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The Witch

November 30, 2019

I was in this short distance shuttle that took me to my flight in the Istanbul airport. I was managing to hold on in the jam packed shuttle without tripping pulling together my handbag to my chest. In the melee, my husband got separated by a few feet from me, in the same bus. The ride took almost 5 min.

After a minute I noticed that a woman standing very close to me that our breaths could mix, was wearing everything in black : black leather knee length boots, black leather jacket, black leather vest etc., all studded with gold buttons. She was a white caucasian female, may be 65. She was totally blonde with waist long hair and with a face very heavily made up. Her lipstick was a shocking pink. Her eye makeup was so thick and gaudy. The one word that came to my mind was , ‘witch.’ Hardly for 20 seconds I looked at her – slantway. For some reason my intuition stopped me from looking her in the eye. I respected that caution.

No sooner did the word cross my mind, in the moving bus, the woman started a stunt. I am sure others were not aware even if people stood extremely close in those five long minutes. I knew what was happening even in that crowd or so I thought. It was as if the woman read my mind.

Slowly quite like a witch she titled her head slowly up and then down, and then to the left and then to the right. She kept repeating the motion for the entire trip of the bus. Now I felt panic rising in me, but i immediately calmed myself and decided to confront her if it was indeed what I believed it to be. I repeated in my mind clearly, ‘I am the Badra Kali. Ma Kali is with me. I am the Bhagwathi. Ma Bhagawathi is with me. Go away or I will tear you to pieces. Go away or my Mother will tear you to pieces. Ma Kali come here. Ma Bhagawathi, Ma Parvathi come to me. Are you with me.’

May be this sounds crazy, but this is what I told myself in my heart.  Not even my husband I have confided this about. The woman kept repeating the motions very slowly. Except me, nobody seemed to be aware of what she was doing. I don’t know how I got my courage. I believed strongly My Mother Goddess stood with me then.

May be or most definitely I was hallucinating for no reason. Effect of some scary movies. I am not ruling that out either. Or may be what I thought it was was true.

I regretted leaving behind my Mangalsutra in Doha (!) We Hindu women are never to be without it. But as it is heavy gold I put it in safety before boarding the flight for my holiday. In the Mangalsutra, we have powerful symbol of family Kula Deivam who protects us all the time. And we have Mahalakshmi. My protective talisman was at home. I remembered that at that moment. Then I told myself, my Kula Deivam and my Mother Goddess first resided at my heart. I don’t have to wear any jewelry as their symbol.

The woman’s contortions (!) eased as the bus slowed down. I found my husband in the shuttle and together we boarded the plane to Doha. I did not look back. This European woman probably boarded the same flight but she was most probably a transit passenger in Doha. I did not see her in immigration. I did not see her at all.

I kept wondering if it was a clash of wills. Was it a clash of anything at all. Or was I reading too much into something that was nothing. The woman could be after all having neck issues like vertigo and she was exercising her neck muscles!!!

Somehow I could not convince myself completely of that. My heart refused to believe in alternate and most logical explanations and hung to its intuitive caution. Whenever in past i have overstepped my intuition, that has only backfired. I have decided that my heart knows betters and speaks the truth.

In times like these, I do not expect anyone to understand me. Others don’t have to.

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