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Sushmaji Is Everyone’s Behenji :)

Some of the petitions before PMO are to:

  • Revoke triple talaq received Via Whatsapp/Skype from husbands employed in Gulf
  • Secure the Hyderabadi women sold off by brokers in UAE or Saudi
  • Release workers held as bonded labour in Middle Eastern countries
  • Very recently government had to intervene and secure an Indian muslim woman who married a Pakistani man in Malaysia. The woman on landing in our neighbouring country belatedly discovered that she had tied the knots with a much married man. A mere 24 hours later she realized the difference between India and Pakistan and decided to return.

Hate to see my Prime Minister and Foreign Minister lose sleep and/or fret over the safety and security of millions of Expat Indian workers stuck in foreign soil awaiting rescue mission. The govt of India already is benevolent with us: our foreign exchange earnings are 100% tax exempt.

It may be hardly an year since I watched ‘Airlift’ starring Akshay Kumar on Kuwait rescue mission by Indian armed forces. The thought that came to my mind then was, this should never again happen to Indian Expats in whatever part of the world.


Not along ago I came across several posts in social media calling for Dravida nation. Dravida is the south Indian race, supposedly the original inhabitants of the vast and diverse Indian subcontinent. Numerous European research scholars have related from time to time as to how the Indo Aryans who arrived at a later date from Europe drove the Dravidians down south. However the DNA mapping of Indians both north and south reveals that our gene composition is one and the same, that debunks in entirety the Aryan Invasion theory put forth by the British for centuries. The Germans’ air of propriety over Sanskrit and Swastika and Hindu cultural heritage must have been with a view to discredit anything Hindu, attributing whatever intellectual property that might have been ours in ancient India to an inferior Indo-Aryan race, the poorer cousins of Aryans from Europe.  While many Indians celebrate Max Mueller, a friend of mine despises the man who she says was intent on proving the German connection to Ancient Hindu in order to stake a claim in all that is legitimately ours and ours only.

The Aryan-Dravidian divide has been played to the hilt by Christian missionaries and evangelists who are in India for their alleged ‘Joshua Project’ of conversion of entire Hindu population to christianity. Again, a friend came up with a link/proof citing the usage of the word ‘Dravida’ for the first time by Shri Adi Shankara in 7th century AD. After a long hiatus, the Dravida terminology was picked up again only in the 19th century by the Baptist church who arrived in India from Europe  to convert the native masses. Rabindranath Tagore mentioned Dravida in our national anthem constituting today’s Seemandhra/Telengana, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu – or that part of peninsular India south of the Vindhyas. Since then the Dravida ideology became the founding cornerstone of Dravidian political parties who wanted to show themselves different from Hindi speaking North Indians. Thus were born the DMK and ADMK of Tamil Nadu.

Of late there is heard the Dravida rant in our coconut country, I mean Kerala. Especially from Kerala Syrian Christians. By the way, a handful of Syrian christians probably migrated to Kerala seeking refuge from islamists in a bygone century (around the time the Parsis fled Iran). But those who claim to be Kerala christians today are our own Indian converts over 90% to say (just like Goan christians, offsprings of Portuguese bastards, who today pretend as if they are pedigree Portugese descendants).

A general aversion for BJP and RSS and Modi has worsened to paranoia with the recent beef ban and ban on cattle slaughter in Kerala. There is also an increasingly menacing presence of RSS in the state like never before. (Regarding this I was talking to a friend. ‘Why is Amit Shah visiting only Kerala? What about Tamil Nadu?’ I asked and she said, ‘Because Amit Shah says Tamil Nadu is already taken care of, with the state under our (BJP) wings, our control (!) (Shame on you CM Edappadi Palanisamy). Whereas work in Kerala is incomplete!’)

A combination of these factors got our Kerala achchans and chettans agitated and frustrated to the extent that they thought the Dravida Nadu is the only solution to continue eating beef in God’s Own Coundry. (I mean country). Never mind they hardly culled a single local cow in Kerala. The beef came from illegally traded-transported cattle from Tamil Nadu and other neighbouring states that our Mallus took for granted. Even eggs came to Kerala from Tamil Nadu. The south eastern state also has an overwhelming NRI population who earn tax-free foreign exchange chiefly in Middle East. Kerala nursing staff are in high demand in US, UK, Canada and Australia. Flush with funds, Keralites zoom about in BMWs and Merc Benzes in the eastern Coromandel coast where anything and everything can be on your plate for a price.

A local Keralite was complaining how before demonetization, an entire load of fish basket would vanish from the market either with the Gulf money or with Black money. Those middle class keralites left remaining in the state to eke out a living working in government department and private sector never got anything substantial on their vaazhai ilai (banana leaf that serves as eating plate in the south). Come demonetization: things changed overnight. Black money disappeared from the scene and from the communists’ pockets. Fish in the market was there available for everyone to get his/her fair share at affordable rate.

However, this has not gone down well with NRI keralites and Communists in power in the state. Dravida in the state that celebrates Mahabali during Onam is not altogether out of place. Dravida started echoing in social media.

Five days back, Dravida chants quietened on their own in Middle East.

Time arrived for reality check for our Kerala christians and Kerala muslims for whom Gulf states are like second home. Berating, degrading, abusing India is like breakfast, lunch and dinner for them without which they cannot live.

What a stroke of fate to humble the arrogant. I see it no other way.

Sushmaji is now everyone’s cup of tea. Toast of the day. Our keralite achchans and chettans no more talk of Dravida ideology. Bharat army is the need of the hour. Hopefully things won’t get that bad, let’s pray.

Even the kerala christians and kerala muslims are aware, how useless their communist state government is. A Kerala christian preacher had to be rescued by Indian government not very long ago from dreaded Yemen. How our government pulled the feat is unbelievable. A christian preacher stuck in Afghanistan was similarly rescued by Sushmaji from his abductors last year.

No Dravida ideology came to help here. Hindutva guys are the ones who came rushing to our help. Two Christian preachers from two terror and war zones. Why should we even bother.

Another harsh reality is : Where is there any job at all in Kerala. If Keralites are not employed in Gulf, they are working in other parts of India or the world. There is simply no job for them in Dravida Pradesh. Work beckons from Bihar and Bengal and Madhya Pradesh rather.

Ex-pat Indians have a tough time settling down in India even under normal circumstances. My husband left home for the first time for a foreign job in 1997. It is exactly 20 years since he has been in Chennai for over a month or so at a time. The longest break was in 2006 when he resigned his job in Oman to report for work in Qatar. He husband was home in Chennai for a continuous 2 months which is a record.

In the brief time my NRI husband visits home, he is never comfortable with the city or even our own place. Used to or perhaps addicted to perfection, discipline and punctuality in everything, even driving in the city is a nightmare for him. Within 2-3 days, the initial exuberance about visiting home would vanish and a restlessness would set in. By the 10th or 15th day he would be raring to return to work!!!

I don’t blame him. NRIs find it extremely tough to adjust back to India which can test your patience and get on your nerves. Nothing is streamlined in India. Nobody even regrets a deliberate error and nobody apologizes.

(Only today my husband said when he queued up in a bank, a Kerala man next to him asked him whether he was there to send money to UAE! Says my husband, ‘don’t our guys have a sense of decency? barging into others’ privacy without a care is in our blood!’ The man in all probability never thought anything was amiss with his questioning!)

Mercifully I still cannot have enough of India with all its ups and downs. Not that I am homesick. I have gone on for 1.5 years at a time without visiting India when we lived in Malaysia. But Malaysia is a different story. The freedom of speech and independence we had there like in India made a huge difference.

So I have to necessarily touch my base in Chennai every three months to retain my sanity these days. Going to temple, attending Bharat Natyam performances and Carnatic music concerts, shopping in crowded markets… even laughing aloud in public places  … these are like the very breathing air to me. I don’t drive anymore but my autowala is at my beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am completely independent: so that’s what I love India most for.

Most NRIs however cannot fit in like me in India but stand out like a sore thumb. My husband for one.

I cannot even imagine the plight of my fellow countrymen especially Keralites with their kids born and brought up in Gulf, adjusting readily to local environs. To the noise pollution of India first over the general water and air and soil pollution !

Even from out of worst developments sometimes there could be a good and positive outcome.

The instability of the Middle East has closed the lid on the Dravida debate once for all in the Gulf Kerala expat community as I can see now. How many times our blood has boiled when we came across pro-Paki, pro-Zakir Naik posts in Facebook posted by Mallu muslims. Now all that is over.

The Middle East in an illusion that many fail to realize. I for one, saw the mirage for what it is right at the start when my husband took his first flight here. I refused to move my son from his Chennai school and stayed put in India establishing my base. I stay connected thoroughly to my base all the time. Since we lived in reality unlike many other Indian expats in Gulf, I think we are far better shock-absorbent. We also have lived through the South East Asia’s worst economic crisis in 1997. My husband was one rare expat Indian engineer who did not lose his job in the havoc wrecked in the Asian Tiger economies. We saw the exchange plummet but we held on. We incurred a heavy loss, but Malaysia experience was worth it all.

Personally I have been through far worst crises in life. I no more attach significance to superficial issues that cannot still affect you the way the well being and happiness of your family can. I refuse to let things out of the circle of my concern affect me or influence me in a negative way. Sometimes all we may need to do is, walk out of a situation. As simple as that. I am adaptable, accommodating, flexible thanks to my civil engineering husband. Even last year he was about to hand over his resignation letter. He had asked me to pack my bags and be ready to leave in 2 days’ time. Which is why we have ZERO loan commitments. I wanted to give that leverage to my husband to quit at will. We have some paltry EMIs pending in India which we can liquidate anytime. Nothing outstanding in Middle East.

There was an elderly French lady here attending Zumba with me for a few months. She was in Middle East for over 4-5 years. I was surprised to learn that the couple never bought a car and hired a private cab for their travels. They lived in apartment-hotel (which we call service apartment in Chennai). ‘I want to leave at short notice and don’t want anything to stop me for over 24 hours’ she would say. She had no fixed landline phone connection. I and my husband always thought whether we should switch over to such a wise lifestyle in future.

There is something that my husband keeps drumming into my ears always: NOT TO DEVELOP MATERIAL ATTACHMENT WITH PLACES. ‘Instead buy clothes and jewelry’ he insists. ‘Practise ATTACHMENT IN DETACHMENT.’ Today this is what helps me in staving off depression on sending my only son abroad for higher studies. As we lived in different places, I lost my material attachment to things slowly and these days I try to substitute it with clothes and jewelry which are movable. In the event of a loss, we can still pick up our pieces and move on.

The day my son left for America, I stopped decorating my home. It could be psychological. I no more spend on sofas, cutlery etc., that I used to obsess about until very recently. Even our wall mounted TV in Chennai is very old that we have not bothered to replace. I don’t long for a spacious kitchen or a big home anymore. All that no more matters. Home is where my heart is, where my son is, where my husband is. Chennai is where I home in but I can still live on any spot in the world. I can detach very easily and resume again in a totally different environment at short notice. Finally I see the truth in my husband’s words. A few months back my husband was asking me if I was game for Tanzania!

But wherever we are, one thing we do is STAY CONNECTED with Indian community and embassy/ministry. It gives one a sense of security and belonging. There are many expat Indian wives clubs that I prefer to stay away from. However, overall we stay in connection with NRI Indian community and cultural centre which are like hub for us expat Indians. The connections may help you even in India if you decide to resettle. Friendships last a lifetime.

The strength and reliability and solid support of a vast and powerful nation called India emerges to the fore in unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. The very fact of belonging to India, coming from India, sets you apart from those coming from small and insignificant nations. Our bargaining capacity is tremendous. We are respected and even feared at times. Way is clear for India and Indians everywhere. The reputation that is India. The voice that is India. The confidence that is India. That can redeem my fellow Indians even from Mars as Sushmaji recently joked.

The relevance of India and the banality of Dravida cannot be more explained. And my god, what a perfect timing.

I was amazed when a friend of mine mentioned that even if she would have to pull her son out of Class 10 (board exam year) (God forbid) in mid term (in future) owing to circumstances beyond our control , Sushmaji would find school admission on war footing basis for her kid in a good CBSE school in Chennai!!! (As if Sushma Swaraj is her next door neighbour who enjoys a personal rapport with the local high school principal !) Normally admissions are closed for class 9 to 12 in all Indian schools in view of preparing the roll for Board exams. Not only mid term admissions, even transfers at the start of the academic year in these classes are not generally encouraged. Rare exceptions can be made.

Developments in Middle East have opened many an Indian eye in ways previously thought of as impossible. We Indians have a HOME at least to return to. Many don’t. You take the case of Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, Egyptians etc., among expats…. they don’t even go for annual vacations from here. There are working professionals among them who have nowhere to go with their families from the host country. Sri Lankans are returning home only in last couple of years. Pakistanis avoid going home as well.

Only Europeans, Americans, Filipinos and Indians go home for vacations year after year from Middle East. Once someone said I was lucky for this reason.

We never appreciate the value of gifts we are bestowed with unless and until there is a contingency.

Where is Dravida in front of Bharat Army? Today I feel safe and secure sitting in a hotspot only because I put my faith and trust in India, Indian government, BJP government, PM Modi and Sushmaji. Not because I trust anyone or anything else here. Still this is an unwanted headache for Indian government who may wish and pray for nothing but peace. The neutrality and cautious biding by Indian government is praiseworthy. They are handling things remarkably mature . No loose talks, no exaggerations. But staying alert nevertheless.

I hope and pray sincerely for peace. Let sanity prevail. Let patience hold. Let tolerance be cultivated. Let us all live and let us let others live.

Road From Jallianwala Bagh to Manchester

Manchester-London terror attacks are not new to UK that has witnessed a spate of violent attacks in recent past. The attacks impart a valuable lesson: that how loyalty is not a characteristic trait in certain ethnic factions. The perpetrators of the attacks almost always were home-bred, born and brought up in UK.

