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Kohinoor to Ajrakh

Did these guys jump from 2500 BCE to 7th century CE straight away with Bin Qasim or whichever bastard who was first of few hundreds (or perhaps thousands) to set up harem in today’s Pakistan with their great great grand mothers? What did they miss from the intervening era. Pedigree. Dignity. Self Respect. Identity. Honour.

You can lay claim to anything Hindu so long as you openly and honestly claim your ancestry.


I was aware that Ajrak is from Sindh but I have always considered it a Hindu heritage. As expected, Pakis came up with owning Ajrakh as their own while disowning their Hindu ancestry at the same time (typically like bastards do). Not surprisingly they pinned it on Indus valley civilization! Alexander invaded India in 3rd century BCE when Hindu King Purushotham was reigning supreme. Well before that, the Vedas had been there, Upanishads had been there, with a vibrant Hindu culture flourishing between exactly 2500-1500 BCE. Indus valley civilization had in all probability receded by the time.

The Harappan people worshipped a Mother goddess symbolizing fertility. A few Indus valley seals displayed swastika sign which were there in many religions, especially in Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. (copy paste from Google). 

The Vedas, Ramayan and Mahabharath findings in recent times have indicated that Hinduism was there around 10,000 BCE (with Krishna’s Dwarka found under the Arabian sea for instance, Ravana’s palace discovered in Sri Lanka, the bridge ‘Ram Sethu’ built by Lord Ram between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka found submerged under sea in very precarious condition by satellite images) but in all probability some natural catastrophe like the Apocalypse destroyed the civilization during which the earth plates altered and rejigged. River Saraswathi  mentioned in ancient Hindu texts has since been discovered under terrain whereas the British always dubbed it as mythical.

Now as the jigsaw pieces of the puzzle have started falling into place, the clear picture is emerging, albeit slowly. Indus valley civilization was a lost and found one perhaps of the survivors, who managed to pick up pieces of thread and relearn civilization. Otherwise how do you explain the connections.

How on earth in Ramayana and Mahabharatha, were astras (missiles) used. Even if they are to be fictional, how did our ancestors write about them 4000 years ago. How did they know about launching of astras. Surface to surface, air to air, surface to air – you name it, Mahabharatha had it. That’s why India’s missiles are named after them : Brahmos for instance after Brahmastra. The fire spitting ones. The tornado. How did Ravana take Seetha in a flight (flying chariot).

Indus valley was not as advanced. Neither did Indian civilization reach this kind of zenith ever after. So that must indicate an already advanced and pre-existing civilization of another plane of dimension, another time, another age. Mayan civilization in South America similarly bears a striking similarity to Indus valley.

We Hindus never believed that we are evolving only now. Every Hindu believes that we evolved once, de-evolved and we are re-evolving now.

How come the Shivalayas built over 2000 years in India lie in the same longitude not missing a single degree. How did Hanuman Chalisa mention the exact distance between earth and sun over 2000 years ago. Not merely 2000, Kedarnath etc., are believed to be 4000 to 5000 year old shrines dedicated to Shiva.

The 5 Shiva temples out of the 12 Jyothirlingas dedicated to the 5 natural elements Agni (fire)., Vayu (wind), Akaash (sky), Bhoomi (earth) and Varuna (water) are exactly placed in the same single longitude long before the west rediscovered that the earth is spherical in shape.

Kedarnath to Rameswaram Shiva Temples Built In Mathematical Line

Pakistan is a cursed nation. Until their intelligentsia first cultivate this intellectual honesty followed by their politicians and citizens and openly admit that they were Hindus who were force converted to Islam, and until they acknowledge their forefathers, they will never prosper. Disconnecting Hindu ancestry using the Indus valley civilization as a weapon is disgusting. Nature worship is the mainstay of Hinduism even today. We worship trees and animals and birds and the five natural elements first like our ancestors did in Indus valley thousands of years ago.

Shameless sense of entitlement to Hindu heritage just like they have filed for Kohinoor which belongs to Mother Goddess Kali in Telengana, India. But then, looting, pillaging, and living on the spoils of plunder is precisely their slave masters’ culture. Enslaved to invaders. Believing they are arabs what a joke! Thoo (spit).

As for Sindh, the Sindhi Hindus are spread across India. Every single town and village is now their home, east or west or north or south. They are the staunchest and most steadfast Hindus than even rest of us. Not a single conversion by love or coercion or bribing or whatever after 1947. Their bhakthi and commitment to Dharma is impressive. May be because they lost their homeland and in this way they connect to what they have irrevocably lost forever. After all, Sanathana Dharma was born in the banks of river Sindhu.

