

My son used to come home driving by all odd hours – 3 am , 4 am – always he would be stopped checked for licence, insurance etc by the same cop. Not a single day, the cop relented. Once when he came home late, his cell phone battery had run out. He could not call me to come down and open the gate. Since there is a police booth very close to our house, he walked in there and asked the beat cop to help him. The cop rang me up at midnight and I got scared. Thought my son must have been drunk! But the cop verified details from me and was waiting with my son when I went down to open the gate. He also advised my son to charge phone properly.

If my son and his friends stood outside the compound wall, within 5 minutes the beat cop used to appear asking them to go inside. In JJ’s reign, not even 3 or 4 people could converge in street corners to chat. The crowds were immediately dispersed by police.

I live in a street flanked by lower middle-classes where cops routinely turn up calling at ‘potential’ would-be criminals. They were asked to come sign in the police stations regularly. Some would call it human rights violation, but our neighbourhoods breathed a sigh of relief every time it happened. JJ was famous for her police ‘encounters’ of criminals and gangsters. Crimes reduced in her period owing to this fact even as human rights agencies cried fowl. The public were by her side.

There is a register in my flat (5 flats only – all owned by brothers/sister) issued by Chennai Police. Everyday, a beat cop on patrol comes and signs the register with date at MIDNIGHT HOURS LIKE 2 AM OR 3 AM. This is happening for years now. All tenants in buildings must be registered with local police station submitting ID proofs. I don’t know for how long we will be enjoying such a privilege and blanket of security that JJ bestowed upon us.

Everyone is asking what JJ did – I think she did this marvelous thing: although Jayalalitha never married or had a daughter (atleast officially), the way she cared for the women of this state is moving. Those who have directly in directly benefited by her touch will know the difference.

I go to various temples to make jaggery pongal for Shakthi in the tamil months of Aadi and Thai. Once I and my aunt went to Aalai Amman temple in T Nagar. To our surprise we saw 3 women constables there who looked bored. ‘Why are you here even in temple.’ we asked. The young ladies in uniform who had removed their shoes inside the temple said, ‘this place of worship is at times very haunted, with not much crowd. it is possible that chain snatchers may sneak in to attack women devotees!’ With that the police women even helped us to draw water from a deep well in the temple complex. There was no other source of water there. One woman constable was stationed outside and did not enter the temple. We understood she was having her periods!! On that particular day, only I and my aunt were there in the temple. We had gone in an odd season. Even though the temple was in main road, there was total silence in the temple and no other soul in that afternoon time. The women constables were chatting us up amicably and we could use their reassuring presence. In face we shared the ‘prasad’ later with the police women.

I have already posted a blog on how JJ solved water issue in Chennai. My housemaid never had corporation water supply in her house and she used to run after the water tankers. That was years back. JJ government laid pipes until her thatched roof single room house and installed a hand pump free for her which ensured water supply to her house 24 hours a day for the first time. When she pumped water for the first time in her very own house, my maid started crying because she basically hails from a very backward village where such ‘luxuries’ are unheard of. I was aware of what hardship she had to endure just to meet the water demands of her family and how that was starting to affect her health.

Jayalalitha also made the government doctors’ attendance mandatory 6 days a week in the govt clinics, primary health centers and hospitals whereas they used to be lax in Karunanidhi regime. Every saturday the government doctors had to convene in Rippon Building compulsorily to file their weekly reports. Even govt doctors on the verge of retirement were not spared from night duties. She made life tough for them. Patients benefited immensely out of this drive. Primary health ealth centers in Tamil Nadu are far better and more hygienic and efficient than government hospitals.

Similarly with corporation officials. With Karunanidhi the garbage disposal would be done at leisure by the corporation staff. With JJ, overnight things would improve.

I know this was still not enough. If anything JJ was only doing her duty. But Jayalalitha’s sensitivity to women was what touched me the most. I have watched her interview with Simi Garewal many times. Look at the way she responds. Contrast it with the way she handled the bastard Karan Thapar.

If JJ had survived, it is possible that she could have broken through the stronghold of Mannargudi mafia this time. She would have done it along with Modi – provided she had had her health cooperating. Which was not to be.

I would rather vote for BJP and wish for BJP rule in Tamil Nadu than vote for the DMK/ADMK Porukkis. I hope Gangai Amaran who is contesting for BJP in RK Nagar constituency wins defeating TTV Dinakaran. Reportedly Dinakaran is doling out 15,000 bucks to poor voters illegally.

I will not vote for DMK or ADMK ever in future. I have not voted ever for DMK in any case. Found that in the 2.5 years I was away from home, my name has been dropped from voters’ list. Must remember to include it online.

