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Road From Jallianwala Bagh to Manchester

June 9, 2017

Manchester-London terror attacks are not new to UK that has witnessed a spate of violent attacks in recent past. The attacks impart a valuable lesson: that how loyalty is not a characteristic trait in certain ethnic factions. The perpetrators of the attacks almost always were home-bred, born and brought up in UK.

India is all too familiar with this scene. India is a victim of terror not merely in this modern age. Islamic terror reigned in India for a 1000 years before the British arrived bringing with them a all new form of colonialism and loot. Both our invaders be it the Arab-Turk-Persian-Moguls or the British, laid bare our land and made good with their spoils leaving behind their dirt: christianity and islam in a native Hindu-Buddhist country. Now India is home to around 200 million Indian muslims whose first loyalty will NEVER be with India. Indian christians are better as they are well educated and well informed.

But none can be like the native Hindus who put India first over religion. Only a Hindu can love India unconditionally. An Indian muslim can never. Neither an Indian muslim nor an Indian chrisitan can put India over and above their middle eastern imported religion. But a native Hindu in the cradle of Hindu civilization can and WILL when it comes to that. Such an unflinching loyalty to the soil first over one’s professed faith is a rare quality you may not find in any other human race on earth.

Which is why Hindus who have made US or UK or any part of Europe or Australia or South East Asian countries their home are hugely successful today. Hindus are law abiding citizens. Loyalty first is towards the hand that feeds unlike some communities that (are preached to) have the habit of biting the hand that feeds. Even if I am against generalization by principle, I guess I can make some exemptions.

Whether it is Manchester or London or San Bernardino or New York, an analysis of the assailants’ profiles will reveal how the attackers were willing and ready to harm the very nation and people that gave them life and refuge.

But in the aftermath of Manchester, I have this question to British schools: do you teach your children about Jallianwala Bagh.

The answer must be ‘no.’

How can they, the British, admit that it is not even 100 years since they opened gunfire on a peaceful gathering of Indians in Punjab that killed hundreds of our nationals in matter of a few minutes.

Look at the irony. We were fighting for independence of OUR LAND from British occupation.

Every British citizen should do his/her homework on subjects ranging from slave trade to annihilation/extinction of distinctive aboriginal races in New Zealand/Australia for instance to the racial violence perpetrated in Africa to the gold rush and depletion of their forest and mineral wealth and wild life.

Karma is a slow reaction but a definite reaction. Not only individuals, but even nations have their Karma.

One more question: How did Libya or even Iraq hurt other world nations? Why should Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein matter to us. These men and their nations were of no consequence to India. Just as they were of no consequence to most world nations. Now a hornet’s nest has been disturbed because of the Americans’ greed for black gold. The sins of dismantling nations and unpredictable and archaic nomadic tribes ranging from Libya and Iraq to Syria are coming to haunt the offending nations at regular intervals. If we have no blood in our hands, our minds must be clear.

EVERYONE IS NOT HINDU! Not everyone nurtures the infamous (Hindu) complacency. When there is nothing more to lose, those who have seen their homes burn to ashes may come after you. Simple logic. Explains home grown terror and lone wolf attacks that you see in UK and US and Europe today. A chain reaction.

It is a relief that I am from India and that we have not built our nation on the graves of any natives or with plundered wealth. We are neither Christian nor Islamic: we are Hindu and we are home to Buddhism and Jainism which are even more gentler variations that branched out of Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism).

Every individual, every action in this world is connected to us in some way or the other. Let the Brits think about Libyans. Why should they be refugees at all today?

When the French left Algeria, their former colony, they burnt down to stumps the entire African country leaving nothing standing. The impoverished war torn nation continues to pay annual ransom to France until today to keep going, long after the gruesome colonialism ended. France mints a living in this modern age collecting colonial tax from as many as 14 poorest African nations, the former colonies, long after the French departed from the Dark Continent.

This must explain the French connection to terror.

However I have not allowed their past precedence to cloud my judgement on France in the present. I want to revisit their museums. It is just that, I force myself to remember their African sojourn when I may be stepping into their Louvre.’ It is unbelievable that so much creativity could co-exist with such a cruelty of mind and body cloaked under the guise of valour. The contradictions confuse me.

It is time Europeans and Brits teach their kids Colonial history. This will make for better understanding of today’s world by their children who will be responsible adults tomorrow. If anything, GenNext has a right to know both versions of their actual history.

Manchester or London is not an one-off incident. It is merely yet another single move in a grander game of power and greed.

Immigrants are not everywhere without a reason. When their homes are usurped and they are turned out, they have to seek a new safe haven elsewhere.

