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Review: Bahubali 1 & 2 (Tamil)

May 8, 2017

None of the thankless Khans. No A R Rahman music (never mind ARR was Hindu Tamil Senguntha Mudaliar – yes, my community and even same sub-sect, before conversion). No Hindu-bashing. No Gulzar-Javed Akthar urdu lyrics or bothersome communal dialogues.

Pure Hindu South Indian fare. At least Robot of Shankar’s starring Rajnikanth had a few frames (duet songs) shot outside India but Bahubali is 100% local. Graphics amazing. Wonderful mega treat to cinema goers. Worth the money.

Especially to those of us who haven’t watched Troy, Gladiator kind of films, Bahubali could be all new experience. The powerful story-screenplay-dialogue-direction, the alpha-female lead (the one and only ‘Raja Matha’ Ramya Krishnan), the convincing plot, rich costumes and the grandeur of settings both natural and otherwise not to mention the new super star of Indian cinema Prabhas, besides Rana Dagubatti and Anoushka Shetty and Tamanna and much more than can be described here, made the series a veritable feast to avid Indian film buffs.

Watching the pictures in INOX screens is experience by itself.

Lucky to watch Part I with both my men – husband and son. Got to watch Part II with my husband. While he likes the part 2 better, I like the part 1 better.

One look at the Andhra/Telengana heroes: Prabhas and Rana Daggubati. You will know where the Khans stand. High time they do their homework.

Aamir Khan redeemed himself with ‘Dangal.’ I pardon him of all his follies for that one single film that he probably made to appease the enraged Hindus. No excuse for Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan. Would not want to  club the second grade actor Saif Ali Khan with them still.

It takes a Hindu to take pride in India, never the converted musalmans who suffer a deep sense of inferiority complex. Recently I came across a post in social media on how Urdu is gradually and surreptitiously replacing the vocabulary for everything good about our society (havildar – meaning police/watchman/guardian) in Hindi language whereas Sanskrit is increasingly used to refer to vile and evil things (chor for instance meaning thief/theft). A table of such words was listed, remarkably nudged into our vernacular (unsuspectingly of course) thanks to lyricists like Javed Akthar (no wonder). Damage is being done systematically to the very Hindu way of life from every front – from as basic as use of language.

There was a post bashing Arvind Kejriwal’s Mohalla Clinic for the name choice. Coming from south India that never was vanquished by the Moghuls, I cannot understand the slave mentality of north Indians to anything Moghul. I did earlier ponder about the name but Kejriwal plays bhai-bhai with anti-nationals so I left it at that. It is good the name irks some quarters. British were in India only for 300 years and they added quality to Indian life. Islamic terror reigned in India for a 1000 years and the invaders only tarnished and ravaged India but never gave back anything substantial (than mausoleums of course). It is time we come out of not merely the colonial mind set but also come to accept that the Moghuls were none but yesteryear Taliban, Afghans never Indian. How an unsuspecting Hindu community that normally takes pride in secular values, is thrust with urdu and arab cultural imposition is implicit in calling heath centers of Delhi as ‘Mohalla clinics.’ Why couldn’t it be ‘Suraksha clinic’ or something like that. If saffronization is so much in news, then is Delhi undergoing Arabization? Islamization? Why should saffronization be an issue at all. This is India, the home base of Hindus around the world. The birthplace of Hindu dharma. We need not have to be apologetic about identifying with anything Hindu for that matter.

Bahubali is a tight slap to the entire Khan khandaan and their useless supporters. The Khans are here today (as also Sanjay Dutt to Nawazzudin Siddiqui) because the Dawood Ibrahim mafia want them and sponsor them – not otherwise. This is an open secret. Whether without D company patronage the Khans would tick is a big question mark.

Not only the Khans, even ARR reportedly made it to the Oscars because there is a strong islamic lobby to support these guys, sponsor them and take them to greater parleys of power. There are watchdogs everywhere to scout for the feeble indian muslim talent and make it a big success story. Even Indian christians have the missionary lobbies to promote them. Only Hindus are truly alone and by themselves.

It is therefore a thousand times more proud thing when a Hindu succeeds anywhere – whether within India or outside India. We are the real pariahs. No gulf-based mafia support for us to promote our cause. No church support or canvassing. Good. This is why we are self-reliant and are succeeding.

If Ilayaraja had had the kind of backing that ARR has today, Ilayaraja would have won an Oscar long back. Not blaming ARR. All said, he is a decent soul.

The success of ‘Robot’ featuring superstar Rajnikanth must have made it clear how talent wins on any ground. ‘Robot’ was made multilingual and was a top all India grosser setting new records in collection of revenues.

Bahubali success follows in similar lines. No mafia/gulf money support. But the public of India, the Hindu India is behind the picture. Not a single picture in recent times has done so much good to our morale as Bahubali has done. It may only be a celluloid film, a concocted tale. But it reflects something very profound and sacred. Bharatha used to be a glorious nation before alien marauders began ransacking Her. Too long slave to merciless invaders ridiculed and persecuted in our own homeland, the psychology of us Hindus is recovering only in recent times. The film aptly symbolizes the resurgent Hindu, the Hindu beaten and bruised by islamists, christian converts, sickular Indian politicians and pseudo intellectuals and scholars and shameless Indian presstitutes relentlessly for centuries.

Kshatriya Dharma: Where have the brave Kshatriya Hindu disappeared?

A word of special mention for Satyaraj and Nasser. Satyaraj made debut in Tamil films in his 40s when I was still in school. From villain he overnight turned a hero in ‘Poovizhi Vaasalile’ directed by Fazil. I as well as many of us school girls fell in love with this 40 year actor wearing a wig in pictures. I remember an uncle (now Balachandran, my Facebook buddy, never thought the EE Engineer uncle would one day become my FB buddy!) of mine teasing me and discouraging me from even liking Satyaraj! “He is too old for you! How can you be so besotted with him?!’ he would say!

But over years Satyaraj degenerated into a third class actor and I lost my respect and interest for him. However it is a sweet surprise that in in 60s, the veteran has taken a new avatar. The change came with ‘Chennai Express’ wherein he starred as Deepika Padukone’s dreaded Tamil father. (Btw SRK sucked in the picture.) In Bahubali, Satyaraj does full justice to his role with his imposing personality that suits him best, in both parts of the film. Hats off! His character needed the strength of conviction that he so readily portrayed and conveyed to the audience. His unflinching loyalty and remorse struck a chord with cine-goers.

Nasser, another Tamil film character artist who played the ‘Saguni’ like part in the film, also has won wide acclaim for his typical but interesting role. With this, both Satyaraj and Nasser have made a mark in national cinema. Hope they are noticed and picked up.

Hats off to director SS Rajamouli and the tech team. I liked the graphics in Part I – the beginning, better. Excellent choice of cast. Stunning re-recording. Part I never lagged for a minute but Part II did for a few minutes at the romance scenes that were inevitable. On the whole, well delivered like never before in Indian cinema history.


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