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Reality Show :Undressed on TLC

June 17, 2018

For the first time late last evening watched the reality show ‘Undressed’  in TLC. How long its been on air, no idea. Obviously it is relayed around midnight India time because of its adult (!) content.

Different couples come together in the show. Must have been paired off by the director or whoever is behind the show.

The couples get into a big dim lit room with a single mega screen (for instructions) and a large white double bed. Apparently there are no onlookers in the studio. The cameras must be placed subtly recording everything. No audio disturbance, only commands or suggestions from the screen.

Some 5 couples went on air last evening. I ofcourse missed the climax (!) of 2 couples (with hubby at home asking for mundane things like ice water from fridge at crucial moments; indian husbands … sigh!!)

Each couple when they get into the room have to undress their partner. Down to their undies, they have to lie in the bed, hold each other and act as instructed (from monitor). Like kissing, playing with pillows etc. They are asked to do some small talk to know each other better. This is supposedly testing ground to check if they are compatible to each other.

One black couple could not handle it, they were hot already! Perfectly matched I must say! Both in intensity and good looks! Professionwise too. He was a physical trainer, she a special school teacher. They hit it off right away. Couldn’t keep hands off each other! Rare to see this kind of chemistry on first meeting. Hopefully they take it further down the lane to a meaningful relationship.

Its awkward just watching this show even with your husband! One white woman was 49 (!) and her partner was 59. How lying just in undies in the bed they discussed casually their lives was unbelievable. Mercifully at least 2 girls refused lip kiss and opted for a peck on their cheeks.

The show is to try match making and this is their idea of so-called dating (!) Okay, since I had an arranged marriage I have no idea what it is to go out with a guy I admit but I did have a small yet decent window of 3 month engagement period during which time we freaked out without the knowledge of our family people. In early 1990s, it was still something bold. Taking permission in office and going to beach with your fiancee was a very brave thing to do.

With time of course, even my conservative Chennai has changed. Over 50% marriages are love marriages inter community. We have christians, muslims and sikhs in every extended family these days and all state people gujarati, punjabi, bengali, maharashtrian, goan, keralite etc., etc. Pan India. Not merely my extended family but it is the all-India scene.

Still, the kind of dating they conceptualized in TLC and made a show out of it is unbelievable. I mean, what kind of couple would like to undress each other in front of (hidden) camera. I could digest at least the younger ones in their 20s; the mature 49 year old woman trying it out with a 59 year old man who could have been a grandfather was unacceptable. How much ever liberal their society must be, I guess there must be some ‘Lakshman rekha’ – the line of demarcation (in this case decency) that must not be violated. I am generally liberal in many matters but as a mother with a grown up young man, being of same 49 years (soon to be 50), i could not come to terms with the woman in red lingerie of my age lying close to a total stranger baring everything except for a brief clothing and summarizing to him her life story in a few lines.

The participants were decent. But I wonder, how many episodes went without being aired with limits overstepped. The black couple, classic case. Extremely sexy both, their mutual attraction was palpable to even us audience. When asked to kiss, they went straight to lip locking as expected ! Could not help fondling each other through out. I am sure, they made it out the next moment they walked out of the studios!

After a 10 minute on-camera intimacy like this, the couples have to decide whether they would like to go on a second date with the same partner.

3 couples said mutual yes to each other.

I did not see what the 49 year old woman said to her 59 year old partner and vice versa. I did see another black couple sorely disappointed with each other.

Never in my wildest dreams have I thought of such a reality show. I won’t be surprised if our desi TV channels soon copycat it with slight revisions. Undressing part will have to go for at least now to be swapped with some other bright and equally interesting idea. Some producers must already be wracking their brains !!

Weirdest show I have watched in my life. Watchable only with our spouse. As the couples have to stand exposed for the entire 10 minute length in their undies that would be telecast worldwide, everyone of them was in designer underwear!

Sad, if someone is this desperate to find a partner – whether for just blind date or for a serious love life/marriage at a later stage. New low even for reality shows.