India is all too familiar with this scene. India is a victim of terror not merely in this modern age. Islamic terror reigned in India for a 1000 years before the British arrived bringing with them a all new form of colonialism and loot. Both our invaders be it the Arab-Turk-Persian-Moguls or the British, laid bare our land and made good with their spoils leaving behind their dirt: christianity and islam in a native Hindu-Buddhist country. Now India is home to around 200 million Indian muslims whose first loyalty will NEVER be with India. Indian christians are better as they are well educated and well informed.

But none can be like the native Hindus who put India first over religion. Only a Hindu can love India unconditionally. An Indian muslim can never. Neither an Indian muslim nor an Indian chrisitan can put India over and above their middle eastern imported religion. But a native Hindu in the cradle of Hindu civilization can and WILL when it comes to that. Such an unflinching loyalty to the soil first over one’s professed faith is a rare quality you may not find in any other human race on earth.

Which is why Hindus who have made US or UK or any part of Europe or Australia or South East Asian countries their home are hugely successful today. Hindus are law abiding citizens. Loyalty first is towards the hand that feeds unlike some communities that (are preached to) have the habit of biting the hand that feeds. Even if I am against generalization by principle, I guess I can make some exemptions.

Whether it is Manchester or London or San Bernardino or New York, an analysis of the assailants’ profiles will reveal how the attackers were willing and ready to harm the very nation and people that gave them life and refuge.

But in the aftermath of Manchester, I have this question to British schools: do you teach your children about Jallianwala Bagh.

The answer must be ‘no.’

How can they, the British, admit that it is not even 100 years since they opened gunfire on a peaceful gathering of Indians in Punjab that killed hundreds of our nationals in matter of a few minutes.

Look at the irony. We were fighting for independence of OUR LAND from British occupation.

Every British citizen should do his/her homework on subjects ranging from slave trade to annihilation/extinction of distinctive aboriginal races in New Zealand/Australia for instance to the racial violence perpetrated in Africa to the gold rush and depletion of their forest and mineral wealth and wild life.

Karma is a slow reaction but a definite reaction. Not only individuals, but even nations have their Karma.

One more question: How did Libya or even Iraq hurt other world nations? Why should Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein matter to us. These men and their nations were of no consequence to India. Just as they were of no consequence to most world nations. Now a hornet’s nest has been disturbed because of the Americans’ greed for black gold. The sins of dismantling nations and unpredictable and archaic nomadic tribes ranging from Libya and Iraq to Syria are coming to haunt the offending nations at regular intervals. If we have no blood in our hands, our minds must be clear.

EVERYONE IS NOT HINDU! Not everyone nurtures the infamous (Hindu) complacency. When there is nothing more to lose, those who have seen their homes burn to ashes may come after you. Simple logic. Explains home grown terror and lone wolf attacks that you see in UK and US and Europe today. A chain reaction.

It is a relief that I am from India and that we have not built our nation on the graves of any natives or with plundered wealth. We are neither Christian nor Islamic: we are Hindu and we are home to Buddhism and Jainism which are even more gentler variations that branched out of Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism).

Every individual, every action in this world is connected to us in some way or the other. Let the Brits think about Libyans. Why should they be refugees at all today?

When the French left Algeria, their former colony, they burnt down to stumps the entire African country leaving nothing standing. The impoverished war torn nation continues to pay annual ransom to France until today to keep going, long after the gruesome colonialism ended. France mints a living in this modern age collecting colonial tax from as many as 14 poorest African nations, the former colonies, long after the French departed from the Dark Continent.

This must explain the French connection to terror.

However I have not allowed their past precedence to cloud my judgement on France in the present. I want to revisit their museums. It is just that, I force myself to remember their African sojourn when I may be stepping into their Louvre.’ It is unbelievable that so much creativity could co-exist with such a cruelty of mind and body cloaked under the guise of valour. The contradictions confuse me.

It is time Europeans and Brits teach their kids Colonial history. This will make for better understanding of today’s world by their children who will be responsible adults tomorrow. If anything, GenNext has a right to know both versions of their actual history.

Manchester or London is not an one-off incident. It is merely yet another single move in a grander game of power and greed.

Immigrants are not everywhere without a reason. When their homes are usurped and they are turned out, they have to seek a new safe haven elsewhere.

What Gaddafi did to Libya or Saddam did to Iraq is not for us to pass judgement on. Iraq was still a stable and economically wealthier country. And so was Libya. Who has benefited from their fall.

As a Hindu, I am neither from the Bikini culture nor from the Burqa culture. I am a follower of Hindu Dharma, the ultimate truth. My loyalty is for truth and honesty and justice. I am a believer in Karma. What you sow, you WILL reap. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is Hindu philosophy.

I may be babbling about being Hindu and this and that, believe me, I am forced to remind myself of my roots only in recent times. The middle eastern world and the west have put me in a tight corner where I have to remember who I am. My parents would have died of shame. They never spoke of their or anyone’s faith or race or caste or creed in public in their times. These used to be closely guarded personal, private matters up until even 1990s.

Right now I am sitting in a hot spot. Nations have reasons to act the way they do. Even tiniest of nations are entitled to their right to self-respect and dignity and autonomy and independence. Nations may embrace or associate with or aid/sponsor specific ideologies  (that may or may not be favourable to the west or even India) NOT ALWAYS OUT OF CHOICE, but for lack of it. Circumstantial existential conditions and compulsions could be justifiable or logical explanation. Existence matters foremost. Prioritizing matters. National safety and security count and supreme sovereignty is the word. Only then they can survive to tell you the story later. 

I hope this clears the air as to what is happening in the present times and why. In the place of strategic interest to ME that is. And thus everyone has a valid reason to attribute to. You can blame none.

But it is appalling to notice how smaller nations with limited geographical extent and power,  are extremely vulnerable to the greed of the power hungry west. They are so easy to manipulate. To even vanquish.

Years back I recall watching Damascus souq and spice bazar in NatGeo traveler. I always wanted to go there. It seemed cozy and so… charming and laid-back.

Here in middle-east we are thrown into a mixed crowd of different nationalities: an important lesson we learned was, how NOT to generalize. Good and bad are everywhere.

Living in a smaller nation also made me realize our own folly: I regret the hardship Nepalese had to face as a landlocked nation when India closed borders with the Himalayan kingdom and imposed an embargo on shipment of essential commodities. It is cruel. I admire Nepal’s defiance. 

As far as India is concerned, we have pardoned the British, we have pardoned the Arab-Turk-Persian-Moghuls,  we have moved over. But the residual  Hindu vengeance, if any, still finds itself redirected upon the converted Indians in present times : Indian muslims mostly and to some extent Indian christians. These minority groups in India however have themselves to blame. In last 70 years, they have driven themselves to the spot, is all I can say. Mostly we forgive and forget, which is why Hindus are doing great in every corner of the globe. Hindu children are raised on neutral unbiased grounds without being fed the poison which is not so in the case of muslim children.

Hindu kids are taught the best from each culture, and we take a leaf out of even our colonist-rulers and occupiers. We imbibe the best from everyone, preferring to forget the unsavoury memories. Hindu Dharma gives us such a scope to learn even from our adversaries. History hurts. Indian history is wounding to Hindu conscience. In a secular democratic India, a Hindu cannot even complain about atrocities inflicted upon us for centuries by islamists and christians. Secularism and democracy amount to Hindu bashing in India today.

Unfortunately Middle East is not India and Muslims are not like Hindus.

Hopefully someday, instead of gloating over colonial victories in text books, the British and other Europeans and Americans will restructure their curriculum so that their future generations get to read about their sins that have changed the world forever for worse.

When that happens, perhaps a Manchester may not recur.

Mutual compassion and remorse can move mountains.

Let equality and justice prevail in the end. There is no reason for any human race to be looked down upon as inferior or weak compared to another. It is not upto the Americans to teach civilization to Africans and Latinos.

India is home to Israeli Jews, Syrian Christians, Irani Zoroastrians (Parsis), Tibetan Buddhists among others around the world who fled persecution for the safer sanctuary that we are. We are 1.2 billion in number yet our doors have always remained open to those who seek refuge. It is only in recent years we are clamping down on immigration – as we sport a few millions of illegal Bangladeshis and Nigerians already (in Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Kerala etc) (what is BJP doing).

A Hindu finds relief and salvation only in forgiving. A Hindu’s freedom and liberation lies in leaving the past behind.  This is also the reason why India was invaded for 1300 years. We never fought back mostly: we surrendered without resistance. Complacent Hindu. Tolerant Hindu. And also Resilient Hindu. I am lucky to have been born in this Punya Bhoomi called Bharat. Our ancestors left us such a legacy that our hands and history are not entrenched in a trail of blood…. even if the world prefers to paint us as a slumdog millionaire…

Exposing ‘The Hindu’ Hypocrisy : The Making Of A Zero To Hero


Who is Kanhaiya Kumar?

A Dalit student-activist in JNU, an entirely media-made zero turned hero, enrolled for PhD in African Studies (?) for over 10 years now at public expense at the rate of (hold your breath) Rs. 30,000/- per month.

So who helped in propelling him to the center of national politics? Of course our libtards like The Hindu newspaper for instance. Along with NDTV, the Scroll.

Who is Umar Khalid. Another useless PhD in JNU also subsisting on Indian tax payers’ money, but aspiring to ‘break India to pieces’ for Kashmiri cause bordering on Islamic terror. While these morons would like to go on with their ‘India ko tukda tukda karen’ rant, they expect us public to stand by and applaud. Well we have Barkha Slut for that.

So these are our national heroes today. Secularism and democracy for our media translate to entertaining anti-nationals and their erroneous and damaging ethos and sentiments.

What is IIT for? IITs are the only world class engineering & tech institutions of India which are acclaimed universally attracting foreign talent. IITs rule the global corporate sectors. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is an IIT India product from my hometown Chennai, for instance. IIT grads go places.

IIT now has reservations but not in our times back then. To enter IIT you have to be the creamiest of the creamy when it came to academic brilliance.

No wonder IIT is the bastion of sheer talent and merit – an exclusive reserve of the brainy UPPER MIDDLE CLASS HINDU.

How to break the elitist Hindu stronghold that’s the IITs and compromise and neutralize their elite profile:

Give entry to frustrated Dalit Christians and Islamists and Communists into IIT through back channels who otherwise cannot even dream of stepping into IIT campuses on merit basis, by way of introducing Humanities in the originally and traditionally scientific academic institution.

So this is how the Ambedkar-Periyar study circle gained back entry access into the sanctum-sanctorum of IIT Madras compound.

Ever since the lobby established itself in IIT campus, conversion campaigns started happening here in full public view. Distribution of leaflets/pamphlets/literature to this effect are not unknown.

Dalit (read Dalit christian) card is flashed for every reason and at every possible instance.

It is no big secret that the Baptist church is the real owner of the Indian media en masse although by different ways and means and that does not exclude the Hindu. No wonder the newspaper takes upon itself and champions the dalit-christian causes with or without valid ground.

The comment I posted for this article was no wonder not published. However browsing my e-mail I find that the Hindu attributes certain comments to me that I NEVER POSTED in the first place, all anti-national, anti-BJP articles mostly and sends me confirmation (!) mails. This is one solid proof of how a lobby is probably operating within the newspaper. I am saving the mails and I intend to consult my advocate as to how to deal with these fake mails alleging that I posted these comments. It means readers e-mail addresses are being misused. Imagine getting mails confirming your comments that you NEVER POSTED!

Who is the so-called IIT scholar beaten up for beef eating that the Hindu has published in first page. What is his discipline? Humanities? Obviously because he seems to be from the notorious Ambedkar Periyar Circle which is bent upon tarnishing the image of IIT Madras by linking it to sabotage activities of this Dalit-Christian nexus. He looks 30+ easily (and looks like Bin Laden’s brother). (Suraj is the name, now I learn). How can such an old man be allowed to milk the tax payers’ money. Time to show both Kanhaiya Kumar and this grand old man THE DOOR. Is anyone listening. Time to pull them up for their work and cut their funds.

JNU is a mess today because of these over-aged zeros like Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khaled. IIT Madras is in soup for having this unscientific age-barred so-called scholar in their midst.

How readily this unscientific community takes the IIT Madras name when it comes to courting controversies.

I have friends whose kids attended IIT Madras. Right at the time of Sri Lankan issue following LTTE’s Prabhakaran’s death, there was unrest in universities across Tamil Nadu instigated by some vested interests (read DMK). My son was attending an engineering college himself in Sriperumbudur. So unlike the Hindu journalists comments to me that were NEVER POSTED BY ME, I have had first hand and direct information from my son that how NOT A SINGLE STUDENT of his college or other technical/engineering colleges in the city/suburbs took part in any of the protests. Only city arts and science colleges like Pachayappas and Nandanam Arts and Presidency and Law College were in the forefront where protests were held (as/and they have history). Hooligans from DMK along with dalit protesters got into my son’s college campus and threatened the management to shut down the campus or otherwise they said the college buses would be set on fire.

The college management reluctantly closed the hostel and sealed the college and declared an indefinite holiday awaiting further government instructions.

At the same time my friend’s son who had secured 480th rank in IIT JEE was attending IIT Madras pursuing his B.Tech degree. A similar scuffle broke out in IIT Madras campus. The same rowdy and anti-national Ambedkar Periyar circle instigated the trouble in which NONE –  NOT A SINGLE B.TECH OR M.TECH GRADUATE STUDENTS took part.

Yet in the next day The Hindu and NDTV, news was flashed tearing up IIT Madras linking it to rowdyism, hooliganism and protests in which none of the mainstream science and tech graduates had a role to play.

IIT Madras now is breeding ground for anti-nationals who have targeted it for the only reason it is populated by elite caste Hindus who are brainy and intelligent and who cannot be defeated by any other means. Dalit Christian lobby is at the forefront of dragging IIT Madras into their shameful gutter. believe me the mainstream B.Tech under grads have nothing to do with any of this: this is entirely the handiwork of the Dalit-christian lobby : Ambedkar Periyar Circle that have no business to operate from IIT campus.

The shameful politicizing of elite academic institution like the IITs is anathema to the very basic foundations and principles on which the institutions were raised and nurtured in the first place. Rowdyism and hooliganism and anti-nationalism are for arts and law students not for serious academics.

