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Hindu saint worshiped as Sufi saint in Karachi, Pak

March 29, 2019

Just learned through a You tube video that the Jeev Samadhi (Kaarana Samadhi) of a Yogi (Sadashiva Premendra) from 13th century is in Karachi, Pakistan. Hahaha, no wonder they made it into some sufi saint’s! No way can you make these people believe the truth. One more thing, in case of Jeev Samadhis with or without a temple consecrated with them (where Yogis/Siddhas may have performed their ‘prana pradhishta), the aura is supposed to be present for a thousand years minimum before declining. ‘Prana Pradhishta’ makes these shrines most powerful that you can feel the soul vibrations of the saints who attained their Jeev Samadhis in these chosen locations. Of course you just cannot make these guys accept facts – and here the fact is presented from Tamil Nadu which is thousands of miles afar – and that too in enemy nation following Sanathana Dharma. Siddhas and Yogis in India wandered far and wide through out Bharatha – from Afghanistan and Himalayas to the very tip of the Indian subcontinent Kanyakumari where the three seas merge, in those days. There were no geographical dividing lines then. Plus, in the 13th century CE, even Afghanistan and Pakistan of today might have been still predominantly Hindu-Buddhist or might have just started to undergo mass forced conversions by tyrannical invaders. I am not at all surprised to learn this fact about the Yogi. It just suffices to know that the famous sufi saint of Karachi is after all a Hindu saint; the place has improved now as some popular journalists keep updating readers frequently on that in media. Good to know whatever they may choose to believe in, the Hindu saint is worshiped in the heart of Pakistan as a sufi saint by whatever name. Distortions/corruptions might have happened through centuries. Its taboo for anything to be Hindu in Pak. After all, we know where all the Shiva Linga rules – inviting devotees and so-called believers from around the world – who actually do pradikshanas (circumambulation of deities – a normal and regular form of Hindu worshiping ritual in any Hindu temple) around their so-called sacred shrine, this congregation of many nationalities, that they normally never perform in their other places of worship.

Anyway, Yogis and Siddhas of India are phenomenal. It makes me sad, they are almost nonexistent today in this increasingly materialistic world where everything is so horribly twisted and contorted and the truth is never let to come out. Feels good to learn about this great Yogi who is believed to have lived for hundreds of years. (Yogis and Siddhas can go, without taking food or water for centuries. You can still come across a few in the Kumbh. Those who bath in fire everyday, those who stand on head for years etc). He also had penned ‘Maanasasancharare’ and other literary works besides playing a role in consecrating some famous (and now ancient) Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu which are standing good until today.

The exact date of Shri Sadashiva Premendra’s Jeev Samadhi is inscribed to be 1253 CE. The good thing about south Indian history is that, all this can be found as inscriptions in our  roughly hewn granite temple walls and floorings in perfect condition even today – after over a thousand years or so. We have temples dating back to over 2000 years that way in our state all with the inscriptions in tact. The ancient script has slightly undergone a change but historians/anthropologists easily can figure it out – even I can at times. I could read some in Kanchi Kamakshi temple really. I couldn’t believe I was reading something that was written over 700 or 800 years before. I wish some noted journalists of Pak are given visas to visit our ancient and historic temples that have been there for millennia to understand what their homeland is and who they are really. Past may not matter much to some, but past is relevant to understand what we have become today. I will ask Modi ji to consider special visas to neutral Pak writers hahaha. On a month long temple tour of India. They are not merely temples, they are our original recorded unblemished history. History undistorted.

Yogi Sadashiva Premendra supposedly attained three states of Jeev Samadhis -,He shed his Thooola shareera (physical body) near Karur, in present day Tamil Nadu, Sookshama shareera in Manamadurai also in Tamil Nadu and Kaarana shareera in Karachi (today’s Pakistan). The samadhis in Tamil Nadu stand good until today. The saint wandered all over akhaand Bharat. No reason for stone edicts to lie. That too to lie in the 13th century. Inscriptions were also made in north Indian Hindu temples but most of them were razed by the Moguls. The south escaped this cruel fate. If you even try to explain to a non Hindu how there can be 3 samadhis to a Yogi – they just cannot grasp it following an organized religion where there is hardly any quest to find the ultimate truth or for reaching the higher realms of spirituality. So I stop here. Amazing, amazing.

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