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PM Modi : Live and Let Live.

March 27, 2017

Modi is not my Mama, for me to always support him 😀

Yogi Adityanath may be good or bad but what as one of the first and foremost things he did on assuming office as CM of Uttar Pradesh was cracking down on ILLEGAL abattoirs and meat stalls. The rest of the slew of his administrative measures introduced right within 48 hours of taking over pale in significance compared to the sensitive issue of closing shutters on meat shops.

Let me make it clear at the first instance: Yogi ordered closure of ILLEGAL meat stalls and abattoirs functioning without permits, not the licensed ones. So those operating on right side of law must have nothing to fear.

But given this is India, nobody bothers much about paper work especially in those parts of the country where there is scant if not nil respect for law. India is a cash based economy mostly where not trade is regularized. I wouldn’t want to use the word ‘illegal’ here, for these are merely hitherto uncontrolled sectors. If at all you are picked up by law enforcing agencies, you may bribe your way out – so things are as simple as that.

There are some unanswered questions about Salman Khan and even Sanjay Dutt court cases. Everything has a price in India.

In the case of UP, there may not even be awareness, and this is what both PM Modi and CM Yogi could be missing.

Where I live in Middle-East and even in Malaysia and other countries around the world, stringent measures are taken to ensure food and meat quality by concerned authorities. Witness to sealing of quite a few restaurants in this part of the world I have always been shocked by the poor standards maintained in India when it comes to restaurant industry as well as food/meat shops.

Never have I once come across a single Health Inspector in my entire life so far in India/Chennai. Hygiene is the last thing we worry about in a counry where open defecation in rural areas is still a major health issue.

Whereas I recall once when in Malaysia, Health Inspectors walked in right when we were at an Indian restaurant, to inspect the kitchens and even the dining space to see if it was cramped and whether the guests were feeling comfortable.

I never thought anything was amiss, but was surprised that the restaurant was sealed upon inspection and notice. Apparently, the health officials were not satisfied with what they had found. The Health department officials drew up a chart-table which was plastered to the restaurant wall everytime they visited evaluating the restaurant atmosphere and the kitchen and other facilities. Believe me, by Indian standards, the Malaysian Indian restaurant was far cleaner and airier and roomy. In my opinion, there was no reason for it to be shut. But 6 months later it reopened and I saw the difference. Fewer tables this time and the crockery had been replaced. We understood the kitchen was remade all over again. Same thing happened to a chinese restaurant that we frequented.

At least 6 Indian restaurants in last 10 years and a multiple other exotic foreign food restaurants like Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Mexican etc have closed after Health Department inspection, to my knowledge in middle-east. The main areas to watch, I was told, were the meat section, refrigeration/cold storage among other things. All these restaurants are hard core non-vegetarian restaurants where beef is served as a principal dish including the Indian ones. Never did anyone complain. Restaurateurs risked closure if they did not comply with observing the strict standards of hygiene prescribed by Health and Food Ministry so they reopened after a short time making due amends. Restaurant space for dining was strictly defined not making it cramped or crowded. Air-conditioners to wash facilities everything came under the scope of inspection.

So why is it in India, we do not care for acceptable, decent standards? Are we not entitled to good things we deserve for the price we pay? These aren’t world standards, merely benchmark prescribed for our own benefit. Indian public would rather have rotten meat from a filthy unkempt and abattoir than demand healthy alternative. Consumer rights, what?

Therefore in principle, I am not against closure of illegal abattoirs or unlicensed meat shops in Uttar Pradesh.

I am only concerned because, the way it is enforced seems to smack of hypocrisy.

Is this the first major issue to be sorted out by a chief minister taking over for the first time by a central party which is on national scene for hardly 2-3 years? PRIORITIES. When Yogi prioritizes meat business, to me it sounds like vendetta politics.

