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Be One Person Less Harming Mother Nature

November 1, 2018

Its not the question of whether Hindus are victimized in India or not. Its not the question of Supreme court interfering in Hindu affairs, not a question of what is legal and what is illegal. Its not the question of whether this is Christian agenda or Islamic agenda. It is not the question of whether this is a political vendetta. It is just that I want to be one person less harming Mother Nature.

We have all grown up lighting fireworks for Diwali. It is not that I am totally unaware of the pollution caused by vehicular exhausts or air-conditioners or factory effluents. It is still this small bit I want to do for Mother Nature – by lighting less number of oil lamps, by staying away maximum from fire works, by forsaking chemical Holi colours, by refusing to bring home a Coloured Ganesha.

There are more ways I show my love and respect to Mother Nature, Mother India: by swearing to keep off Kumbh Mela, by swearing not to bathe in rivers. My reverence for nature has no bearing to Christian conversion spree in India or Islamic terrorism.

I believe I am no less Hindu, following what my heart tells me in the matter.

I don’t believe either I have to be defensive about my stand. In the name of Hindu God, i wouldn’t want to do more harm to Mother Nature than has already been done.

An occasional sparkler is fine. After all, from 500 walas to 5000 walas, i have not left anything undone in last 50 years’ Diwalis in my life. As I grow older, I want to show love more explicitly to Mother India, Mother Nature that has got nothing to do with Singapore or Malaysia or America or London or Middle East. I want to be that one person less harming Mother India – Mother Nature.

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