The same Hindu who is raising banner for Dalit Christians and Muslim criminals and terrorists did not cover in first page the brutal rape, mutilation and murder of Dalit girl by a muslim in Kerala last year.

Did the Hindu cover this case in first page? After all the girl raped and murdered was a Dalit girl. Alas she happened to be Hindu (even if dalit) but the rapist-murderer happened to be a muslim. The Hindu was at a fix naturally. As a policy, the Hindu would not even name the muslim terrorists/criminals/rapists/murderers.

The suicide of Rohit Vemula, another failure case, was however given prime slot and news coverage for days unending. Rohit Vemula became a hero from zero posthumously thanks to The Hindu, NDTV and The Scroll.

Mohammad Afroz: the deadliest of the Nirbhaya rapists, the 17 years and 6 months boy who raped and inserted a steel rod into the hapless girl mutilating her by pulling out her intestines: this brute escaped death sentence by 6 months and is radicalized (when in juvenile center) and is roaming the streets free today. No news in ‘The Hindu’ or NDTV on this dreadful beast:

The criminals who raped the nun in Kolkata were illegal Bangladeshi  muslim immigrants:

The media first covered the news as vandalism by Hindu zealots but were in backfoot when it became apparent the assailants were muslims and that too illegal Banladeshi immigrants. The coverage shifted to backburners with the discovery as was expected.

Above: One more coverstory that did not make it to the Hindu front page as that of the teenage girl chopping off the privates of a Swamiji.

No front page coverage for the heartless calf slaughter in Kerala for beef fest by Congress activists:

Entire nation is stunned by the merciless brutal bloody slaughter of the gentle bovine creature that shook all our hearts to the roots, but it means nothing to The Hindu who did not cover it prime time/in first page with pictures.

This is just a gist of what the so-called secular media of India is upto.

In short as per the Hindu, the Scroll, NDTV etc., and generally the presstitutes/libtards we have in India, you can be a bloody rapist and murderer and/or even a violent terrorist, but you can get away with it all if you sport a minority tag. 

The lies they perpetrate: how NDTV transformed the calf into ox and buffalo was something entire India was aware. We know the lies of Barkha Slut, Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Shekhar Gupta, Nidhi Razdan and the entire teams of The Hindu and The Scroll.

This comes after how Sagarika Ghose lied in a tweet that muslims were murdered all across India. When the UP government of Yogi Adityanath pulled her up, she bucked down without an ounce of shame. Why should not she be booked under Terrorism Prevention Act or any equivalent for inciting violence.

Why cannot the Hindu come out with exact credentials of this so-called injured PhD scholar at IIT campus? Name. Age. Discipline. How long in IIT at government expense. How many years. What is the stipend per month and how much of tax payers’ money expended on him till date. What is the end product. Where is his research paper: PUBLISH NOW! When you try to project a zero as a hero, you have the responsibility and accountability towards the society at large.

Why do we need at all African Studies in India. Just to engage the types like Rohit Vemula, Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and the 30+ bearded aged PhD scholar of one more useless discipline, and give them free meal coupons for 10-15 years so that they can abuse India and threaten to tear up India with the help of the Hindu, NDTV and Scroll.

Why cannot the Modi government SCRAP HUMANITIES FROM IITs.  Humanities in IIT Madras and other IITs are nothing but Dalit-Christian backdoor entry points. Time to do away with them as they are unscientific and anti-national in approach, dragging the IITs to their gutter level which is their mission. Hopefully BJP government, just like restoring the Class 10 board exams for CBSE, will look into this and dispense with HUMANITIES from our IITs for our own sake, for the nation’s sake.


One more interesting case: just as the debate on Triple Talaq was raging, the Hindu could not refrain from making their usual pointed vengeful attack on Hindu community.

They came with how useless is the Kanyadhaan ceremony in Hindu weddings where a Hindu daughter is gifted awau by the father.

The timing of the article was to demean the Hindu wedding woes even as the Triple Talaq arguments were exchanged hotly across the country. Even christian brides are given away by their fathers. No comment on that. The counter is always for the Hindus. If you notice their news reporting, it is impossible to miss there is a pattern: how they never relent from making accusations to undermine anything and everything Hindu to soften the damage to their precious minorities.



I don’t watch this channel regularly, so not sure how long this is going on but was shocked to watch a program on May 22nd openly calling upon viewers to convert to Islam, free of legal costs. If this is what secularism and democracy can mean for India, then I want RSS to take over entire nation and enforce one hundred percent Ghar Wapsi on warfooting basis.

It is the duty of the state and the central governments to audit this channel and also Win TV, another islamic Tamil channel. There must be similar channels especially in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Telengana besides north Indian states which require strict monitoring. This tv channel airs illegal programs which may disturb the peace of the state and the country. Immediate legal action sought against the channel. Licence to be suspended to the channel and FIR filed.

Conversion meetings by Christian evangelists need to be stopped right through India. Modi government must realize that this is far more important than beef ban.


India has legitimate strategic interest in CPEC as the proposed corridor is to cut through POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) which is Indian territory, under dispute since 1947. Otherwise there is no reason for us to get excited over CPEC or OBOR. The nerve the Chinese have to invite India to take part in their misadventure of epic proportions. Biggest scam of the century unfolding right in front of our eyes?

The only thing the Pakis seem to have not begged the Chinkis to do is ***k their wives for them lol – sorry for saying that (may be considered improper, inappropriate, unladylike for a woman to say that hahaha… still… ) ! For everything else, there is chinese!

Its perhaps none of our business, but since the Pakistanis have the indecency to keep carping about Yogi Adithyanath in the terror magazine of theirs (mouthpiece of their armed forces), I think we have to give it back to them in the same vein! Not that I am Modi-appointed-spokesperson to give my last word on CPEC/OBOR (rather iam self-appointed 😀 )

Because, leaving Kashmir apart, when you go through the master plan, you literally find the Chinese making grand designs to completely take over our neighbour in a phased manner under the direct auspices of their PM Nawaz Sharif. Comparisons are being made to the English East India Company and I desist from doing so for the only reason of it becoming cliched. With every dime neatly stashed for his kith and kin in Panama, the man is free to jump the boat anytime. Why should he bother.


Pakis: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the greediest bania of them all?

Mirror: Hmmmmmm…. Nawaz bhai!


Sri Lanka who went against India already have their fingers burnt in Hambantota. The port project coupled with airport project, etc., did not only measure upto the mark as originally envisaged in a very similar ‘master plan’ drawn up by the chinese for Lanka (and which will never be economically viable given the proximity to natural port-harbours in south Indian peninsular coastline from Cuddalore to Tuticorin to Chennai to Vizag in a mere stretch of 300 km in the east coast and Cochin in the west coast leave alone Mangalore, Mumbai etc and others in either coast) was financed by China bank in Yuan and billed to the tune of $8 billion that the island nation has to cough up with interest (in US dollars mind you). Drowning in debt, Sri Lanka is forced into a corner to lease out the port to the chinese for 100 years minimum plus some extra sovereign territory. So the finance was chinese (yuan), the investment banks chinese, the labour and engineers paid with chinese loans, materials procured chinese, the developer-contractors chinese with ZERO Sri Lankan participation in all this – and the port ownership is now CHINESE … (at least for next 100 years). Not a single yuan made its way to Sri Lankans but the guys are preparing themselves to shell out some hard currency by way of loan restructure and repayment.


Why did Sri Lanka play into Chinese hands? Anti-India sentiments drove them into chinese trap, what else. India has always been viewed as big brother in the subcontinent by jealous smaller nations. That India will never do to Sri Lanka what the chinese have done, the Sri Lankans seem to belatedly figure out. This probably is what led to Sri Lanka refusing permission for the chinese submarine to dock in their waters very recently.

Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh perhaps attended OBOR summit in China because they cannot afford to stay out: they are reined in by the fear factor for China. They say they are wary of India’s regional hegemony, but they are discovering presently who is who.

Nepal will have their railway built by the chinese. Fine. We have another Sri Lanka and Maldives in the making.

Remember the intriguing case of desi company GMR getting booted out of Maldives? Indian bidders and contracting firms were fired with gusto by Maldives government that preferred China. Today Maldives are the biggest debtors about to drown in mounting chinese debts.  About to sink, Maldives too have come acknowledge their mistake.

Maldives debts were pegged at $24.5 billion? Who are we kidding. What is the size of Maldives and what is their demography. Debt accumulated in how many years? How many viable projects completed by China. What is the percentage change in GDP since the chinese investments. What is the employment/unemployment rate. Needless to say, Maldivians owe over 75% of their external debts to China,

What happens to petty nations around us is indeed India’s concern. But we have no selfish motive like the chinese. Chinese have very poor human rights record, were/are ruthless in enforcing one-child formula for years, have suppressed saner and neutral voices, have no scruples but India has never been that way. Indian attitude towards our neighbours has always been like the concerns of a elder/big brother/sister in the family. We take it upon ourselves to protect and correct the wayward siblings because we are interested in their welfare. Tomorrow if there is going to be an issue, none of these nations will run back to China but they know they can always count upon India. That is the difference between China and India.

Indian connection with rest of the Indian subcontinent is not  only via history but also via culture and blood. Sri Lanka is connected to us via Ramayan. Nepal and Bhutan via Shiva. Ofcourse Pakistan and even Afghanistan through Hindu-Buddhist roots. Bangladesh the same way. Who can question India’s interests in our neighbours. It is strange only if we remain unaffected when our neighbours are making serious slips. Do a DNA mapping of all those from the Indian subcontinent, then you will know why India cares.

An all weather friend need not always have to be nice to you or be making a life out of you, at your expense. An all weather friend can be cross with you and can admonish you for your own sake. Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. 

May be I sound a lot prejudiced but I will not trust the human species that will feast on man’s best friend: the dog. Having lived and worked with chinese for nearly 8 years (in Malaysia and India), we know also from experience. Others speculate, we can cite specific instances. Today in Middle East we are witnessing the greed of the chinese companies who have taken even the arab nations for a ride. But as of date, the oil rich arabs can afford such a blunder which most others cannot.

Labourers working in gulf from over two dozen poor African/Asian nations do not shop in China bazaar any more. It is heartening to see the labour class in arab countries lapping up quality Indian products which are priced higher than chinese stuff.

African nations are having a re-think as well when it comes to Chinese investments. After decades of chinese financing their infrastructure projects and flooding their markets, the war and famine ravished African enonomies have very little to show by way of growth and development, in reality. They remain exactly where they started out in the first place. China is being flushed out of Africa gradually ever since the Africans woke up to the bitter truth.

At the end of CPEC, there is no doubt Pakistan will look better and perhaps glamorous. But the prosperity will be rather superficial because the engines of growth and development will be remote-controlled from Beijing at the chinese wish and whim who will wield the power to shut down the mechanism anytime. This is economic blackmail.

Prime agricultural land is gold. Leasing it to chinese could be political and economic suicide. Today from being an avid Modi supporter I am becoming anti-Modi because I peeve that Modi is not giving priority to agriculture. When the poor suffer, I feel a rising sense of anger against my prime minister. I am surprised not a single Pakistani scribe is as concerned about their agriculture as I, an average citizen, am about Indian farming scene.Very recently we had statewide ‘Jallikattu’ protests in Tamil Nadu because we were against Jersey cows slowly replacing our native cows. Our native cows are systematically injected with Jersey sperms and the native bulls are sent to abattoirs. This is inevitable if we have to sustain record milk production in a country as large and populous as India, but there is no reason to completely do away with desi bulls on any ground. ln a few years from now, if the native breeds are not protected and preserved, there won’t be native Indian bull/cow species which is the only source of A1 milk in the entire world (alongwith African/other Asian cattle). Tamils were not merely trying to save an ancient local custom, Tamils were fighting the so-called animal activists like PETA who failed to zero in that if not for Jallikattu, there would not be a viable reason to preserve the gene pool of the native Tamil bull. To put an end to the Tamil bull race is like striking at the very base of our civilization, culture, indigenous roots.

Next is the textiles sector, raw materials from which will flow one way to China wherefrom manufactured goods will be shipped back to Pakistan. Good arrangement! (for China I mean!)

I have posted previously on wars waged by India on many fronts, all alone: for Basmati patent, for turmeric, for neem, for everything Indian. I have written about GMO seeds, BT Cotton disaster in India, Karuvelam trees etc., the likes of which I have not seen in Pakistan press I read regularly. I know I am only an amateur blogger with limited resources and skills, who has not even opted to go public currently, yet the issues that seem to touch me seem to draw a blank with Pakistanis.

Pakistan is a loser. Instead of joining hands with India where it matters, like the Kauravs in Mahabharat who thrived on vile thoughts wrecking their own lives to fight Pandavs because of sheer jealousy, they are scripting out their own death sentence. What drives Pakistan today is this vicious hate for India. The only way they think they can sabotage India is by conniving with our adversaries.

The chinese contaminated the formula feed for infants with melamine DELIBERATELY. They are making plastic eggs and plastic rice. And Pakistan has just gifted away the fertile Punjab soil – the land enriched by five great rivers of India to chinese. You can least expect Indians not to react to this.

Short terms gains seem to weigh over long term implications in our conscience. There is no short cut to success. Pakistanis have to come to accept this. One day they will discover it at very high costs but by then it could be too late.

Back in the ’70s, I have read in books, that Pakistan looked prosperous (with imported second hand cars doing the rounds in their cities) but India stuck to production of good old Ambassador that used to look so huge and hideous. Indian roads were potholed and the country looked and still looks dirty and miserable. Life in India is still a struggle – I am not saying we are a land of milk and honey.

Yet there is so much India has accomplished in the last 70 years: from Mars mission to becoming the IT giants and leading medical tourist destination in the world scene. Even Bollywood for that matter. We are a fine breed of engineers and medicos and scientists and mathematicians, CEOs, teachers, nursing staff and technicians. We are writers and film producers and world renowned artistes. And we owe it all to the greatest institutions of India we started building right from 1947 when we went our separate ways.