I have muslim friends who cannot survive even a single day without meat – without beef. It is their staple food. Just because I am vegetarian, I do not want them NOT to have their food. What is there in food we eat. My son gobbles everything from alligator meat to octopus meat. My husband loves sea food although he is not an experimentalist. But I guess even he had had (illegal) tiger meat, peacock meat (in Malaysia) (that caused me great distress because they are endangered species; now he ‘s sworn he won’t touch them ever again). My christian friends cannot live without meat either. So tough for them to survive on veggies and fruits like some of us Hindus do (not all, note).

Yogi could have waited for an year at least before moving in, if his intentions had been right and above suspicion. He could have given notice period to meat sellers and abattoirs to apply for licences or close down within a stipulated time frame like say 6 months. That is the way things are done. I am not a seasoned politician but at least I have common sense.

I wouldn’t call it overzealous on part of Yogi as well. This is his top agenda, and when I think about it I feel sick at the pit of my stomach.

You cannot simply destroy the lives of millions just like that. It is not about mere meat. It is about the meat sellers and their families, the restaurant business people and all those who make a legal livelihood from something perhaps out of the line. I wouldn’t call the unlicensed abattoirs illegal – they may need to be regularized, nothing more. It is not a criminal offence to run an unauthorized meat shop or unapproved abattoir. Especially in India.

I too buy meat for my family from a bhai in next street in Chennai and for the first time I wonder whether he has a licence or not! All these years, we never bothered to check.

All that I know is that, my bhai is an impoverished muslim and that he is doing a decent and honest living selling meat, culling the chicken.

If you finish the meat shops, you may finish the Indian muslims I guess… This is their bread and butter. India’s butchers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, are our Indian muslim bhais. 

So what. Butchery is also a dignified profession, a clean way to earn a living NOT like our unscrupulous politicians way of living.

By enforcing unwarranted measures on a minority that is mired mostly in poverty and illiteracy in UP, CM Yogi Adithyanath could be pushing the hopeless towards extremism.

But why should I be surprised after the demonetization thrust on a hapless population by PM Modi. I don’t believe Yogi would lift a finger without Modi’s nod.

Adani still owes our banks 22,000 crores of rupees. Vijay Mallya will never return to face justice. This is the India Modi encourages and wishes for at the cost of fleecing poor Indians by overcharging banking transactions, taxing the middle-class and NOT LOWERING THE PETROL PRICES even when an oil barrel sells only for 50$. The benefits are not passed to the Indian middle-class but to those who short-change government at public expense, evading taxes and not repaying loans.

I have always argued in favour of Modi, even though right from the beginning of his term, he did not try to hide his true colours: of how he favoured the business class over the Indian public. India’s rural populace especially agriculturists have had it coming. Couldn’t get any worse for them. Digitalization is fine but how is this possible when the nation’s infrastructure sucks? How many of us would deny that Paytm is not buttering our PM/BJP. Why is Baba Ramdev such a big brand now of all times? What about Reliance? When Modi became our PM, during his very first visit to the US he sold Indian cancer patients’ interests, about which I have blogged earlier:

A small price to pay for Nuclear Energy is it? Had Modi or Yogi married and had families, they would know what it is like to struggle leading a normal life in an increasingly competitive, difficult world. Never have both seemed to WORK. Work in the sense, slog in a profession/occupation although Modi keeps touting about his Chaiwala days. After that we do not know what he did for a living. Probably paid by the party for his political work. May apply to Yogi as well. Had these guys worked 9-5, raised kids, paid school fees, stood in ration/bank queues, lived an average family life caring for others, taking responsibilities, answering people, hurt in the process, betrayed, backstabbed, perhaps they would know what it is to crush someone’s livelihood, what it is to make someone’s life miserable and hopeless.

Even Buddha attained ‘Nirvana’ after marrying first and fathering his kids. Gandhi chose celibacy mostly as a means of family planning after being tormented by 4 brats year after year. Not out of principle, at least to begin with. The days Gandhi lived with his family probably taught him some life lessons to be compassionate, tolerant and flexible. Not like these guys. Ruthless. Such a ruthlessness can come only from bachelorhood – unexposed to family life. The same ruthless streak could be spotted in our ex-CM Jayalalitha Jayaram. But then she had had a soft spot for women. She was more compassionate compared to these men – she understood the poor’s plight and their helplessness. She never wanted to corner them and ‘teach them a lesson.’

