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Filmed & Interviewed by Enemy!

September 26, 2019

A funny thing happened a few days back. Me and hubby were as usual walking through an art gallery here.

A girl in her 20s and a turbaned man approached us as we were studying art deeply and clicking pictures.

The turbanator was a young sikh guy. He was shy and hesitant to speak. The girl with him was in black salwar kameez with her head covered in dupatta. She had her nose pierced. So I first mistook her for an Indian.

Turned out that the Singh was business visitor from Mumbai. The girl was Pakistani who did her schooling and college right here in Middle East. After talking to them for 2-3 minutes, I and my hubby felt, it won’t be nice to abruptly end conversation. We further found that the visitor from India was on a short trip. How he and the girl met we don’t know. But the young guy immediately cleared the slate for us explaining that he worked as chef and he and his wife in Mumbai loved to cook south Indian dishes. He had worked in Australia earlier for 7 years before returning to India. He traveled to the south pretty often for business purposes. I asked him to come home if he wanted a good south Indian meal in case he stayed longer enough. He said he wanted a proper ‘saappadu’ – he just loved Saravana Bhavan restaurant meal on banana leaf. I have never met a shy Sardarji in my life before. The girl intervened and started her dominating conversation at this point. She said she was into making short films, interviews that she loaded for You Tube. She wanted us husband and wife to be interviewed for a couple of minutes. She asked my husband what brought us to the gallery. When he said he was an amateur artist, she asked him to show his FB page. In flash of a second, she added herself as his buddy by sending friend request i guess. Same with Instagram. But she was cheerful. Just would not take a ‘no.’ And since she was young and bubbly, we neither had the heart to refuse her. She said, she made short films and interviews of both Indians and Pakis. That’s how in the media world, she came across our Punjabi guy, she said. Was a student of some sort.

She clicked pictures of us. The exhibition was of an Indian artist. There was also a photo gallery. She asked  me to explain the framed picture (photography) of an old woman from rural Tamil Nadu who was ‘aatufying’ tea/chai. Close to her was an idli pot. The work was too good and realistic. She recorded my explanation. She also asked us about our background and we told her a bit about ourselves. She shot it in her mobile phone. Then she said goodbye and made her way out with our Singh. The Singh was very sweet and polite. I wanted to talk to him more and better but there was no way this girl was going to leave him out!

Back home, when we checked her You tube channel, we were shocked to find all Pro-Paki interviews! More than me, my husband felt very disturbed. Not a single Indian content in that. Probably she was just making a beginning in media or whatever. Or wanted to make a penny by way of You tube channel. Whatever! I wonder how many people she shared our video with. Not at all comfortable. We are happy trusting people. Normally we never take in to total strangers. The girl being a girl, young at that, and her companion being a gentle sikh who was familiar with Chennai, changed our hearts.

In retrospect, hopefully the video is not misused or edited! That is our biggest concern now! Never been so naive! Of course we have her You tube name and Instagram ID. Not paranoid but any connection to Pakistan makes us Indians feel insecure. Hubby unfollowed her in Insta and unfriended her in FB!

Today I saw Imran Khan’s interview on religious matters in UN. No way we will trust a Pakistani sorry. I don’t know whether the girl will really upload our video, but I wish and pray she doesn’t. Time to time I shall check and if she does, we shall ask her to remove it. Sorry Khan, we will never, never trust you. Our phobia, the world phobia for you guys is a constant factor. We are not comfy with you, we cannot bring ourselves to believe you or trust you on anything. I wonder how many more Indian citizens have been similarly ‘interviewed’ by the girl.

While clicking a picture of mine near the old woman photo, the girl remarked, she adored the business sense of Indians. I asked her, was that why their tv channels always referred to us as Hindu baniyas. She laughed at that and said she would convey my view to her community. A part of me wants to trust her and her people, but my mind screams a big “NO’

In all sincerity I hope, she deletes our pictures and interviews! Nothing sensational there. Just a middle class middle life story told to her in brief. She seemed to be impressed by our ‘literacy’ levels !!! I asked her when she would be getting married and to whom, if she had lived her entire life here in the Gulf. She gave a vague answer like she had no idea. She was more Arab frankly or sounded so then. But her You tube channel is a complete shocker revealing her unmistakable identity (which we learned about anyway).

Khan interview today made me think of her. Why can’t we ever trust these people. I can’t even bring myself to trust a young girl not even 25 who seemed educated and bold and business-minded. Trust is a precious commodity to earn and upkeep. It takes ages to cultivate such a solid, unshakable trust in anyone. This is the reason. Pakistan has broken that trust many times and betrayed India and Hindus on every ground.  Betrayed world nations. There is simply no question of trusting any of the Pakis again.

We hold nothing against the girl herself. For us, the videos from her background/home are shocking (culture shock) to the core. We cannot still bring ourselves to accept them as ‘acceptable people!’ Yeah, hopefully, she deletes our pictures! That’s the maximum I can hope for now. Prejudice. I can lecture on that for hours. But I am not ashamed to admit here, yeah I am prejudiced on certain issues because that’s something my intuition keeps murmuring to my ears and heart!

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