I have to vote for BJP so I have to do it. My husband’s name, son’s name also read wrong in voters’ ID. So all 3 of us have to apply online again for inclusion with correct name spelling in next voters list.

DNA mapping has found that the Aryan/Dravidian division is a myth and both north Indians and south Indians share the same genes. North Indians do not carry the supposed Aryan gene from Germany as it was widely believed to be, a theory put forth by the British. Arya term in India is NOT the same as Aryan of Europe. Which completely debunks the Aryan-Drividian divide story in India.

Or if you stick to your Aryan-Dravidian myth, come up with supporting evidence: scientific facts. Publish your genetic mapping and show in which south Indian gene pool is different from north Indian gene pool. Otherwise stop this DRAVIDIAN NONSENSE.

Time to stop the ‘Tamilian’ hype. Tamilians are No.1 scoundrels, bastards, corrupt fellows. I am seeing all races and multi-language speaking people here. Nothing irritates me more than someone speaking superior about himself/herself claiming to be a Tamil/Indian.

In speech forums etc,. I cringe when fellow Indian speakers repeatedly refer to Indian roots which no other nationality does. Tamilians carry it even further. In my experience Tamilians are worst back-stabbers. In Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Australia, you will be better if you keep off Tamils. Also in middle-east, so many nations are in conflict. Many nationalities like even Egyptians cannot go home. When fellow Indians speak and boast about home, I feel bad for those whose memories get kindled.

I came across a Syrian engineer case. He has 5 kids. Has lived in a GCC nation his entire life, with all the 5 kids in international schools. There is no connection of him with Iraq-Syria. Now suddenly he has lost job. Has to get out. Can’t imagine his family’s economic condition or future.  Where to go now with visas getting cancelled. Where is home. These people from conflict zones do not even transfer money back home. They retain their salaries in host nation bank accounts. Such a sad story. Whoever they are, talking about home in front of them is difficult for me.

Why can’t we fellow Indians understand others’ state of mind. Always talking about India as if India is a land of milk and honey. How tough life is back home in India, I know. Okay, we are still fortunate, we are generally doing better than most others, our kids are a big promise… but tone it down guys.

If this is what I feel about India, imagine how I might feel about Tamil label!

Tamil my foot. Who speaks Tamil once you cross the Tamil Nadu border check post.

I am Indian first, Hindu next – Tamil last. If I have to forego my Tamil identity for the sake of India, I will do that without hesitation.  If I have to forsake my Hindu identity for the sake of India – I may still do that even if my heart may say ‘no.’ Because India means Hindu and Hindu means India for most of us. But nothing comes over my nation. If I equate Hindu with India, this is because India’s soul is Hindu and there won’t be an India without the Hindu. But in all this, Tamil is expendable. Any regional identity for that sake. Not just Tamil. Regional ethnicity is fine but let that not hinder us from looking at a broader perspective.

For those of us who have lived outside India most of the time, there is nothign to be proud of and boastful about being Tamil. I hate the Tamil identity even more because very recently during Jallikattu protests, in gulf nations all demonstrations and protests were curiously lead by Tamil muslims. I missed the one held right here in my place when I got a message from a bunch of muslims asking me to come forward as a Tamil to protest against government. Who are all trying to cash in on Tamil identity for wrong reasons.

Sorry I cannot see eye to eye with women in black burqas proving themselves to be Tamils celebrating Pongal. The black colour is scored out in Tamil culture. There are other issues in contrary that I cannot agree with Tamil cuture at the same time. The term ‘Karpu’ – that clips a woman’s independence and brands her as lifelong slave to one man. Kannagi is not someone I can identify with sorry. What kind of woman will tolerate a husband’s brazen infidelity and burn a kingdom for him. If this is what ‘karpu’ is, I have no respect for it. This ‘karpu’ factor is what prevents young Tamil Hindu women from remarrying on widowhood or divorce. It is happening now finally, but for how many centuries women suffered because of this so called ‘karpu’ which was only women’s travesty and men were not bound by the same kind of moral gibberish.

I am reciting ‘Sundara Kandam’ (tamil version from Valmiki Ramayan) at home. What angers me still is, when Hanuman returns from Sri Lanka and reports to Sukreeva and Lord Ram, Ram first inquires about Seetha’s ‘karpu.’ For one long minute I became quiet thinking of Sita’s jumping into the Agni and ending her life to prove her chastity in Ravana’s kingdom. Hindus may worship Mother Goddess and hold Her in high esteem but that does not mean that even the male Hindu god would not ask his wife to prove her ‘karpu.’ If this is the case of Sita in Ramayan, who are we, the lesser mortals. And why heck do such rules not apply to our menfolk?