So what has Modi done is over 3 years now since he became our PM:

  1. A big zero when it comes to improving health standards. The credit for lowering the cardiac lent prices goes to an aspiring young lawyer who diligently fought for it in the court of law for years – NOT TO MODI. A man who sold the interests of the cancer patients of the nation could never think of anything good for our population.
  2. NO TAX SOPS despite the hard and punishing measure of demonetization for the Indian public. Adanis and Ambanis are his friends. Modi needs them for his political campaigns. They need not have to pay taxes, they can get away with cheating the public but we the Indian middle classes will always bail them out with our tax payments. Their loans could be eventually written off. That is what our nationalized banks are for. They can always over-charge the public at large to make good their losses.
  3. No noteworthy infrastructure project until date in any part of India except for some solar set-ups.
  4. No sewage water treatment plants or desalination plants because these may make a big dent in the national treasury even if they may solve India’s problems overnight. NOT A SINGLE PROJECT OR CAPACITY EXPANSION ANNOUNCED.
  5. Nothing for Agriculture/Farmers.
  6. No new irrigation projects.
  7. Even before Modi toured America and Australia and Japan and Canada, India was a software giant. His visits did not bring anything new. A prime minister need not have to lower himself to the level of dealing with corporate tycoons.
  8. Why NO roll back in oil prices. What are you doing with excess money? Are you writing off Adani and Ambani’s debt? Petrol prices have increased in India in fact.
  9. What happened to the thousands of crores of money gleaned out of the demonetization drive. ACCOUNT IT NOW! Account every single paisa. Publish the data and investment details. We the citizens of India have a right to know. Draw a bank wise, branch wise statement of deposits. Every single bank branch of India – private and public must have figures. Give us the data NOW!
  10. How much have Paytm etc grown since demonetization. Is demonetization the greatest scam of BJP? Have we just been mute witnesses to a massive operation in our history of converting the black into white by black money holders. Has the PM helped the black marketeers to come clean?
  11. What happened to the Swiss bank account holders’ list.
  12. Why no action against Vadera, Kanimozhi, Raja and Chidambaram?
  13. What was PM Modi’s exact role in Jayalalitha’s death and its aftermath. We know our PM played a crucial part in the whole melodrama.
  14. How can you let Walmart and IDEA open shops in India.  Is this your ‘Make in India?’
  15. Who wants hideous statues made in China – from Patel to Bharat Matha. Patel would commit suicide should he be alive today.
  16. What ‘Man ki bath?’ You come and listen to OUR free and frank ‘Man ki Bath’ if you dare.

The list may go on and on. Having spoken about the work undone, I must also mention the work done. The same demonetization that instilled a moral fear in those in the habit of corruption needs a special mention. The crackdown on foreign NGOs funding conversions to christianity and islam is no less important.

Other than that, I am NOT happy with Modi administration. Sometimes I wonder whether it is okay to have an inefficient Congress government over a ruthless BJP government.  I am even charmed by Rahul Gandhi’s naivety these days!  We wanted to give BJP a try because we were happy under PM Vajpayee. I understand, it is no more the same party or the same government. Atal Behari Vajpayee was a very compassionate man who cannot be compared to PM Modi of Gujarat. I have immense respect for Vajpayee ji not because he was our PM but because I thought he was a very kind and respectable human being, lovable by all. He was above pettiness, almost flawless. Congress could have been corruption ridden, but PM Manmohan Singh still came across as a decent human being which is what mattered most to Indian public – NOT SONIA GANDHI even if she could have been the string puller operating from behind the scenes.

I am disappointed and in fact sad that I can never put PM Narendra Modi in the same bracket as either Nehru or Shastri or Vajpayee or even Dr. Singh. Ofcourse, Modi may join Indira Gandhi in my calculation, or may even surpass her who knows. He has that same menacing air about him that sometimes scares me.