May be we will never be the next China  – we can’t for the simple reason we are incapable of being as ruthless or cunning as the chinese are perceived to be… but that doesn’t matter. At least we are on our own and not under anyone’s thumb. India has been ravaged by foreign invaders for 1300 years… Enough is enough… Not a square inch of India will now be leased to foreigners, and neither are foreigners welcome in India except as tourists.

One of the best moves by Modi government is to stay away from OBOR. None of the Indians I  have come across is for CPEC or OBOR.

Without taking any public consensus, it is strange that the Pakistan government has acted on its own on such a crucial issue such as CPEC / OBR which may have direct implication of the very sovereignty of their nation.

It is not surprising to read that Gwadar is not highlighted in the project. Long before I predicted in another post that the Pakistan market for chinese products will be far more bigger than the arab market.  Gwardar is the carrot thrown to the Pakistani rabbit to snare it.

In the passenger car sector, you will soon see Great Wall replacing Hondas and Toyotas in Pakistan. It was starting to happen in Middle East too before the arabs woke up to plain truth. Now there is no more influx of Great Wall as there used to be a couple of years back.


Terrorism may go down in Pakistan which could be a big relief to India even if China may come knocking at our doors from every side.

Even so, chinese running 24 hour security towers in Pakistan to monitor their cities sounds ridiculous. Who is who to run whose country as how??? Isn’t there something called self respect.

Now I know why Pakistan was so easily conquered and vanquished by Arabs, Turks, Persians and Moghuls who took turns to rape their country. These same Pakistanis ancestors must have been weak stock and must have given in easily without shame, pride or valour. Whereas in rest of India, we had valiant kings from Shivaji Maharaj of the Marathas to Harsha Vardhana of Vijayanagara fighting the moghuls evenly and defending India.  No other state in India fell  as easily to the Moghuls as the states that constitute Pakistan today. The brave Marathas even went on to reconvert those muslims converted by the moghuls back to Hinduism!

This is the Key to understanding Pakistan’s flawed and sick CPEC-OBOR psychology !

Review: Bahubali 1 & 2 (Tamil)

None of the thankless Khans. No A R Rahman music (never mind ARR was Hindu Tamil Senguntha Mudaliar – yes, my community and even same sub-sect, before conversion). No Hindu-bashing. No Gulzar-Javed Akthar urdu lyrics or bothersome communal dialogues.

Pure Hindu South Indian fare. At least Robot of Shankar’s starring Rajnikanth had a few frames (duet songs) shot outside India but Bahubali is 100% local. Graphics amazing. Wonderful mega treat to cinema goers. Worth the money.

Especially to those of us who haven’t watched Troy, Gladiator kind of films, Bahubali could be all new experience. The powerful story-screenplay-dialogue-direction, the alpha-female lead (the one and only ‘Raja Matha’ Ramya Krishnan), the convincing plot, rich costumes and the grandeur of settings both natural and otherwise not to mention the new super star of Indian cinema Prabhas, besides Rana Dagubatti and Anoushka Shetty and Tamanna and much more than can be described here, made the series a veritable feast to avid Indian film buffs.

Watching the pictures in INOX screens is experience by itself.

Lucky to watch Part I with both my men – husband and son. Got to watch Part II with my husband. While he likes the part 2 better, I like the part 1 better.

One look at the Andhra/Telengana heroes: Prabhas and Rana Daggubati. You will know where the Khans stand. High time they do their homework.

Aamir Khan redeemed himself with ‘Dangal.’ I pardon him of all his follies for that one single film that he probably made to appease the enraged Hindus. No excuse for Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan. Would not want to  club the second grade actor Saif Ali Khan with them still.

It takes a Hindu to take pride in India, never the converted musalmans who suffer a deep sense of inferiority complex. Recently I came across a post in social media on how Urdu is gradually and surreptitiously replacing the vocabulary for everything good about our society (havildar – meaning police/watchman/guardian) in Hindi language whereas Sanskrit is increasingly used to refer to vile and evil things (chor for instance meaning thief/theft). A table of such words was listed, remarkably nudged into our vernacular (unsuspectingly of course) thanks to lyricists like Javed Akthar (no wonder). Damage is being done systematically to the very Hindu way of life from every front – from as basic as use of language.

There was a post bashing Arvind Kejriwal’s Mohalla Clinic for the name choice. Coming from south India that never was vanquished by the Moghuls, I cannot understand the slave mentality of north Indians to anything Moghul. I did earlier ponder about the name but Kejriwal plays bhai-bhai with anti-nationals so I left it at that. It is good the name irks some quarters. British were in India only for 300 years and they added quality to Indian life. Islamic terror reigned in India for a 1000 years and the invaders only tarnished and ravaged India but never gave back anything substantial (than mausoleums of course). It is time we come out of not merely the colonial mind set but also come to accept that the Moghuls were none but yesteryear Taliban, Afghans never Indian. How an unsuspecting Hindu community that normally takes pride in secular values, is thrust with urdu and arab cultural imposition is implicit in calling heath centers of Delhi as ‘Mohalla clinics.’ Why couldn’t it be ‘Suraksha clinic’ or something like that. If saffronization is so much in news, then is Delhi undergoing Arabization? Islamization? Why should saffronization be an issue at all. This is India, the home base of Hindus around the world. The birthplace of Hindu dharma. We need not have to be apologetic about identifying with anything Hindu for that matter.

Bahubali is a tight slap to the entire Khan khandaan and their useless supporters. The Khans are here today (as also Sanjay Dutt to Nawazzudin Siddiqui) because the Dawood Ibrahim mafia want them and sponsor them – not otherwise. This is an open secret. Whether without D company patronage the Khans would tick is a big question mark.

Not only the Khans, even ARR reportedly made it to the Oscars because there is a strong islamic lobby to support these guys, sponsor them and take them to greater parleys of power. There are watchdogs everywhere to scout for the feeble indian muslim talent and make it a big success story. Even Indian christians have the missionary lobbies to promote them. Only Hindus are truly alone and by themselves.

It is therefore a thousand times more proud thing when a Hindu succeeds anywhere – whether within India or outside India. We are the real pariahs. No gulf-based mafia support for us to promote our cause. No church support or canvassing. Good. This is why we are self-reliant and are succeeding.

If Ilayaraja had had the kind of backing that ARR has today, Ilayaraja would have won an Oscar long back. Not blaming ARR. All said, he is a decent soul.

The success of ‘Robot’ featuring superstar Rajnikanth must have made it clear how talent wins on any ground. ‘Robot’ was made multilingual and was a top all India grosser setting new records in collection of revenues.

Bahubali success follows in similar lines. No mafia/gulf money support. But the public of India, the Hindu India is behind the picture. Not a single picture in recent times has done so much good to our morale as Bahubali has done. It may only be a celluloid film, a concocted tale. But it reflects something very profound and sacred. Bharatha used to be a glorious nation before alien marauders began ransacking Her. Too long slave to merciless invaders ridiculed and persecuted in our own homeland, the psychology of us Hindus is recovering only in recent times. The film aptly symbolizes the resurgent Hindu, the Hindu beaten and bruised by islamists, christian converts, sickular Indian politicians and pseudo intellectuals and scholars and shameless Indian presstitutes relentlessly for centuries.

Kshatriya Dharma: Where have the brave Kshatriya Hindu disappeared?

A word of special mention for Satyaraj and Nasser. Satyaraj made debut in Tamil films in his 40s when I was still in school. From villain he overnight turned a hero in ‘Poovizhi Vaasalile’ directed by Fazil. I as well as many of us school girls fell in love with this 40 year actor wearing a wig in pictures. I remember an uncle (now Balachandran, my Facebook buddy, never thought the EE Engineer uncle would one day become my FB buddy!) of mine teasing me and discouraging me from even liking Satyaraj! “He is too old for you! How can you be so besotted with him?!’ he would say!

But over years Satyaraj degenerated into a third class actor and I lost my respect and interest for him. However it is a sweet surprise that in in 60s, the veteran has taken a new avatar. The change came with ‘Chennai Express’ wherein he starred as Deepika Padukone’s dreaded Tamil father. (Btw SRK sucked in the picture.) In Bahubali, Satyaraj does full justice to his role with his imposing personality that suits him best, in both parts of the film. Hats off! His character needed the strength of conviction that he so readily portrayed and conveyed to the audience. His unflinching loyalty and remorse struck a chord with cine-goers.

Nasser, another Tamil film character artist who played the ‘Saguni’ like part in the film, also has won wide acclaim for his typical but interesting role. With this, both Satyaraj and Nasser have made a mark in national cinema. Hope they are noticed and picked up.

Hats off to director SS Rajamouli and the tech team. I liked the graphics in Part I – the beginning, better. Excellent choice of cast. Stunning re-recording. Part I never lagged for a minute but Part II did for a few minutes at the romance scenes that were inevitable. On the whole, well delivered like never before in Indian cinema history.


The Farce & Ugly Reality Of ‘Make In India’

updated April 30, 2017

This man Modi has proved what it means to be a Gujarathi Bania. He is not thinking twice when it comes to selling India piece by piece. What a backstabbing and betrayal of trust! Is this what we voted for him.


Like everyone I was a huge fan of Modi until very recently and I was happy to see Congress routed out of the country effectively with the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

‘Make In India’ sounded like a harbinger of good things to come, for after all I was waiting for ‘ache din’ like my fellow citizens.

Demonetization followed, the Aadhar & PAN links are now in progress, yet there is a swelling sense of unease in me for over an year now that I cannot describe in words.

I am not alone in this: some of my friends are as disillusioned with Modi as I am although some remain staunch loyalists of his.

The Patel statue made in China, the PayTM chinese connection (that gave India a mushroom=in=monsoon millionaire) and not to mention the Adanis and Ambanis (without whom of course our PM wouldn’t be where he is today), the audacity to go on with the Hydro-carbon project (benefiting about a 300 of his elite business class cronies while leaving the sacrificing locals in lurch), the sheer negligence of Indian agriculture and the farmers and the farming activities, the insensitivity or perhaps carelessness of bartering the interest of the nation’s poor cancer patients for potentially dangerous and harmful nuclear deals… – these are a few of the grievances I have against Modi.

With a heavy heart, I gave up my BSNL landline and broadband connection today with a signed letter.

When I went to submit it to the telephone exchange of the Central govt., there was not a single inquiry as to why I was giving up the line that has been with us for over a decade. A series of disrepair in my broadband has been frustrating me for months. With my son I needed the unlimited broadband connectivity. Now I can do with limited connection. Even so, footing a 2000+ bucks bill was nothing for us. For 2 years we have been paying for landline and broadband that we hardly used (4G unlimited download plan I think with no free phone calls in landline). But 2 days back my broadband again failed (even if the connection is fibre-optic under the ground for 10 years now and it is on surface only when reaching my flat). It is obvious there is a crack in the cable on the surface (as the buried part always remains fine). My serviceman in unreachable. My exchange officer is ‘switched off.’ This is the nth time such a nuisance is happening to us in spite of us paying our bills online in time – huge bills at that for services we hardly  utilized.

It was more painful to note that the staff were not disturbed let alone concerned that I was surrendering my landline & broadband connection. They took my bank account number and assured me my deposit balance after adjustment will be NEFT transferred to my account.

I came back feeling hollow. This is not how I wanted it to end. I wanted to be asked a few questions. Even if a single staff had asked me and discouraged me urging me not to give up the service, I would have withdrawn my request for disconnection. Even if a single employee of BSNL had assured me of good services in future and had felt sorry for the inconvenience, I would have taken back my letter. I am not naming or blaming individuals. They are not individuals by the way. They are collectively central government/BSNL staff. They are a single bored and lazy and disinterested entity who do not want to improve and who do not want to serve. They are happy so long as their work load is lighter and wouldn’t bother should BSNL down the shutters once for all (post their retirement and pension disbursal note).

Back home, it did not take me long to discover how subsidized really BSNL is. I have an add-on internet package in my phone with 1 GB free each day and unlimited calls which is fast finishing up. What a white lie the mobile telecom operators propagate! In spite of its infamous inefficiency, BSNL works out cheapest and the speed is great. If the small disturbances are removed, there can be no service like BSNL. Very cost effective. 80% of the time it is functional and best. The rest 20% is the frustrating part.

That reminded me of the conversation I had with an autowala just yesterday. From T Nagar to Chetpet/Shenoy Nagar, he asked me 120 bucks. I said, I am not booking Uber or Ola only to patronize those cab drivers who would not yield to the multinationals. That got him all riled up. But he turned back and thanked me for my (kind?) thoughts. Of course I did once book Uber very recently on my way to airport & back home from my Kochi trip. I had to because my regular cabbie was busy. Otherwise I hardly book Uber.

The autowala cursed PM Modi like anything for selling India and making the poorest of the country get even poorer and said ‘Madam when you book Uber, a multinational company mints money. Why is this man selling our interests? Is this ‘Make in India?’

I said my Uber fare for airport trip cost me only 230 bucks whereas my regular cabbie charged me minimum 800 bucks (if it is after 11 pm or in peak hours). Could be upto even 1000 bucks at times even if I live close to airport – within 15-20 km. Uber was indeed most affordable. (I did not tell the autowala that the denizens of Chennai were sick of fleecing autowalahs who have been probably tamed by now by the likes of Uber).

I heard through my regular autowala sometime back that Ola and Uber even rewarded customers with discounts. If the cabbies would do some 7-8 trips in peak hours, they got incentives credited into their bank accounts like some 200-300 bucks per day. ‘Those who do the Ola and Uber are making big money’ said my autowala but continued, ‘I will never sell my independence to multinational looters. I will never become their slave. I don’t have that greed. This is my auto. This is my cab. I own it. I drive it. I am free to drive it at my will in my  country. I know how much petrol we need for every kilometer and how much we have to charge for every kilometer. I have a fixed meter for billing. Why should I drive for Ola or Uber? ‘

The autowala I hired in T Nagar told me, ‘Madam, this man (Modi) is a thief but a clever thief. See how he is neglecting BSNL. He subsidized Reliance (Geo) because he is using the Ambanis for  political canvassing & funds. So now BSNL may be even shut one day. Then the Reliance bastards will hike their rates manifold. And you won’t have the BSNL fall back option. The government telecom company will salute a ‘Jai Hind’ and hang a big lock in the gates. So from then on, the public will be held hostage to multinationals like Vodafone and also the local goons and thieves like the Ambanis. If we want even basic telephony and essential broadband, we will have to shell out maximum. Then our foolish public will come to realize their mistakes but it will be too late. This Modi is robbing the public and government enterprises so that his industrialist friends can live a luxury life. He is draining India, betraying the masses!’