Reminds me of the bride seeing formality in our own families/society in front of the elderly/relative circle in case of arranged marriages. How sacrosanct. My husband begged for a 10 min private talk with me. He was allowed that but my first BIL’s wife stood guard at the open door (that was not allowed to be shut) and heard every single word that we exchanged! Every single outing before wedding was without the knowledge of our both families but I would be back home by 5.30 pm still. Girls of our generation were like that. I do not expect this of my local girls today … world has traveled far in this 25 year gap.

TV shows are trying to kill the little dignity and shame left in present day man and woman. I wonder how the participant couples would be facing their friends, neighbours, family and colleagues at work. The 10 minute on screen chemistry is also a dead give away to what kind of man/woman you are basically. Hot or easily excitable or cold or shy or bold or whatever. For a tv show to pry and exploit this most intimate and innermost soul of ours is horrible and unacceptable. If I have something to say positive about the show, it is about the fitness of the participating couples who oozed super confidence that came with their healthy bodies. Some had pleasing attitudes.

Leaves us even long married couples shell shocked. Normally I am considered bold by some of my friends. Given the kind of society I come from. But this is too much for me. Wonder what my girls will have to say!

Still, i wondered how it will be with an Indian couple undressing each other in the dark room with hidden cameras: ROFL laughing thinking of this:

  • Not so easy to undress our ladies; loads of jewelry to take off first; from gold chains to bangles everything ; sometimes flowers on hair too! every Indian husband will have volumes to say on this 😀 Even clothing/way of dressing makes it not easy for us to strip (without some clumsiness)!
  • The couple may question each other on whether they are vegetarian/non vegetarian; joint of nuclear family;
  • Rare ones may ask for complete Kula/Gothra details. No dating without knowing who you are by gene/bloood. How pedigree you are.
  • The couple will definitely want to know about the exact academic qualification of their partner with monthly take home pay after taxes paid
  • The girl will want to know if the boy’s family own their house, whether he has car.
  • Won’t be surprised if the boy asks the girl how many tolas of gold their family will be giving her in marriage.
  • The girl stands rejection owing to just her skin colour. South Indian girls with North Indian boys chanceless and vice versa. Walk out right in the studio. But I guess the producers will take care of that, matching partners within their comfort zones.
  • Whether north or south, Indian boys will press the ‘yes’ buzzer only after their ma(s) (mothers) give consent! There is no helpline in this show like in ‘Crorepathi’ by way of phone call, but there is no way an Indian boy will marry a girl who his mother will not approve of!
  • No smooth waxed bodies please, we are Indians! Except for a very miniscule percentage from very elite Indian circle, most Indians do not believe in body shaving/waxing 😀 Project to abort right at the stage of take-off for a second time! However I am sure some (not all definitely no Arab/south east Asian) Asian audience will love such a show of body hair !!!
  • Also doubt if we Indians have such fabulous bodies. Or most probably the producers are showing only good looking couples. Where to hide the middle age flab ? The love handles, the bums, the stretch marks from pregnancy, the sags, droops !!! The 49 year old white in the show intelligently held on to a fluffy pillow against her abdomen.  Younger couples mostly had well toned bodies, especially the men. I wonder how many Indian couples whether young or middle age will be presentable semi-nude or will be fit enough to even pose in semi nude in public. Swim wear preposterous to most Indians.
  • Its true most Indian men do not wear shirt at home. Go bare chested. For Hindu traditional ceremonies, men have to stay bare chested in front of guests and it is so for temple darshans as well in ancient mandirs until today (rule relaxed in most temples in India presently) So it might be easy for Indian men than for ladies I guess.
  • After all these hick-ups and hurdles, do you think we can still host this show successfully???

Shedding our inhibitions, shedding our clothes so easy … in-camera … or shedding one’s dignity and self-respect? It is another thing if a woman sunbathes in swimwear in the beach in public; but being undressed by a total stranger however ravishing handsome he might be, seems out of realm of normality (at least to me).  I don’t think these relationships will work out. They may fizzle out and fade away before the show draws to end. Total fake.


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