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‘I am India’ says Hubby :)

July 6, 2017

‘I am India’ said my hubby with a sheepish grin as we were discussing the Middle East crisis on our way to the hypermarket to get our weekly groceries.

‘What?’ I raised my eyebrows.

‘India needs both LPG (gas) and Oil. Both from Qatar and Saudi.  Cannot buck down on any one. Cannot go soft on one at the expense of the other. India cannot afford to antagonize either of the nations. India needs cordial relationship with everyone to survive!!!’ explained he, ‘Similarly I need both my mother and my wife !!! Wife like Saudi at times asks me not to talk to mother Qatar but I can’t do that! Mother at times tries to exert control over me, but I can’t swing her way and go against my wife! I need both the women for my peace of mind and cannot be without either of them!’

Chalu! Almost two months to go for India visit. So he is preparing me mentally for the inevitable confrontation I guess.  Mostly I and my MIL are polite and civil towards each other but last time I visited I lost my patience. Ugly spats followed and my hubby swore not to set foot in India for next 1 year!

‘World has millions of problems and complex matters to be sorted out. But for an average Indian husband, managing wife and mother at the same time is the most critical issue of all!’ rued he.

Decided to leave it at that. Will take over from there some other day. Knowing that I was thinking of a wise reply, my hubby outsmarted me or so he thinks: ‘in a few more years, you will also become a mother-in-law!’ That is supposed to be a googly to stun me. Putting it to me succinctly yet cunningly as to why I have to tolerate his mother and not complain about it.

Married for 24 years I still feel like a stranger in my own home at times. Like some women/wives, I don’t have the smartness to coolly cut out my mother-in-law totally from our life by pulling the strings at the back through my husband. In spite of myself, I forgive her again and again how much ever she may hurt me. She still lives with us (when we are in Chennai) (wouldn’t leave my side for a moment).  Loyalty is not something I can take for granted but doing my duty anyway. The inability to say a strong “NO!’ is my greatest weakness.

Nations are also like individuals. Full of ego, bias, spite. Why cannot we live and let others live in peace.


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