‘He says ‘Make in India’ but does everything to make sure Indian govt owned companies occur losses and are closed or sick. He is ensuring that the Ambanis prosper at our costs!’

Continued the autowalah, ‘Madam, to hire Ola or Uber, you have to have an internet pack in your mobile. You will opt for 3G/4G package costing minimum 500 rupees per month. Who is benefiting? Reliance Geo and other telecom companies like Tata, Vodafone etc. When you spend 500 on internet pack in your mobile, you may not afford a simultaneous BSNL telephone plus wifi broadband connection at home as well. Double the expense. That is why lines are surrendered like anything now.’

‘So it is not that Uber or Ola are subsidizing the customers or the cab drivers at their expense. It is obvious these crooked fellows are having underhand dealings with telecom companies like Reliance. From what these Ambanis make, they are giving the Uber a cut in all probability. Otherwise it is not possible to run Uber this way. A fraction of their earnings (from telecom company deals) Uber is sharing with the public/customers/drivers which is bringing them more crowds by the day.’ (Indeed i received an SMS alert from Uber offering me 50 bucks off on my next ride).

‘At the end of the day, the honest cabbies are going jobless unable to compete with Uber. The foreign telecom companies and those like Uber are minting at our expense. Ambani is fattened by Modi. The sincere poor hardworking cab drivers are selling their cabs. A day might come when all of us have to surrender our cabs to  multinationals like Uber and work for a wage for them instead of being proud cab owners. This *** Modi is the reason! He is not ‘making in India madam, he is making mincemeat of India!’

‘But what is Uber madam, really? Do they own a cab? Do they hire drivers? Whose cabs? Who are Uber? Middle-men? Agents? How can they offer customers such a fat discount? How can they offer so much incentives to drivers? What is the logic? Who is auditing them. Are they then running at loss? Why? How can app developers run such a big show? Doesn’t make sense!’

‘Who are the Uber or Amazon to market our cabs, our products in our country Madam? Is this ‘Make in India?’

‘That ‘the*****’ (sorry for using this word meaning prostitute for Indira Gandhi) at least kicked out Coke, Pepsi. Nehru was a British agent. Corruption started right with Nehru. This **** Manmohan Singh asked farmers to leave agriculture. Leave farming for what? Will he give us cabinet postings or even a bench clerk job in Delhi?’

‘But this man Modi is most horrible nightmare of all. He is half-boiled, that’s the problem. He thinks he is an expert that’s the root cause of all problems. Look at the cruel and crude way demonetization was imposed. A good example for what sinister and unreliable stuff this man is made of!’

‘After announcing demonetization this man is laughing did you see?  He immediately left for Japan not bothered about the backlash the common man was facing! He could have stayed back madam. He could have assured and comforted the public but he kept cracking cruel jokes!’

Farmers are dying, but what is he doing? Will any sane man dig for hydrocarbon project in prime and fertile agricultural land? Did this man have time to visit the fasting Tamil farmers in the heat of Delhi? But he will respond to cinema actors and shallow politicians and fake swamijis because this man is ruthless. Ruthless but cheap!’

‘This man will kill India Madam, he will kill the poor people. He is already doing it. ‘

All this within the 10-15 minutes it took us to reach our destination in traffic.

I have taken more than 10 cabs both auto and sedans since I landed in Chennai this April 15th, the anger of the poor against Modi is shocking. I can’t print in words how they are abusing our Prime Minister. The middle-aged autowala was ranting nonstop.

‘Who wants Uber in India madam? Who wants Amazon? How were we before Uber or Amazon came to India?’

‘Let them close the Coke & Pepsi factories in India. Let them kick out the multinationals. That is what ‘make in India’  means.

As per this man Modi, ‘make in India’ is assembling chinese products, american products, european products SHAMELESSLY in India! Is this what ‘make in India’ is all about? Who is he fooling?’

‘Don’t book Uber, don’t order online through Amazon, let us poor live! Browse online but go to shop and buy your stuff’ the wise autowala told me.

99% I don’t book Uber even if hiring a cab otherwise is 3 times more expensive than Uber. I do because I can afford – and basically I am principled about that. But how can the others be convinced?

I buy online from Jabong or Myantra that are desi. Amazon once I have tried but made up mind never to order through them again. We have our own desi Flipkart from long before Amazon entered India. The sellers in Indian online portals are also small retailers.

I wanted to tell the autowalah that certain things are beyond our control but I did not get a single minute to speak with him! It was a monologue all the way to which I was the sole audience! We can have a controlled globalization.

The anger and frustration of cabbies who are not in Uber or Ola is palpable. The petty shop=owners and small retailers are miserable.

And our Modi wants to add food & groceries next to Amazon. He has okayed IKEA! Oh what a great notion this ‘Make In India’ is?

The plight of Indian farmers is heart-rending. The massacre of the CRPF jawans at the hands of maoists is squeezing my heart.

Our Modiji – why should he bother?

He wouldn’t care if poor cancer patients cannot afford life saving drugs now priced exorbitant and die leaving their families behind. He is happy the American multinationals are here in India. Our Modi wouldn’t bother if our agricultural farming lands could turn out to be salt pans in coming years. He is more interested in the Patel statue he is importing from China. Our Modi has no time if our farmers are dying of hunger – he is ready to meet Rajni Kanth and Isha Yogi instead.

PM Modiji – why don’t you subsidize a bottle of rat poison for the poorest of India. My heart bleeds at the way my people suffer. Instead of killing them bit by bit like this everyday, kill them once for all. All of India’s problems will be solved overnight. The poor are the nation’s eye sore. You can take over their lands and belongings and gift them to your friends Adanis and Ambanis so that they can build skyscrapers over the graves of our farmers and small traders and artisans and lower middle-classes. You can be proud of ‘swachch Bharat’ finally cleansing India of all that is poor and miserable and dirty.

You may think the poor – especially the autowalas are illiterate. How the autowalas are dissecting the ugly truth behind the multinationals is amazing. Modi may be on winning spree – the autowalah gives the reason: ‘When you can book Uber for 30 rupees instead of your regular cab rate of 100 rupees, who will you fancy? Madam, our foolish compatriots are looking at short term gains. They have no perspective of long term effects. For selfish petty benefits, they are ready to hurt the working class like us cabbies and small merchants not realizing that after 10=20 years reality will be different and grotesque. India is sold to multinationals by Modi. He is a farce, a fake! Show me his degree Madam! That man Arvind Kejriwal is right. He is good, but look at his condition!’

Every time I visit India, I have to leave with a heavy heart only. Nobody is happy. No smile on any face. The poor are languishing. The middle-class suffering. But of course look at the rich of India… aren’t they happiest? Our man Modi will make sure the richest of India will get even richer – and he will get the poorest of India to pay for them.

I am thankful to the poor of this nation from the subziwalas to small grocers to petty shopkeepers, the kirana stores fellas, the cabbies, the workmen for opening my eyes to harsh reality. My heart goes out to all of them. Every single word the cabbie spoke was truth … and the pain behind his hoarse words hurts me even now….

The poor have been bundled-out already. Finished in most cases. With the demonetization drive. But look at the tamasha of Vijay Mallya. This is India for you. Not a single person i meet in life forgets to tell me how demonetization is the biggest scam of all. ‘The blacks are all white now’ they say. With digitalization, who rakes in the moolah first is the telecom companies (but not the govt owned BSNL by the way).

We have e-gate now in Doha, no more immigration stamping. But even attempting it in 1.2+ billion India is insane.

India has her priorities. India’s first priority must be our poor: our farmers, our jawans, our artisans and semi-skilled workers and craftsmen and labour force.’ But ever since Modi became our PM, India’s priorities are Adani, Ambani, Mallya and so on…


PS: Switched over to mobile telephony & internet services totally. Vodafone if you want to know. My PM Modi must be happiest today because I joined the long queue this morning for surrendering my govt BSNL to favour a multinational at our national expense.

Never mind how Nokia exited without paying taxes in India after the 5-year tax holiday period. Never mind the multinationals who go tax-free in India for 5 years and mint millions and then give a slip without paying taxes robbing the nation. Our PM is ready to court them all for ‘making in India.’ Make anything foreign in India. Just stamp it ‘Made in India’ – and that’s all our PM wants.

PM Modi : Live and Let Live.

Modi is not my Mama, for me to always support him 😀

Yogi Adityanath may be good or bad but what as one of the first and foremost things he did on assuming office as CM of Uttar Pradesh was cracking down on ILLEGAL abattoirs and meat stalls. The rest of the slew of his administrative measures introduced right within 48 hours of taking over pale in significance compared to the sensitive issue of closing shutters on meat shops.

Let me make it clear at the first instance: Yogi ordered closure of ILLEGAL meat stalls and abattoirs functioning without permits, not the licensed ones. So those operating on right side of law must have nothing to fear.

But given this is India, nobody bothers much about paper work especially in those parts of the country where there is scant if not nil respect for law. India is a cash based economy mostly where not trade is regularized. I wouldn’t want to use the word ‘illegal’ here, for these are merely hitherto uncontrolled sectors. If at all you are picked up by law enforcing agencies, you may bribe your way out – so things are as simple as that.

There are some unanswered questions about Salman Khan and even Sanjay Dutt court cases. Everything has a price in India.

In the case of UP, there may not even be awareness, and this is what both PM Modi and CM Yogi could be missing.

Where I live in Middle-East and even in Malaysia and other countries around the world, stringent measures are taken to ensure food and meat quality by concerned authorities. Witness to sealing of quite a few restaurants in this part of the world I have always been shocked by the poor standards maintained in India when it comes to restaurant industry as well as food/meat shops.

Never have I once come across a single Health Inspector in my entire life so far in India/Chennai. Hygiene is the last thing we worry about in a counry where open defecation in rural areas is still a major health issue.

Whereas I recall once when in Malaysia, Health Inspectors walked in right when we were at an Indian restaurant, to inspect the kitchens and even the dining space to see if it was cramped and whether the guests were feeling comfortable.

I never thought anything was amiss, but was surprised that the restaurant was sealed upon inspection and notice. Apparently, the health officials were not satisfied with what they had found. The Health department officials drew up a chart-table which was plastered to the restaurant wall everytime they visited evaluating the restaurant atmosphere and the kitchen and other facilities. Believe me, by Indian standards, the Malaysian Indian restaurant was far cleaner and airier and roomy. In my opinion, there was no reason for it to be shut. But 6 months later it reopened and I saw the difference. Fewer tables this time and the crockery had been replaced. We understood the kitchen was remade all over again. Same thing happened to a chinese restaurant that we frequented.

At least 6 Indian restaurants in last 10 years and a multiple other exotic foreign food restaurants like Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Mexican etc have closed after Health Department inspection, to my knowledge in middle-east. The main areas to watch, I was told, were the meat section, refrigeration/cold storage among other things. All these restaurants are hard core non-vegetarian restaurants where beef is served as a principal dish including the Indian ones. Never did anyone complain. Restaurateurs risked closure if they did not comply with observing the strict standards of hygiene prescribed by Health and Food Ministry so they reopened after a short time making due amends. Restaurant space for dining was strictly defined not making it cramped or crowded. Air-conditioners to wash facilities everything came under the scope of inspection.

So why is it in India, we do not care for acceptable, decent standards? Are we not entitled to good things we deserve for the price we pay? These aren’t world standards, merely benchmark prescribed for our own benefit. Indian public would rather have rotten meat from a filthy unkempt and abattoir than demand healthy alternative. Consumer rights, what?

Therefore in principle, I am not against closure of illegal abattoirs or unlicensed meat shops in Uttar Pradesh.

I am only concerned because, the way it is enforced seems to smack of hypocrisy.

Is this the first major issue to be sorted out by a chief minister taking over for the first time by a central party which is on national scene for hardly 2-3 years? PRIORITIES. When Yogi prioritizes meat business, to me it sounds like vendetta politics.

I have muslim friends who cannot survive even a single day without meat – without beef. It is their staple food. Just because I am vegetarian, I do not want them NOT to have their food. What is there in food we eat. My son gobbles everything from alligator meat to octopus meat. My husband loves sea food although he is not an experimentalist. But I guess even he had had (illegal) tiger meat, peacock meat (in Malaysia) (that caused me great distress because they are endangered species; now he ‘s sworn he won’t touch them ever again). My christian friends cannot live without meat either. So tough for them to survive on veggies and fruits like some of us Hindus do (not all, note).

Yogi could have waited for an year at least before moving in, if his intentions had been right and above suspicion. He could have given notice period to meat sellers and abattoirs to apply for licences or close down within a stipulated time frame like say 6 months. That is the way things are done. I am not a seasoned politician but at least I have common sense.

I wouldn’t call it overzealous on part of Yogi as well. This is his top agenda, and when I think about it I feel sick at the pit of my stomach.

You cannot simply destroy the lives of millions just like that. It is not about mere meat. It is about the meat sellers and their families, the restaurant business people and all those who make a legal livelihood from something perhaps out of the line. I wouldn’t call the unlicensed abattoirs illegal – they may need to be regularized, nothing more. It is not a criminal offence to run an unauthorized meat shop or unapproved abattoir. Especially in India.

I too buy meat for my family from a bhai in next street in Chennai and for the first time I wonder whether he has a licence or not! All these years, we never bothered to check.

All that I know is that, my bhai is an impoverished muslim and that he is doing a decent and honest living selling meat, culling the chicken.

If you finish the meat shops, you may finish the Indian muslims I guess… This is their bread and butter. India’s butchers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, are our Indian muslim bhais. 

So what. Butchery is also a dignified profession, a clean way to earn a living NOT like our unscrupulous politicians way of living.

