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Culinary Porn?!

How is my Culinary Porn collection?! From MY KITCHEN. Authentic recipes. A small serving of my homely cuisine. Is this not feast fit for a king???

Learned of the word for the first time today. I must have known, having posted very many recipes from my kitchen here.

Googled it but when I clicked on Google images, I was in for a rude shock (not rude really)! Apparently Google forgot the word ‘culinary’ in the phrase going by what I saw there!

Anyway, reminded me of my 20-year odyssey in the virtual world. Almost. Because although I have transformed into a keyboard warrior now, originally that was not how I started!

My first blog was penned well before the millennium – in India Times space actually which came free, from Malaysia my residence then. It now makes me realize how fatty-rich the guys must be! Modi ji please order an IT raid at Times of India office today! Also at The Hindu!!!

A few verses that I dared to call poetry became my first blog post that still found some readers!!!

It was an experimental period when I was looking for various platforms for expression of thoughts and ideas. I had quit work before arriving in Malaysia, and until then I did not know what it meant to be at rest, having run all my life.  Writing was cathartic but the IT web space was single dimensional. I sought to expand my horizons and that is how I landed in Yahoo pages.

Now Yahoo had a different and interesting page lay-out and most importantly scope to upload pictures – again, must have been the year 1999. Having a PC at home was something then and owning a scanner-printer was unimaginable!

I was fortunate to have a 24 hour nonstop dial-up network internet eonnection which was reliable.  I decided to diversify and the thought of a food blog hit me from nowhere.

We lived in Terengganu, the northern plains of Malaysia for over 2 years, where we used to frequent a Chinese restaurant that went by the name ‘Regent.’

My husband loved Malay and Chinese food over Indian (which was butchered by Malaysian Indians beyond recognition anyway) and my little son enjoyed their sea food immensely. Terengganu coast was popular for its sea food spread – prawns, king fish, river fish and crab more so especially. My beta’s favourite there was stuffed crab. Sungais were short rivers that ran every 30-40 kilometers in Malaysia and in Terengganu, they met the sea at full throttle (not spent like in India) in rich blue-green hues which reflected on the fertility of the equatorial Malaysian soil. Malaysia, particularly Terengganu, was a natural paradise for those with fishing as hobby, and reeling in your catch, parking your car for a couple of minutes, even sometimes en route to work was not considered out of ordinary! Fishing equipment was in the boot of every car.

I think I missed all things good in Terengganu where it concerned food – being a vegetarian.

As a vegetarian, I found Malaysia punishing, but surprisingly that is not so here in the middle-east. There are more and better Indian eating places now in Malaysia, but there weren’t many in 1997-2001. KL, Penang, Kuantan and other cities and towns with sizable Indian population were manageable. Terengganu the Malay hinterland was an altogether different story.  Kelantan, the next state was worse. There were a few Indian restaurants here too but nothing was palatable to me. But even in Kelantan,the northern most part of Malaysia touching the Thai border, we have dined at an Indian restaurant where Punjabi Singhs turned out hot, fluffy idlis and full vegetarian meals on banana leaf for us (on request) and chatted us up in Tamil! I think Malaysia is the only nation on earth where Sikhs could be more fluent in Tamil than in Punjabi/Hindi! Even our flat owner in KL was a punjabi Sikh who spoke to us in Tamil.

I started liking Chinese food in Malaysia. In KL, it was possible and comparatively easier to order chinese vegetarian food.

The chinese restaurant Regent understood my vegetarian requirements. You have to spell it out for them clearly: no egg, no fish, no meat, no chicken, no beef, no pork, no shrimp sauce, only sayur (vegetables) only tomato sauce, soya sauce, chili sauce, white pepper!!! And please toast the rice in a fresh pan, not in a used one in which you have toasted meat or chicken fried rice or whatever! Use fresh oil, not the leftover from fish fry! And please, don’t mix up the laddles, spoons, serving spoons! 

I parroted this desperate plea to whichever restaurant we went. Some understood, some agreed, some understood but would not agree and so on and so forth.

In one incidence, a Malay restaurant gladly agreed and accepted my demands. In a few minutes hot food arrived but I did not touch it. On inquiring we were told that since I wanted only sayur (veggie), the chef had removed the meat from it and left the gravy with onion, garlic, tomato anyway!

Yet another day we were dining out on way back from an island resort, with a Malaysian Indian Tamil family. We ordered food and our Malaysian Indian friend asked the Malay chef about the gravy of the fried rice when food arrived. The chef replied that it was beef gravy but with beef pieces removed (our friends had clearly insisted they wanted no beef). Our friend asked the Malay muslim chef whether he would similarly eat Pork gravy rice with pork pieces removed. A scuffle broke out and we had to make our way out on empty stomachs without eating there!

So I grew tired of explaining my predicament to Malay and Chinese restaurants in Malaysia that whenever we went on road trips (which was often in Malaysia during weekends etc), I would cook my own food and take tiffin boxes to put in fridge in the resorts to reheat later in the microwave. Mostly we went to weekend chalets in the islands that dotted the Terengganu coast from the South China Sea side (where exactly you have international maritime dispute today with the Philippines and China engaged in a serious war of wits), to some of which you could even ferry your jeep (we did not use fancy words like SUV then, a jeep was a plain jeep, nothing more). Or you could park in the jetty close to the waters where transfers to and fro were most convenient. I remember taking my electric rice cooker along and vegetables and cooking in the resort. Because in deep Malay heartland, no way could a vegetarian survive other than on fruits and milk (which came in milk powder form). (May be world was less civilized then?) (I still could not stay away from coffee so we bought the expensive ‘Fern Leaf’ brand milk imported from New Zealand, considered a luxury. My Madras Filter Coffee had Chinese lovers, my husband’s friends! I took kilos of fresh ground coffee from Chennai every time I flew to Malaysia. People came home for my coffee).

Back to Regent, I observed how they tossed the special vegetable fried rice for me, understanding my vegetarian sensibilities. Chinese, some of whom were Buddhists, understood what it meant to be a born vegetarian. The problem was only with Malays. The Regent, like most Malaysian chinese restaurants in those days, was run as a family business. The chef, the waitress, the barman, the cashier were all family members, mother, daughter, son and father.

Malaysian Chinese Fried Rice – the Nasi Goreng was different. It was spicy.

In Restoran Regent (Malay word for restaurant is restoran, word for Ice cream is Ais Krim and now you can guess the Malay IQ), the chinese women put in straw mushroom (vegetarian mushroom) (never button mushrooms then), spinach, spring onions, bean curd (i never heard the word ‘tofu’ there) and fresh soy chunks (not the hardened ones you have to soak in India) (but then neither did we hear of this Manchurian concept in Malaysia, thoroughly an Ind0-chinese fusion from Wang’s Kichen, Kolkata, originally)! Then they added a dash of soy sauce. I would not ask for tomato sauce. In a side place (real small with diameter hardly 3-4 cms), they would put before me grated garlic with soy sauce. And a pot of hot chinese tea (note this was before the green teas became a rage or were even known).

Now this kind of chinese fried rice which was entirely and 100% different from anything I had ever tried, did not have carrots or beans or green peas in it.

I became addicted to it that I decided to try it out at home and did manage to put forth exactly the same version that was served by Regent to me during our weekly visits. The rice I used for this fried rice was Thai rice (not like the one you get here in Doha) (as Thailand was only 4 hours away from where we lived, we got top of the range No.1 quality Thai rice in Malaysia. STILL believe me or not, Ponni Raw Rice from India was the best seller and most expensive brand in the entire south east Asian nation. No.2 was Basmati rice from India again. )

The chinese fried rice from Restoran Regent, i have not found anywhere again in my life. I have tried the Nasi Kandaar Malaysian restaurant in Chennai. Tried a few even here in Doha. They have Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng etc but never what I ask for.

I think it is Regent’s own recipe.

Once in the year 1999, I made the same Regent style chinese fried rice with Thai fragrant rice. The sayur (veggies) were: bean curd, spinach, straw mushroom, spring onions and fresh soy chunks. I clicked the ingredients and uploaded the pictures for the first time for my food blog in Yahoo. I wrote the recipe.

I had a few faithful followers of my blog then (mostly men hahaha) and i got some rave reviews.  It was a hit post.

Yahoo soon removed the blogs (3-5  years later) and I lost my first ever photo uploads and kitchen recipes.

My husband’s favourite Malay breakfast was Nasi Lemak served with dried fish. Rice would be cooked with a pandan leaf in Malay style with the leaf removed when the rice is done. In fact the 4 years we lived there, he always breakfasted out because Nasi Lemak in Malaysia cost only one ringitt then. My son loved their Sathay.

I think I had pictures of him eating Sathay as well.

My other favourite Malay food was Kozhithiyo (i don’t know if I have spelled it right). It is not noodles exactly, more like the spaghetti, easier to spoon. Zeroed in on a Malay restaurant that also understood our food requirements, willing to go out of the way to  serve us.

They made me the finest spaghetti-like Kozhuthiyo in my life, spicy and loaded with sayur. I am also by the way searching for Kozhuthiyo ever since. The best like I remember from our Terengganu days.

And last but not the least were the Kuihs, also from Terengganu Pasar Malams (night markets) (obviously a Kerala/India influence) that were steamed dumplings in rice packed with sugared centers of scraped coconut etc (like our Modak or Kozhukattai with Poornam filling or Uppu Kozhukattai exactly). Just like in India, these kuihs were cooked and served wrapped in banana leaves. The kuihs were sold by Malay families in the weekly night markets, not to be found anywhere else or in restaurants. Came straight Kampung (village) Malay kitchens. My husband’s chinese friend sent me almost everyday kuihs he gleaned right from kampongs in Terengganu because he wanted to give me back something for my filter coffee!

