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May 17, 2017

India has legitimate strategic interest in CPEC as the proposed corridor is to cut through POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) which is Indian territory, under dispute since 1947. Otherwise there is no reason for us to get excited over CPEC or OBOR. The nerve the Chinese have to invite India to take part in their misadventure of epic proportions. Biggest scam of the century unfolding right in front of our eyes?

The only thing the Pakis seem to have not begged the Chinkis to do is ***k their wives for them lol – sorry for saying that (may be considered improper, inappropriate, unladylike for a woman to say that hahaha… still… ) ! For everything else, there is chinese!

Its perhaps none of our business, but since the Pakistanis have the indecency to keep carping about Yogi Adithyanath in the terror magazine of theirs (mouthpiece of their armed forces), I think we have to give it back to them in the same vein! Not that I am Modi-appointed-spokesperson to give my last word on CPEC/OBOR (rather iam self-appointed 😀 )

Because, leaving Kashmir apart, when you go through the master plan, you literally find the Chinese making grand designs to completely take over our neighbour in a phased manner under the direct auspices of their PM Nawaz Sharif. Comparisons are being made to the English East India Company and I desist from doing so for the only reason of it becoming cliched. With every dime neatly stashed for his kith and kin in Panama, the man is free to jump the boat anytime. Why should he bother.


Pakis: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the greediest bania of them all?

Mirror: Hmmmmmm…. Nawaz bhai!


Sri Lanka who went against India already have their fingers burnt in Hambantota. The port project coupled with airport project, etc., did not only measure upto the mark as originally envisaged in a very similar ‘master plan’ drawn up by the chinese for Lanka (and which will never be economically viable given the proximity to natural port-harbours in south Indian peninsular coastline from Cuddalore to Tuticorin to Chennai to Vizag in a mere stretch of 300 km in the east coast and Cochin in the west coast leave alone Mangalore, Mumbai etc and others in either coast) was financed by China bank in Yuan and billed to the tune of $8 billion that the island nation has to cough up with interest (in US dollars mind you). Drowning in debt, Sri Lanka is forced into a corner to lease out the port to the chinese for 100 years minimum plus some extra sovereign territory. So the finance was chinese (yuan), the investment banks chinese, the labour and engineers paid with chinese loans, materials procured chinese, the developer-contractors chinese with ZERO Sri Lankan participation in all this – and the port ownership is now CHINESE … (at least for next 100 years). Not a single yuan made its way to Sri Lankans but the guys are preparing themselves to shell out some hard currency by way of loan restructure and repayment.


Why did Sri Lanka play into Chinese hands? Anti-India sentiments drove them into chinese trap, what else. India has always been viewed as big brother in the subcontinent by jealous smaller nations. That India will never do to Sri Lanka what the chinese have done, the Sri Lankans seem to belatedly figure out. This probably is what led to Sri Lanka refusing permission for the chinese submarine to dock in their waters very recently.

Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh perhaps attended OBOR summit in China because they cannot afford to stay out: they are reined in by the fear factor for China. They say they are wary of India’s regional hegemony, but they are discovering presently who is who.

Nepal will have their railway built by the chinese. Fine. We have another Sri Lanka and Maldives in the making.

Remember the intriguing case of desi company GMR getting booted out of Maldives? Indian bidders and contracting firms were fired with gusto by Maldives government that preferred China. Today Maldives are the biggest debtors about to drown in mounting chinese debts.  About to sink, Maldives too have come acknowledge their mistake.

Maldives debts were pegged at $24.5 billion? Who are we kidding. What is the size of Maldives and what is their demography. Debt accumulated in how many years? How many viable projects completed by China. What is the percentage change in GDP since the chinese investments. What is the employment/unemployment rate. Needless to say, Maldivians owe over 75% of their external debts to China,

What happens to petty nations around us is indeed India’s concern. But we have no selfish motive like the chinese. Chinese have very poor human rights record, were/are ruthless in enforcing one-child formula for years, have suppressed saner and neutral voices, have no scruples but India has never been that way. Indian attitude towards our neighbours has always been like the concerns of a elder/big brother/sister in the family. We take it upon ourselves to protect and correct the wayward siblings because we are interested in their welfare. Tomorrow if there is going to be an issue, none of these nations will run back to China but they know they can always count upon India. That is the difference between China and India.

Indian connection with rest of the Indian subcontinent is not  only via history but also via culture and blood. Sri Lanka is connected to us via Ramayan. Nepal and Bhutan via Shiva. Ofcourse Pakistan and even Afghanistan through Hindu-Buddhist roots. Bangladesh the same way. Who can question India’s interests in our neighbours. It is strange only if we remain unaffected when our neighbours are making serious slips. Do a DNA mapping of all those from the Indian subcontinent, then you will know why India cares.

An all weather friend need not always have to be nice to you or be making a life out of you, at your expense. An all weather friend can be cross with you and can admonish you for your own sake. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. 

May be I sound a lot prejudiced but I will not trust the human species that will feast on man’s best friend: the dog. Having lived and worked with chinese for nearly 8 years (in Malaysia and India), we know also from experience. Others speculate, we can cite specific instances. Today in Middle East we are witnessing the greed of the chinese companies who have taken even the arab nations for a ride. But as of date, the oil rich arabs can afford such a blunder which most others cannot.

Labourers working in gulf from over two dozen poor African/Asian nations do not shop in China bazaar any more. It is heartening to see the labour class in arab countries lapping up quality Indian products which are priced higher than chinese stuff.

African nations are having a re-think as well when it comes to Chinese investments. After decades of chinese financing their infrastructure projects and flooding their markets, the war and famine ravished African enonomies have very little to show by way of growth and development, in reality. They remain exactly where they started out in the first place. China is being flushed out of Africa gradually ever since the Africans woke up to the bitter truth.

