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Why Is Kamal Hasan Pissed Off???

November 6, 2017

Normally you may not expect a woman to write blunt like this. So a Kamal fan from my pre-teens quite like my mother, imagine how much the ‘Ulaga Nayakan’ must have frustrated me.

I don’t even want to refer to Kamal Hasan’s utter rubbish and nonsense talks in recent times. He has probably become senile. Despite his face-lifts and liposuction and hair transplants and tummy tucks, that is.  He is desperate and he would go to any lengths given the sadist he is. I remember my school friend’s correct assessment of him when his film ‘Guna’ was released. Kamal was a maniac she said then, he was a sadist who would go to any level to prove a point to the world.

Kamal Hasan has put foot in his mouth on more than one previous occasions.

Years back in Kerala, he got into a controversy when he spoke on stage that a woman cannot be raped without her consent !!! The evil me would like his daughters to go through the trauma and make plain to him some home-truths. But alas, these girls are overtly willing aren’t they? Where is the chance for rape. Rape happens when women DO NOT GIVE consent, right?

Kamal has made it clear right from the start that he never believed in the institution of marriage. Good. Look at his daughters born out of wedlock. We all ‘know’ what both of them are, probably not much different from ‘the Mahanadi’ (film) daughter character of Kamal’s who he rescues from the Kolkata’s infamous ‘Sonagachi’ (in the picture).

Kamal is also a self-professed atheist. Yet he made the picture ‘Dasavadharam’ (meaning ’10 Avatars’ based on the 10 Avatars of Maha Vishnu, the protective Hindu God in the trinity of male Hindu Gods). The self-contradiction is striking.

Whatever happened to his film ‘Marudhanayagam.’ The shoot for the so-called epic picture (in his words, not critics’) was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth when she was visiting Chennai more than two decades back. A reported 18 crore rupees later (as of the year 2001 and since then Indian Rupee has been devalued very many times that the same 18 crore from 2001 would work out to a neat 180 crores today no less). Allegedly Kamal borrowed heavily from RBF (Royapettah Benefit Fund) and ABF (Alwarpet Benefit Fund) which were both a century old.  Kamal Hasan was allegedly a defaulter when it came to paying back the loans. These chit funds were pensioners’ investment paradise. How many suicides were instigated by Kamal’s misadventure. How many lives, families he broke to smithereens. Let Kamal publicize his earnings and taxes paid upto date and the Marudanayagam film investment details, his finances for the picture and how he liquidated his dues. Is there any otherstanding left? Who wrote off his borrowings?

Reportedly Kamal Hasan and his family have converted to Christianity after all for a few dollars. His brother Charu Hasan is seen canvassing for conversion to Christianity in a You Tube video, and the eldest of the brothers Chandra Hasan was supposedly buried as per Christian rites instead of being cremated as per Hindu rites. And this is a Tamil Aiyangar family note that.

If a few greenbacks can buy the greedy creamy denizens of Chennai, then what about the poorest among us.

The Vatican, America and Europe and pumping millions and millions of dollars into India for converting native Hindus within next 40 years to Christianity. This is called ‘the Joshua Project’ and it is highly ambitious. India until now with 800 million Hindus remains staunchly a Hindu nation in spite of 800 years of barbaric Islamic reign and a 200 year more British Christian rule. India is an unfinished business for the west.

By conversion, the west will be successfully ‘cultivating’ India – which is supposedly the agenda on cards. So long as we remain the non-follower, not heeding to the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity and Islam, we will remain defiant. The loyalty of Christian nations will be with the west and in case the muslims could win the war of conversion in India, then our loyalty would be pledged to Middle East. India is the stumbling block, the Resistance.

Shame on Kamal Hasan. But isn’t this shameless fellow the pimp to his own daughters? He could stoop down to any low level.

It is not just Kamal Hasan. Tamil film industry is flooded with Christian Missionary Funding received through Church from foreign countries. The evangelists are paid obnoxious wages. Some of the black sheep are actor Joseph Vijay, directors including Ranjith, Gautham Menon, Sebastian Seeman, Aarthi (tv and film actress), T Rajender family. The list goes on. The poaching is relentless. Why? How?

Even newspapers like the Hindu have been bought over. ‘The Hindu’ is Hindu only in name. This is why we need a tv channel like ‘the Republic’ and this is where Arnab Goswami comes in.

The Christian conversion lobby is now feeling the heat because PM Modi cut off the offshore funding for these conversion missionaries. It is no secret that even the Koodankulam agitation was sponsored by the Church and the antagonist Udayakumar is a Christian, receiving funds from overseas to finance the agitation.

On the Islamic conversion front, the recent poachings include leading Tamil actor Jay and Ilayaraja’s son and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja. A R Rahman is to be blamed for conversion of Yuvan Shankar Raja. What a pity that even after conversion, Yuvan is not getting pictures! Well he might have thought the hawala money would come pouring in. Modi kept a check for everything, didn’t he.

God save Tamil Nadu. God save India.

This is why I will always vote for only Modi. I hope he strangles them economically first. Income tax raids recommended for  Kamal Hasan, Vijay, director Seeman, Mani Ratnam, tv actress Aarthi, actor Jay, and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Some may argue that this is eating up India’s ambitious development plans, but I think otherwise. All that you have to do to break India is to either Christianize us or Islamize us. Then we will automatically secede from Bharatha, the land of the Hindu natives for over 10,000 years. We could be on our way to become the next Latin America or Africa or another Caliphate who knows. But no more a significant threat to the world powers.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is the true scenario prevailing in India today. I cannot even imagine what may happen to us if Congress comes to central power in future. It is important to keep the good work of Modiji going. I have this love-hate relationship with my Prime Minister (in my mind only)!!! But I know like the Krishna, whatever he is doing, wherever he is pulling the chord from behind the scenes, it is establish the Dharma, to save the Dharma from perishing.

Thank you Prime Minister. I have been hard on you. I have my reasons. But I also can see your grander plans for India’s future. I hope you also groom a team as good as you are for the sake of future generations. This is my earnest wish.

From → Dilli Durbar

  1. Point blank. I am so happy that there are ppl who are in my wavelength..

  2. Thank you. I want public statement from Kamal Hasan that he has not converted to Christianity. Or is he hiding this crucial fact from Tamil public. Can someone raise this issue with him in Twitter.

    • Radhakrishnan permalink

      Kamal Hasan has in an interview mentioned that he had preached Christianity.

  3. JAGANATHAN permalink

    This is very true. Appreciate your thoughtfulness in writing this article. The Christian missionaries have a bigger agenda and they will go to any extent bcoz they have the hell a lot of money. They will buy anybody by throwing money. If we don’t wake up now then it’s going to be very difficult for Hindus. We should speak about this dirty plan to all our friends, relatives, colleagues and whomever we know. We should write on the social media. I don’t know why none of the newspapers and channels are not covering this issue. Let’s all the brave Hindus take it up in our own hands and make this as a movement. Jai Hind, Vande Mataram.

  4. S G Mani permalink

    Very true reg. conversion.India is in dangerous situation with agenda of Muslims on their world califate,Christian’ Joshua project and Hindus like Kamal Hasan and some so called secular leaders with appeasement policies exploiting Castes , a strong leader is a must – as on date I see only Modi.

  5. Silvatsjoo permalink

    It’s high time to invoke Kali, the Godess of war.

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