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After Chidambaram who?

August 21, 2019

Not an iota of sympathy for P Chidambaram from any of us in Tamil Nadu. Such a wholesome hatred for the man and his most corrupt family – especially his son. Can’t believe how Karthi Chidambaram won from Siva Ganga at all. Tamil Nadu is in the grips of the conversion mafia and terrorists (refer Sri Lanka connection). One quarter quietly converted and even in Modi’s times, just walk through the Pulla Avenue markets for instance, only to be accosted by evangelists silently trying to push currency notes into your palms whispering to you to follow them to church. Athi Varadar has counter-produced a shameful ‘Athi Yesu’. You can call the Hindu temples as devils’ living place in public meetings in Tamil Nadu. This is free press. Christian missionaries stop at nothing. No questions asked.

Two gangs are responsible for this deplorable condition in the state today: the Congress walas especially the Chidambaram family and the DMK family. Emboldened by the corruption of these top politicians in Tamil Nadu, the evangelists go to any length to brainwash the masses. A muslim preacher who was stopped by a RSS man was hacked to pieces near Kumbakonam. The verbal abuse of Hindus when we are still the majority (?) is shocking. Not a single honest report in media anywhere how we are ridiculed by the men who get to power with our very votes. But then, all it takes for a shameless Tamil is a biryani and 500 rupee note to vote for any political party. After all, Sonia Gandhi already destroyed the state with MNREGA paying our farmers 100 rupees perday for 100 days every year – without work. Why go to the field at all. This woman is poison snake. I have direct interactions with agricultural families from Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram who confess that there is no more reason to do backbreaking farm work when government doles out wages without working, All you have to do is affix your thumb in the records.

I am also a direct witness to the conversion atrocities sweeping the state. The reach in the same rural districts by the church is very disturbing. Not that the metro is doing any better. In last 3 years, at least 4 of my friends’ housemaids were converted with bribe by the church. This is the low levels that Tamil Nadu has fallen to. It is this falsely led masses that vote for those like Karthi Chidambaram even after coming across his record level corruption and list of amassed illicit wealth. It is the same apathy that led to the win of Kanimozhi and Raja in the recent parliamentary elections.

As for Chidambaram himself, he has not won a single MP election without a recounting ordered. And in the recount, he always won by a thin margin of 300-500 votes – whenever DMK was in power. Even this man’s election to parliament needs a probe, only if this is possible!

Shame on PC whose wife Nalini Chidambaram is a high court lawyer in Chennai. So the ex-cabinet minister cannot obey laws? Why go absconding when your slate is clean. Why fish for sympathy. Does he imagine that we the public will fall for his crocodile tears.

All it will take for PC is to make a single statement : that neither him nor his son Karthi Chidambaram holds corruptly acquired wealth. Let him declare this in front of live tv cameras. Let him document and explain his family wealth. Let him explain the shell companies. The 10 long years of congress govt from 2004 to 2014 became virtually a free-run period for congress netas. PC incidentally is not the only congi to be investigated. There are others, but none can match him when it comes to monumental corruption except perhaps for the Vadras and Kanimozhi-Raja-Stalin. These three run neck-to-neck for the top 3 spots when it comes to leading the corruption in India.

Wondering now, who will be the next:

My probables:


Mamatha Banerjee

The Marans

Kanimozhi, Raja, Stalin, Azhagiri, Vaiko and also

Thirumavalavan, Seeman, Thirumurugan Gandhi (the Tamil Nadu anti-nationals) (Seeman and Gandhi are crypto christians who bash Hindus spewing venom and invoking hatred at every stage). Hello congis, do you even now what is meant by communalism.

How the Sterlite demos and Koodankulam protests were master-minded by the CSI missionaries is not a secret. The church led from the forefront and saw to that the company closed and thousands lost their employment. Of course, only then it gets easier to turn the disgruntled into the open arms of Christ, what else. Shame on Indian intelligentsia who write for foreign press. Do you have an ounce of honesty. Will you write a single post on this social/cultural terrorism.

What do you even know. Do you have the intellectual honesty to admit that India’s democracy is incumbent on India’s demography. Where will you be once the Hindu population dips below 50%. You will be squished to juice even before you know. You will be made to relive the Moghul era in your own lifetime that you so much gloat about. Then you will understand the so-called Indian nationalism by our middle classes, to borrow your own words.

You may be whoever you are. But don’t lift your pen to write something that will poison and kill Mother India. Loyalty for nation or loyalty for your profession. Which comes first.

If Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan are yesteryear’s karma and dharma as per you liberals and historians, then accept that today’s revoking of article 370 and Modi are equally today’s dharma and karma. When you can glorify the Taj and justify the Mogul reign, in the same pulse accede that we in India are making a similar history today. Every single act and event practically can be reasoned out. If there is no logic, let us  invent one. After all, you taught us the Moghul history over Chola or Shivaji or Vijayanagara reign.

Absolutely no sympathy or rethink on Kashmir or anything. One cancels the other out. After a couple of centuries, even Modi and Kashmir will be history. Authors and liberals will hail him just the way today Babur and Akbar and celebrated by you leftists.

What is today’s America. Today’s America of Trump was until the 1600s wholly and hundred percent Red Indian. World has come to terms with Australia and Latin America and New zealand. World has come to terms with Ireland (UK) and Cyprus (Turkey) and Hongkong and Taiwan and Tibet (China), then why not Kashmir.

Get used to Hindu Kashmir – the Kashmir the way it was for centuries before the ruthless bloody invasions. Of course, who can change history. Neither can you now stop history in the making.

Sab chaltha hai. This is the only Karma i know.


Would like P Chidambaram to rot  in jail the rest of his life along with his son Karthi Chidambaram. Let them know how the wealth they illegally amassed is useless. Let Stalin and Kanimozhi and Raja and Vadra follow PC and his son. And finally if possible Sonia Gandhi herself.

Law finally does catch up with you. Pala naal thirudan orunaal agappaduvaan.

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