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No More Haj Subsidy From Hindu Tax Payer Money

January 17, 2018

After banning Triple Talaq in India, BJP govt led by PM Modi has made a bold move yet again, cancelling Haj Subsidy from this year for Indian muslims that was mostly paid out of Hindu tax payer money (and Sikh/Buddhist/Jain/Parsi/Christian little). With this comes to end, an era of vote bank politics championed by the Congress for 60+ years. PM Modi has risked many things in his first tenure as our PM: from demonetization to GST and then finally the reforms on social welfare. This last action aimed at  moving away from minority appeasement is striking one and something the pseudo secular Congress govt will be incapable of enacting ever.

Here is a recap of Modi sarkar governance in last 3 years. I started out as a Modi admirer before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections; then fell out with him after Jayalalitha episode. But I am very much back with him as his reforms are finally kicking in, taking a vague shape, and I have a clue as to where India is headed after all this temporary and tolerable economic turmoil and chaos.

For instance, demonetization raised such a big hue and cry in the country. But is it also not true that stone pelting in Kashmir by terrorists and the jobless locals funded with fake 500 rupee notes courtesy of Pakistan, came to an abrupt end with banning of the big notes?

While demonetization may not have brought to total halt the Pak sponsored terrorism in India, at least we could heave a sigh of relief with the short-time reprieve. Once bitten twice shy. I can see variations in currency note circulation ever since in my country. People don’t want to hoard currencies, which is a big positive sign. The 2000 rupee note is hard to comeby already. 1000 rupee note – whether it will return is a question mark. 500 rupee seems to be the only major currency doing brisk rounds. Hats off to Modi ji for moving the cash economy to digital to a remarkable extent.

The tiresome exercise of linking your Aadhar number and PAN (personal assessment number for income tax payable) with your bank accounts and even insurance policies and deposits/investments of any kind is the smartest move. In fact, I linked my Aadhar with my LPG connection very recently, and during my last India visit, had linked my mobile  numbers to Aadhar. The chain of connections is complete. Earlier, it was very common for tax evaders like business people to have more than one PAN. But linking PAN with Aadhar invalidates the duplicate PAN cards automatically. Since even the family ration card (the PDS card which is now a SMART card) is linked with Aadhar, a good amount of wastage of essential commodities is avoided which used to be diverted by unscrupulous elements in corporation/municipal administrations to black market.

Recently, my friend lost her father-in-law, aged 84. The family opted for full traditional cremation instead of going for electric crematorium. They were in for surprise when the authorities in charge asked for the Aadhar card of the deceased, for allotting cremation time. Without Aadhar identification, one cannot even bury/cremate anyone in India today, which is news to me. My friend was highly in praise of Modi. She says, this will definitely bring down the crime rate to a large extent.

Of course, these are foolproof checks done in First world nations. India missed the bus. Indian economy has largely been informal and it is shocking and most troubling to note that, there is a parallel black economy existing in India almost at par with the formal economy. Cashless transactions were limited to the tax paying few. Cash has always been the king in India because, cash promotes and encourages corruption. Tax evasions, hawala money, clandestine funding from NGOs based in foreign soil for conversion of native Hindus and sponsoring of terrorism in India – all these were tearing the nation apart. I am not saying demonetization or Aadhar linking changed things hundred percent overnight. But I am seeing a change in the mindset of people. Everyone is cursing Modi for the hardship they are put to, but are also blessing him at the same time saying it is necessary.  My India visit during demonetization happened two months after the earth-shattering ‘bhaiyon our behenon’ tv address of our Prime Minister.  So I did not get to see queues snaking in to ATMs. I am now strangely witness to empty ATMs as also for banks downing ATM shutters for good in some pockets. Even the blue collar workers have come to realize Modi’s goals and are appreciative of what he is doing for the nation. While the media in India were busy reporting false stories, in reality whether it was my housemaid or regular autowala – the marginal Indian from lower middle class background, was only happy to see that there came finally a check point for the creamy layer. Crowds swore but cultivated patience FULLY AND WHOLLY AWARE not achche din but testing din were ahead. Hats off to Indian public!

One direct consequence of demonetization with harsh impact on our economy is the crash of the real estate market. Good. That bubble needed to burst.

‘How can the layman use PayTM or swipe Visa card’ asked some sickularist Indians. ‘Yes they can’ I said, ‘and they will learn just as they learned to use smart phone and chat in whatsapp.’ That shut them up.

Thousands or perhaps millions of  DUPLICATE PAN cards, LPG connections, fake bank accounts, benami accounts – these have been eliminated ever since Aadhar linking has been stipulated. The streamlining of the mammoth Indian economy is happening already… albeit slowly…. and the credit entirely goes to one bold PM in Indian history, PM Modi.

