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Why Hide The Christian Shame, Indian Media?

February 4, 2020

Recently Kerala has recorded three cases of Corona virus, all flown back into India from Wuhan. Medical students in China. One of the girls was a christian whose family refused medical treatment for the deadly virus putting entire nation at fatal risk. The girl held steadfast that her christian god would save her by his supposed miracle as they demonstrate and act out on stage in India for conversion purposes. Physically sick Hindus are brainwashed into believing this horrible tamasha. After 3 hours of persuasion by the officials, the Kerala christian girl’s family finally relented to go ahead with medical treatment for the girl.

Shocking is how the Indian media is hiding her identity. The same media who are out in the front ridiculing Hindu beliefs and especially cow urine are conspicuously silent when it comes to the girl’s religious identity. How many Yogi barbs you read everyday. One christian girl and her family were ready to kill entire India endangering our safety and security and even our very infrastructure, but no Indian media found it worth mentioning. I came across many reports in media where the girl and her family are mentioned to avoid medical treatment for corona virus owing to their religious beliefs. In fact to protect her identity, I am actually surprised that they have not rechristined (!) the girl with a Hindu name. Because, Indian media is notorious for changing muslim murderer and rapists names to Hindu to protect their identity. Such a sick mentality.

India media guys, you are nothing more than pimps and prostitutes to most of us. That is why we read you, but vote for Modi. The more you go antinational, the more we will embrace BJP.

Coming to the question of Kerala students going as far as China for a medical degree, have you ever thought why is it so.

Kerala is mostly populated by blue collar semi-literate workers employed in the Middle East. Some 80% fall in this category. Don’t be surprised if you come across fake degree certificates in this so-called secular communist state of India. Every nurse or electrician working in gulf from Kerala has this dream of making his/her son/daughter either a doctor or an engineer. Nothing wrong. It is every parent’s dream. Only here, merit flies out of the windows and only money counts. Inspite of neutral NEET and other fairly conducted engineering entrances, these kids cannot get into a decent medical school in India. NEET has opened up avenues for even lower middle class medical aspirants to realize their dreams. Your score and your economic condition have to tally that’s all. Easiest route for these keralites is to China or Russia where education is cheap. These kids who cannot study in India – how do you think they can learn chinese/russian and then do their degrees in the foreign language. Reportedly the fee structure in these countries is very low compared to what we have in India.

These medical degrees earned outside India ARE NOT RECOGNIZED by government of India at all. But they may be acceptable to gulf countries.

I have seen multiple cases in gulf. Kerala base. Typical. Mother nurse. Or father a plumber. Like that. The parents spend their lifetime savings enrolling their kid in medical courses at any cost. Every nurse’s OBSESSION is to make her daughter/son a doctor. I was shocked when a nurse pitched in over 50 lakh rupees of hard earned money for her daughter to become a dermatologist (MD seat) at an obscure medical college in Bangalore. Some puritanial ‘religious’ medical institutions also take in ONLY their ‘faithful’ with or without merit – these deemed medical universities are popular in Karnataka especially in and around Mangalore and Bangalore. The intake is mostly Kerala students.

Those who cannot afford Indian private medical fee structure even after NEET, now fly out to China/Russia. What kind of doctors will they make. This Kerala christian girl who has ironically been in Wuhan for a medical degree refused medical treatment for something as lethal as the corona virus. Imagine the condition of God’s own country. Because she actually believed her god would cure her ailment! What will happen to this country if we are turning out such third rate medical doctors for next generation. Ones who do not believe in medical science but in superstition pursuing a profession in medicine. In future, such a girl as this one may still buy out her specialization (MS/MD) with the same money power.

Shame on Kerala and the communist leaders. Producing JUNK nothing more.

India is teeming with thankless christians and muslims. Whether BBC that makes it a point to talk about cow urine mention the girl’s chrisitan religion and her blind faith (is that even faith).

By the way, the cow dung is the only fuel (bio gas) in the world that does not emit the toxic carbon di oxide. Even today in villages through out India and especially in Tamil nadu, cow dung is used to mop the outer and inner floor spaces of homes because that keeps off pests and acts like pest control. Our ancestors were no fools. Today we want foreign countries to earn in India so we have Domex and Lysol. BEcause we are ashamed of all that is native and good with us: eating with hands, brushing with neem twig, mopping our homes with cow dung.. Ok in cities, you grow out of certain customs and practices. But why ridicule the healthiest and nature-friendly way of living of our rural people.

Even today wedding feasts are served only on banana leaf in south. Banana leaf is deemed to be the most respectful eating plate you may serve your guest with. For auspicious days, again we have banana leaf. These are our natural friendly eco-friendly native customs. How much ancient customs get ridiculed by our media. For the only reason they are Hindu practices.

We are all literate down here. Even today if we visit goshalas in our temples, if we come across cow urinating, most of us cup it in our palms and drink it. Natural antibiotic and anti-oxidant. Which is why while Indian and foreign media keep ridiculing us, the cow urine benefits have already been stolen and patented by a US pharma. That is why neem in toothpaste was patented by Colgate you fools.

Cow flatulence is again oxygen, not carbon-di-oxide. Which is why cow is bred more in India. Cow is revered in India not without reasons. Even among the entire bovine family, the cow stands out from others such as the buffalo.

Native cows in India alone produce the A2 milk which is not secreted by the Jersey or other european cows. America has patented even this A2 milk which is indigenous to native Indian breed.

A2 milk is bestowed with brain boosting nutrition. Which is why next to breast milk, Indian children grow up only on cow milk strictly until 3 years at least. Now this A2 milk is what is patented.

Thankfully India has woken up at last. Native breeds are now taken better care.

For foreign media, yeah IGNORANCE IS BLISS for you. We don’t even try to correct you these days. In cultures that cull the bovines to fill their bellies, the values of Dharma can never be decipherable.

In a way this is all fine. The more these Indian media bastards spew venom against native Hindu culture, the more stronger we Hindus become in our faith. The more respect we develop for our ancestors ancient customs and practices that we follow until today. Proudly a Hindu.


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