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Ironies of Life.

January 6, 2020

Those who have nothing in life think they own the world. Those who have much more think they have nothing.

Those who are matric failed may be street smart, those who are most learned never master the tricks of life.

Those who barely know anything run the show pulling right strings. Those who are wise and intelligent are full of self-doubts.

Those who are not sure of anything ooze with self-confidence. Those who are systematic and organized, hesitate.

Those whose life may be miserable find pleasure in smallest of all. Those who have a thousand reasons to smile are not always happy.

Those whose life is hell and hardship take it easy. Those who can walk on the flower bed complicate things.

Ironies of life.

This city is still full of people who eat well a ten-rupee-a-plate biriyani and watch the latest pictures, going to beach every week and shopping in EMIs everything. Are they not happy. Why are not some of us who have everything, not like them.

Someone who works as a housemaid told me how easily their family climb the Tirumala Tirupathi Hills on foot cleaning every step and drawing a rangoli. Backbreaking exercise and tough steep trek – an uphill task literally. I thought back to how we book even a visit to a temple in advance, plan from restaurant to darshan, worried about car comfort and safety and crowd factors. Even God is complex for us.

Zero balance account people. Who begin with nothing. Who have nothing to worry about. Who lead a real happy peaceful contented life. India’s lower middle class are luckiest, but they barely know how truly blessed they are.


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