I wish I could have taken pictures of the food we ate then.

Clearly, the word ‘culinary porn’ somehow reminds me of our Malaysian days.

For a life time vegetarian like me landing in a foreign country for the first time, the very sights of restaurants could give a cultural shock.

My first experience in a chinese restaurant was having to witness a chinese family sitting around a large, real large fish, cooked right on the table with sauces and herbs, with each chipping in to stake his/her share with knife and fork from his/her side. Around 6=8 of the family including father, mother and kids were sharing the single fish, cutting out slices from every side.

Instant and involuntary reaction from me: rising bile in my throat about to erupt into a big vomit right on the family and on the table!

Rushed out of the restaurant the same moment… and since then, I have come a long way in life…

During one of our road trips that lasted over 10 days during the Chinese new year time, after rounding up Penang, we entered the east most point of Klantan where the North South Expressway hinges on Thai border. It used to be virgin forests in those days. When we drove through those mountainous forests the other side of which was Thailand where numerous elephant corridors crossed, we never spotted a car in front of us or one after us. I am told that, even that thick forest is now ravaged by human intervention. Well, just a few feet before the forest cover began was this Indian restaurant. Malaysian Indian Tamils served us food on banana leaf. But the catch was, they had ‘nethili’ rasam and ‘nethili’ sambar (dried fish rasam/sambar). It was a first time once more for me to come across something as weird as neithili rasam/sambar. I thought chefs back home in Tamil Nad would commit suicide! So having found an Indian restaurant, I still had to forego my food but at least the 2 men in my family had something to eat.

I have full video recordings of some of our road trips, especially one to Penang and Langkawi driving through the North South Expressway to Singapore. Those days, I know, will never come back. Never did we imagine then that one day we would find ourselves in Middle East.

After our Malaysia days, I switched over to a couple of more blog formats and finally moved over to WordPress.

Here my objective was first to post only my kitchen recipes although I am clearly not a foodie.

Then I decided to become a keyboard warrior hahaha , a paper tiger!

This is where I fight my battles, I pour out my heart… but food is still my favourite topic to write about. By the way, I called my Food Blog, ‘Feast Fit For A King!’!!!

As I am not a gourmet cook or the so-called foodie, I never cared for pictures. I also go by the conviction that, food that looks super, need not have to necessarily taste good or do good (to your health and fitness). My food is plain and simple but it will always be sumptuous and healthy. Some say it is yummy – but I cannot speak for myself. Therefore my pictures are hardly flattering. I am seriously surprised how foodies can post such unbelievably good and sexy (!) food pictures. So that explains Culinary Porn! One thing i cannot stand is my food platter referred to as ‘exotic!’ What I cook is staple South Indian fare, more specifically Thamizh cuisine. Not junkie or dribbling with wasteful fat or oil loaded with calories.

I also sincerely believe you are what you eat. Cooking is also cathartic, and eating, a holistic experience for me. Everything is spiritual where I come from. Food for us is therapy for body, mind, soul. Whether sexy or porn I do not know, but my food is good for your home and heart. 

But I guess a few pix of mine, still may qualify for the word ‘Culinary Porn’ – and let me post them in my other blog Curry Leaf, under the same title.

Meanwhile,  I have a few more recipes and photos to download and write up the recipes.  Won’t qualify as culinary porn, but now that I know what it is, i shall try window dressing (that I normally hate) from now on …


Kids Born Out Of Mixed Parentage

Kids born out of mixed parentage can be geniuses. Must have something to do with the DNA mixing from two entirely different gene pools. This I have seen in my family, in the case of my friends and relatives.

Out-of-caste (love) marriages were not unheard of even in my parents’ generation. Inter-religious marriages are also common now in India although we don’t look at them kindly anymore like we happened to a few years back. Inter-religious marriages mean, door closes from the Hindu side forever. One hundred percent. Conversion has never been allowed in Hinduism but is happening lately. Very rigid compared to Christianity or Islam where conversions are norm and too very easy and acceptable especially upon marriage. The main reason you have to be born a Hindu and cannot convert into one is that, your gotra comes to you by genetic inheritance, something that cannot be acquired on conversion. This is what sets Hindus apart from Abrahamic followers.

Of course Hinduism is now a universal faith with followers from all around the world. No more is Sanathana Dharma limited by genetic factors or geographic boundaries in this modern age.

Inter-caste and inter-state marriages are happening in a big way in India now.

My mother was a working woman over 50 years back – in the year 1965. When it was not really fashionable for womenfolk to work. She completed her PU from Stella Maris College. Yet our family used to be very conservative. My parents lived in the same street from childhood but had never spoken to each other. They were from the same community. Theirs was an arranged marriage. I remember my mother telling me, when my parents were newly married, they still went to cinema accompanied by an adult (my father’s grandfather)!!! My Mother-in-law used to smirk at me saying, how she had to talk to my father-in-law always from behind the doors and never in the living room directly (this comment for her son and me sitting rubbing (!)  next to each other in the sofa watching tv)  in the joint family. Only when they were alone finally in a nuclear family, she could talk straight to him in the face without an intruding elderly family member.

The interesting story my MIL keeps telling me is, how my FIL used to come and pinch her in the foot at night because the whole family with grandparents to little nephew-nieces lay side by side in a single row in the big hall to sleep. It was their secret signal! Bedrooms were meant for only changing clothes. My MIL used to tiptoe to the upper floor when the entire extended joint family slid into a deep sleep in the midnight hour! Sometimes a great grandma could sneeze and spoil my in-laws nightly rendezvous plans! This is the way my MIL  conceived 5 kids in 10 years from 1955 to 1965 !!! I used to tease her that if not for this censorship, she would have littered a dozen!

At one point of time, in my in-laws’ big ancestral house, at least 4 branch families lived together as a colossus joint family comprising of nearly 60 to 80 family members! Where was the question of privacy. But this also fostered a good understanding between couples and brought them together in an unpredictable way. Husbands and wives learned to read each others’ mind even in a crowd across the hall way, mastered the sign language and could decipher the shift of eyebrows. Today this basic understanding is something that most in our generation with total privacy lack.

Comparatively both my parents came from smallest sized families. My mother and aunt were only two sisters. My grandfather underwent vasectomy in the 1940s before independence after the birth of my aunt. He told this to me myself saying he never wanted a son and wanted to stop with 2 daughters. A revolution in those days. He was a B.Com., graduate who had graduated in the 1920s from the famed Loyola College. Yet, my grandfather wanted his daughters to work only as school teachers and serve the country. My aunt got selected to work for Reserve Bank and my mother for Electricity Board, but my grandfather refused to let them work with men !!! Sometimes I can’t believe this contradiction from the man who underwent family planning surgery because he was happy and contented with his two daughters and did not want a son, a feat in the 1940s. Neither did he force family planning on my granny who begot my mom in her 13th year but could still read and write English, Tamil and Telugu (thanks to her neighbours) even in that tender age! I had a super granny whose morning habit included reading the print newspaper The Hindu.

My granny told me, once my mother was listening to transistor radio so intently and humming to herself an old Tamil picture song of actress Padmini. Must have been late 1950s. My grandfather came riding home silently in his Bajaj scooter. (My grandfather rode his scooter from his teens until the late 1980s when he was over 60 years). My mother never heard the scooter sound. She never saw her father entering the wide open door and gazing at her. From behind, my grandfather took the radio from my mother’s hand and off he went in the scooter again. He sold the radio that same day to someone. My mother cried that night into her pillows. She was in her teens. The very word called ‘cinema’ could not enter our house. Still my grandfather encouraged his daughters to pursue their education and made them high school teachers. My mother underwent special training to teach deaf and dumb kids. By 16-17 years, both my mother and aunt were independent women working as teachers capable of taking care of themselves. They took a public bus to school and were not expected to hand over their pay packets to their parents.

India is like that. When you look at the academic and career achievements of our women, you may think we are rebels or we are ultra progressive. Yes, in most ways. But when it comes to social or familial life and connected responsibilities, forget the jean-clad Indian women. We will be the first to light the diya and touch the feet of our in-laws in sheer respect (and also some fear)! My sister used to tell me how the Mumbai girls were totally different from how Bollywood portrayed them. They would be wandering around in minis and micros and pointed heels but the moment the Saas came home, they would transform into the dutiful bahus observing numerous fasts every month, performing every other puja, cooking up  feasts for their extended family, etc., etc.

Mixed marriages may be exemptions from this stereo-type but not necessarily. A friend of mine married a muslim but has raised his entire (lower middle class) family to admirable levels. One more cousin of mine is also married to a muslim. She comes home but none of us do visit her.

Otherwise there are a number of inter-caste marriages in both friends and relatives circles. As the married parties are mostly Hindus, there haven’t been a problem although there may some adjustment issues. There are now even north-south unions. Earlier, south girls used to be looked down upon as kind of inferior because of the dusky skin tone. Presently the scene is totally changed. South Indian brides are going places literally these days. Won over people not with looks but with books! As caste and regional-state and language barriers break down in India slowly but steadily, the modern mantra is ‘any Hindu!’ This is a very healthier scene and choice. The Rishis cannot get more happy.