What Gaddafi did to Libya or Saddam did to Iraq is not for us to pass judgement on. Iraq was still a stable and economically wealthier country. And so was Libya. Who has benefited from their fall.

As a Hindu, I am neither from the Bikini culture nor from the Burqa culture. I am a follower of Hindu Dharma, the ultimate truth. My loyalty is for truth and honesty and justice. I am a believer in Karma. What you sow, you WILL reap. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is Hindu philosophy.

I may be babbling about being Hindu and this and that, believe me, I am forced to remind myself of my roots only in recent times. The middle eastern world and the west have put me in a tight corner where I have to remember who I am. My parents would have died of shame. They never spoke of their or anyone’s faith or race or caste or creed in public in their times. These used to be closely guarded personal, private matters up until even 1990s.

Right now I am sitting in a hot spot. Nations have reasons to act the way they do. Even tiniest of nations are entitled to their right to self-respect and dignity and autonomy and independence. Nations may embrace or associate with or aid/sponsor specific ideologies  (that may or may not be favourable to the west or even India) NOT ALWAYS OUT OF CHOICE, but for lack of it. Circumstantial existential conditions and compulsions could be justifiable or logical explanation. Existence matters foremost. Prioritizing matters. National safety and security count and supreme sovereignty is the word. Only then they can survive to tell you the story later. 

I hope this clears the air as to what is happening in the present times and why. In the place of strategic interest to ME that is. And thus everyone has a valid reason to attribute to. You can blame none.

But it is appalling to notice how smaller nations with limited geographical extent and power,  are extremely vulnerable to the greed of the power hungry west. They are so easy to manipulate. To even vanquish.

Years back I recall watching Damascus souq and spice bazar in NatGeo traveler. I always wanted to go there. It seemed cozy and so… charming and laid-back.

Here in middle-east we are thrown into a mixed crowd of different nationalities: an important lesson we learned was, how NOT to generalize. Good and bad are everywhere.

Living in a smaller nation also made me realize our own folly: I regret the hardship Nepalese had to face as a landlocked nation when India closed borders with the Himalayan kingdom and imposed an embargo on shipment of essential commodities. It is cruel. I admire Nepal’s defiance. 

As far as India is concerned, we have pardoned the British, we have pardoned the Arab-Turk-Persian-Moghuls,  we have moved over. But the residual  Hindu vengeance, if any, still finds itself redirected upon the converted Indians in present times : Indian muslims mostly and to some extent Indian christians. These minority groups in India however have themselves to blame. In last 70 years, they have driven themselves to the spot, is all I can say. Mostly we forgive and forget, which is why Hindus are doing great in every corner of the globe. Hindu children are raised on neutral unbiased grounds without being fed the poison which is not so in the case of muslim children.

Hindu kids are taught the best from each culture, and we take a leaf out of even our colonist-rulers and occupiers. We imbibe the best from everyone, preferring to forget the unsavoury memories. Hindu Dharma gives us such a scope to learn even from our adversaries. History hurts. Indian history is wounding to Hindu conscience. In a secular democratic India, a Hindu cannot even complain about atrocities inflicted upon us for centuries by islamists and christians. Secularism and democracy amount to Hindu bashing in India today.

Unfortunately Middle East is not India and Muslims are not like Hindus.

Hopefully someday, instead of gloating over colonial victories in text books, the British and other Europeans and Americans will restructure their curriculum so that their future generations get to read about their sins that have changed the world forever for worse.

When that happens, perhaps a Manchester may not recur.

Mutual compassion and remorse can move mountains.

Let equality and justice prevail in the end. There is no reason for any human race to be looked down upon as inferior or weak compared to another. It is not upto the Americans to teach civilization to Africans and Latinos.

India is home to Israeli Jews, Syrian Christians, Irani Zoroastrians (Parsis), Tibetan Buddhists among others around the world who fled persecution for the safer sanctuary that we are. We are 1.2 billion in number yet our doors have always remained open to those who seek refuge. It is only in recent years we are clamping down on immigration – as we sport a few millions of illegal Bangladeshis and Nigerians already (in Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Kerala etc) (what is BJP doing).

A Hindu finds relief and salvation only in forgiving. A Hindu’s freedom and liberation lies in leaving the past behind.  This is also the reason why India was invaded for 1300 years. We never fought back mostly: we surrendered without resistance. Complacent Hindu. Tolerant Hindu. And also Resilient Hindu. I am lucky to have been born in this Punya Bhoomi called Bharat. Our ancestors left us such a legacy that our hands and history are not entrenched in a trail of blood…. even if the world prefers to paint us as a slumdog millionaire…


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