To me Jayalalitha Jayaram had more Karpu than any of Karunanidhi’s wives wrapped in Saris could ever hope to have. The way JJ loathed men fiercely and took them on for what they represented and what hypocrites they were thanks to her life experience made her a far superior icon to Tamil women than Kannagi or whoever. You don’t have to drape yourself in 6 yards sari and throng the temples to prove your karpu. You have to be a righteous woman, You have to be a no-nonsense strong women, source of inspiration to others. You don’t have to be a one-man woman either. You can still command respect with the strength of your character.  You may be the leading light. Which Kannagi was not. This is why I side with Khushboo on her Karpu remarks.

‘Karpu’ may be a Tamil term but it is applicable pan-India. It is all Hindu. First of all to change ourselves for better, we have to come out of denial and acknowledge that we are in the wrong. If you limit your daughters with Karpu, apply the same rule to your sons.

In Malaysia when we were residents, the biggest fraud on Tamils was committed by a finance company floated by the Malaysian (Indian) Tamil cabinet minister Datto Sami Velu. The worst betrayers in our midst are fellow Tamils.

In foreign soil, we are enjoying friendship with other state people, citizens of other countries… I find that there is nothing to beat your chest crying ‘Tamil tamil’ all the time. You are in no way special – you are one in a million, that’s it.

I don’t want to debate whether BJP/Modi is doing the right thing but I know this much: they have good intention. At least they want to do something for the country that the Congress guys never wanted to. Congress-DMK gifted Katcha Theevu to Sri Lanka. Today these same guys are raising the issue of fishermen getting shot by Sri Lankan navy. Congress went slack even on India’s security issues. Today the communal forces in India are emboldened and 46 mullahs could impose a ‘fatwa’ on a 16 year old girl for singing a Hindu hymn because Congress encouraged wrong ideals. This is not how a secular, democratic nation functions. Nobody has a right to rule ‘fatwas’ in a Hindu dominant India.

How long will it take for India to teach Lanka a lesson. A mature democracy has to plan for 200-300 years in advance. We have to look at long term consequences. With China building the Sri Lankan harbour and investing heavily in Sri Lanka, India has to exercise caution and make only diplomatic moves. Well can’t these Tamil frogs dwelling in small well think of a larger national scene.

Here a group of professionals were discussing the Shale gas project. My husband cut me short saying, ‘if you don’t know anything about it, don’t cause damage by opposing with your so-called Tamil hypocrisy!’ Experts here believe that the Neduvasal project would not be affecting agriculture or water sources.

We lived in east coast of West Malaysia where oil was extracted offshore – but very close to land. None of harmful effects, we heard of. Without proper research, the Neduvasal movement is spearheaded in Tamil Nadu by some people. There are many countries around the world where energy is produced in most fertile parts without harming nature. If the same can be ensured for Neduvasal hydrocarbon project, why should not one go ahead. Minerals and metals are in Earth TO BE EXTRACTED. If the effects are documented to be drastic, and if experts are 100% sure that the project would be disastrous to the environment, it can be dropped. But why hanker about it without convincing – supporting facts and figures. If you are cannot ascertain if the project is detrimental or not, study it, research it and then report it. Take a view after thorough investigation.

Similarly we were talking about Jallikattu. Protecting and preserving native breeds is a must. But what is the yield of native breed. Averages please? A native cow cannot be milked for more than 5 liters per day. A jersey imported cow/mixed breed can yield upto 50 liters per day. First we have to survive. Only then we can talk about other things. How many of us are going to give up coffee, tea, milk, cheese, curd and ice cream because we do not want jersey cows in India. The Aavin milk that I and my son grew up on are what? 100% desi? Who are you kidding? White revolution happened in India decades back… Protect indigenous cattle but that is not sufficient to feed millions of hungry mouths. If technology or anything foreign is suspect, then we must not be using cell phone or whatsapp or even wear jeans.

Where we have to have a transformation, we have to go grab it. May be this is a form of evolution? Survival of the fittest?

Definitely preserving the desi gene pool – be it native crops or cattle – is important. But wherever collaboration can result in better quality of life for community at large, we must also go for it. A balanced mix of both is better. Desi cows can co-exist with Jersey cows.

Nobody is interested in keeping Tamil Nadu corruption free, litter free. Nobody wants a progressive Tamil Nad. Everyone expects freebies from government. Even poorest Tamils DO NOT want to work and are laziest. They are used to freebies and as a matter of fact, happen to think it is government’s duty to give them everything for free in silver platter.

The restaurant workers (nepalis) mostly, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, house painters etc., etc., are mostly Biharis or Bengalis in Tamil Nadu today because our proud Tamil men in lungi are wasting their lives and rotting away in Tasmac liquor shops.

