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Tentacles Of Love Jehad In Kerala/India

July 23, 2017

PS: Interesting: Stats reveal that this blog post has had 3 views from the dreaded I country in middle-east. Proves their Kerala connection!


Through out India, Love Jehad is a harsh reality today.

Kerala in particular, is a serious victim.

My friend based in Kerala related this real life story to me:

A teenage girl closely connected, got admitted to a college last year, on finishing school. Note: this was a christian institution, not even muslim.

Within a week, at least 3 good looking muslim boys proposed to the 17 year old, the first one in fact, on the very first day of the college opening.

The important point is that, the teenager was neither a beauty queen nor was she a good dresser. She did not come from an affluent family (in the sense rich) but had a comfortable background. She was a Menon girl, highly prized therefore.

The three said boys were real lookers, as per the girl. When the first boy approached and said he loved her, the girl being at a vulnerable age, was  naturally confused and taken aback. Her parents had indeed coached her for this very critical moment in her life (thank god!) that they hoped anyway would never arrive… Alas, it did! The mother and grandmother’s reasoning prevailed and the girl returned home and narrated the story to her parents.

When two more muslim boys proposed to her within the following 7 days and the girl confessed the same to her parents, the elders in the family began to see a pattern. By now, the girl’s family was convinced that a trap was being laid for their precious daughter. She is a sweetie, but not to the extent of being pursued by 3 strangers in a row all in a week’s time. Very sensible of her to talk things to her family, trusting the instincts of her kith and kin. Her folks had done a commendable job, keeping her informed of what was happening to Hindu girls in Kerala and elsewhere in India.

The following week, the girl gained admission to a professional college and so moved out. Says my friend, the girl wondered aloud that had she stayed longer in the christian college, there was a possibility that she could have fallen for the enamour of one of the three boys. In the one week the girl attended the B.Sc, degree college, she says, she was pursued relentlessly by the three muslim boys all her age, coming from varied strata of society: upper middle-class, middle-class and lower middle-class. The dust had not even settled on the freshers taking to the campus, and here were our heroes in hot pursuit of Hindu girls.Only Hindu girls.

The news sent shivers down the spine of the girl’s family members. They were relieved to shift her to professional stream, away from the boys. That all the three muslim boys had zeroed in on Hindu girls ignoring fellow muslim girls in the college does not sound normal. The parents of the girl suspect that these three and other muslim boys in the college would be after other Hindu girls next or were simultaneously after other Hindu girls as well, even as they pursued their teenage daughter, brainwashing them right from day one. The girl did not stay long enough in the campus to check out the later developments. Apparently it was ‘trial and error’ method.

The incident proved sufficient to change the hardcore communists that the girl’s father and grand father were until then. The grandfather, an octogenarian, had been a communist all his life. Read: basically anti-Hindu in spite of being born Hindu and practising Hindu. Now the men have switched over to BJP, and more importantly Hindus in Kerala are for RSS in a big way. This real life story is only a needle in the haystack. Hindu girls are vanishing from everywhere: from Kerala to Karnataka to Bengal and Delhi.

This is a middle class story which will never make to the headlines of our press.

Interestingly, the reverse is NOT happening. No Hindu boy pursues any muslim girl ever. Extremely rare. And typically, the victims are teenage hindu girls or working girls of marriageable age.

Dawood Ibrahim & Co carefully constructed the Bollywood plots to seduce Hindu girls using the Khans. None of the Khans or even those like Sanjay Dutt and Nawazzuddin Siddique would be on the scene today if not for the terror-funding aka D-company sponsor. And you know where the don is headquartered. Mega business with hawala money routed through Dubai. 

Hindus are under persecution everywhere. Systematically.

Very soon, Hindus could be outnumbered as well going by the trends.

Out of 100 babies born in Kerala every single day today, 42 are muslim children.

The democracy and secularism of India depend on the demography of India.

What happened to Kashmir where the Kashmiri muslims turned terrorists overnight driving away Kashmir Hindu pundits, butchering and massacring whoever stayed behind – could one day happen in Kerala within next 100 years at this rate.

It is time BJP govt wakes up. It is time the Kerala communists wake up.

A very dangerous situation prevails in the state.

Even in northern India, whether be it Uttar Pradesh or Delhi or Bengal, this is the fate of the Hindu girls.

News from Kerala is that, drugs like brown sugar are sold right in front of schools/colleges by Kerala muslims. Except for those employed in the gulf, most other kerala muslims in the state are involved/engaged in illegal businesses like smuggling and drug peddling.

Surprised to see this in the Hindu today, normally terror-friendly:

after this yesterday:

The duo arrested in connection with dealing with drugs in Hyderabad, the capital of Telengana very recently also were muslims. It is important to investigate whether there is a Pakistan angle to this story. Punjab is reeling under drug addiction with the drugs smuggled into the state by sneaky Pakistan terrorists. Hyderabad muslims have close connections with Pakistan and are known anti-nationals.

Without a question, the smugglers and drug dealers and currency-counterfeiters and pimps in India are over 90% overwhelmingly muslims. This is why this community is able to invest heavily in real estate and buy at whatever the price, which not even most NRIs can afford or can think of. Chennai’s ECR is flush with this ill-gotten money of Tamil muslims. Recommended a CBI raid on every single muslim family in ECR – notorious for its butcheries.

The condition of India is very precarious. Onslaught on one side by christian missionaries: but at least these are not terrorists.

What a 1000 year old islamic terror reign could not do to India, our own converted Indian muslims are doing to us in under 100 years.

What 300 years of British rule could not do to India, Indian converted christians have done to us in mere 70 years.

This is why we need RSS in this country. This is why we need BJP. This is why we need Modi.

Love Jihad is epidemic in India. It is time this is seriously dealt with.

No Indian Express or The Hindu will tell you the truth. It is time we Hindus take up the challenge today and deal with it ourselves.

Root for a Hindu India. Hindus are under threat as we were never before in history.

KASARGOD. Why no investigation on the matter by our leading media houses (except for ofcourse Time Now). Report the truth. And if it is untrue, prove it otherwise. With evidence. You cannot, you will not, because you know what was reported from Kasargod by the Times Now tv channel is in fact ugly truth. May be it is too much to expect from pro-terror local newspaper ‘The Hindu.’

It has to be a collective effort : from the parents to the society we may be part of, to the state and central governments to ensure that the Love Jihad is vanquished totally from Indian soil. Some of us, for one thing, could never find fault with Shri Ram Sene or such other vigilantes. Or with CM Yogi Adithyanath of UP. No Hindu parent, in his/her right sense, will voice opinion against moral policing in Uttar Pradesh or Bangalore or Bengal or elsewhere. Center must enact laws that whoever marries a Hindu boy or girl MUST to convert to Hinduism. This is the only way to save Hindus from destruction. Make conversion a legal process with entries in Passport and Aadhar card and PDS Ration card. This single move will have the potential to stop conversion in its tracks. 



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