BY THE WAY NOBODY CALLED THE SINDHI HINDUS ‘MOHAJIRS’ IN INDIA. They are wholly absorbed and integrated into the fabric of Indian union and Indian society None of us grew up thinking they are from what is called Pakistan today. I have never come across a single Sindhi in my life mentioning about their roots in Pakistan.

Tamil poet Bharat Bharathi sang about Sindhu even in 1930s when the freedom struggle was on… immortalized in celluloid. With lyrics and translation.

For exact translation:

[Kai Kodutha Deivam] Sindhu nadhiyin misai …

Lockdown Laugh

Been feeling low for a while like everyone else: corona the reason.

With family divided, unsure how the rest of the year will pan out, uncertain how we take it from here…. I stop myself from thinking ahead…

Even so, i got the best lockdown laugh that was the need of the hour.

It came in the form of Pakistan Space Programme.

Been amused a little for a couple of days by the architectural beauty of Pak (!) but nothing to beat this one:

Looks like they cooperated with, WAIT A MIN, NASA!!!

Even in the midst of Irfan Khan news, I am unable to laugh out aloud.

Thanks Pak journos, you made my day.

After a long time, I feel lighter, laughing my heart out under stressful times.

Pak optimism in these difficult times is also a very healthy mental sign 😀

Good, keep it up!


Reclaiming My Kitchen …

I am normally very possessive about my kitchen. On and off my mother-in-law is with me (mostly with me) yet i cannot let her barge in my kitchen which i have always held as my own little kingdom, my very private space. However, in last five years, as I kept flying back from Middle East to India, I was forced to relinquish my kitchen duties to my maid, who doubled up as my part time cook in my absence and when I came visiting. I couldn’t remember what I stored and what pan and pot I used for what. I did, may be, but after having to do all my kitchen work, cleaning duties, washing chores and ironing in Doha, i looked forward to the respite my maid turned cook gave me in India.

I of course paid her for her cooking so I didn’t know how to ask her to stop because, I thought she may need the extra money. Once I started paying her more, how to cut back her salary.

The lockdown came up with a solution seriously for me! My maid stays home and only shops for me while i have taken back my kitchen on her request. I waited for her to tell me so now I am relieved. It felt strange first. I have a similar feeling when i reassume my kitchen duties in Doha always. By this time, my hubby manages to always jumble up things and change everything from original place to his own place of convenience. In fact once after a 2 month in Chennai, i found my clothes still hanging in the balcony. Drying in the sun for 2 months! So this is what men are! I run 2 homes, 2 kitchens. Its kind of getting tedious to keep track of both and the grocery requirements and stock in both! May be I should start jotting down things in a diary.

Reclaiming my kitchen means, I have more work to do but it is satisfying as usual. My Chennai kitchen is a very small cubicle. Only 9X6 feet including tilework etc. I customized it for maximum storage that I even safekeep my family heirloom handed down to me – the copper and brass ware – 2 huge sacks in the loft. In my tiniest kitchen in the metro, i have an efficient workstation planned out and I can cook up for a dozen easily in this little space because i planned it every square inch in detail. Its very utilitarian and handy. I love cooking in my kitchen and I don’t regret having a small cooking place. It’s most convenient, that’s the point and it comes with 100% utility space and storage. I store/stack my huge Idli grinder, mixie/blender, OTG, cutlery, RO system, dinner set, cooking utensils, dailyware dinnerware even, groceries than can last me for 3-5 months in this tiniest space. I have a 4 knob gas stove, a chimney and a wash basin. Its miraculous and meticulous. As I said, i planned it for 6 months and got it executed with Sleek brand help. I customized it to fit my requirements. My kitchen is even Vastu perfect. That’s why to me, my Chennai kitchen is most special. Made with love. Being back here and in total control is wholly satisfying and seems to fill a gap. City living means, we have to do with what little space we have. Not that I don’t enjoy going out or my weekly restaurant dosage for a change.

I am able to keep a tab on things now finally. I know what’s going, what i am stocking, what i am running low etc. I am able to plan for a week before my daily menu and for a month before in case of groceries. More than anything, in times of this coronavirus crisis, my kitchen keeps me occupied for hours. Cooking, Puja, Walking, Whatsapping with friends, FB, Talking to my hubby online – these consume my time. If I steal time for this, it means I am delaying some other work in the pipeline. Evenings are peaceful after dinner time. The city is peaceful. The streets stay quiet. Not even the dogs are barking. Birds are out in full spectrum. I am loving this … if only some of our families are not divided at this time…

All said, i am not a gourmet cook. Not the culinary specialist at all. I do basic necessary cooking that is fresh, nutritious and sumptuous that’s all. Just having reclaimed my kitchen without hurting my maid makes me feel good. I am in charge!