My distant relatives had had their daughters, sons marrying foreigners. A boy married a Friench girl. A girl married an American white boy. So we have broken all thresholds I must say!

Kids, I have seen, born to inter-caste parents are very brainy. Very high IQ levels.

I had an arranged marriage only. I never knew my husband prior to March 7, 1993 and we married on June 23. But after marriage we discovered a few very distant relations between our two families. This is because, we are marrying within same community for generations. So it is possible that our blood lines have criss-crossed somewhere before – may be generations back. Whichever Senguntha Mudaliar I may meet in Chennai could be somehow related to me these days! It is alarming! Really! If we investigate deeply, we may end up finding a connection!!!

Same Gotra marriages are not allowed in Hinduism (entire north and in some sections of south). First cousin marriage is strictly forbidden among Hindus, considered incestuous. But down south, if the gotras are different you can marry your (cross) cousin. For example, straight cousins cannot marry each other. Like the children of brothers. Children of sisters. But a brother’s son or daughter can marry his sister’s daughter or son. Cross cousin marriages are permitted because, the sister gets married and goes to another family/gotra. She assumes the gotra of her husband’s family tree. Her children born under new gotra in a strange family will be inheriting different gotra/Y chromosomes, not that of her parents. So the children can marry back into her parents’ family.

But north or south, not even the second cousin marriage is permissible between straight cousin (between children of brothers’ male cousins and children of sisters’ girl cousins). All straight cousins in north and (with cross cousin exemption) in south be it first cousins or second cousins or third cousins cannot marry.

My north Indian friends used to tease me relentlessly about this proven logic. They would be shocked by the south indian custom that allowed cross cousin marriages. But let me assure you, even these cross cousin marriages mostly stopped with the last or my generation. Not many of my parents generation had cross cousin marriages. One of my friends married her cross cousin. In my generation it was minimal, almost non existent. Now it is totally off. Full stop. Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage in India, we can be more than certain that there is not the least chance of someone marrying from within the same gotra. We have outgrown that custom in south for our own sake. Awareness of genetic health issues made it possible for south Indians to put an end to cross cousin marriages as we have been a lot more literate for ages compared to north. We needed no written law.

Why are same gotra marriages prohibited in Hinduism. This is the scientific reason. Straight cousin marriages will lead to harmful gene mutations and congenital defects thereby. For ‘vamsavridhi’ or for the family clan to grow, ancient Hindus wanted their offsprings to marry outside their home families into other blood lines so that the gene pools could get freshly recharged.

Cross cousin marriages where the gotra changes for daughters of the family after marriage was considered slightly safer which is why they were allowed in south. Even in south, straight first cousin marriages are considered taboo and incestuous. In north one hundred percent, first cousin marriages are prohibited even today. If you marry a woman of same gotra, it means you are marrying your own sister because you and she may have descended from the same gene pool whose Alpha male originally could be the same ancestor. It is like blasphemy therefore for Hindus to marry cousins.

However even that is changing these days. Where a population exceeds a billion, who can trace whose gene to where???

There are no more unwritten codes that anyone has to adhere too. Rarely some love marriages bring a boy and girl of same gotra together. It is now tolerated because mostly even in such cases, the girl and the boy may be totally unrelated by blood in these modern times!

We don’t know what future has in store for us.

I can say, marrying within community, even if not of same gotra, has led the Hindu gene pool to go stale somewhat. This is why I believe, we Indians today are not as smart as our ancestors, the ancient Hindus.

Now as we see, the inter-caste marriages are producing brilliant hybrid kids (and even some RASCALS)!

My son will be of marriageable age in a few more years. So what about him? I know I cannot decide for him but if he decides to opt for arranged marriage, of course we will look within community first. But in recent years, we are also looking at arranged inter-caste match for him with any of our friends’ daughters. Have not ruled out both options. BUT DEFINITELY NOT IN BLOOD RELATIVES CIRCLES. For the first time however, I may or may not take up my son’s horoscope. Neither my parents nor my in-laws were blood related before they married. 

I wouldn’t be thinking about it, but my friend out of the blue suggested that, I should place my beta’s horoscope first in our Kuladeivam temple (Family deity) (in an Arni village) before taking it out to study for his marriage or career prospects. I take it as a command from my Mother Goddess Herself. So i have decided to do just that. Whether or not I may consult his horoscope, I have decided to get the blessings from my Mother for him for his future.

But whoever my son chooses as his life partner – be it a Hindu or Christian or Muslim, an Indian or whichever nationality, of whichever race, of whichever tongue Tamil or Hindi or whatever, as a mother, I will only welcome my daughter-in-law as my own daughter into my home and hearth. I of course have laid 2 conditions for my son should it be a love marriage (i) the girl must be a Hindu (ii) the girl must be at least one day YOUNGER than him. Any Indian state okay. Any Hindu caste okay. Any mother tongue okay. But this is just a word of caution as a mother.

It is too early to think on these lines anyway…

Let us see…


What a super race ancient Hindus were. To what extent they thought and practised religion scientifically. What are Abrahamic folds before the ancient Hindu wisdom! Which one of them even thought about something close to Gotras for gene preservation as our ancestors did. Today we are talking about DNA and genetics, but without using names our forefathers still somehow figured it out exactly as we know genetic science today a few thousands of years back. Their X and Y chromosome knowledge base is awesome although they never labelled them so. By deigning the first cousin marriages as taboo and incestuous, our Hindu ancestors effectively prevented undesirable inbreeding.

It is not a fluke that Hindus are a universally acknowledged pedigree intelligent race (in spite of the creeping element of mediocrity within us). It is by having lived such a disciplined and scientific and spiritual life for generations spanning centuries, millenniums, we are what we are today. And perhaps this must also serve to be a reason for us to have inter-caste marriages within Hindus irrespective of castes-communities-states-languages in this present age, but NEVER with other race/religion people. Here we can learn from the Japanese and even Germans. Hindu gene pools are carefully cultivated and nurtured for eons. PEDIGREE BREEDING.

By eliminating the degradation of Y chromosomes with cancelling out the first cousin marriages through history and thus successfully eliminating inbreeding within the population, Hindus have been enriching the gene pool from mutation-deterioration over ages. Even today irrespective of any caste or creed, you cannot find a first cousin marriage in any corner of India among Hindus speaking any language. Blasphemous, incestuous for us. Something that Islam does not practise and will never so because first cousin marriages are the norm of their society leading to absolute dilution of the Y chromosomes leading to widespread congenital abnormalities. Could be the reason for the bhais’ low IQ???


Tentacles Of Love Jehad In Kerala/India

PS: Interesting: Stats reveal that this blog post has had 3 views from the dreaded I country in middle-east. Proves their Kerala connection!


Through out India, Love Jehad is a harsh reality today.

Kerala in particular, is a serious victim.

My friend based in Kerala related this real life story to me:

A teenage girl closely connected, got admitted to a college last year, on finishing school. Note: this was a christian institution, not even muslim.

Within a week, at least 3 good looking muslim boys proposed to the 17 year old, the first one in fact, on the very first day of the college opening.

The important point is that, the teenager was neither a beauty queen nor was she a good dresser. She did not come from an affluent family (in the sense rich) but had a comfortable background. She was a Menon girl, highly prized therefore.

The three said boys were real lookers, as per the girl. When the first boy approached and said he loved her, the girl being at a vulnerable age, was  naturally confused and taken aback. Her parents had indeed coached her for this very critical moment in her life (thank god!) that they hoped anyway would never arrive… Alas, it did! The mother and grandmother’s reasoning prevailed and the girl returned home and narrated the story to her parents.

When two more muslim boys proposed to her within the following 7 days and the girl confessed the same to her parents, the elders in the family began to see a pattern. By now, the girl’s family was convinced that a trap was being laid for their precious daughter. She is a sweetie, but not to the extent of being pursued by 3 strangers in a row all in a week’s time. Very sensible of her to talk things to her family, trusting the instincts of her kith and kin. Her folks had done a commendable job, keeping her informed of what was happening to Hindu girls in Kerala and elsewhere in India.

The following week, the girl gained admission to a professional college and so moved out. Says my friend, the girl wondered aloud that had she stayed longer in the christian college, there was a possibility that she could have fallen for the enamour of one of the three boys. In the one week the girl attended the B.Sc, degree college, she says, she was pursued relentlessly by the three muslim boys all her age, coming from varied strata of society: upper middle-class, middle-class and lower middle-class. The dust had not even settled on the freshers taking to the campus, and here were our heroes in hot pursuit of Hindu girls.Only Hindu girls.

The news sent shivers down the spine of the girl’s family members. They were relieved to shift her to professional stream, away from the boys. That all the three muslim boys had zeroed in on Hindu girls ignoring fellow muslim girls in the college does not sound normal. The parents of the girl suspect that these three and other muslim boys in the college would be after other Hindu girls next or were simultaneously after other Hindu girls as well, even as they pursued their teenage daughter, brainwashing them right from day one. The girl did not stay long enough in the campus to check out the later developments. Apparently it was ‘trial and error’ method.

The incident proved sufficient to change the hardcore communists that the girl’s father and grand father were until then. The grandfather, an octogenarian, had been a communist all his life. Read: basically anti-Hindu in spite of being born Hindu and practising Hindu. Now the men have switched over to BJP, and more importantly Hindus in Kerala are for RSS in a big way. This real life story is only a needle in the haystack. Hindu girls are vanishing from everywhere: from Kerala to Karnataka to Bengal and Delhi.

This is a middle class story which will never make to the headlines of our press.