By enforcing unwarranted measures on a minority that is mired mostly in poverty and illiteracy in UP, CM Yogi Adithyanath could be pushing the hopeless towards extremism.

But why should I be surprised after the demonetization thrust on a hapless population by PM Modi. I don’t believe Yogi would lift a finger without Modi’s nod.

Adani still owes our banks 22,000 crores of rupees. Vijay Mallya will never return to face justice. This is the India Modi encourages and wishes for at the cost of fleecing poor Indians by overcharging banking transactions, taxing the middle-class and NOT LOWERING THE PETROL PRICES even when an oil barrel sells only for 50$. The benefits are not passed to the Indian middle-class but to those who short-change government at public expense, evading taxes and not repaying loans.

I have always argued in favour of Modi, even though right from the beginning of his term, he did not try to hide his true colours: of how he favoured the business class over the Indian public. India’s rural populace especially agriculturists have had it coming. Couldn’t get any worse for them. Digitalization is fine but how is this possible when the nation’s infrastructure sucks? How many of us would deny that Paytm is not buttering our PM/BJP. Why is Baba Ramdev such a big brand now of all times? What about Reliance? When Modi became our PM, during his very first visit to the US he sold Indian cancer patients’ interests, about which I have blogged earlier:

A small price to pay for Nuclear Energy is it? Had Modi or Yogi married and had families, they would know what it is like to struggle leading a normal life in an increasingly competitive, difficult world. Never have both seemed to WORK. Work in the sense, slog in a profession/occupation although Modi keeps touting about his Chaiwala days. After that we do not know what he did for a living. Probably paid by the party for his political work. May apply to Yogi as well. Had these guys worked 9-5, raised kids, paid school fees, stood in ration/bank queues, lived an average family life caring for others, taking responsibilities, answering people, hurt in the process, betrayed, backstabbed, perhaps they would know what it is to crush someone’s livelihood, what it is to make someone’s life miserable and hopeless.

Even Buddha attained ‘Nirvana’ after marrying first and fathering his kids. Gandhi chose celibacy mostly as a means of family planning after being tormented by 4 brats year after year. Not out of principle, at least to begin with. The days Gandhi lived with his family probably taught him some life lessons to be compassionate, tolerant and flexible. Not like these guys. Ruthless. Such a ruthlessness can come only from bachelorhood – unexposed to family life. The same ruthless streak could be spotted in our ex-CM Jayalalitha Jayaram. But then she had had a soft spot for women. She was more compassionate compared to these men – she understood the poor’s plight and their helplessness. She never wanted to corner them and ‘teach them a lesson.’

So what has Modi done is over 3 years now since he became our PM:

  1. A big zero when it comes to improving health standards. The credit for lowering the cardiac lent prices goes to an aspiring young lawyer who diligently fought for it in the court of law for years – NOT TO MODI. A man who sold the interests of the cancer patients of the nation could never think of anything good for our population.
  2. NO TAX SOPS despite the hard and punishing measure of demonetization for the Indian public. Adanis and Ambanis are his friends. Modi needs them for his political campaigns. They need not have to pay taxes, they can get away with cheating the public but we the Indian middle classes will always bail them out with our tax payments. Their loans could be eventually written off. That is what our nationalized banks are for. They can always over-charge the public at large to make good their losses.
  3. No noteworthy infrastructure project until date in any part of India except for some solar set-ups.
  4. No sewage water treatment plants or desalination plants because these may make a big dent in the national treasury even if they may solve India’s problems overnight. NOT A SINGLE PROJECT OR CAPACITY EXPANSION ANNOUNCED.
  5. Nothing for Agriculture/Farmers.
  6. No new irrigation projects.
  7. Even before Modi toured America and Australia and Japan and Canada, India was a software giant. His visits did not bring anything new. A prime minister need not have to lower himself to the level of dealing with corporate tycoons.
  8. Why NO roll back in oil prices. What are you doing with excess money? Are you writing off Adani and Ambani’s debt? Petrol prices have increased in India in fact.
  9. What happened to the thousands of crores of money gleaned out of the demonetization drive. ACCOUNT IT NOW! Account every single paisa. Publish the data and investment details. We the citizens of India have a right to know. Draw a bank wise, branch wise statement of deposits. Every single bank branch of India – private and public must have figures. Give us the data NOW!
  10. How much have Paytm etc grown since demonetization. Is demonetization the greatest scam of BJP? Have we just been mute witnesses to a massive operation in our history of converting the black into white by black money holders. Has the PM helped the black marketeers to come clean?
  11. What happened to the Swiss bank account holders’ list.
  12. Why no action against Vadera, Kanimozhi, Raja and Chidambaram?
  13. What was PM Modi’s exact role in Jayalalitha’s death and its aftermath. We know our PM played a crucial part in the whole melodrama.
  14. How can you let Walmart and IDEA open shops in India.  Is this your ‘Make in India?’
  15. Who wants hideous statues made in China – from Patel to Bharat Matha. Patel would commit suicide should he be alive today.
  16. What ‘Man ki bath?’ You come and listen to OUR free and frank ‘Man ki Bath’ if you dare.

The list may go on and on. Having spoken about the work undone, I must also mention the work done. The same demonetization that instilled a moral fear in those in the habit of corruption needs a special mention. The crackdown on foreign NGOs funding conversions to christianity and islam is no less important.

Other than that, I am NOT happy with Modi administration. Sometimes I wonder whether it is okay to have an inefficient Congress government over a ruthless BJP government.  I am even charmed by Rahul Gandhi’s naivety these days!  We wanted to give BJP a try because we were happy under PM Vajpayee. I understand, it is no more the same party or the same government. Atal Behari Vajpayee was a very compassionate man who cannot be compared to PM Modi of Gujarat. I have immense respect for Vajpayee ji not because he was our PM but because I thought he was a very kind and respectable human being, lovable by all. He was above pettiness, almost flawless. Congress could have been corruption ridden, but PM Manmohan Singh still came across as a decent human being which is what mattered most to Indian public – NOT SONIA GANDHI even if she could have been the string puller operating from behind the scenes.

I am disappointed and in fact sad that I can never put PM Narendra Modi in the same bracket as either Nehru or Shastri or Vajpayee or even Dr. Singh. Ofcourse, Modi may join Indira Gandhi in my calculation, or may even surpass her who knows. He has that same menacing air about him that sometimes scares me.

All I am asking our PM to do is: STRIVE TO BE LOVED, NOT TO BE FEARED.



India has close to 300 million muslims. Where will they go. It is not their fault they are muslims. Whether their ancestors were force-converted is immaterial to them. They are trying hard not to be reminded of what could have happened to their forefathers. Integrate them, do not divide them from Hindus. Do not drive them to extremism with your dire and useless and unwarranted measures. You have every right to crack your whip on Zakir Naik type characters, but not on innocent public – Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or Christian.

It is cruel to betray the UP muslims who came out in large numbers to vote for BJP, trusting you. Why close the meat shops. Extend a deadline and ask them to comply with licensing procedure. Be lenient, be benevolent. That’s what even Chankya advises in ‘Artha Shastra’ – NOT TO RULE BY IRON HAND BUT BY LOVING ENVELOPING HANDS.

India does not want nuclear energy at the cost of Her cancer patients. Every single Indian life is important – not to be bartered for something of sinister, disastrous consequences at a future date. We gave you a mandate so that you can make our lives better, not to make our lives miserable so that your Adani and Ambani can have it easy.

Having said that, I have to admit, it was Congress misrule that created a Modi in the first place.

In Chennai, we do not even know where the abattoirs are located. No animal sacrifice is done in front of the public. Most Tamil muslims do not consume beef either. As for Indian muslims, it is high time the community shows some respect to the majority community of Hindus. In northern India, I believe, cattle are culled right in the street, in full public view. This is most true of Eid times. When you have the audacity to do this to a peace-loving tolerant Hindu population, then be ready to face the consequences. If you do not respect others’ sensitivities, you have no right to demand reciprocal treatment.

The Sultan of Johor Bahru in Malaysia was reportedly asking Malays not to pretend and conduct themselves like Arabs. Same applies to Indian muslims. If your women are going to wander in black covered head to foot, we Hindus cannot help picturing you like Arab or Pakistani. Be normal, blend with the population.  In my growing=up years, I never saw women in black burqa in Madras. Muslim women and christian women did not sport a bindi – that was the only difference. Now there is a sea of muslim women cloaked in black be it in malls or beaches or cinemas or restaurants or anywhere. I cannot identify with women dressed like Arabs in my India. If you don the black, be prepared to be treated like Arab who wouldn’t belong in India.

To others, Yogi’s drastic steps may seem out of place but to those like me, it is imaginable how we got to this situation.

Every time I see an Indian muslim family with 4 or 5 or 6 kids, I feel threatened and very insecure. I feel such a rising sense of anger within me because most of us Hindus stop with one or two kids even if we can afford to go for more. We shall not let India become a caliphate. And if it takes a Modi and a Yogi to assure it for us, we will vote for them. If Indians muslims do not limit the size of their families to one or two kids, don’t be shocked or surprised if family planning is next to be legally enforced depriving anyone with more than 2 kids of Aadhar card, Ration card and passport.

Making family planning mandatory may be a long shot for Indian/BJP government, but not impossible or impractical. 

We want Uniform Civil Code in India first – one single umbrella which the nation’s Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jains may come under. No special privileges for Indian muslims for Haj. No Islamic banking in India. NOTHING BY THE NAME OF SHARIAH.

We don’t want moral policing either by Shiv Sena or Shri Ram Sena. Even this is warranted because of ‘love jehad’ as friends from Karnataka and Kerala and Uttar Pradesh tell us. The only girls the muslims guys fall in love with happen to be Hindu girls NOT fellow muslim girls. But the reverse is not happening, why? So are we seeing a pattern here? Is it a well organized modus-operandi. By the way, I did not get a single NEGATIVE report on crackdown on ‘love jehad’ – all Hindu parents welcome this super move.

Still, instead of a confrontational approach, I hope Yogi government in future will adopt a congenial stance when it comes to dealing with civic administration.

Review: Maleficent (Hollywood)

Maleficent is ‘Sleeping Beauty’ retold in a slightly different way. Maleficent is not a witch but a kind fairy, so that’s the difference.

I could be 50 in less than 2 years now (sad) but I don’t think I will ever grow out of my addiction to fairy tales and Hollywood romances.

‘Maleficent’ was simply magnificent!

Never seen Angelina Jolie doing a compassionate character and as Maleficent, the fairy and the villain rolled into one, she is a curious mix of good and bad. Or may be this is how she was in Salt and other pictures of hers (I have managed to watch. Normally I don’t go for violent films).

Aurora, the cursed princess, melts her heart and brings out the love in her. Maleficent is hit by remorse, a very familiar emotion with most of us who sometimes err and then repent (for a lifetime or otherwise).

No other Hollywood actress could have done justice for Maleficent, Angelina is a natural with her Asian looks especially eyes and cold demeanour. She is cut out for this kind of ruthless subjects.

I am also a huge fan of Brad Pitt. Feel bad for the couple. Both are supreme power centers. Ego clash to be inevitable.

What else to do on a rainy day (surprisingly in Gulf) when the sky is downcast. Book got boring and options were running out… until Maleficent happened! Settled down with a cup of ginger chai… after all, the season is running out… By this time next month summer will be roaring deaf in our ears… upto as far as October!!

The child in us emerges when we read/watch their content … be it comics or animation pictures. I am addicted to children’s movies that I started watching only with my son. Tom & Jerry or Lion King, I saw them all with my little boy as we grew up together. Because we bought our first tv only in 1977 when I was in class 4 and it was b & w and had a single national channel. Cartoons were rare luxuries because Indian government was too poor – not like today. Today India’s poor are poor, but not the nation. India is rich, richer than all European countries put together and all Arab nations put together. I am saying this not comparing our GDPs (but even comparing GDPs) but knowing what really counts and how wealth is calculated.

So as middle class Indians (may be not poor), comic books, tv shows etc were not for us. But things changed with 1990s. Until then books borrowed from lending libraries were our only window to the outside world.

But it was nice watching Lion King and Tom & Jerry and Animal Planet growing up with my son! They were novelty not only for him, but for me too.

Fairy tales are great!

The expression in Maleficent (Angelina)’s face refuses to leave me. It is like, good and bad is in everyone. We all must hope and strive to vanquish the bad in us and project the good. Words are too powerful (as we say in Toastmasters). It is easy to lose words with a quick tongue (my case typically) but words once spoken cannot be taken back. But even if it is a curse, if the intention is not bad and if it is regretted, it can be reversed.

I faced a similar situation in life very recently. Had an argument with my MIL after having her with me for 24 years. She said, years back (when she used to torment me), I had cursed ‘them’ which is the reason for a physically challenged baby being born in the family. Wounded beyond measure (I don’t recall cursing anyone like that and if I had, like Maleficent’s, my curse would have been borne out of anger never by intent or hatred) I told my husband, I could never live with my MIL under one roof ever again. Ugly spats followed. My MIL is 80, so she is naturally absolved of all her sins given her age. I do not yet have that advantage to earn anyone’s sympathy. I changed my travel schedule and flew out of India to put distance between us. But the words left a deep scar and my heart refuses to heal.

Forgiven my MIL but will not forget. I know it is a blatant lie borne of jealousy perhaps but the damage is done. The 3.5 year old baby was fighting for its life even 2 days back and on a ventilator. To blame it on me is such an evil and vengeful thought. Very cruel thing to do.The motive must have been to spoil my peace of mind and sense of freedom and happiness. I understand it all.

I hope if in any anger or frustration I have indeed cursed anyone, my Mother Goddess will forgive me. She knows my heart.

As an ardent Shakthi worshiper for years now I am trying not to speak or even speculate aloud bad thoughts. Reciting ‘Lalitha Sahasranama’ for 25 years. The one who introduced me to the mantra said, since I had it by heart, the more I recited it, the more intolerant I would become of injustice so I should try to control my tongue. Whatever I say could come true. ‘Even in your dreams do not think worse for anyone’ I was warned, ‘you can’t, you won’t.’ In joint families in India, frequent arguments between close knit relatives are not uncommon. I have been mostly at the receiving end, the victim, never the tormentor. Even in the last spat, my MIL won her son’s sympathy not me. When old people say something, everyone tends to believe them, not us. The elderly look weaker and it is impossible to say they are lying.