At the end of CPEC, there is no doubt Pakistan will look better and perhaps glamorous. But the prosperity will be rather superficial because the engines of growth and development will be remote-controlled from Beijing at the chinese wish and whim who will wield the power to shut down the mechanism anytime. This is economic blackmail.

Prime agricultural land is gold. Leasing it to chinese could be political and economic suicide. Today from being an avid Modi supporter I am becoming anti-Modi because I peeve that Modi is not giving priority to agriculture. When the poor suffer, I feel a rising sense of anger against my prime minister. I am surprised not a single Pakistani scribe is as concerned about their agriculture as I, an average citizen, am about Indian farming scene.Very recently we had statewide ‘Jallikattu’ protests in Tamil Nadu because we were against Jersey cows slowly replacing our native cows. Our native cows are systematically injected with Jersey sperms and the native bulls are sent to abattoirs. This is inevitable if we have to sustain record milk production in a country as large and populous as India, but there is no reason to completely do away with desi bulls on any ground. ln a few years from now, if the native breeds are not protected and preserved, there won’t be native Indian bull/cow species which is the only source of A1 milk in the entire world (alongwith African/other Asian cattle). Tamils were not merely trying to save an ancient local custom, Tamils were fighting the so-called animal activists like PETA who failed to zero in that if not for Jallikattu, there would not be a viable reason to preserve the gene pool of the native Tamil bull. To put an end to the Tamil bull race is like striking at the very base of our civilization, culture, indigenous roots.

Next is the textiles sector, raw materials from which will flow one way to China wherefrom manufactured goods will be shipped back to Pakistan. Good arrangement! (for China I mean!)

I have posted previously on wars waged by India on many fronts, all alone: for Basmati patent, for turmeric, for neem, for everything Indian. I have written about GMO seeds, BT Cotton disaster in India, Karuvelam trees etc., the likes of which I have not seen in Pakistan press I read regularly. I know I am only an amateur blogger with limited resources and skills, who has not even opted to go public currently, yet the issues that seem to touch me seem to draw a blank with Pakistanis.

Pakistan is a loser. Instead of joining hands with India where it matters, like the Kauravs in Mahabharat who thrived on vile thoughts wrecking their own lives to fight Pandavs because of sheer jealousy, they are scripting out their own death sentence. What drives Pakistan today is this vicious hate for India. The only way they think they can sabotage India is by conniving with our adversaries.

The chinese contaminated the formula feed for infants with melamine DELIBERATELY. They are making plastic eggs and plastic rice. And Pakistan has just gifted away the fertile Punjab soil – the land enriched by five great rivers of India to chinese. You can least expect Indians not to react to this.

Short terms gains seem to weigh over long term implications in our conscience. There is no short cut to success. Pakistanis have to come to accept this. One day they will discover it at very high costs but by then it could be too late.

Back in the ’70s, I have read in books, that Pakistan looked prosperous (with imported second hand cars doing the rounds in their cities) but India stuck to production of good old Ambassador that used to look so huge and hideous. Indian roads were potholed and the country looked and still looks dirty and miserable. Life in India is still a struggle – I am not saying we are a land of milk and honey.

Yet there is so much India has accomplished in the last 70 years: from Mars mission to becoming the IT giants and leading medical tourist destination in the world scene. Even Bollywood for that matter. We are a fine breed of engineers and medicos and scientists and mathematicians, CEOs, teachers, nursing staff and technicians. We are writers and film producers and world renowned artistes. And we owe it all to the greatest institutions of India we started building right from 1947 when we went our separate ways.

May be we will never be the next China  – we can’t for the simple reason we are incapable of being as ruthless or cunning as the chinese are perceived to be… but that doesn’t matter. At least we are on our own and not under anyone’s thumb. India has been ravaged by foreign invaders for 1300 years… Enough is enough… Not a square inch of India will now be leased to foreigners, and neither are foreigners welcome in India except as tourists.

One of the best moves by Modi government is to stay away from OBOR. None of the Indians I  have come across is for CPEC or OBOR.

Without taking any public consensus, it is strange that the Pakistan government has acted on its own on such a crucial issue such as CPEC / OBR which may have direct implication of the very sovereignty of their nation.

It is not surprising to read that Gwadar is not highlighted in the project. Long before I predicted in another post that the Pakistan market for chinese products will be far more bigger than the arab market.  Gwardar is the carrot thrown to the Pakistani rabbit to snare it.

In the passenger car sector, you will soon see Great Wall replacing Hondas and Toyotas in Pakistan. It was starting to happen in Middle East too before the arabs woke up to plain truth. Now there is no more influx of Great Wall as there used to be a couple of years back.


Terrorism may go down in Pakistan which could be a big relief to India even if China may come knocking at our doors from every side.

Even so, chinese running 24 hour security towers in Pakistan to monitor their cities sounds ridiculous. Who is who to run whose country as how??? Isn’t there something called self respect.

Now I know why Pakistan was so easily conquered and vanquished by Arabs, Turks, Persians and Moghuls who took turns to rape their country. These same Pakistanis ancestors must have been weak stock and must have given in easily without shame, pride or valour. Whereas in rest of India, we had valiant kings from Shivaji Maharaj of the Marathas to Harsha Vardhana of Vijayanagara fighting the moghuls evenly and defending India.  No other state in India fell  as easily to the Moghuls as the states that constitute Pakistan today. The brave Marathas even went on to reconvert those muslims converted by the moghuls back to Hinduism!

This is the Key to understanding Pakistan’s flawed and sick CPEC-OBOR psychology !


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