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Facebook Is For 40+ Peeps.

July 12, 2017


Facebook, Whatsapp, and/or any other social media like Instagram are actively for 40+ men and women.

Those youngsters in 20s hooked to social media are DISASTERS IN THE MAKING.

We the 40+ ladies and gents are here in social media because, finally we know we can pause, we can relax and take a deep breath, having run all our lives.

When we were in our 20s and 30s or even upto our 45th year or so, none of us were active in social media.

But the kind of addiction I see in some guys and girls in their 20s to Facebook and Instagram is very disturbing.

I am in Facebook because I play games in it like Wordscraper and Chesspro. These applications are not available elsewhere.  Besides I have accomplished my familial duties or atleast what has been expected of me so far in life to the best of my abilities. Only after reaching such a point in life, I am in social media for hours. I also blog for pastime. Social media relieves me of boredom. Even then, I log in only after I complete my domestic responsibilities and errands like cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, paying taxes, banking etc. Not otherwise. Social media is cheaper than joining a ladies club as far as I am concerned. I am not for juicy gossips.  My circle is limited but very close knit. So this private space is enough for me. Besides, I also take my fitness seriously.  I watch pictures. I read books. Many times I am doing more than 2-3 things at a time. Reading a book and playing Scrabbles. Like that. When there is nothing else to do, I am in social media. AND I AM A HOUSEWIFE with lots of time in my hands.

I am also the mother of a 23 year old young man. So I think I know a little about this generation having seen my son grow up over years along with his peer circle. I agree GenNext is tech savvy but I have NEVER seen my son and his friends under the influence of social media. I have been cross with my beta when he would be hooked to the computer for hours, but NEVER has he been addicted to social media. Mostly it would be for games or watching downloaded movies. It is good that he doesn’t feel like sharing everything he knows. His interest in science and technology is PRACTICAL. He reads books. Books and more books the kind of which I cannot even understand. He knows music like I can never. I know he is one of a kind, especially in this spoilt younger generation where all that young men and women of today want to do is to flaunt their fashion sense or rookie science and tech knowledge about space and Stephen Hawking. In fact when I see young people wasting their lives in social media, I am reminded more of my son. Not boasting. What I am saying here is 100% truth, and what a relief it is really! I guess young people addicted to social media must get psychological counselling. They could be attention-seeking.  I can say this with authority because, in my 20s or even now, I have NEVER bothered as to what others thought of me. Let them go to hell! Self-image never mattered. Neither was it important to know what others were upto.

Today having coming this modest far in life, I know, had I bothered too much about others then I wouldn’t have made this short-long distance.

A real young man would rather prefer to go swimming with friends, drive out, play football, go to concerts and pictures or just gym. It is very pathetic that some young people in social media are reading others Whatsapp messages and Facebook posts NOT intended for them. Why should you even WANT to know what others are upto.

Some of us do follow up on people, true. Mostly celebrities. Or those who matter to us. But this random spying on other’s browsing habits is sickening.

Media houses do it. Businesses do it. Twitteratis mostly celebrities do it.  Film stars and politicians and even our government may do it. I can understand that it is part of their work to know the pulse of their followers and also their adversaries or even that of the general public.

How sick at the mind any young man or woman must be – the one who tracks others browsing habits. It means, he or she must be an IDLER.

Once upon a time my son would resent that the 40s aunties had taken over Facebook. That was ages back … say in 2009 or ’10. Within months he came out of the Facebook thing and then started saying, Facebook is for 40s and 50s aunties and uncles who now were comfortably settled in life and therefore could afford to unwind and spend time in social media.

He knows his parents are in social media, spend more time in Facebook because they have reached this point in life. Not otherwise. I believe so as well.

If a man or woman in his 20s is to spend so much time in social media, clicking as many selfies, it means he/she must be lacking self-confidence and also a trusted friends’ circle to socialize. At the end of the day if you exhaust yourself thoroughly, if your body and mind are equally tired, how will you have time for this wasteful pursuit. Not a healthy habit.

See the Bloggers: most are housewives sharing recipes (except professionals). Very few like me write on their personal or other interests.

See the Instagram and Facebook people: again kitchen recipes or family people or friends posting happy pictures

Can you see youngsters so much in social media: NO WAY. Very few of my friends daughters and sons in their teens or twenties are active in social media. Why? Perhaps because life is far more interesting for them in the real world than in the virtual world. Or to put it simply, they stay busy or keep themselves busy. Very rarely I see these PYTs sharing anything worthwhile in Facebook or Instagram. If your actions can speak, you don’t need to speak for yourself. When you have nothing more to say about yourself, you can let your selfies speak.

Otherwise as I said, Instagram is also for the happily married, middle-aged women or bored  housewives. Okay, some happy-go-lucky young lasses. In my opinion

Look at those who share photos in social media: over 40 who want to show off their spouses, holidays, kids, careers, creativity whatever. The idea is to connect with REAL friends who also are virtual friends (in most cases). What else can anyone have to share? Some are into sharing opinions fine but the menacing presence of some young men in Facebook is curious and disturbing. I wish they can make some meaning out of their miserable lives.


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