The curious case of Pak silence on China and Corona :D

Rowdy Pak journalists who keep harping on India remain curiously quiet on China and the Corona virus, how come???

What happens to Gwadar now. What happens to Chinese investments in Pak. What happens to OROP. What happens to Paki-Chini bhai-bhai. Well, PM Imran Khan can fly out to China now for defence contracts why not!

What’s happening there in Pak right now. Of course I am not following up much on their media, but glancing at some mischievous journalists’ social media posts, the omission of China/Corona seems conspicuous by its very absence! Silenced by their spy agency is it. After all, that rogue agency butters their bread.

Where are these loud mouthed Pakis now. What is their real position. What happens to their projects. Why are they keeping mum with ZERO coverage on the truth about Corona virus spread.

Apparently the terror nation is terrified of Corona to the extent that their govt has refused to even pull out their helpless students stranded right in Wuhan. Indian govt is atrociously expected to fill the gap! Shameless!

One word on China, let’s see what happens to these Pakis. This is the miserable hellhole they live in. Such an intellectual dishonesty. Dire necessity for their very existence.

Why Hide The Christian Shame, Indian Media?

Recently Kerala has recorded three cases of Corona virus, all flown back into India from Wuhan. Medical students in China. One of the girls was a christian whose family refused medical treatment for the deadly virus putting entire nation at fatal risk. The girl held steadfast that her christian god would save her by his supposed miracle as they demonstrate and act out on stage in India for conversion purposes. Physically sick Hindus are brainwashed into believing this horrible tamasha. After 3 hours of persuasion by the officials, the Kerala christian girl’s family finally relented to go ahead with medical treatment for the girl.

Shocking is how the Indian media is hiding her identity. The same media who are out in the front ridiculing Hindu beliefs and especially cow urine are conspicuously silent when it comes to the girl’s religious identity. How many Yogi barbs you read everyday. One christian girl and her family were ready to kill entire India endangering our safety and security and even our very infrastructure, but no Indian media found it worth mentioning. I came across many reports in media where the girl and her family are mentioned to avoid medical treatment for corona virus owing to their religious beliefs. In fact to protect her identity, I am actually surprised that they have not rechristined (!) the girl with a Hindu name. Because, Indian media is notorious for changing muslim murderer and rapists names to Hindu to protect their identity. Such a sick mentality.

India media guys, you are nothing more than pimps and prostitutes to most of us. That is why we read you, but vote for Modi. The more you go antinational, the more we will embrace BJP.

Coming to the question of Kerala students going as far as China for a medical degree, have you ever thought why is it so.

Kerala is mostly populated by blue collar semi-literate workers employed in the Middle East. Some 80% fall in this category. Don’t be surprised if you come across fake degree certificates in this so-called secular communist state of India. Every nurse or electrician working in gulf from Kerala has this dream of making his/her son/daughter either a doctor or an engineer. Nothing wrong. It is every parent’s dream. Only here, merit flies out of the windows and only money counts. Inspite of neutral NEET and other fairly conducted engineering entrances, these kids cannot get into a decent medical school in India. NEET has opened up avenues for even lower middle class medical aspirants to realize their dreams. Your score and your economic condition have to tally that’s all. Easiest route for these keralites is to China or Russia where education is cheap. These kids who cannot study in India – how do you think they can learn chinese/russian and then do their degrees in the foreign language. Reportedly the fee structure in these countries is very low compared to what we have in India.

These medical degrees earned outside India ARE NOT RECOGNIZED by government of India at all. But they may be acceptable to gulf countries.

I have seen multiple cases in gulf. Kerala base. Typical. Mother nurse. Or father a plumber. Like that. The parents spend their lifetime savings enrolling their kid in medical courses at any cost. Every nurse’s OBSESSION is to make her daughter/son a doctor. I was shocked when a nurse pitched in over 50 lakh rupees of hard earned money for her daughter to become a dermatologist (MD seat) at an obscure medical college in Bangalore. Some puritanial ‘religious’ medical institutions also take in ONLY their ‘faithful’ with or without merit – these deemed medical universities are popular in Karnataka especially in and around Mangalore and Bangalore. The intake is mostly Kerala students.

