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Pak pedals old doctored videos to incite violence in Kashmir

August 7, 2019

THE STORY OF THE SOUR GRAPES !!! You can rave and rant dear Pakis, You can scream, stamp your foot, huff and and puff and steam, and roll on floor, kick your legs and throw temper tantrums, but sooner you come out of your denial the better. Because nothing will work. You will have to come to terms with reality one way or other and put your own house back to order. No use running pillar to post UN to USA. What is this joke about ending bilateral trade ties.  Pakistan is like a mosquito for us. Your annual GDP is less than one day’s business at our BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) or is that the reason you bombed it with Dawood Ibrahim.


Time to time I am watching Pak tv channels (which suck) (mediocrity/substandard -thy other name is Pakistani). The height of their obsession with Kashmir is shocking (even if expected). For India, Kashmir is under 5% priority or on equal footing with rest of India. Article 370 is now done and dusted. We have moved over to other issues. For Pak, two days after the landmark day August 5th, Kashmir continues to be 24 hour occupation. Their tv channels are spewing venom. Having a casanova for a PM who probably gets to parliament right from his boudoir, they cannot comprehend a statesmanship like that of Modi. Their madness is endless. The villainification of Modi shows their frustration. It is a clear indication that nothing else is working in that rabid nation. Now Kashmir has given them good excuse to occupy themselves with. The videos are aweful. Playing them over and over again to incite violence. Not a single reference to Sushma Swaraj in their media refers to immaturity, pettiness and low level of thinking. Article 370 has got nothing to do with Pakistan and has got everything to do with India. With revoking of 35A, Paki men can no longer marry Kashmiri women and get Indian citizenship through backdoor. A chief way terrorism sneaked in to India was thus. No dual citizenship will be allowed in Kashmir which makes life difficult for Pakis and Pak sponsored terrorists who were fanning terrorism in Kashmir. All said, Kashmir is NOT all for India. We have other matters to busy ourselves with. Looks like Pakistan has come to a grinding halt with Kashmir.

The Pak PM is issuing non stop threats to India. So is it right time for India to go for the kill. Pak is down with it reserves. Beggars cannot be choosers. It won’t be long before India can bring Pakistan to its knees. We can, and we will if we are pushed to that extent. Imran Khan: if you give us one Pulwama, we shall respond with a hundred Balakot. Don’t blame us later still hiding your shame. Lick your wounds in private! However, you have a reason now to keep your nation distracted for a while. Thank India!

India can break Pakistan economically in a single stroke. We will. If not today, then tomorrow or some other day. Let us see who will be your sugar daddy – China or America. Even a low intensity Kargil like conflict that can be drawn to weeks can finish Pakistan once and for all. They cannot go on for over a 10 days. After Balakot, they ran out of gas and national calamity was pending. Pakistan went to the brink. We Indians can create a Zimbabwe or Sudan out of Pakistan or even trifurcate Pakistan. Unlike Imran Khan, however, we don’t go about issuing threats. Actions, not words. There is no need to explain our actions to third parties or justify them either. No need to prove anything to anyone. We never had the urge to do so in Balakot. We know. Deep down, you know, and that is fine with us.

Pakistan will have to live with the reality, coming out of denial. Our next mission could be POK. Somehow I believe this won’t remain a dream. Brace yourselves.

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