So who hates Modi? I do  for one thing: because I happen to think Modi is ruthless. I hate the hardships he imposes on clueless Indian population because the picture of poor rural peasants sweating in queues in the tropical sun tears my heart. Otherwise, I hold no grudge against Modi. Even as I detest him strongly at times for the way he squeezes people, I can see why he is doing it. And this man has the audacity and unshakable willpower to do it. I know what a gift he is to India.

So who else may hate Modi:

Terrorists first of all . Terror supporters. This is Indian muslim community. If not of the first kind, they must be of the second kind.  Add to this Pakistanis.

Christian conversion missionary: evangelists receiving billions of dollars of funding from the west for their alleged Joshua project to convert entire India to majority christian nation by 2030 CE.

Tax evaders.

Hawala dealers.

Drug dealers.

Counterfeit note printers.

The last 3 items are mostly again Indian muslims/Pakistanis.

Otherwise, what is there to fear Modi or his policies. GST was in pipeline for years. Even Modi was against it when he was in opposition. But he was quick to change when his own BJP came to powers. Similarly, just because Aadhar was Congress’s idea, Modi did not drop it. But in his position, Congress could have scraped the entire exercise. So this is the essential difference between the BJP and the Congress. The willingness to adapt and grow is there in the young blood of BJP. Congress veterans are too vain with their misplaced pride.

It will take time for the dust to settle down in the case of GST although already I am seeing businesses getting comfortable with the new GST rates and tax structure, though with a sigh. Public groan but get along. GST on my health policy made me scream at Modi in my mind: cunning fellow, but I know as the black money dries up in India, government will have to pool in from other sources.

So cancellation of Haj Subsidy may have twin benefits: a big big easing of funds meant for better utility purposes.

After this, a slew of further reforms for Modiji’s consideration:

Bring us all under the umbrella of one single statute called Uniform Civil Code. NO SPECIAL PRIVILEGES FOR MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS.

A family planning statute is equally mandatory. The explosion of muslim population in India is threatening. Hope we are not on our way to become the largest terrorist country in the world in future. Let there be a cut-off date like say 2020 or 2022. Any family opting for more than 2 kids after this date may be stripped of Aadhar, PAN, Ration card, Passport, Driving licence etc for instance. No government service for family members either.

Conversion to be made a legal process. Let an entry be made in the passport and other valid legal documents on conversion. Let there be a mention of one’s religion in all documents. Proselytizing to be made a criminal and non-bailable offence in India. Conversion or attempted conversion of Hindus to be awarded with strictest sentences.

CAP AND IF POSSIBLE CLOSE THE MUSLIM MADARASAHS IN INDIA.  Are they religious schools or terror hubs really? Audit them regularly with non-muslims. Freeze the foreign funds especially from Saudi.

Ban the Burqa in India. Security threat to the nation.

Finally, take steps to make India a HINDU RASHTRA finally. RENAME INDIA AS BHARAT (PRONOUNCED BHAARATH). India is first for global Hindus and Buddhists and Jains and Sikhs – the followers of Indic Dharma. Others can live here respecting Hindu dharma not otherwise. No licence to preach Islam or Christianity in Punya Bharath Bhoomi. Cancel the word ‘secularist’ from our constitution.


The roll-out of Modi economic and social reforms will transform into visible effects only after a  decent lapse of time. There is still the question of blackmoney stashed in offshore bank accounts about which there is only a mum from PM Modi. Shameful action-judgement on Kanimozhi-Raja of 2G Spectrum case and omission on Robert Vadera. I can understand these silences as well. Political necessities. Collateral for a larger and nobler cause.

Excellent spadework, a little too late but better late than never, and still little too little, but little drops of water do make a mighty ocean right?

Jai Hind! None can love India the way a Hindu heart can. I love Modi for one single reason: his unflinching love and loyalty for Bharat Mata. What a selfless life like an ascetic: not for any other reason than for the Punya Bhoomi Bharat.  The man hardly sleeps. Works 20 hours a day. His mother conceived him and raised him only for the nation.  This breed is a rare breed. We are lucky to have him. He is the most valuable asset in India today, and will go down as one forever in Modern Indian history. I am immensely proud of him and I know in my heart, he is a rare gem that we won’t find again for centuries to come.

Pranaams to my PM! Shaking his hand is a dream but i would not want to waste a single moment of his valuable time. This is why I didn’t go to see him in Doha when he came visiting. I did not even want to give more work for his security. I admire him from my distance. Everyday I recite the Mrithyunjaya Mantra for my beloved Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi. Younger by age, still wishing him ‘Dheerg Ayush.’ Bharat Matha’s favourite son.

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