Interestingly, the reverse is NOT happening. No Hindu boy pursues any muslim girl ever. Extremely rare. And typically, the victims are teenage hindu girls or working girls of marriageable age.

Dawood Ibrahim & Co carefully constructed the Bollywood plots to seduce Hindu girls using the Khans. None of the Khans or even those like Sanjay Dutt and Nawazzuddin Siddique would be on the scene today if not for the terror-funding aka D-company sponsor. And you know where the don is headquartered. Mega business with hawala money routed through Dubai. 

Hindus are under persecution everywhere. Systematically.

Very soon, Hindus could be outnumbered as well going by the trends.

Out of 100 babies born in Kerala every single day today, 42 are muslim children.

The democracy and secularism of India depend on the demography of India.

What happened to Kashmir where the Kashmiri muslims turned terrorists overnight driving away Kashmir Hindu pundits, butchering and massacring whoever stayed behind – could one day happen in Kerala within next 100 years at this rate.

It is time BJP govt wakes up. It is time the Kerala communists wake up.

A very dangerous situation prevails in the state.

Even in northern India, whether be it Uttar Pradesh or Delhi or Bengal, this is the fate of the Hindu girls.

News from Kerala is that, drugs like brown sugar are sold right in front of schools/colleges by Kerala muslims. Except for those employed in the gulf, most other kerala muslims in the state are involved/engaged in illegal businesses like smuggling and drug peddling.

Surprised to see this in the Hindu today, normally terror-friendly:

after this yesterday:

The duo arrested in connection with dealing with drugs in Hyderabad, the capital of Telengana very recently also were muslims. It is important to investigate whether there is a Pakistan angle to this story. Punjab is reeling under drug addiction with the drugs smuggled into the state by sneaky Pakistan terrorists. Hyderabad muslims have close connections with Pakistan and are known anti-nationals.

Without a question, the smugglers and drug dealers and currency-counterfeiters and pimps in India are over 90% overwhelmingly muslims. This is why this community is able to invest heavily in real estate and buy at whatever the price, which not even most NRIs can afford or can think of. Chennai’s ECR is flush with this ill-gotten money of Tamil muslims. Recommended a CBI raid on every single muslim family in ECR – notorious for its butcheries.

The condition of India is very precarious. Onslaught on one side by christian missionaries: but at least these are not terrorists.

What a 1000 year old islamic terror reign could not do to India, our own converted Indian muslims are doing to us in under 100 years.

What 300 years of British rule could not do to India, Indian converted christians have done to us in mere 70 years.

This is why we need RSS in this country. This is why we need BJP. This is why we need Modi.

Love Jihad is epidemic in India. It is time this is seriously dealt with.

No Indian Express or The Hindu will tell you the truth. It is time we Hindus take up the challenge today and deal with it ourselves.

Root for a Hindu India. Hindus are under threat as we were never before in history.

KASARGOD. Why no investigation on the matter by our leading media houses (except for ofcourse Time Now). Report the truth. And if it is untrue, prove it otherwise. With evidence. You cannot, you will not, because you know what was reported from Kasargod by the Times Now tv channel is in fact ugly truth. May be it is too much to expect from pro-terror local newspaper ‘The Hindu.’

It has to be a collective effort : from the parents to the society we may be part of, to the state and central governments to ensure that the Love Jihad is vanquished totally from Indian soil. Some of us, for one thing, could never find fault with Shri Ram Sene or such other vigilantes. Or with CM Yogi Adithyanath of UP. No Hindu parent, in his/her right sense, will voice opinion against moral policing in Uttar Pradesh or Bangalore or Bengal or elsewhere. Center must enact laws that whoever marries a Hindu boy or girl MUST to convert to Hinduism. This is the only way to save Hindus from destruction. Make conversion a legal process with entries in Passport and Aadhar card and PDS Ration card. This single move will have the potential to stop conversion in its tracks. 



Oru Tea Kadakkaran Manasu … (the heart of a chaiwala)….. !

The sense of humour of our Whatsapp Makkal is amazing! What a timing! Lost many gems but about to savour and save a few from now onwards. Watch this space.


Facebook Is For 40+ Peeps.


Facebook, Whatsapp, and/or any other social media like Instagram are actively for 40+ men and women.

Those youngsters in 20s hooked to social media are DISASTERS IN THE MAKING.

We the 40+ ladies and gents are here in social media because, finally we know we can pause, we can relax and take a deep breath, having run all our lives.

When we were in our 20s and 30s or even upto our 45th year or so, none of us were active in social media.

But the kind of addiction I see in some guys and girls in their 20s to Facebook and Instagram is very disturbing.

I am in Facebook because I play games in it like Wordscraper and Chesspro. These applications are not available elsewhere.  Besides I have accomplished my familial duties or atleast what has been expected of me so far in life to the best of my abilities. Only after reaching such a point in life, I am in social media for hours. I also blog for pastime. Social media relieves me of boredom. Even then, I log in only after I complete my domestic responsibilities and errands like cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, paying taxes, banking etc. Not otherwise. Social media is cheaper than joining a ladies club as far as I am concerned. I am not for juicy gossips.  My circle is limited but very close knit. So this private space is enough for me. Besides, I also take my fitness seriously.  I watch pictures. I read books. Many times I am doing more than 2-3 things at a time. Reading a book and playing Scrabbles. Like that. When there is nothing else to do, I am in social media. AND I AM A HOUSEWIFE with lots of time in my hands.

I am also the mother of a 23 year old young man. So I think I know a little about this generation having seen my son grow up over years along with his peer circle. I agree GenNext is tech savvy but I have NEVER seen my son and his friends under the influence of social media. I have been cross with my beta when he would be hooked to the computer for hours, but NEVER has he been addicted to social media. Mostly it would be for games or watching downloaded movies. It is good that he doesn’t feel like sharing everything he knows. His interest in science and technology is PRACTICAL. He reads books. Books and more books the kind of which I cannot even understand. He knows music like I can never. I know he is one of a kind, especially in this spoilt younger generation where all that young men and women of today want to do is to flaunt their fashion sense or rookie science and tech knowledge about space and Stephen Hawking. In fact when I see young people wasting their lives in social media, I am reminded more of my son. Not boasting. What I am saying here is 100% truth, and what a relief it is really! I guess young people addicted to social media must get psychological counselling. They could be attention-seeking.  I can say this with authority because, in my 20s or even now, I have NEVER bothered as to what others thought of me. Let them go to hell! Self-image never mattered. Neither was it important to know what others were upto.

Today having coming this modest far in life, I know, had I bothered too much about others then I wouldn’t have made this short-long distance.

A real young man would rather prefer to go swimming with friends, drive out, play football, go to concerts and pictures or just gym. It is very pathetic that some young people in social media are reading others Whatsapp messages and Facebook posts NOT intended for them. Why should you even WANT to know what others are upto.

Some of us do follow up on people, true. Mostly celebrities. Or those who matter to us. But this random spying on other’s browsing habits is sickening.

Media houses do it. Businesses do it. Twitteratis mostly celebrities do it.  Film stars and politicians and even our government may do it. I can understand that it is part of their work to know the pulse of their followers and also their adversaries or even that of the general public.

How sick at the mind any young man or woman must be – the one who tracks others browsing habits. It means, he or she must be an IDLER.

Once upon a time my son would resent that the 40s aunties had taken over Facebook. That was ages back … say in 2009 or ’10. Within months he came out of the Facebook thing and then started saying, Facebook is for 40s and 50s aunties and uncles who now were comfortably settled in life and therefore could afford to unwind and spend time in social media.

He knows his parents are in social media, spend more time in Facebook because they have reached this point in life. Not otherwise. I believe so as well.

If a man or woman in his 20s is to spend so much time in social media, clicking as many selfies, it means he/she must be lacking self-confidence and also a trusted friends’ circle to socialize. At the end of the day if you exhaust yourself thoroughly, if your body and mind are equally tired, how will you have time for this wasteful pursuit. Not a healthy habit.

See the Bloggers: most are housewives sharing recipes (except professionals). Very few like me write on their personal or other interests.

See the Instagram and Facebook people: again kitchen recipes or family people or friends posting happy pictures

Can you see youngsters so much in social media: NO WAY. Very few of my friends daughters and sons in their teens or twenties are active in social media. Why? Perhaps because life is far more interesting for them in the real world than in the virtual world. Or to put it simply, they stay busy or keep themselves busy. Very rarely I see these PYTs sharing anything worthwhile in Facebook or Instagram. If your actions can speak, you don’t need to speak for yourself. When you have nothing more to say about yourself, you can let your selfies speak.

Otherwise as I said, Instagram is also for the happily married, middle-aged women or bored  housewives. Okay, some happy-go-lucky young lasses. In my opinion

Look at those who share photos in social media: over 40 who want to show off their spouses, holidays, kids, careers, creativity whatever. The idea is to connect with REAL friends who also are virtual friends (in most cases). What else can anyone have to share? Some are into sharing opinions fine but the menacing presence of some young men in Facebook is curious and disturbing. I wish they can make some meaning out of their miserable lives.


‘I am India’ says Hubby :)

‘I am India’ said my hubby with a sheepish grin as we were discussing the Middle East crisis on our way to the hypermarket to get our weekly groceries.

‘What?’ I raised my eyebrows.

