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Wanna see RaGa in jeans and shorts :D

June 2, 2019

Whatever you may say, I just luv our Amul baby RaGa for his innocence that he cannot mask. Relieved he is not forming government although Ma Sonia Gandhi may be pretty disappointed. No point in blaming the lady as well. She carries the tremendous responsibility of keeping the Nehru-Gandhi clan name alive in the memory of Indian nation and public. I do admire her for forsaking worldly pleasures and living as a true bahu of India, confining herself to mostly white or peach cotton saris. Widowed very early in life, Sonia could have returned to Italy. Like Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima, she did bot defect. I don’t want to delve into the corruption charges leveled against the Congress party or about the conversions to Christianity that Sonia sanctioned. She has kept the Nehru-Gandhi banner flying for which Congress must be indebted to her forever.

As for RaGa, it is time he steps out of this self-imposed uniform of white and white of his – white kurta and salwar. Time to embrace life, get married, have children, and enjoy life with the money minted by his family and former prime ministers of India. Would love to see RaGa in jeans and t-shirt and in shorts as well. Why no shorts??? Like any normal or average man of his age, RaGa must forget politics and engage himself in some or other vocation and earn his income (if not living out of his family estates), be productive and unravel the mystery and complexity of what life is all about.

Who knows 10 or 20 years later, his chance may come. RaGa will always have my sympathy. He is like a parrot in a golden cage to me. He can neither flee nor can he find happiness in his miserable closed world.

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