All I am asking our PM to do is: STRIVE TO BE LOVED, NOT TO BE FEARED.



India has close to 300 million muslims. Where will they go. It is not their fault they are muslims. Whether their ancestors were force-converted is immaterial to them. They are trying hard not to be reminded of what could have happened to their forefathers. Integrate them, do not divide them from Hindus. Do not drive them to extremism with your dire and useless and unwarranted measures. You have every right to crack your whip on Zakir Naik type characters, but not on innocent public – Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or Christian.

It is cruel to betray the UP muslims who came out in large numbers to vote for BJP, trusting you. Why close the meat shops. Extend a deadline and ask them to comply with licensing procedure. Be lenient, be benevolent. That’s what even Chankya advises in ‘Artha Shastra’ – NOT TO RULE BY IRON HAND BUT BY LOVING ENVELOPING HANDS.

India does not want nuclear energy at the cost of Her cancer patients. Every single Indian life is important – not to be bartered for something of sinister, disastrous consequences at a future date. We gave you a mandate so that you can make our lives better, not to make our lives miserable so that your Adani and Ambani can have it easy.

Having said that, I have to admit, it was Congress misrule that created a Modi in the first place.

In Chennai, we do not even know where the abattoirs are located. No animal sacrifice is done in front of the public. Most Tamil muslims do not consume beef either. As for Indian muslims, it is high time the community shows some respect to the majority community of Hindus. In northern India, I believe, cattle are culled right in the street, in full public view. This is most true of Eid times. When you have the audacity to do this to a peace-loving tolerant Hindu population, then be ready to face the consequences. If you do not respect others’ sensitivities, you have no right to demand reciprocal treatment.

The Sultan of Johor Bahru in Malaysia was reportedly asking Malays not to pretend and conduct themselves like Arabs. Same applies to Indian muslims. If your women are going to wander in black covered head to foot, we Hindus cannot help picturing you like Arab or Pakistani. Be normal, blend with the population.  In my growing=up years, I never saw women in black burqa in Madras. Muslim women and christian women did not sport a bindi – that was the only difference. Now there is a sea of muslim women cloaked in black be it in malls or beaches or cinemas or restaurants or anywhere. I cannot identify with women dressed like Arabs in my India. If you don the black, be prepared to be treated like Arab who wouldn’t belong in India.

To others, Yogi’s drastic steps may seem out of place but to those like me, it is imaginable how we got to this situation.

Every time I see an Indian muslim family with 4 or 5 or 6 kids, I feel threatened and very insecure. I feel such a rising sense of anger within me because most of us Hindus stop with one or two kids even if we can afford to go for more. We shall not let India become a caliphate. And if it takes a Modi and a Yogi to assure it for us, we will vote for them. If Indians muslims do not limit the size of their families to one or two kids, don’t be shocked or surprised if family planning is next to be legally enforced depriving anyone with more than 2 kids of Aadhar card, Ration card and passport.

Making family planning mandatory may be a long shot for Indian/BJP government, but not impossible or impractical. 

We want Uniform Civil Code in India first – one single umbrella which the nation’s Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jains may come under. No special privileges for Indian muslims for Haj. No Islamic banking in India. NOTHING BY THE NAME OF SHARIAH.

We don’t want moral policing either by Shiv Sena or Shri Ram Sena. Even this is warranted because of ‘love jehad’ as friends from Karnataka and Kerala and Uttar Pradesh tell us. The only girls the muslims guys fall in love with happen to be Hindu girls NOT fellow muslim girls. But the reverse is not happening, why? So are we seeing a pattern here? Is it a well organized modus-operandi. By the way, I did not get a single NEGATIVE report on crackdown on ‘love jehad’ – all Hindu parents welcome this super move.

Still, instead of a confrontational approach, I hope Yogi government in future will adopt a congenial stance when it comes to dealing with civic administration.

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