‘India needs both LPG (gas) and Oil. Both from Qatar and Saudi.  Cannot buck down on any one. Cannot go soft on one at the expense of the other. India cannot afford to antagonize either of the nations. India needs cordial relationship with everyone to survive!!!’ explained he, ‘Similarly I need both my mother and my wife !!! Wife like Saudi at times asks me not to talk to mother Qatar but I can’t do that! Mother at times tries to exert control over me, but I can’t swing her way and go against my wife! I need both the women for my peace of mind and cannot be without either of them!’

Chalu! Almost two months to go for India visit. So he is preparing me mentally for the inevitable confrontation I guess.  Mostly I and my MIL are polite and civil towards each other but last time I visited I lost my patience. Ugly spats followed and my hubby swore not to set foot in India for next 1 year!

‘World has millions of problems and complex matters to be sorted out. But for an average Indian husband, managing wife and mother at the same time is the most critical issue of all!’ rued he.

Decided to leave it at that. Will take over from there some other day. Knowing that I was thinking of a wise reply, my hubby outsmarted me or so he thinks: ‘in a few more years, you will also become a mother-in-law!’ That is supposed to be a googly to stun me. Putting it to me succinctly yet cunningly as to why I have to tolerate his mother and not complain about it.

Married for 24 years I still feel like a stranger in my own home at times. Like some women/wives, I don’t have the smartness to coolly cut out my mother-in-law totally from our life by pulling the strings at the back through my husband. In spite of myself, I forgive her again and again how much ever she may hurt me. She still lives with us (when we are in Chennai) (wouldn’t leave my side for a moment).  Loyalty is not something I can take for granted but doing my duty anyway. The inability to say a strong “NO!’ is my greatest weakness.

Nations are also like individuals. Full of ego, bias, spite. Why cannot we live and let others live in peace.


Where were Rajdeep Sardesai, his dharam patni Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Slutt and others hiding. Why my regular newspaper the Hindu never reported this:


Is Pork abhorrent for you and your folks? Are you from a community that shuns pork? Is pork blasphemy as per your faith? Can someone get killed for mixing pork in your kitchen? Would pork incite violence and bloodshed in the society you come from? Is blasphemy punishable with death sentence in your nation?


You have no locus standi to talk about Beef Ban in India or on ban on cow slaughter in India. After all, an overwhelming majority of my nation is still Hindu. Secularism could also be about not offending the sensitivities of the passive majority.

Just because we are a democracy and you are whatever you are (mostly demonic military tyranny), it does not justify that you can get away with your conceited pork ban while we cannot have our beef ban. Pork is the favourite christian dish. If your minority cannot have it in their table by law or for fears of persecution, then you have no moral or ethical rights to condemn others who practise varied forms of meat ban. Allow pork to be served in your restaurants. If you want to abstain, abstain. Do not enforce. Then come and talk to us Indians.

How many times Hindus have had to put up with the sights of bloody cow slaughter in the center of the market or thoroughfare just to please the violent and unpredictable minority. I may or may not be for beef ban, but I am relieved there will be no more such ghastly sights wounding us Hindus to the core.

Before reporting on lynching, write about the Love Jehad training school in Kasargod. Write about Kasab’s background. Write about the brutal rape, and mutilation and murder of the Kerala dalit woman committed by a muslim man (who was not even reported by Indian presstitutes). Write about the unending cold blooded murders of RSS and BJP activists throughout India and in Kerala and Karnataka in particular. Write about the Hindu doctor lynched by the muslim mob right in the heart of Delhi. Write about Pakistan army atrocities against Bengali women and men in 1971 Bangladesh war. Write about your own Dawood Ibrahim who bombed the Bombay Stock Exchange who found a safe haven in Pakistan. Write about even the recently returned Indian muslim woman rescued by Sushma Swaraj after she married erroneously a Pakistan citizen. Shame on Indian journos writing for a terrorist nation and earning even a penny from them! These are not eating Pakistan money, they are drinking the spilled blood of Indian martyrs – the Mumbai 26/11 victims included. Every penny they may earn from Pakistan media is soaked in Indian blood. This will be their Karma. Bloody shame on every Indian columnist who bashes India in Pakistan media. Twisted minds. Or at least one may write about art or literature. Writing on Indian politics and economy and society damaging Indian interests is treacherous.

No respectable Indian journalist writes for Pakistan. Not to my knowledge. If Shashi Tharoor may, he may (literally) be having skeletons in his cupboard (who knows)? Unless something is seriously wrong with you, you won’t! As for Arundathi Roy, she is a frustrated old hag who none bothers about. Pathetic attention seeker.

Beef ban is legal or right or not is apart from the debate. It is a matter for discussion within India. Today it could be enforced by our government. Tomorrow we may lift it. It is our internal matter.

That Pakistanis, the renowned global terrorists, have to fret over our problem, is unwarranted.


Sushmaji Is Everyone’s Behenji :)

Some of the petitions before PMO are to:

  • Revoke triple talaq received Via Whatsapp/Skype from husbands employed in Gulf
  • Secure the Hyderabadi women sold off by brokers in UAE or Saudi
  • Release workers held as bonded labour in Middle Eastern countries
  • Very recently government had to intervene and secure an Indian muslim woman who married a Pakistani man in Malaysia. The woman on landing in our neighbouring country belatedly discovered that she had tied the knots with a much married man. A mere 24 hours later she realized the difference between India and Pakistan and decided to return.

Hate to see my Prime Minister and Foreign Minister lose sleep and/or fret over the safety and security of millions of Expat Indian workers stuck in foreign soil awaiting rescue mission. The govt of India already is benevolent with us: our foreign exchange earnings are 100% tax exempt.

It may be hardly an year since I watched ‘Airlift’ starring Akshay Kumar on Kuwait rescue mission by Indian armed forces. The thought that came to my mind then was, this should never again happen to Indian Expats in whatever part of the world.


Not along ago I came across several posts in social media calling for Dravida nation. Dravida is the south Indian race, supposedly the original inhabitants of the vast and diverse Indian subcontinent. Numerous European research scholars have related from time to time as to how the Indo Aryans who arrived at a later date from Europe drove the Dravidians down south. However the DNA mapping of Indians both north and south reveals that our gene composition is one and the same, that debunks in entirety the Aryan Invasion theory put forth by the British for centuries. The Germans’ air of propriety over Sanskrit and Swastika and Hindu cultural heritage must have been with a view to discredit anything Hindu, attributing whatever intellectual property that might have been ours in ancient India to an inferior Indo-Aryan race, the poorer cousins of Aryans from Europe.  While many Indians celebrate Max Mueller, a friend of mine despises the man who she says was intent on proving the German connection to Ancient Hindu in order to stake a claim in all that is legitimately ours and ours only.

The Aryan-Dravidian divide has been played to the hilt by Christian missionaries and evangelists who are in India for their alleged ‘Joshua Project’ of conversion of entire Hindu population to christianity. Again, a friend came up with a link/proof citing the usage of the word ‘Dravida’ for the first time by Shri Adi Shankara in 7th century AD. After a long hiatus, the Dravida terminology was picked up again only in the 19th century by the Baptist church who arrived in India from Europe  to convert the native masses. Rabindranath Tagore mentioned Dravida in our national anthem constituting today’s Seemandhra/Telengana, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu – or that part of peninsular India south of the Vindhyas. Since then the Dravida ideology became the founding cornerstone of Dravidian political parties who wanted to show themselves different from Hindi speaking North Indians. Thus were born the DMK and ADMK of Tamil Nadu.

Of late there is heard the Dravida rant in our coconut country, I mean Kerala. Especially from Kerala Syrian Christians. By the way, a handful of Syrian christians probably migrated to Kerala seeking refuge from islamists in a bygone century (around the time the Parsis fled Iran). But those who claim to be Kerala christians today are our own Indian converts over 90% to say (just like Goan christians, offsprings of Portuguese bastards, who today pretend as if they are pedigree Portugese descendants).

A general aversion for BJP and RSS and Modi has worsened to paranoia with the recent beef ban and ban on cattle slaughter in Kerala. There is also an increasingly menacing presence of RSS in the state like never before. (Regarding this I was talking to a friend. ‘Why is Amit Shah visiting only Kerala? What about Tamil Nadu?’ I asked and she said, ‘Because Amit Shah says Tamil Nadu is already taken care of, with the state under our (BJP) wings, our control (!) (Shame on you CM Edappadi Palanisamy). Whereas work in Kerala is incomplete!’)

A combination of these factors got our Kerala achchans and chettans agitated and frustrated to the extent that they thought the Dravida Nadu is the only solution to continue eating beef in God’s Own Coundry. (I mean country). Never mind they hardly culled a single local cow in Kerala. The beef came from illegally traded-transported cattle from Tamil Nadu and other neighbouring states that our Mallus took for granted. Even eggs came to Kerala from Tamil Nadu. The south eastern state also has an overwhelming NRI population who earn tax-free foreign exchange chiefly in Middle East. Kerala nursing staff are in high demand in US, UK, Canada and Australia. Flush with funds, Keralites zoom about in BMWs and Merc Benzes in the eastern Coromandel coast where anything and everything can be on your plate for a price.

A local Keralite was complaining how before demonetization, an entire load of fish basket would vanish from the market either with the Gulf money or with Black money. Those middle class keralites left remaining in the state to eke out a living working in government department and private sector never got anything substantial on their vaazhai ilai (banana leaf that serves as eating plate in the south). Come demonetization: things changed overnight. Black money disappeared from the scene and from the communists’ pockets. Fish in the market was there available for everyone to get his/her fair share at affordable rate.

