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Hi !

A Happy homemaker from southern India here, blogging for pastime. ‘Curry leaf’ is public since Aug 11, 2012.

Wanted to primarily blog my kitchen recipes – not a gourmet cook but thought it would be a nice pastime! Moreover my presentation is poor:-(  But then came the realization, not all food that look good are nutritious enough or tasty the way their superficial appearance might suggest  Homefood essentially comes without window-dressing like additives like synthetic colours, chemical preservatives and artificial taste enhancers, so that makes it look less appealing than restaurant food. There are a plethora of natural spices we use in our home-cooking that are specific to this region, state, country and also none gets to eat the vast variety of vegetables like we Indians do.   Reason could be that we are basically a vegetarian nation, culturally speaking  (though slowly becoming non-vegetarian of late to our own peril (!)).   Wanted to blog all that I cook in my modest kitchen therefore – it gives me pleasure to see how different and unique we are in our cuisine as well as in our culture.

I do look at fancy recipes and watch some tv cookery shows but just like you can’t wear the models’ stuff from catwalk shows, I feel most of these fancy recipes are out of bounds for simple-minded women like me for whom focus is mainly on nutritious and practical and filling and tasty daily diet.  I am not into cooking at all, that’s the point – cannot make most of the regular sweets and savourites that I prefer buying from good mithai shops.  Absolutely basic and necessary cooking only for me because I and family wouldn’t want missing out eating at good restaurants either.  Like its home food for the week days, eating out for week-ends.

Which is the reason this blog is stark simple.  This is like a mere recording of my daily cooking that’s all.

Also blogging other issues of interest to me like music, books, politics, social issues etc.  Jack of all trades, … no… a few trades (!), but Master of NONE!   Would like to separate my cookery blog from the rest but i guess that’s another tedious process…

So ‘Curry Leaf’ it is for time being.

  1. Hello,

    One of the biggest bonuses of blogging is finding a community of like-minded people with whom I can share my passion for food and from whom I can learn an enormous amount.

    You are one of them. I enjoy going through your posts and look forward to doing so for many more years to come.

    I’m nominating you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. You can check the rules to accept the award through the link here –


  2. Thanks Aruna even if i am not sure if I deserve the award lol! Yes this is a great way to know like minded people and share things with them. I enjoy your posts in equal measure as well.

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