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The curious case of Pak silence on China and Corona :D

February 17, 2020

Rowdy Pak journalists who keep harping on India remain curiously quiet on China and the Corona virus, how come???

What happens to Gwadar now. What happens to Chinese investments in Pak. What happens to OROP. What happens to Paki-Chini bhai-bhai. Well, PM Imran Khan can fly out to China now for defence contracts why not!

What’s happening there in Pak right now. Of course I am not following up much on their media, but glancing at some mischievous journalists’ social media posts, the omission of China/Corona seems conspicuous by its very absence! Silenced by their spy agency is it. After all, that rogue agency butters their bread.

Where are these loud mouthed Pakis now. What is their real position. What happens to their projects. Why are they keeping mum with ZERO coverage on the truth about Corona virus spread.

Apparently the terror nation is terrified of Corona to the extent that their govt has refused to even pull out their helpless students stranded right in Wuhan. Indian govt is atrociously expected to fill the gap! Shameless!

One word on China, let’s see what happens to these Pakis. This is the miserable hellhole they live in. Such an intellectual dishonesty. Dire necessity for their very existence.

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