However, this has not gone down well with NRI keralites and Communists in power in the state. Dravida in the state that celebrates Mahabali during Onam is not altogether out of place. Dravida started echoing in social media.

Five days back, Dravida chants quietened on their own in Middle East.

Time arrived for reality check for our Kerala christians and Kerala muslims for whom Gulf states are like second home. Berating, degrading, abusing India is like breakfast, lunch and dinner for them without which they cannot live.

What a stroke of fate to humble the arrogant. I see it no other way.

Sushmaji is now everyone’s cup of tea. Toast of the day. Our keralite achchans and chettans no more talk of Dravida ideology. Bharat army is the need of the hour. Hopefully things won’t get that bad, let’s pray.

Even the kerala christians and kerala muslims are aware, how useless their communist state government is. A Kerala christian preacher had to be rescued by Indian government not very long ago from dreaded Yemen. How our government pulled the feat is unbelievable. A christian preacher stuck in Afghanistan was similarly rescued by Sushmaji from his abductors last year.

No Dravida ideology came to help here. Hindutva guys are the ones who came rushing to our help. Two Christian preachers from two terror and war zones. Why should we even bother.

Another harsh reality is : Where is there any job at all in Kerala. If Keralites are not employed in Gulf, they are working in other parts of India or the world. There is simply no job for them in Dravida Pradesh. Work beckons from Bihar and Bengal and Madhya Pradesh rather.

Ex-pat Indians have a tough time settling down in India even under normal circumstances. My husband left home for the first time for a foreign job in 1997. It is exactly 20 years since he has been in Chennai for over a month or so at a time. The longest break was in 2006 when he resigned his job in Oman to report for work in Qatar. He husband was home in Chennai for a continuous 2 months which is a record.

In the brief time my NRI husband visits home, he is never comfortable with the city or even our own place. Used to or perhaps addicted to perfection, discipline and punctuality in everything, even driving in the city is a nightmare for him. Within 2-3 days, the initial exuberance about visiting home would vanish and a restlessness would set in. By the 10th or 15th day he would be raring to return to work!!!

I don’t blame him. NRIs find it extremely tough to adjust back to India which can test your patience and get on your nerves. Nothing is streamlined in India. Nobody even regrets a deliberate error and nobody apologizes.

(Only today my husband said when he queued up in a bank, a Kerala man next to him asked him whether he was there to send money to UAE! Says my husband, ‘don’t our guys have a sense of decency? barging into others’ privacy without a care is in our blood!’ The man in all probability never thought anything was amiss with his questioning!)

Mercifully I still cannot have enough of India with all its ups and downs. Not that I am homesick. I have gone on for 1.5 years at a time without visiting India when we lived in Malaysia. But Malaysia is a different story. The freedom of speech and independence we had there like in India made a huge difference.

So I have to necessarily touch my base in Chennai every three months to retain my sanity these days. Going to temple, attending Bharat Natyam performances and Carnatic music concerts, shopping in crowded markets… even laughing aloud in public places  … these are like the very breathing air to me. I don’t drive anymore but my autowala is at my beck and call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am completely independent: so that’s what I love India most for.

Most NRIs however cannot fit in like me in India but stand out like a sore thumb. My husband for one.

I cannot even imagine the plight of my fellow countrymen especially Keralites with their kids born and brought up in Gulf, adjusting readily to local environs. To the noise pollution of India first over the general water and air and soil pollution !

Even from out of worst developments sometimes there could be a good and positive outcome.

The instability of the Middle East has closed the lid on the Dravida debate once for all in the Gulf Kerala expat community as I can see now. How many times our blood has boiled when we came across pro-Paki, pro-Zakir Naik posts in Facebook posted by Mallu muslims. Now all that is over.

The Middle East in an illusion that many fail to realize. I for one, saw the mirage for what it is right at the start when my husband took his first flight here. I refused to move my son from his Chennai school and stayed put in India establishing my base. I stay connected thoroughly to my base all the time. Since we lived in reality unlike many other Indian expats in Gulf, I think we are far better shock-absorbent. We also have lived through the South East Asia’s worst economic crisis in 1997. My husband was one rare expat Indian engineer who did not lose his job in the havoc wrecked in the Asian Tiger economies. We saw the exchange plummet but we held on. We incurred a heavy loss, but Malaysia experience was worth it all.

Personally I have been through far worst crises in life. I no more attach significance to superficial issues that cannot still affect you the way the well being and happiness of your family can. I refuse to let things out of the circle of my concern affect me or influence me in a negative way. Sometimes all we may need to do is, walk out of a situation. As simple as that. I am adaptable, accommodating, flexible thanks to my civil engineering husband. Even last year he was about to hand over his resignation letter. He had asked me to pack my bags and be ready to leave in 2 days’ time. Which is why we have ZERO loan commitments. I wanted to give that leverage to my husband to quit at will. We have some paltry EMIs pending in India which we can liquidate anytime. Nothing outstanding in Middle East.

There was an elderly French lady here attending Zumba with me for a few months. She was in Middle East for over 4-5 years. I was surprised to learn that the couple never bought a car and hired a private cab for their travels. They lived in apartment-hotel (which we call service apartment in Chennai). ‘I want to leave at short notice and don’t want anything to stop me for over 24 hours’ she would say. She had no fixed landline phone connection. I and my husband always thought whether we should switch over to such a wise lifestyle in future.

There is something that my husband keeps drumming into my ears always: NOT TO DEVELOP MATERIAL ATTACHMENT WITH PLACES. ‘Instead buy clothes and jewelry’ he insists. ‘Practise ATTACHMENT IN DETACHMENT.’ Today this is what helps me in staving off depression on sending my only son abroad for higher studies. As we lived in different places, I lost my material attachment to things slowly and these days I try to substitute it with clothes and jewelry which are movable. In the event of a loss, we can still pick up our pieces and move on.

The day my son left for America, I stopped decorating my home. It could be psychological. I no more spend on sofas, cutlery etc., that I used to obsess about until very recently. Even our wall mounted TV in Chennai is very old that we have not bothered to replace. I don’t long for a spacious kitchen or a big home anymore. All that no more matters. Home is where my heart is, where my son is, where my husband is. Chennai is where I home in but I can still live on any spot in the world. I can detach very easily and resume again in a totally different environment at short notice. Finally I see the truth in my husband’s words. A few months back my husband was asking me if I was game for Tanzania!

But wherever we are, one thing we do is STAY CONNECTED with Indian community and embassy/ministry. It gives one a sense of security and belonging. There are many expat Indian wives clubs that I prefer to stay away from. However, overall we stay in connection with NRI Indian community and cultural centre which are like hub for us expat Indians. The connections may help you even in India if you decide to resettle. Friendships last a lifetime.

The strength and reliability and solid support of a vast and powerful nation called India emerges to the fore in unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. The very fact of belonging to India, coming from India, sets you apart from those coming from small and insignificant nations. Our bargaining capacity is tremendous. We are respected and even feared at times. Way is clear for India and Indians everywhere. The reputation that is India. The voice that is India. The confidence that is India. That can redeem my fellow Indians even from Mars as Sushmaji recently joked.

The relevance of India and the banality of Dravida cannot be more explained. And my god, what a perfect timing.

I was amazed when a friend of mine mentioned that even if she would have to pull her son out of Class 10 (board exam year) (God forbid) in mid term (in future) owing to circumstances beyond our control , Sushmaji would find school admission on war footing basis for her kid in a good CBSE school in Chennai!!! (As if Sushma Swaraj is her next door neighbour who enjoys a personal rapport with the local high school principal !) Normally admissions are closed for class 9 to 12 in all Indian schools in view of preparing the roll for Board exams. Not only mid term admissions, even transfers at the start of the academic year in these classes are not generally encouraged. Rare exceptions can be made.

Developments in Middle East have opened many an Indian eye in ways previously thought of as impossible. We Indians have a HOME at least to return to. Many don’t. You take the case of Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, Egyptians etc., among expats…. they don’t even go for annual vacations from here. There are working professionals among them who have nowhere to go with their families from the host country. Sri Lankans are returning home only in last couple of years. Pakistanis avoid going home as well.

Only Europeans, Americans, Filipinos and Indians go home for vacations year after year from Middle East. Once someone said I was lucky for this reason.

We never appreciate the value of gifts we are bestowed with unless and until there is a contingency.

Where is Dravida in front of Bharat Army? Today I feel safe and secure sitting in a hotspot only because I put my faith and trust in India, Indian government, BJP government, PM Modi and Sushmaji. Not because I trust anyone or anything else here. Still this is an unwanted headache for Indian government who may wish and pray for nothing but peace. The neutrality and cautious biding by Indian government is praiseworthy. They are handling things remarkably mature . No loose talks, no exaggerations. But staying alert nevertheless.

I hope and pray sincerely for peace. Let sanity prevail. Let patience hold. Let tolerance be cultivated. Let us all live and let us let others live.

Road From Jallianwala Bagh to Manchester

Manchester-London terror attacks are not new to UK that has witnessed a spate of violent attacks in recent past. The attacks impart a valuable lesson: that how loyalty is not a characteristic trait in certain ethnic factions. The perpetrators of the attacks almost always were home-bred, born and brought up in UK.

India is all too familiar with this scene. India is a victim of terror not merely in this modern age. Islamic terror reigned in India for a 1000 years before the British arrived bringing with them a all new form of colonialism and loot. Both our invaders be it the Arab-Turk-Persian-Moguls or the British, laid bare our land and made good with their spoils leaving behind their dirt: christianity and islam in a native Hindu-Buddhist country. Now India is home to around 200 million Indian muslims whose first loyalty will NEVER be with India. Indian christians are better as they are well educated and well informed.