Maleficent was a good fairy and finally she prevails and her good intention prevails. I hope fervently this is my case if indeed I had consciously or subconsciously willed worse for anyone.

Even for a curse to prove true, the one who curses must be worthy of it. His/her words must be honest and sincere, he/she must have a justified reason, must have been a victim. Otherwise curses will fall flat on their face. I hope my MIL sees this. Only the wronged people curse, not those who deliberately hurt.

Questions to Nandri Ketta, Maanam Ketta Tamil Farmers

My idea is not to sound offensive. I hold nothing against sincere hardworking farmers. But have a lot of peeve against those Tamil farmers who have sold their pride and profession for a few bread crumbs from successive Dravidian governments.

Pictures from Tamil Nadu Agriculture scene:*

Normally I never use abusive language. But of late, in my blogs and in comments I have this urge to bash up media and politicians. I can’t believe I have become so vocal these days – though only in print. The verbal attacks give me a strange satisfaction as they help me express my pent up anger and frustration for all things going wrong around me.

Vetri was only a fifteen year old lad working for a mechanic shed in my next street when I returned from Malaysia in 2001. He was working as apprentice with his uncle, having dropped out of school after class 10. He not only serviced our car but also doubled up as my part-time driver and ran errands for me.

Hailing from Tiruvallur in the outskirts of Madras, the journey of Vetri until today is very impressive. The hardworking boy decided to learn some trade as income from his family agricultural farm started dwindling during his teens. His uncle offered hope. The boy started from home everyday by 5 am catching the first express train that stopped at Tiruvallur junction before its final destination Chennai Central. From Central, the boy would have to walk to Park station to take the local suburban to disembark at Nungambakkam railway station (yes, the same one that got infamous with Swathi murder case only last year) which is walking distance from our place. So, switching 2 trains Vetri would reach our street by not later than 8 am everyday. Rain or shine, nothing deterred him. That is not all. The key to the car mechanic shed was always with him and it was he who opened their shutters all 7 days of the week. With him he brought 2 lunch boxes packed by his farm worker mother – one for breakfast and one for lunch. The neighbourhood aunties supplied him perennially with tea and coffee looking at the way he worked. Vetri returned their favour by helping them out with their grocery shopping. His toilet was the corporation office one just opposite their shed.

Vetri’s uncle invariably would turn up at 11 am and leave by 4 pm. In sundays he wouldn’t even make an appearance. After him Vetri would down the shutters by 7 pm on weekdays and go home by 10 pm. From Tiruvallur railway station, his village lay a good 7 km afar. First few years he walked the distance in the dark, later he got himself a bicycle that he parked in the station. Finally after nearly 15 years of hard work, he got his own motorbike after a road was laid to his native village by the government. (I think Vetri’s story merits a separate write-up 😀 )

‘Why do you have to struggle like this? Why couldn’t you do farming?’ I have asked him many times. The lands held by his family for generations were fertile and suitable for paddy. His parents cultivated pulses in rotation. They still worked the farm that were beginning to yield less and less with progressive years. The pump-set water was no use. Insufficient mostly.  The small rivers and lakes were drying up. The field hands were very less in number and asked for exorbitant wages. It was no more profitable to hire farm help. Vetri needed to work outside to supplement the family income. But city life was expensive. So he decided to commute to and from Tiruvallur instead of moving over to Chennai.

8-10 years back he said, their land was finally lying vacant with no cultivation for the very first time in his memory. No more crops. No seeding done in the season, so no harvest. He said, it broke his heart to see their agricultural holding lying barren without standing crops. The family had to BUY rice for Pongal, another sad first. It was an emotional issue for them. Tamil farmers used to feel shame once upon a time for buying rice with money. Rural families always had sacs of rice and pulses and other stacked in the barns or in their home assuring them of hunger-free life always. Vegetables and oil from coconut trees etc., supplemented the food grains stock. Villagers used cold pressed cooking oil – gingely oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil etc., never paid for their meals. Restaurant food was unheard of and was thought to be a degenerate thing. Now it is a sad spectacle to see ceylon parotta (parathas) and tea wrecking havoc to the rural Tamil villagers’ health.

‘What happened?’ I asked Vetri. For 4-5 years in between the monsoons hadn’t failed as they sometimes do and Tamil Nadu water resources were sustaining the summers. Cauvery delta farmers had some complaints but Tiruvallur belt was managing admirably well. Vetri said, ‘Don’t you know Akka? Now the Minimum Employment Guarantee Scheme’ (MNREGA) is implemented by Sonia Gandhi in center and Karunanidhi in the State. Farmers get paid 40 rupees per day for 90 days an year whether they have work or not. So no body is turning up for work. We are too poor to hire tractors. Farming has come to complete standstill in my district. All of us are making housing plots out of our land holdings and selling them to real estate agents.’

The DMK family reportedly owns a 2000 acre farm plot in Tiruvallur as per the boy who has no reason to lie. When the river beds and lake bed dried up, some ‘vultures’ encroached upon the shrunken water bodies converting them into housing plots with or without approval, legally or illegally, selling them like hotcakes. Real estate prices zoomed in Tiruvallur – now nothing is left to buy or sell.

I felt a heaviness in my heart hearing what Vetri had to say. Ever since, their family is not farming. Vetri got married and now has 2 kids. His family land in the meanwhile stays idle. He has become a full time car driver in the city now as the mechanic shed closed and his uncle retired. Even today he comes home and drives for me if I ask. Unlike others, atleast he has not disposed off his farmlands. One day he hopes to return to farming.


Radha’s family is from Thakkolam, diagonal to Sriperumbudur and Kanchipuram. Radha was an illiterate farm hand who worked in their own ‘kazhani’ (agricultural) lands before her parents married her off at the age of 18. The family was cultivating paddy in their 1 acre land even until 10-15 years back.

‘Vaanam paartha bhoomi’ they say in Tamil referring to farms looking upto skies for monsoons for agriculture. Crops vary as per season. Small streams and seasonal non-perennial rivers watered these parts but the last time the villagers saw water in them was over 15 years ago.

In little over a decade, what happened to Vetri’s farm also happened with the girl’s family land. River bed and lake bed dried up. Encroachments followed around the bunds blocking any water accrual in the water bodies. The lakes and river course also turned into waste disposal grounds. Factories sprung up close by luring semi-skilled young men and women who had dropped out of high school, to industrial work. These factories emptied their effluents into whatever little water collected in lakes and ponds overgrown with weeds, after weak monsoons if any. No money with Radha’s parents to hire a tractor or dig up a bore well in any case. They were hiring part-time labourers mostly to work besides them in their farm. Then came the Rajiv Gandhi rural employment guarantee scheme of Sonia Gandhi (MNREGA).  The youth fancied the glamour of plastic factories.  Who wants to toil in dirty soil for 8 hours a day when you could work in air-conditioned comforts dressed nice?

The girl’s father left agriculture after he signed up for MNREGA. He and his wife were asked to be present for roll call and thumb impression and paid 40 bucks a day for 90 days an year – without lifting their fingers to work. Combine with that the freebies that the welfare state of Tamil Nadu doled out. There was no special incentive for hard work – no reason at all to work. The family had history of cooperative bank loans going unpaid owing to failed monsoons that was a great dampener. In a country where Vijay Mallyas can be awarded discreet pardon and write-off, banks are unreasonably merciless when it comes to small and marginal farmers. Those who commit suicide are those that are still left with residues of pride and self-respect, a rarity to find in Tamil Nadu presently.

Within 2-3 years, the once hardworking farmer, Radha’s father, who had ceaselessly and tirelessly toiled in farm soil and worked the bulls for ploughing harvesting rich dividends from paddy and planting peanuts and chillies in off-season, became an alcoholic. Cattle sold, poultry forgotten the family wholly were enslaved to the family Ration Card in no time, something that never mattered to them until then. Radha’s father eventually died from too much liquor consumption, with his liver corrupted. His wife who is over 60 now works as dish washer in a local highway restaurant. After switching to rice food and sweets that came free with hotel work, the woman has now turned diabetic. I advise her to go back to their staple food of millets but she says, that costs money. ‘Nobody wants to work farms these days’ says she. ‘Find a good buyer for my farmlands. Even you can take. You can afford it. Please help me settle my family estate with my children when I am still alive. After my time, I don’t want them to fight for their shares’ she pleaded with me the last time I met her. Their two sons are now working in ‘factories’ holding ‘decent jobs’ that the woman is proud of. I did not know what to say. ‘After leaving agriculture, we are prosperous. Why should we go back to it now. If I get too old to work, I will still get benefits under one scheme or other to survive. Ration ‘soru’ irukku (ration (shop) (free) rice is there (anyway)’ says the woman matter-of-factly.


Tamil Nadu on the east Coromandel coast of India, is monsoon dependent like any other state of the country. Except for a handful of non-perennial seasonal rivulets that dry up quick after the monsoon spells, no other big, perennial rivers that flow through the state have origins within the state.

The classic cases are Palar that originates in Andhra Pradesh, Mullai Periyar from Kerala and ofcourse the lifeline of the ‘rice bowl of Tamil Nadu – Tanjore’ – Cauvery aka Kaveri in Karnataka. Palar waters the northern Tamil Nad parts, Mullai Periyar empties into Arabian sea that farmers in western districts like Theni are dependent on, while Cauvery, considered as sacred in the south as Ganga is in the north, after snaking through the fertile Thanjavur agricultural lands, meets the Bay of Bengal in the delta of Kaveripoompattinam, the historic city from epic ‘Silapathikaaram’ , the 3rd BC Tamil literature from Sangam period.

‘Maadham mummari peyyum mazhai’ says Tamil Literature evidencing how it used to rain in Tamil Nad thrice a month in the Sangam era. Hmmmm…. I recollect beautiful monsoons, lo…ng monsoons spells myself, in my growing up years. Once upon a time very fertile bhoomi, Tamil Nadu is presently facing severe drought, with rivers running dry and ground water depleting to alarming low depths or turning saline if not polluted/contaminated.

Heavy industrialization, global warming, rising temperatures, pollution – a variety of reasons to cite for the present state of affairs in the state. Add to that Karvelam trees conveniently blamed for human errors.

What a Tamil farmer does not want to be reminded of is, how somewhere along the line he lost his principles and self respect and became lazy, happy to subsist as a lowly creature devoid of any shame so long as the hand-outs kept coming from the government Khazana directly to his home and hearth. 40 rupees per day was more than enough when paid for 90 days an year. Tasmac rum didn’t cost much. The boys who were school drop-outs would find factory work anyway. No need to let them learn any skill as apprentice. Why cultivate agricultural lands when governments gives you a free booty of 20 kg rice every month.

I am not talking about all farmers, but this is true of at least a good majority of them around Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Vellore districts. The two cases I have mentioned here are real life stories, not a figment of my imagination. I have changed the names, that is all.

The Tanjore delta farmers make for a far more important case. Thanjavur, is after all,touted to be the ‘rice bowl of Tamil Nadu.’ Even in foreign countries I am seeing how the Tanjore Ponni is most sought after in grocery sections. Indian rice and wheat and pulse varieties along with fruits, vegetables, spices and other edibles like coconut are most sought after. We don’t have to advertise. Even our enemies go for our produce only.

Thanjavur district is watered by river Kaveri. I have had a darshan of river Kaveri right at its origin near Coorg in Karnataka. With reverence, we thanked Kaveri matha for our food and performed a puja asking Her to always be graceful to us with Her blessings. For centuries Kaveri aka Cauvery is the reason we have food in our plates.

However Kaveri is also the bone of contention between the two southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Kaveri originates in Karnataka but flows mostly through Tamil Nadu plains to mingle with the sea at South Tamil Nadu. In Her course She sustains and enriches so many lives that it is not strange that we Indians/Hindus enshrine rivers, our lifeline, as Mother Goddesses.

While at Thalai Kaveri, the origin of river Cauvery, I was in for a deep disappointment. It was only January then but even so, the water at the origin was too very low. The river bubbled out from somewhere deep down and the force was mute. The exact point where river Cauvery gushes to surface is preserved and is a very sacred place for Hindu devotees as Gangotri is for Ganga and Prayag is for all three rivers that confluence, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi (as per Hindu beliefs). There is a Prayag in the south too. It was not even summer and what struck me then was how the rivers looked nonchalant and not frothy as they were supposed to be, where they spring from. In other words, water levels were running low. There didn’t seem to be enough water for Karnataka right at that point. How can one even think about Tamil Nadu.

In a stroke I understood Karnataka’s position. In years when there may be abundance of monsoons, Karnataka never refuses Tamil Nadu our quota of water. There are dams in Karnataka restricting Kaveri water and the same is released to Tamil Nadu as per court ruling in lean years when water becomes precious commodity. The truth is, they have no option.

The same may apply to even Palar in Andhra. If there is more water, our neighbouring states never bicker about water. In fact, Krishna river water from Andhra Pradesh has been a blessing to Chennaiites thanks to Satya Sai Baba of Puttabarthi – not Karunanidhi.  It is in dry spells when their own farmers may be in quandary, the state governments take up their cudgels for local farmers.

Having traveled in hinterland of Karnataka that are golden in soil and crop yield, it was easy for me to see how water was a big issue not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Karnataka. To unilaterally blame Karnataka for damming water and leaving us with little water is wrong. If they have water in abundance, they will share. I deplore strongly the violence unleashed by Kannada activists about SC ruling on Cauvery Water Sharing but the incident is also a reflection of how volatile and sensitive the situation is at their end. Why should their state government want to leave their local farmers in lurch? Unlike successive state governments in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka governments have been more responsible and responding to pressing issues of their residents.

But the desperation of Tamil farmer is of no less consequence. In years of bountiful monsoons, neither does the Tamil farmer complain.