Those who cannot afford Indian private medical fee structure even after NEET, now fly out to China/Russia. What kind of doctors will they make. This Kerala christian girl who has ironically been in Wuhan for a medical degree refused medical treatment for something as lethal as the corona virus. Imagine the condition of God’s own country. Because she actually believed her god would cure her ailment! What will happen to this country if we are turning out such third rate medical doctors for next generation. Ones who do not believe in medical science but in superstition pursuing a profession in medicine. In future, such a girl as this one may still buy out her specialization (MS/MD) with the same money power.

Shame on Kerala and the communist leaders. Producing JUNK nothing more.

India is teeming with thankless christians and muslims. Whether BBC that makes it a point to talk about cow urine mention the girl’s chrisitan religion and her blind faith (is that even faith).

By the way, the cow dung is the only fuel (bio gas) in the world that does not emit the toxic carbon di oxide. Even today in villages through out India and especially in Tamil nadu, cow dung is used to mop the outer and inner floor spaces of homes because that keeps off pests and acts like pest control. Our ancestors were no fools. Today we want foreign countries to earn in India so we have Domex and Lysol. BEcause we are ashamed of all that is native and good with us: eating with hands, brushing with neem twig, mopping our homes with cow dung.. Ok in cities, you grow out of certain customs and practices. But why ridicule the healthiest and nature-friendly way of living of our rural people.

Even today wedding feasts are served only on banana leaf in south. Banana leaf is deemed to be the most respectful eating plate you may serve your guest with. For auspicious days, again we have banana leaf. These are our natural friendly eco-friendly native customs. How much ancient customs get ridiculed by our media. For the only reason they are Hindu practices.

We are all literate down here. Even today if we visit goshalas in our temples, if we come across cow urinating, most of us cup it in our palms and drink it. Natural antibiotic and anti-oxidant. Which is why while Indian and foreign media keep ridiculing us, the cow urine benefits have already been stolen and patented by a US pharma. That is why neem in toothpaste was patented by Colgate you fools.

Cow flatulence is again oxygen, not carbon-di-oxide. Which is why cow is bred more in India. Cow is revered in India not without reasons. Even among the entire bovine family, the cow stands out from others such as the buffalo.

Native cows in India alone produce the A2 milk which is not secreted by the Jersey or other european cows. America has patented even this A2 milk which is indigenous to native Indian breed.

A2 milk is bestowed with brain boosting nutrition. Which is why next to breast milk, Indian children grow up only on cow milk strictly until 3 years at least. Now this A2 milk is what is patented.

Thankfully India has woken up at last. Native breeds are now taken better care.

For foreign media, yeah IGNORANCE IS BLISS for you. We don’t even try to correct you these days. In cultures that cull the bovines to fill their bellies, the values of Dharma can never be decipherable.

In a way this is all fine. The more these Indian media bastards spew venom against native Hindu culture, the more stronger we Hindus become in our faith. The more respect we develop for our ancestors ancient customs and practices that we follow until today. Proudly a Hindu.


The Witch

I was in this short distance shuttle that took me to my flight in the Istanbul airport. I was managing to hold on in the jam packed shuttle without tripping pulling together my handbag to my chest. In the melee, my husband got separated by a few feet from me, in the same bus. The ride took almost 5 min.

After a minute I noticed that a woman standing very close to me that our breaths could mix, was wearing everything in black : black leather knee length boots, black leather jacket, black leather vest etc., all studded with gold buttons. She was a white caucasian female, may be 65. She was totally blonde with waist long hair and with a face very heavily made up. Her lipstick was a shocking pink. Her eye makeup was so thick and gaudy. The one word that came to my mind was , ‘witch.’ Hardly for 20 seconds I looked at her – slantway. For some reason my intuition stopped me from looking her in the eye. I respected that caution.

No sooner did the word cross my mind, in the moving bus, the woman started a stunt. I am sure others were not aware even if people stood extremely close in those five long minutes. I knew what was happening even in that crowd or so I thought. It was as if the woman read my mind.

Slowly quite like a witch she titled her head slowly up and then down, and then to the left and then to the right. She kept repeating the motion for the entire trip of the bus. Now I felt panic rising in me, but i immediately calmed myself and decided to confront her if it was indeed what I believed it to be. I repeated in my mind clearly, ‘I am the Badra Kali. Ma Kali is with me. I am the Bhagwathi. Ma Bhagawathi is with me. Go away or I will tear you to pieces. Go away or my Mother will tear you to pieces. Ma Kali come here. Ma Bhagawathi, Ma Parvathi come to me. Are you with me.’