But none can be like the native Hindus who put India first over religion. Only a Hindu can love India unconditionally. An Indian muslim can never. Neither an Indian muslim nor an Indian chrisitan can put India over and above their middle eastern imported religion. But a native Hindu in the cradle of Hindu civilization can and WILL when it comes to that. Such an unflinching loyalty to the soil first over one’s professed faith is a rare quality you may not find in any other human race on earth.

Which is why Hindus who have made US or UK or any part of Europe or Australia or South East Asian countries their home are hugely successful today. Hindus are law abiding citizens. Loyalty first is towards the hand that feeds unlike some communities that (are preached to) have the habit of biting the hand that feeds. Even if I am against generalization by principle, I guess I can make some exemptions.

Whether it is Manchester or London or San Bernardino or New York, an analysis of the assailants’ profiles will reveal how the attackers were willing and ready to harm the very nation and people that gave them life and refuge.

But in the aftermath of Manchester, I have this question to British schools: do you teach your children about Jallianwala Bagh.

The answer must be ‘no.’

How can they, the British, admit that it is not even 100 years since they opened gunfire on a peaceful gathering of Indians in Punjab that killed hundreds of our nationals in matter of a few minutes.

Look at the irony. We were fighting for independence of OUR LAND from British occupation.

Every British citizen should do his/her homework on subjects ranging from slave trade to annihilation/extinction of distinctive aboriginal races in New Zealand/Australia for instance to the racial violence perpetrated in Africa to the gold rush and depletion of their forest and mineral wealth and wild life.

Karma is a slow reaction but a definite reaction. Not only individuals, but even nations have their Karma.

One more question: How did Libya or even Iraq hurt other world nations? Why should Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein matter to us. These men and their nations were of no consequence to India. Just as they were of no consequence to most world nations. Now a hornet’s nest has been disturbed because of the Americans’ greed for black gold. The sins of dismantling nations and unpredictable and archaic nomadic tribes ranging from Libya and Iraq to Syria are coming to haunt the offending nations at regular intervals. If we have no blood in our hands, our minds must be clear.

EVERYONE IS NOT HINDU! Not everyone nurtures the infamous (Hindu) complacency. When there is nothing more to lose, those who have seen their homes burn to ashes may come after you. Simple logic. Explains home grown terror and lone wolf attacks that you see in UK and US and Europe today. A chain reaction.

It is a relief that I am from India and that we have not built our nation on the graves of any natives or with plundered wealth. We are neither Christian nor Islamic: we are Hindu and we are home to Buddhism and Jainism which are even more gentler variations that branched out of Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism).

Every individual, every action in this world is connected to us in some way or the other. Let the Brits think about Libyans. Why should they be refugees at all today?

When the French left Algeria, their former colony, they burnt down to stumps the entire African country leaving nothing standing. The impoverished war torn nation continues to pay annual ransom to France until today to keep going, long after the gruesome colonialism ended. France mints a living in this modern age collecting colonial tax from as many as 14 poorest African nations, the former colonies, long after the French departed from the Dark Continent.

This must explain the French connection to terror.

However I have not allowed their past precedence to cloud my judgement on France in the present. I want to revisit their museums. It is just that, I force myself to remember their African sojourn when I may be stepping into their Louvre.’ It is unbelievable that so much creativity could co-exist with such a cruelty of mind and body cloaked under the guise of valour. The contradictions confuse me.

It is time Europeans and Brits teach their kids Colonial history. This will make for better understanding of today’s world by their children who will be responsible adults tomorrow. If anything, GenNext has a right to know both versions of their actual history.

Manchester or London is not an one-off incident. It is merely yet another single move in a grander game of power and greed.

Immigrants are not everywhere without a reason. When their homes are usurped and they are turned out, they have to seek a new safe haven elsewhere.

What Gaddafi did to Libya or Saddam did to Iraq is not for us to pass judgement on. Iraq was still a stable and economically wealthier country. And so was Libya. Who has benefited from their fall.

As a Hindu, I am neither from the Bikini culture nor from the Burqa culture. I am a follower of Hindu Dharma, the ultimate truth. My loyalty is for truth and honesty and justice. I am a believer in Karma. What you sow, you WILL reap. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is Hindu philosophy.

I may be babbling about being Hindu and this and that, believe me, I am forced to remind myself of my roots only in recent times. The middle eastern world and the west have put me in a tight corner where I have to remember who I am. My parents would have died of shame. They never spoke of their or anyone’s faith or race or caste or creed in public in their times. These used to be closely guarded personal, private matters up until even 1990s.

Right now I am sitting in a hot spot. Nations have reasons to act the way they do. Even tiniest of nations are entitled to their right to self-respect and dignity and autonomy and independence. Nations may embrace or associate with or aid/sponsor specific ideologies  (that may or may not be favourable to the west or even India) NOT ALWAYS OUT OF CHOICE, but for lack of it. Circumstantial existential conditions and compulsions could be justifiable or logical explanation. Existence matters foremost. Prioritizing matters. National safety and security count and supreme sovereignty is the word. Only then they can survive to tell you the story later. 

I hope this clears the air as to what is happening in the present times and why. In the place of strategic interest to ME that is. And thus everyone has a valid reason to attribute to. You can blame none.

But it is appalling to notice how smaller nations with limited geographical extent and power,  are extremely vulnerable to the greed of the power hungry west. They are so easy to manipulate. To even vanquish.

Years back I recall watching Damascus souq and spice bazar in NatGeo traveler. I always wanted to go there. It seemed cozy and so… charming and laid-back.

Here in middle-east we are thrown into a mixed crowd of different nationalities: an important lesson we learned was, how NOT to generalize. Good and bad are everywhere.

Living in a smaller nation also made me realize our own folly: I regret the hardship Nepalese had to face as a landlocked nation when India closed borders with the Himalayan kingdom and imposed an embargo on shipment of essential commodities. It is cruel. I admire Nepal’s defiance. 

As far as India is concerned, we have pardoned the British, we have pardoned the Arab-Turk-Persian-Moghuls,  we have moved over. But the residual  Hindu vengeance, if any, still finds itself redirected upon the converted Indians in present times : Indian muslims mostly and to some extent Indian christians. These minority groups in India however have themselves to blame. In last 70 years, they have driven themselves to the spot, is all I can say. Mostly we forgive and forget, which is why Hindus are doing great in every corner of the globe. Hindu children are raised on neutral unbiased grounds without being fed the poison which is not so in the case of muslim children.

Hindu kids are taught the best from each culture, and we take a leaf out of even our colonist-rulers and occupiers. We imbibe the best from everyone, preferring to forget the unsavoury memories. Hindu Dharma gives us such a scope to learn even from our adversaries. History hurts. Indian history is wounding to Hindu conscience. In a secular democratic India, a Hindu cannot even complain about atrocities inflicted upon us for centuries by islamists and christians. Secularism and democracy amount to Hindu bashing in India today.

Unfortunately Middle East is not India and Muslims are not like Hindus.

Hopefully someday, instead of gloating over colonial victories in text books, the British and other Europeans and Americans will restructure their curriculum so that their future generations get to read about their sins that have changed the world forever for worse.

When that happens, perhaps a Manchester may not recur.

Mutual compassion and remorse can move mountains.

Let equality and justice prevail in the end. There is no reason for any human race to be looked down upon as inferior or weak compared to another. It is not upto the Americans to teach civilization to Africans and Latinos.

India is home to Israeli Jews, Syrian Christians, Irani Zoroastrians (Parsis), Tibetan Buddhists among others around the world who fled persecution for the safer sanctuary that we are. We are 1.2 billion in number yet our doors have always remained open to those who seek refuge. It is only in recent years we are clamping down on immigration – as we sport a few millions of illegal Bangladeshis and Nigerians already (in Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Kerala etc) (what is BJP doing).

A Hindu finds relief and salvation only in forgiving. A Hindu’s freedom and liberation lies in leaving the past behind.  This is also the reason why India was invaded for 1300 years. We never fought back mostly: we surrendered without resistance. Complacent Hindu. Tolerant Hindu. And also Resilient Hindu. I am lucky to have been born in this Punya Bhoomi called Bharat. Our ancestors left us such a legacy that our hands and history are not entrenched in a trail of blood…. even if the world prefers to paint us as a slumdog millionaire…

Exposing ‘The Hindu’ Hypocrisy : The Making Of A Zero To Hero


Who is Kanhaiya Kumar?

A Dalit student-activist in JNU, an entirely media-made zero turned hero, enrolled for PhD in African Studies (?) for over 10 years now at public expense at the rate of (hold your breath) Rs. 30,000/- per month.

So who helped in propelling him to the center of national politics? Of course our libtards like The Hindu newspaper for instance. Along with NDTV, the Scroll.

Who is Umar Khalid. Another useless PhD in JNU also subsisting on Indian tax payers’ money, but aspiring to ‘break India to pieces’ for Kashmiri cause bordering on Islamic terror. While these morons would like to go on with their ‘India ko tukda tukda karen’ rant, they expect us public to stand by and applaud. Well we have Barkha Slut for that.

So these are our national heroes today. Secularism and democracy for our media translate to entertaining anti-nationals and their erroneous and damaging ethos and sentiments.

What is IIT for? IITs are the only world class engineering & tech institutions of India which are acclaimed universally attracting foreign talent. IITs rule the global corporate sectors. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai is an IIT India product from my hometown Chennai, for instance. IIT grads go places.

