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Exposing ‘The Hindu’ Hypocrisy : The Making Of A Zero To Hero

June 1, 2017


Who is Kanhaiya Kumar?

A Dalit student-activist in JNU, an entirely media-made zero turned hero, enrolled for PhD in African Studies (?) for over 10 years now at public expense at the rate of (hold your breath) Rs. 30,000/- per month.

So who helped in propelling him to the center of national politics? Of course our libtards like The Hindu newspaper for instance. Along with NDTV, the Scroll.

Who is Umar Khalid. Another useless PhD in JNU also subsisting on Indian tax payers’ money, but aspiring to ‘break India to pieces’ for Kashmiri cause bordering on Islamic terror. While these morons would like to go on with their ‘India ko tukda tukda karen’ rant, they expect us public to stand by and applaud. Well we have Barkha Slut for that.

So these are our national heroes today. Secularism and democracy for our media translate to entertaining anti-nationals and their erroneous and damaging ethos and sentiments.

What is IIT for? IITs are the only world class engineering & tech institutions of India which are acclaimed universally attracting foreign talent. IITs rule the global corporate sectors. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is an IIT India product from my hometown Chennai, for instance. IIT grads go places.

IIT now has reservations but not in our times back then. To enter IIT you have to be the creamiest of the creamy when it came to academic brilliance.

No wonder IIT is the bastion of sheer talent and merit – an exclusive reserve of the brainy UPPER MIDDLE CLASS HINDU.

How to break the elitist Hindu stronghold that’s the IITs and compromise and neutralize their elite profile:

Give entry to frustrated Dalit Christians and Islamists and Communists into IIT through back channels who otherwise cannot even dream of stepping into IIT campuses on merit basis, by way of introducing Humanities in the originally and traditionally scientific academic institution.

So this is how the Ambedkar-Periyar study circle gained back entry access into the sanctum-sanctorum of IIT Madras compound.

Ever since the lobby established itself in IIT campus, conversion campaigns started happening here in full public view. Distribution of leaflets/pamphlets/literature to this effect are not unknown.

Dalit (read Dalit christian) card is flashed for every reason and at every possible instance.

It is no big secret that the Baptist church is the real owner of the Indian media en masse although by different ways and means and that does not exclude the Hindu. No wonder the newspaper takes upon itself and champions the dalit-christian causes with or without valid ground.

The comment I posted for this article was no wonder not published. However browsing my e-mail I find that the Hindu attributes certain comments to me that I NEVER POSTED in the first place, all anti-national, anti-BJP articles mostly and sends me confirmation (!) mails. This is one solid proof of how a lobby is probably operating within the newspaper. I am saving the mails and I intend to consult my advocate as to how to deal with these fake mails alleging that I posted these comments. It means readers e-mail addresses are being misused. Imagine getting mails confirming your comments that you NEVER POSTED!

Who is the so-called IIT scholar beaten up for beef eating that the Hindu has published in first page. What is his discipline? Humanities? Obviously because he seems to be from the notorious Ambedkar Periyar Circle which is bent upon tarnishing the image of IIT Madras by linking it to sabotage activities of this Dalit-Christian nexus. He looks 30+ easily (and looks like Bin Laden’s brother). (Suraj is the name, now I learn). How can such an old man be allowed to milk the tax payers’ money. Time to show both Kanhaiya Kumar and this grand old man THE DOOR. Is anyone listening. Time to pull them up for their work and cut their funds.

JNU is a mess today because of these over-aged zeros like Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khaled. IIT Madras is in soup for having this unscientific age-barred so-called scholar in their midst.

How readily this unscientific community takes the IIT Madras name when it comes to courting controversies.

I have friends whose kids attended IIT Madras. Right at the time of Sri Lankan issue following LTTE’s Prabhakaran’s death, there was unrest in universities across Tamil Nadu instigated by some vested interests (read DMK). My son was attending an engineering college himself in Sriperumbudur. So unlike the Hindu journalists comments to me that were NEVER POSTED BY ME, I have had first hand and direct information from my son that how NOT A SINGLE STUDENT of his college or other technical/engineering colleges in the city/suburbs took part in any of the protests. Only city arts and science colleges like Pachayappas and Nandanam Arts and Presidency and Law College were in the forefront where protests were held (as/and they have history). Hooligans from DMK along with dalit protesters got into my son’s college campus and threatened the management to shut down the campus or otherwise they said the college buses would be set on fire.

The college management reluctantly closed the hostel and sealed the college and declared an indefinite holiday awaiting further government instructions.

At the same time my friend’s son who had secured 480th rank in IIT JEE was attending IIT Madras pursuing his B.Tech degree. A similar scuffle broke out in IIT Madras campus. The same rowdy and anti-national Ambedkar Periyar circle instigated the trouble in which NONE –  NOT A SINGLE B.TECH OR M.TECH GRADUATE STUDENTS took part.

Yet in the next day The Hindu and NDTV, news was flashed tearing up IIT Madras linking it to rowdyism, hooliganism and protests in which none of the mainstream science and tech graduates had a role to play.

IIT Madras now is breeding ground for anti-nationals who have targeted it for the only reason it is populated by elite caste Hindus who are brainy and intelligent and who cannot be defeated by any other means. Dalit Christian lobby is at the forefront of dragging IIT Madras into their shameful gutter. believe me the mainstream B.Tech under grads have nothing to do with any of this: this is entirely the handiwork of the Dalit-christian lobby : Ambedkar Periyar Circle that have no business to operate from IIT campus.

