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My addiction to writing is like drug addiction.

October 31, 2019

I don’t care whether I write nonsense or whether I make sense. If i am writing today or whenever, it is because it makes my heart feel light. If I am obsessed about anything, it means, it makes me feel lighter. It distracts me. It makes me forget my world, my existence for the moment. It gives me a temporary relief. Jts my oasis of refuge. Not that I am suffering from anything. Still… I feel positively recharged. I catch myself smiling. I am happy. The sensation is sweet. Its like a breeze is caressing my face. It’s like I have just laid down the weights I am carrying on my head, even for a few brief seconds… Whenever I feel like, i can write, read, browse, stalk (!) who can stop me. This drug is a dream! Ten years back I would have laughed at anyone who suggested this wonderdrug. Hmmm… Just wanted to record it to posterity hahaha!


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