IIT now has reservations but not in our times back then. To enter IIT you have to be the creamiest of the creamy when it came to academic brilliance.

No wonder IIT is the bastion of sheer talent and merit – an exclusive reserve of the brainy UPPER MIDDLE CLASS HINDU.

How to break the elitist Hindu stronghold that’s the IITs and compromise and neutralize their elite profile:

Give entry to frustrated Dalit Christians and Islamists and Communists into IIT through back channels who otherwise cannot even dream of stepping into IIT campuses on merit basis, by way of introducing Humanities in the originally and traditionally scientific academic institution.

So this is how the Ambedkar-Periyar study circle gained back entry access into the sanctum-sanctorum of IIT Madras compound.

Ever since the lobby established itself in IIT campus, conversion campaigns started happening here in full public view. Distribution of leaflets/pamphlets/literature to this effect are not unknown.

Dalit (read Dalit christian) card is flashed for every reason and at every possible instance.

It is no big secret that the Baptist church is the real owner of the Indian media en masse although by different ways and means and that does not exclude the Hindu. No wonder the newspaper takes upon itself and champions the dalit-christian causes with or without valid ground.

The comment I posted for this article was no wonder not published. However browsing my e-mail I find that the Hindu attributes certain comments to me that I NEVER POSTED in the first place, all anti-national, anti-BJP articles mostly and sends me confirmation (!) mails. This is one solid proof of how a lobby is probably operating within the newspaper. I am saving the mails and I intend to consult my advocate as to how to deal with these fake mails alleging that I posted these comments. It means readers e-mail addresses are being misused. Imagine getting mails confirming your comments that you NEVER POSTED!

Who is the so-called IIT scholar beaten up for beef eating that the Hindu has published in first page. What is his discipline? Humanities? Obviously because he seems to be from the notorious Ambedkar Periyar Circle which is bent upon tarnishing the image of IIT Madras by linking it to sabotage activities of this Dalit-Christian nexus. He looks 30+ easily (and looks like Bin Laden’s brother). (Suraj is the name, now I learn). How can such an old man be allowed to milk the tax payers’ money. Time to show both Kanhaiya Kumar and this grand old man THE DOOR. Is anyone listening. Time to pull them up for their work and cut their funds.

JNU is a mess today because of these over-aged zeros like Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khaled. IIT Madras is in soup for having this unscientific age-barred so-called scholar in their midst.

How readily this unscientific community takes the IIT Madras name when it comes to courting controversies.

I have friends whose kids attended IIT Madras. Right at the time of Sri Lankan issue following LTTE’s Prabhakaran’s death, there was unrest in universities across Tamil Nadu instigated by some vested interests (read DMK). My son was attending an engineering college himself in Sriperumbudur. So unlike the Hindu journalists comments to me that were NEVER POSTED BY ME, I have had first hand and direct information from my son that how NOT A SINGLE STUDENT of his college or other technical/engineering colleges in the city/suburbs took part in any of the protests. Only city arts and science colleges like Pachayappas and Nandanam Arts and Presidency and Law College were in the forefront where protests were held (as/and they have history). Hooligans from DMK along with dalit protesters got into my son’s college campus and threatened the management to shut down the campus or otherwise they said the college buses would be set on fire.

The college management reluctantly closed the hostel and sealed the college and declared an indefinite holiday awaiting further government instructions.

At the same time my friend’s son who had secured 480th rank in IIT JEE was attending IIT Madras pursuing his B.Tech degree. A similar scuffle broke out in IIT Madras campus. The same rowdy and anti-national Ambedkar Periyar circle instigated the trouble in which NONE –  NOT A SINGLE B.TECH OR M.TECH GRADUATE STUDENTS took part.

Yet in the next day The Hindu and NDTV, news was flashed tearing up IIT Madras linking it to rowdyism, hooliganism and protests in which none of the mainstream science and tech graduates had a role to play.

IIT Madras now is breeding ground for anti-nationals who have targeted it for the only reason it is populated by elite caste Hindus who are brainy and intelligent and who cannot be defeated by any other means. Dalit Christian lobby is at the forefront of dragging IIT Madras into their shameful gutter. believe me the mainstream B.Tech under grads have nothing to do with any of this: this is entirely the handiwork of the Dalit-christian lobby : Ambedkar Periyar Circle that have no business to operate from IIT campus.

The shameful politicizing of elite academic institution like the IITs is anathema to the very basic foundations and principles on which the institutions were raised and nurtured in the first place. Rowdyism and hooliganism and anti-nationalism are for arts and law students not for serious academics.

The same Hindu who is raising banner for Dalit Christians and Muslim criminals and terrorists did not cover in first page the brutal rape, mutilation and murder of Dalit girl by a muslim in Kerala last year.

Did the Hindu cover this case in first page? After all the girl raped and murdered was a Dalit girl. Alas she happened to be Hindu (even if dalit) but the rapist-murderer happened to be a muslim. The Hindu was at a fix naturally. As a policy, the Hindu would not even name the muslim terrorists/criminals/rapists/murderers.

The suicide of Rohit Vemula, another failure case, was however given prime slot and news coverage for days unending. Rohit Vemula became a hero from zero posthumously thanks to The Hindu, NDTV and The Scroll.

Mohammad Afroz: the deadliest of the Nirbhaya rapists, the 17 years and 6 months boy who raped and inserted a steel rod into the hapless girl mutilating her by pulling out her intestines: this brute escaped death sentence by 6 months and is radicalized (when in juvenile center) and is roaming the streets free today. No news in ‘The Hindu’ or NDTV on this dreadful beast:

The criminals who raped the nun in Kolkata were illegal Bangladeshi  muslim immigrants:

The media first covered the news as vandalism by Hindu zealots but were in backfoot when it became apparent the assailants were muslims and that too illegal Banladeshi immigrants. The coverage shifted to backburners with the discovery as was expected.

Above: One more coverstory that did not make it to the Hindu front page as that of the teenage girl chopping off the privates of a Swamiji.

No front page coverage for the heartless calf slaughter in Kerala for beef fest by Congress activists:

Entire nation is stunned by the merciless brutal bloody slaughter of the gentle bovine creature that shook all our hearts to the roots, but it means nothing to The Hindu who did not cover it prime time/in first page with pictures.

This is just a gist of what the so-called secular media of India is upto.

In short as per the Hindu, the Scroll, NDTV etc., and generally the presstitutes/libtards we have in India, you can be a bloody rapist and murderer and/or even a violent terrorist, but you can get away with it all if you sport a minority tag. 

The lies they perpetrate: how NDTV transformed the calf into ox and buffalo was something entire India was aware. We know the lies of Barkha Slut, Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Shekhar Gupta, Nidhi Razdan and the entire teams of The Hindu and The Scroll.

This comes after how Sagarika Ghose lied in a tweet that muslims were murdered all across India. When the UP government of Yogi Adityanath pulled her up, she bucked down without an ounce of shame. Why should not she be booked under Terrorism Prevention Act or any equivalent for inciting violence.

Why cannot the Hindu come out with exact credentials of this so-called injured PhD scholar at IIT campus? Name. Age. Discipline. How long in IIT at government expense. How many years. What is the stipend per month and how much of tax payers’ money expended on him till date. What is the end product. Where is his research paper: PUBLISH NOW! When you try to project a zero as a hero, you have the responsibility and accountability towards the society at large.

Why do we need at all African Studies in India. Just to engage the types like Rohit Vemula, Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and the 30+ bearded aged PhD scholar of one more useless discipline, and give them free meal coupons for 10-15 years so that they can abuse India and threaten to tear up India with the help of the Hindu, NDTV and Scroll.

Why cannot the Modi government SCRAP HUMANITIES FROM IITs.  Humanities in IIT Madras and other IITs are nothing but Dalit-Christian backdoor entry points. Time to do away with them as they are unscientific and anti-national in approach, dragging the IITs to their gutter level which is their mission. Hopefully BJP government, just like restoring the Class 10 board exams for CBSE, will look into this and dispense with HUMANITIES from our IITs for our own sake, for the nation’s sake.


One more interesting case: just as the debate on Triple Talaq was raging, the Hindu could not refrain from making their usual pointed vengeful attack on Hindu community.

They came with how useless is the Kanyadhaan ceremony in Hindu weddings where a Hindu daughter is gifted awau by the father.

The timing of the article was to demean the Hindu wedding woes even as the Triple Talaq arguments were exchanged hotly across the country. Even christian brides are given away by their fathers. No comment on that. The counter is always for the Hindus. If you notice their news reporting, it is impossible to miss there is a pattern: how they never relent from making accusations to undermine anything and everything Hindu to soften the damage to their precious minorities.



I don’t watch this channel regularly, so not sure how long this is going on but was shocked to watch a program on May 22nd openly calling upon viewers to convert to Islam, free of legal costs. If this is what secularism and democracy can mean for India, then I want RSS to take over entire nation and enforce one hundred percent Ghar Wapsi on warfooting basis.

It is the duty of the state and the central governments to audit this channel and also Win TV, another islamic Tamil channel. There must be similar channels especially in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Telengana besides north Indian states which require strict monitoring. This tv channel airs illegal programs which may disturb the peace of the state and the country. Immediate legal action sought against the channel. Licence to be suspended to the channel and FIR filed.

Conversion meetings by Christian evangelists need to be stopped right through India. Modi government must realize that this is far more important than beef ban.