A bold Tamil girl who was married off by the age of 14 to a man of 30 in my neighbourhood delivered 2 kids in 4-5 years before she turned 18 having been pulled out of school by 9th class. In between she underwent 2-3 abortions. Her husband was a alcoholic who thrashed her day and night and drank himself to death. His mechanic shed partner remarried the girl – a big thing in our society. The girl is still only 30 but she remarried within 1 year of her husband’s demise. The neighbours bad mouthed her – but I think the girl did the wisest thing. Her new husband is taking good care of her and her children. Does not even want a biological child of his own, I understand. The girl had had a family planning surgery.

When Tamil men fail, Tamil women WILL ACT. To hell with your definition of Karpu. If it is your daughter on the hook, see if her Karpu matters to you over her happiness. If you are a father, you will know what I am talking about.

Go to any state government office like PWD or TNEB or Registrar office in Tamil Nadu. You have the most corrupt SC/ST recruits asking for bribes in lakhs of rupees. Where is quality anywhere. Even women SC/ST officers ask openly for bribes. And you are talking about castes and Dalit persecution. Those who cannot even read engineering drawings are holding high positions and those who completed MBBS in 10 plus years on are government doctors. Put Stalin and his family under the knives of SC/ST doctors in operating table and let us see if they survive any surgery.

Where did this barber’s son get so much money. How much money could have his barber dad made even if he was a playwrite in Tamil cinema. Without working for a single day in his life, where did Stalin get so much money from.

Tamil Nadu in short is now like open sewerage – drainage. I don’t know about other states. I am concerned about my home state first.

I also don’t want the radicalization of Tamil muslims and I hate to see the spread of christianity/islam in India/Tamil Nadu.

I want admissions/jobs based on merit in Tamil Nadu.

I want the freebies to STOP completely in Tamil Nadu. No pain, no gain. Not a single rupee unless you work for it. No employment guarantee scheme. Now unemployed youth are paid 1500 rupees a month by government. This has to stop. Assistance to widows/destitutes is 1500 rupees per month. I know a dozen in my locality who are neither poor destitutes nor unemployed but they seem to milk money from government. Free sops have to be totally stopped.

I want to see the end of DMK/ADMK in Tamil Nadu. Want to go for national parties in future – be it Congress or BJP or AAP.

It is time India grows out of regional parties. It is time we stop thinking just about ourselves but think of India as a whole.

We have spent 4 years even in Andhra Pradesh. It was there I realized, it did not matter whether you are a Tamil or whatever once you are out of Tamil Nadu. NOBODY CARED.

It is good to be thought of as a hardworking brainy people. I thank my Tamil roots for that. It is nice to be thought of as ‘cultured’, pious, disciplined. Tamil heritage entitles you to that. That way, everyone is unique – whether you are a Andhrite or Keralite or Marati or Gujarati or Bengali or Sindhi or Punjabi or Kashmiri. Everyone is unique in his/her own way. Not just Tamil. Keralites are industrious, Gujjus are business minded, Punjabis are happy=-go-lucky, Bengalis are literary minded. Who is not special? Are only Tamils special?

Once when traveling by train I met a group of Oriyan teachers. They deplored us Indians in general for neglecting Odisha.

Our favourite restaurant here in gulf is run by a Bombay muslim. They make the best rotis and super subzis. The chef is Oriyan. He keeps calling me to Bhuvaneshwar and Cuttack to visit the Sun temple at Konark.

How many thousands of Assamese and Manipuris in Chennai. I may visit beauty parlours rarely but i get serviced mostly by my sisters from north east Indian states. The tough life they lead in Chennai always melts my heart. Out of 6000 rupees salary, one girl said she sent back 5000 and lived on only 1000 rupees in the city.

It is very wrong to keep ranting ‘Tamil Tamil’ for everything. Who has the patience or smile of north east Indian ladies. Nepali boys working in our restaurants.

I am seeing Nepali ladies working in shopping malls in middle east these days. With a small bindhi and gold nose string and even sindhur in their scalps, it is an overwhelming feeling for me when they bill my groceries. Doesn’t matter who they are. When it comes to hospitality sector, none to beat the filipinos, the nepalis and the north east Indians from 7 sister states of Assam-Meghalaya-Arunachalpradesh-Mizoram-Manipur, Tripura (1 more?!). The kind of patience and service attitude NOT a single Tamil woman is capable of.

Chennai like Mumbai or Delhi or Bangalore is cosmopolitan in nature. Do not tag it ‘Tamil’ and do the metro a great disservice. Or make Chennai a union territory. I DO NOT WANT ANYMORE TO BELONG WITH ONE AND THE SAME TAMIL NADU. Let Chennai belong to Union Government.

I am also a Thamizhachi, I also care for our farmers, water resources. agriculture, native cattle, artisans, etc., etc. that doesn’t mean I have to toe the popular line.




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