Tamil Nadu boasts of numerous reservoir-dams from Kamaraj period. I just checked out a couple of them. The Grand Anicut dam or “Kallanai’ in Tamil (meaning the stone dam) along Kaveri was built by Chola King Karikala in 1st century AD, being the oldest one in the country and probably in entire old. It stands good until today, having had a slight touch-up in the 19th century from the British.

The Poondy Reservoir near Chennai and a few more were built in British era. After independence more than a dozen important dams and reservoirs were erected by Congress chief minister Kamaraj – from Bhavani Sagar to Saathanur that are the reason Tamil Nadu is even today a leading agricultural state and one of world’s top rice producer. Ever since the Dravidian parties took over, we draw a BLANK when it comes to irrigation projects and water conservation in Tamil Nadu.

The least the successive ADMK/DMK governments could have done is maintaining the water canals, weeding out the water bases like lakes, rivers, tanks and ponds and keeping them ready for monsoons. The 2015 Monsoon was a man-made disaster in Chennai because our governments failed for a straight 30 years plus in maintaining our water bodies. Not stopping with that, the dried up water bodies were plotted out and sold to real estate developers. What little water is collecting in our water bodies turn highly polluted and contaminated with garbage heaps getting thrown into them and the effluents being emptied into them from factories especially the leather and dying units. The water bodies are already much shrunken in sizes thanks to relentless illegal encroachments.  It will take volumes to fill what happened to the many water bodies in and around not just Chennai but also throughout Tamil Nadu where many a private engineering university to posh residential school and five star farm house have sprung up in last three decades: with the result, no place for the excess rains to run through their course to sea. Very recently there was a report on how the Velammal group of institutions had plotted and encroached upon the Chembarambakkam lake.

Another critical concern is failed monsoons which is happening every other year in recent times due to El Nino effect. With overgrown weeds clogging our water ways that have also become unofficial sewerage mostly for disposing of the waste and effluents from cottage industries and small factories, the unprepared water bodies of the state are in no condition to soak and retain rain water. Evaporation happens too very fast and drought sets in even in years of good monsoons.

For the kind of marathon rainfall in Chennai and Tamil Nadu in general as recorded in 2015, we must not be requiring water assistance for farming as well as potable purposes for atleast three straight years, but where are we today.

Water conservation was enforced by Jayalalitha Jayaram, the state CM when she assumed office after winning the 2001 state assembly elections. Rain Water Harvesting resulted in the water table improving in the capital as well as around the state in her period. Temple tanks were religiously (pun intended) spruced up that helped with sustaining the ground water table in villages, towns and cities.

Small as they may be, the temple tanks are still important in maintaining balance and are chief sources of water collection and retention during monsoons. The ex-chief minister restored them weeding them out routinely during her tenures which is the reason that ground water table is decent even today in many Tamil Nad temple towns and cities.

Jayalalitha Jayaram also won for Tamil Nadu the court case for sharing of Cauvery Waters that was before a special tribunal, fighting for Tamil farmers to the finish in the Supreme Court, New Delhi. It is very heartening to know that the verdict, whether enforced or not, came in her lifetime.

Not only was Tamil Nadu facing the heat (literally) from Karnataka side but also from Kerala side, with Kerala taking Tamil Nadu to court. One more Supreme Court case was relentlessly pursued by the courageous lioness chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha Jayaram to complete victory. Farmers in fact felicitated her for her feat.

Indiscriminate and illegal sand mining poses another grave risk to Cauuvery river basin:

The sand mafias have destroyed whatever little remains of Cauvery. The sand mafias are none other than DMK/ADMK elements.


M Karunanidhi was DMK chief minister for Tamil Nadu for nearly 5 terms as well. In 2006 when DMK won the state assembly elections, the government at the center was DMK’s ally Congress with whom DMK had seat sharing and even cabinet sharing agreement. DMK had full fledged cabinet and state rank ministers and MPs in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to push through any ambitious agenda in Delhi – if they had so wished.

In the same period, Kerala state government was  NOT communist but Congress, again an ally. Karnataka state government was also Congress for sometime.

So conditions were very favourable for Tamil Nadu, had Karunanidhi had good intentions. But did he harbour any?

Never did he pursue either the Cauvery issue or the Mullai Periyar matter with the central government that was Congress who were his allies or with the respective state governments. Karunanidhi deliberately stalled the critical water issue that was a ‘do or die’ matter for Tamil farmers, leaving it hanging for Jayalalitha to pick up.

She did, and the way she did!

Never once did the Tamil Nadu farmers stage a protest in front of DMK office for inaction by Karunanidhi and his party which had a solid and strong representation in both the upper and lower houses of parliament with allies at the center from 2006 – 2011, when it came to moving Cauvery or Mullai Periyar matters. The DMK family was in fact very ‘involved’ with committing 2G scam – as Kanimozhi and her live-in partner M Raja later were taken into judicial custody for mindboggling corruption to the tune of rupees 176000 crores which is still lost to government of India and honest tax paying citizens of the country. 

Through all this time up until 2014, the government at the center has been Congress, not BJP. BJP hardly has won a single or two seats be it in Lok Sabha or State Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu even if their voter base has been consistently improving over years. BJP has had no role to play in any of these schemes concerning either Tamil Nadu or Kerala or even Karnataka to some extent (where they have been reigning in power in alternate terms with Congress). So in what way do the Tamil farmers think that the present BJP government should heed to their grievances?


Go shameless Tamil farmers, go and stand nude in front of DMK office for their never weeding out your rivers, your water canals, for plotting your farm lands and selling them to real estate. Do a dharna before DMK and the hospital where Karunanidhi is in coma for the injustice he did to you. Puke the free ration rice 20 kg you shamelessly fed your family with. Puke the Tasmac liquor you emptied night after night. Burn the notes you earned without working for them every single day, affixing your thumb in registers to avail pittance from Minimum Employment Guaranty Scheme implemented by Congress-DMK UPA alliance ruining your lives. Why are you going to Delhi.

Who stopped you from protesting before DMK even ADMK governments and ministers and councilors when they failed in their duty? How much did you take from them to vote for their political candidates? 1000 rupees, 2000 rupees? Biryani parcel?

Why should BBC cover you? They do because they want to weaken the strong government in India which is their international and intelligence polity, not because they sympathize with you.

35 years you voted for DMK/ADMK, never bothered to question them, took the freebies shamelessly and lost your voice to demand them justice, and now you are going all the way to Delhi?

Passing the buck is so easy. Laying down your responsibilities, shifting the blame is too simple. So that is what you are doing. Publicity stunt. There is no connection whatsoever with BJP and center today with what is happening in Tamil Nadu.

From 2002-2005, I have also lived intermittently in Andhra Pradesh. Chief Minister Naidu had just lost the state assembly elections that coincided with Lok Sabha elections in the year 2004. But before him and after him I have seen with my own eyes, how many earthen lakes and ponds and tanks the administration had created in plains of Andhra Pradesh even if they had long, fertile rivers like Krishna and Godavari enriching their agricultural lands.

The interior parts of Andhra were going dry in summer. Water harvesting was done in these parts with natural bunds erected by locals along with government help. Naidu did a splendid job. One hears, Telengana is doing the same even today.

Day temperatures can rise upto 140 F (47 C) in interior Andhra, one of India’s hottest states. Water conservation helps the villagers not only in their daily livelihood but also in frugal off-season farming.

I always wondered why such irrigation practices were not in place in Tamil Nadu.

Then I realized, rural Andhra was dirt poor. People were desperate. Whereas Tamil Nadu farmers had become beggars. They were content with freebies doled out by our successive governments. There was no more need for farming. The state took heavy loans from the center and subsidized the marginal farmers and artisans to the extent there was no more any reason for them to earn their livelihood pursuing their honourable professions/vocations.

And thus deteriorated the Tamil Farmer.

I have not an iota of sympathy for our farmers who are taking up the water dispute and other issues to Delhi. BJP is new at the center and have had no role to play, and besides that you never voted for them. BJP is not the reason for the mess you are in. They have had negligible presence even in the state until now. DMK is to blame. ADMK did a little something for their part with Jayalalitha Jayaram. So in what way are your Delhi protests justified?

When you fail to question an injustice in time, you lose your right to question. You couldn’t question DMK or ADMK because you bargained your right to question for the freebies they threw at you. You were glued to their free tv sets even as weeds grew and clogged your water sources and your fields dried up. You would rather take the 40 rupees and not work because you thought you were entitled to government welfare.

And now you have to gall to protest in Delhi.


New Age Tamil Girls

I am still recovering from the shock of what my aunt told me last week.

My distant 26 year old nephew is a software engineer. Now he is earning 6 digit income every month. But when he graduated, he was least paid. He was making only 15,000/- bucks. Even 2 years back, his salary was around 50,000/- only. Then suddenly he struck luck and happened to join a multinational corporation that started paying him a six-digit pay for which he was rooting for sometime.

That’s because, 2 years back, when he was only 24, his family started looking for an alliance for him. Being an only child to his parents, they were in a rush to see him get married. That’s when they got their rudest shocks. The boy was rejected by girls parents on merely stating his salary. ‘Talk if your son earns a 6 digit monthly salary or drop it’ said the girls mothers mostly. That the boy did not own a car was another big draw back. A simpleton, he did not even own a motorbike to attract girls. He commuted by PTC buses like a saint which worked against him in the marriage market. One more embarrassing or rather hurting query from the girls’ parents would be as to whether after marriage he and the girl would be living in joint family or nuclear family. The boys’ parents were even resigned to let their only son go free and set up a nuclear family not wanting a joint family.

The boy was advised by well wishers to go for a simple graduate teacher and not an IT professional. To his surprise he found that, not many teachers were around to choose from. Chennai girls were mostly engineers or doctors or architects or some such professionals with promising careers. The boys parents expanded their horizons to all corners of the state to no avail.

Finally by late 2016, the boy became ‘eligible’ by the Chennai girls’ ‘standards.’ Not only was he making a 6 digit figure every month, he also had availed a car loan and got his shiny new first car parked right in front of his gate. Yes, he is driving now.

The parents got busy once again seeking the right alliance for their son, now that he had ‘better prospects.’

In a very popular online wedding portal, they registered for suitable matches.

Interviews were skyped I guess. The boy and his parents were able to view girls and parents and talk to them online. There was no more reason to visit each other’s home unless of course one progressed that far.

Now comes the vital part: one girl working for an IT company told the boy and his parents straight in face that she had had 2 boyfriends in the past and one abortion as well. Her parents were by her side when she said these ‘truths’ to her probabl future husband and in-laws because she did not want to hide any facts before marriage.

The boy’s mother was dazed. It came as a jolt to the boy’s family who are not exactly conservative, but are not as ‘progressive’ as the girl’s family either at the same time.

I couldn’t believe what I heard.

Tamil girls have indeed come a long way ….

For centuries of suppressing women I thought, it was payback time now. That the girls’ parents were proud and solidly by her side not regretting or repenting or feeling ashamed of anything speaks of how transformed our society is – whether for good or bad. Whatever said, I still feel women play a pivotal role in our families. It is not a question of about character or ethics. It is about longstanding relationships. We in Tamil say, ‘kalyaanam oru aayiram kaalathu payir’ which means, a (family) marriage is a 1000 year crop (to be harvested and harvested for a 1000 years for benefits). May be ours is such a unique culture, although I hate to play the culture card here. I don’t agree with everything passed down to me by my ancestors but I am old fashioned to a degree I guess (I surprise myself). I rather trust my forefathers’ instincts with an unflinching loyalty in certain things over others.

Men, not women have been at receiving ends as well. Daughters in India are increasingly getting upperhand – unfair at times.

Daughters are eligible for equal share of parents’ estates in India which is right in every sense. But daughters hardly want to take up equal responsibility with sons (their brothers) when it comes to maintaining their parents.

Parents spend equally on daughters’ education. Look at our graduate girls. Parents spend on daughter’s jewelry and wedding many time more over son’s wedding. But what do parents get back in return from their daughters? Why should parents be only sons’ responsibility? Wouldn’t gender equality be applicable now?

Daughters of Chennai have become utmost greedy as we happened to watch in latest Vijay TV episode of ‘Neeya Naana’. In the following video (edited) girls to be married are demanding gifts (supposedly) from their baffled parents. The list ranged anywhere from 80 sovereigns of gold to 3 BHK flats to Casa Grande dream villa to Helicopter drop of bride. Who is seeking dowry now? Boys and their families or girls getting married? As the mother of a boy who is fast approaching marriageable age, it really shocks me to listen to these girls. These aren’t merely dreams. The girls seem to be living in fairyland removed from reality and compassion.

Me married without a single penny in hand and nearly zero bank balance, with not even 5 sovereigns of gold (that too given by my in-laws), without parents. But holding a bank job, being financially independent. Even today our Union Gen Sec whenever he see us girls would poke fun at us: ‘until you girls married, I never knew you could speak a single word! now look at you!’ We also went to college, we also worked, and we also earned a decent income for those times. My monthly salary in 1993 was from 2400 to 2700 rupees I think. In that money, you could rent a home and run a family easily and comfortably in those times. Money had value then.

Looking at how greedy and selfish today’s girls are, I cannot help wondering how innocent and naive we were back then. After hearing about the abortion girl, I am reminded of the numerous times I was offered lift when my bus would be late. Never once I took a ride from men on scooters back home from work. I got a 2-wheeler only after marriage. I and my friends were labelled ‘snobs.’

My friends availed loans to get married. They suffered with their parents when the wedding costs spiraled. We would feel bad when our elders had to face hardship and shame for our sake.

What has happened to our girls? What has happened to Tamil society. The case of my nephew is pathetic. He is shaken by the kind of girls he gets for alliances. He is a bit shy to top it all. Nice fellow. I hope he gets a homely bride who restores confidence in him. He has not yet lost respect for women because he is also seeing his mother and us, his female relatives. ‘Not all is lost!’ says he, smiling.

Let all our children’s dreams come true but there can be no excuse for senseless greed and utter selfishness. The terrible thing is, how Indian women are portrayed by world media: as victims. Yes that is true to some extent in case of the abused, the raped. But the case is contrary when it comes to urban Indian women.