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July 5, 2017

Where were Rajdeep Sardesai, his dharam patni Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Slutt and others hiding. Why my regular newspaper the Hindu never reported this:


Is Pork abhorrent for you and your folks? Are you from a community that shuns pork? Is pork blasphemy as per your faith? Can someone get killed for mixing pork in your kitchen? Would pork incite violence and bloodshed in the society you come from? Is blasphemy punishable with death sentence in your nation?


You have no locus standi to talk about Beef Ban in India or on ban on cow slaughter in India. After all, an overwhelming majority of my nation is still Hindu. Secularism could also be about not offending the sensitivities of the passive majority.

Just because we are a democracy and you are whatever you are (mostly demonic military tyranny), it does not justify that you can get away with your conceited pork ban while we cannot have our beef ban. Pork is the favourite christian dish. If your minority cannot have it in their table by law or for fears of persecution, then you have no moral or ethical rights to condemn others who practise varied forms of meat ban. Allow pork to be served in your restaurants. If you want to abstain, abstain. Do not enforce. Then come and talk to us Indians.

How many times Hindus have had to put up with the sights of bloody cow slaughter in the center of the market or thoroughfare just to please the violent and unpredictable minority. I may or may not be for beef ban, but I am relieved there will be no more such ghastly sights wounding us Hindus to the core.

Before reporting on lynching, write about the Love Jehad training school in Kasargod. Write about Kasab’s background. Write about the brutal rape, and mutilation and murder of the Kerala dalit woman committed by a muslim man (who was not even reported by Indian presstitutes). Write about the unending cold blooded murders of RSS and BJP activists throughout India and in Kerala and Karnataka in particular. Write about the Hindu doctor lynched by the muslim mob right in the heart of Delhi. Write about Pakistan army atrocities against Bengali women and men in 1971 Bangladesh war. Write about your own Dawood Ibrahim who bombed the Bombay Stock Exchange who found a safe haven in Pakistan. Write about even the recently returned Indian muslim woman rescued by Sushma Swaraj after she married erroneously a Pakistan citizen. Shame on Indian journos writing for a terrorist nation and earning even a penny from them! These are not eating Pakistan money, they are drinking the spilled blood of Indian martyrs – the Mumbai 26/11 victims included. Every penny they may earn from Pakistan media is soaked in Indian blood. This will be their Karma. Bloody shame on every Indian columnist who bashes India in Pakistan media. Twisted minds. Or at least one may write about art or literature. Writing on Indian politics and economy and society damaging Indian interests is treacherous.

No respectable Indian journalist writes for Pakistan. Not to my knowledge. If Shashi Tharoor may, he may (literally) be having skeletons in his cupboard (who knows)? Unless something is seriously wrong with you, you won’t! As for Arundathi Roy, she is a frustrated old hag who none bothers about. Pathetic attention seeker.

Beef ban is legal or right or not is apart from the debate. It is a matter for discussion within India. Today it could be enforced by our government. Tomorrow we may lift it. It is our internal matter.

That Pakistanis, the renowned global terrorists, have to fret over our problem, is unwarranted.



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