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Facebook vs Whatsapp vs Instagram: Social Media Junkie

November 30, 2019

Many have stopped being regular at FB after Whatsapp came up.

In my experience (as a social media junkie!) I can vouch, FB is far better when it comes to your privacy over Whatsapp.

Everytime I change my dp in whatsapp or update my status in the app, those who never forget to wish me for the nice pic are my (part time) driver, my maid (through her son’s phone), my (regular) carpenter, my plumber, my electrician, my banker who are all in my Contacts in my phone/SIM,

Once I was shocked when someone even remarked about my sleeveless top. Ever since I stopped uploading very personal pix in whatsapp. But the temptation is there because, mostly i do it for my majority friends and relatives with whom I move in the same circles.

FB is a lot better because, as a policy i don’t add those who i employ for any menial work or whatever at home. In short, I don’t want to have those below our social strata as my FB buddies because I generally keep my world hidden from their views. FB has friends’ lists that lets you choose who you want to share your pictures or videos with. Still, it is a cumbersome process. You have to remember to remember each time. Best is to limit your friends and relatives circle in FB and share all your stuff with this circle entirely so that you don’t have to try too much to remember.

It is very annoying when people who are in your contacts list as not your friends have access to your very private information. Another thing is, what I share as dp/status is meant for my girl friends in my phone. Not meant for even relatives, especially male relatives, nasty and gossipy female relatives and hubby’s friends. There is no way you can filter the contacts that way in Whatsapp.

Well, this is my conclusion. In FB we can have our privacy settings and the world need not have to know about your wherabouts. You share the info with just a trusted close and extended circle. I have no problem even with Instagram. I don’t care who sees what because Insta is somewhat impersonal – or it seems to me. I am absolutely comfy there because those few who follow me are not my friends. I mean, very few of those few are my friends with whom i share a good understanding. No way the pictures i share in Insta can be shared in FB.

I am now laughing to what extent I have become a social media junkie hahaha!

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