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Islamic Terrorism raises its ugly head in Sri Lanka

April 25, 2019

There is not a spot on earth where this cancer has not spread. That Sri Lanka so close to us has been hit by islamic terrorism with over 200 including foreign terrorists dead, instills a fear in all of us in India, especially Tamil Nadu, my home state, as only a small strip of sea separates us in mainland from the island nation.

Reports emerge that the suicide bombers were sons of richest Sri Lankan muslim, highly educated. So this goes on to prove that in the religion of terror, rich and poor and young and old and educated and illiterate are one and the same as far as the terror psyche goes.

India is an experienced nation with ancient wisdom, but India’s warnings are seldom heeded to by our petty neighbours such as Sri Lanka or Nepal. These nations think, we are bossing over them. No, never. India is the big brother in true sense – in ticking off the erring wayward younger siblings who may be getting into trouble. Often this care is mistaken for highhandedness. Also, before geographical distinctions mattered, Akhaand Bharat extended from the Himalayas to down south. Hindu culture binds us together – Hindu-Buddhist culture in some cases.

In Middle -east, i see that increasingly the Filipino sales girls are being replaced by Nepalese girls with Sindhoor in their forehead. When I see my Hindu culture anywhere, it makes me so happy. Seeing my Bindhi, the Nepalese restroom service women talk to me. They tell me how they left 1 or 2 year old infants back in Nepal to work in far-off country. Their first choice is always to work as housemaid in India. I am most sympathetic to them and listen them out. Feel extremely sad and helpless because I can do nothing about it when my fellow Hindu women are suffering. Seeing also Bhutanese women these days. They are very friendly for the only reason we share cultural roots. Just the sight of my ‘bindhi’ or my Indian face brings a smile to their lips. This umbilical cord connection between India and our Hindu-Buddhist neighbours/brothers and sisters cannot be broken. Whether you care or not, we care.

India warned Sri Lanka about the China debt trap. Sri Lanka is now snared in a debt trap that they cannot come out of. Part of Sri Lanka will become China territory in less than 100 years. Now they realize why India cautioned them. Protecting Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan is India’s dharmic duty. Vaccinations are always painful – Indian dominance may be annoying. But this is what will guard you in the long run. It is like parental control. India gains nothing from these nations and can do without them. But all the three cannot be without India.

Earlier last year, China attempted territorial aggression in Bhutanese border. India stood up to China on behalf of Bhutan. China backtracked. Only India and America have the political will in the world today to confront China. Bhutan would have lost considerable territory and passageway and also would have become even more landlocked and isolated at the great Himalayan heights without Indian interference.

Sri Lanka ignored India’s intelligence inputs that islamic terrorists were planted by Pakistan which had become overtly friendly with Sri Lanka following China. Sri Lanka paid with the terrible serial bomb blast and hundreds of lives for that single error of judgement. Even now the Sri Lankan government is reluctant to name and shame the terrorists by their religious and other links.

Nepal is next country getting deeply connected to China by road, rail and Chinese have also managed to ensnare tHimalayan nation in debt trap quite similar to Sri Lanka’s. Nepal will go down the way Sri Lanka is doing in near future. Jealousy about India will not help you. You will learn the hard way. Already Nepal, the punya bhoomi, is transit point for drugs, criminals, mafia, counterfeit Indian currency notes etc., pushed by Pakistan. Nepal today is a very dangerous little mountain kingdom. If Indian hands and eyes are off, they will be finished.

If one by one they want to get close to China, let them. It is not India’s loss. However it is our moral responsibility to ensure that they don’t commit this suicide. We have this long range vision that these nations lack. Their geographical extent is insignificant. Their impact on world trade is negligible. Their contribution to general universe limited in scope. It won’t take long for them to be stamped out to oblivion easily by powerful nations. India could have had Nepal long back – they offered themselves a reunion with India after India’s own independence in 1947. Nehru rejected it. Actually I feel better about it, otherwise Love Jehad by Indian muslims would have led to conversion of thousands of Nepali Hindu girls by now.

Sri Lanka was disaster waiting to happen. We down south were aware of it. Sri Lanka was having some dangerous Madarasas imparting islamic training. This we in India predicted over 5 to 10 years back – we were waiting for this to happen. But nobody was willing to believe us. I have come across radicalized Sri Lankan muslims posting threats in social media. Whoever posted comments would be dared and threatened. Many of us could guess, Sri Lanka was passing into the hands of islamic terrorists. Pakistanis were being given free visas.


Thousand times, blessed to be born a Hindu. Sickular liberals in India meanwhile frantically want to coin a new word called Saffron Terror or Hindu terror and implicate Hindus somehow in terror activities. What a sick, sick mentality. They find that difficult even with Pakistan’s help. This is their definition of equality and justice – not condemnation or action against islamic terrorism but trying to make Hindus look vicious. However, they just can’t succeed. Dear BBC, if you try to rationalize islamic terrorism, then get ready to do a story on UK on its way to become the next caliphate within another 100 years. This is your Karma.


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