The shameful politicizing of elite academic institution like the IITs is anathema to the very basic foundations and principles on which the institutions were raised and nurtured in the first place. Rowdyism and hooliganism and anti-nationalism are for arts and law students not for serious academics.

The same Hindu who is raising banner for Dalit Christians and Muslim criminals and terrorists did not cover in first page the brutal rape, mutilation and murder of Dalit girl by a muslim in Kerala last year.

Did the Hindu cover this case in first page? After all the girl raped and murdered was a Dalit girl. Alas she happened to be Hindu (even if dalit) but the rapist-murderer happened to be a muslim. The Hindu was at a fix naturally. As a policy, the Hindu would not even name the muslim terrorists/criminals/rapists/murderers.

The suicide of Rohit Vemula, another failure case, was however given prime slot and news coverage for days unending. Rohit Vemula became a hero from zero posthumously thanks to The Hindu, NDTV and The Scroll.

Mohammad Afroz: the deadliest of the Nirbhaya rapists, the 17 years and 6 months boy who raped and inserted a steel rod into the hapless girl mutilating her by pulling out her intestines: this brute escaped death sentence by 6 months and is radicalized (when in juvenile center) and is roaming the streets free today. No news in ‘The Hindu’ or NDTV on this dreadful beast:

The criminals who raped the nun in Kolkata were illegal Bangladeshi  muslim immigrants:

The media first covered the news as vandalism by Hindu zealots but were in backfoot when it became apparent the assailants were muslims and that too illegal Banladeshi immigrants. The coverage shifted to backburners with the discovery as was expected.

Above: One more coverstory that did not make it to the Hindu front page as that of the teenage girl chopping off the privates of a Swamiji.

No front page coverage for the heartless calf slaughter in Kerala for beef fest by Congress activists:

Entire nation is stunned by the merciless brutal bloody slaughter of the gentle bovine creature that shook all our hearts to the roots, but it means nothing to The Hindu who did not cover it prime time/in first page with pictures.

This is just a gist of what the so-called secular media of India is upto.

In short as per the Hindu, the Scroll, NDTV etc., and generally the presstitutes/libtards we have in India, you can be a bloody rapist and murderer and/or even a violent terrorist, but you can get away with it all if you sport a minority tag. 

The lies they perpetrate: how NDTV transformed the calf into ox and buffalo was something entire India was aware. We know the lies of Barkha Slut, Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Shekhar Gupta, Nidhi Razdan and the entire teams of The Hindu and The Scroll.

This comes after how Sagarika Ghose lied in a tweet that muslims were murdered all across India. When the UP government of Yogi Adityanath pulled her up, she bucked down without an ounce of shame. Why should not she be booked under Terrorism Prevention Act or any equivalent for inciting violence.

Why cannot the Hindu come out with exact credentials of this so-called injured PhD scholar at IIT campus? Name. Age. Discipline. How long in IIT at government expense. How many years. What is the stipend per month and how much of tax payers’ money expended on him till date. What is the end product. Where is his research paper: PUBLISH NOW! When you try to project a zero as a hero, you have the responsibility and accountability towards the society at large.

Why do we need at all African Studies in India. Just to engage the types like Rohit Vemula, Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and the 30+ bearded aged PhD scholar of one more useless discipline, and give them free meal coupons for 10-15 years so that they can abuse India and threaten to tear up India with the help of the Hindu, NDTV and Scroll.

Why cannot the Modi government SCRAP HUMANITIES FROM IITs.  Humanities in IIT Madras and other IITs are nothing but Dalit-Christian backdoor entry points. Time to do away with them as they are unscientific and anti-national in approach, dragging the IITs to their gutter level which is their mission. Hopefully BJP government, just like restoring the Class 10 board exams for CBSE, will look into this and dispense with HUMANITIES from our IITs for our own sake, for the nation’s sake.


One more interesting case: just as the debate on Triple Talaq was raging, the Hindu could not refrain from making their usual pointed vengeful attack on Hindu community.

They came with how useless is the Kanyadhaan ceremony in Hindu weddings where a Hindu daughter is gifted awau by the father.

The timing of the article was to demean the Hindu wedding woes even as the Triple Talaq arguments were exchanged hotly across the country. Even christian brides are given away by their fathers. No comment on that. The counter is always for the Hindus. If you notice their news reporting, it is impossible to miss there is a pattern: how they never relent from making accusations to undermine anything and everything Hindu to soften the damage to their precious minorities.



I don’t watch this channel regularly, so not sure how long this is going on but was shocked to watch a program on May 22nd openly calling upon viewers to convert to Islam, free of legal costs. If this is what secularism and democracy can mean for India, then I want RSS to take over entire nation and enforce one hundred percent Ghar Wapsi on warfooting basis.

It is the duty of the state and the central governments to audit this channel and also Win TV, another islamic Tamil channel. There must be similar channels especially in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Telengana besides north Indian states which require strict monitoring. This tv channel airs illegal programs which may disturb the peace of the state and the country. Immediate legal action sought against the channel. Licence to be suspended to the channel and FIR filed.

Conversion meetings by Christian evangelists need to be stopped right through India. Modi government must realize that this is far more important than beef ban.


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