May be this sounds crazy, but this is what I told myself in my heart.  Not even my husband I have confided this about. The woman kept repeating the motions very slowly. Except me, nobody seemed to be aware of what she was doing. I don’t know how I got my courage. I believed strongly My Mother Goddess stood with me then.

May be or most definitely I was hallucinating for no reason. Effect of some scary movies. I am not ruling that out either. Or may be what I thought it was was true.

I regretted leaving behind my Mangalsutra in Doha (!) We Hindu women are never to be without it. But as it is heavy gold I put it in safety before boarding the flight for my holiday. In the Mangalsutra, we have powerful symbol of family Kula Deivam who protects us all the time. And we have Mahalakshmi. My protective talisman was at home. I remembered that at that moment. Then I told myself, my Kula Deivam and my Mother Goddess first resided at my heart. I don’t have to wear any jewelry as their symbol.

The woman’s contortions (!) eased as the bus slowed down. I found my husband in the shuttle and together we boarded the plane to Doha. I did not look back. This European woman probably boarded the same flight but she was most probably a transit passenger in Doha. I did not see her in immigration. I did not see her at all.

I kept wondering if it was a clash of wills. Was it a clash of anything at all. Or was I reading too much into something that was nothing. The woman could be after all having neck issues like vertigo and she was exercising her neck muscles!!!

Somehow I could not convince myself completely of that. My heart refused to believe in alternate and most logical explanations and hung to its intuitive caution. Whenever in past i have overstepped my intuition, that has only backfired. I have decided that my heart knows betters and speaks the truth.

In times like these, I do not expect anyone to understand me. Others don’t have to.

Facebook vs Whatsapp vs Instagram: Social Media Junkie

Many have stopped being regular at FB after Whatsapp came up.

In my experience (as a social media junkie!) I can vouch, FB is far better when it comes to your privacy over Whatsapp.

Everytime I change my dp in whatsapp or update my status in the app, those who never forget to wish me for the nice pic are my (part time) driver, my maid (through her son’s phone), my (regular) carpenter, my plumber, my electrician, my banker who are all in my Contacts in my phone/SIM,

Once I was shocked when someone even remarked about my sleeveless top. Ever since I stopped uploading very personal pix in whatsapp. But the temptation is there because, mostly i do it for my majority friends and relatives with whom I move in the same circles.

FB is a lot better because, as a policy i don’t add those who i employ for any menial work or whatever at home. In short, I don’t want to have those below our social strata as my FB buddies because I generally keep my world hidden from their views. FB has friends’ lists that lets you choose who you want to share your pictures or videos with. Still, it is a cumbersome process. You have to remember to remember each time. Best is to limit your friends and relatives circle in FB and share all your stuff with this circle entirely so that you don’t have to try too much to remember.

It is very annoying when people who are in your contacts list as not your friends have access to your very private information. Another thing is, what I share as dp/status is meant for my girl friends in my phone. Not meant for even relatives, especially male relatives, nasty and gossipy female relatives and hubby’s friends. There is no way you can filter the contacts that way in Whatsapp.

Well, this is my conclusion. In FB we can have our privacy settings and the world need not have to know about your wherabouts. You share the info with just a trusted close and extended circle. I have no problem even with Instagram. I don’t care who sees what because Insta is somewhat impersonal – or it seems to me. I am absolutely comfy there because those few who follow me are not my friends. I mean, very few of those few are my friends with whom i share a good understanding. No way the pictures i share in Insta can be shared in FB.

I am now laughing to what extent I have become a social media junkie hahaha!

My addiction to writing is like drug addiction.

I don’t care whether I write nonsense or whether I make sense. If i am writing today or whenever, it is because it makes my heart feel light. If I am obsessed about anything, it means, it makes me feel lighter. It distracts me. It makes me forget my world, my existence for the moment. It gives me a temporary relief. Jts my oasis of refuge. Not that I am suffering from anything. Still… I feel positively recharged. I catch myself smiling. I am happy. The sensation is sweet. Its like a breeze is caressing my face. It’s like I have just laid down the weights I am carrying on my head, even for a few brief seconds… Whenever I feel like, i can write, read, browse, stalk (!) who can stop me. This drug is a dream! Ten years back I would have laughed at anyone who suggested this wonderdrug. Hmmm… Just wanted to record it to posterity hahaha!


If someone asks you to jump into well, will you jump Imran Khan.

Heard Imran Khan saying at UNGA, it was a big mistake on their part to have joined the US and its allies in their fight against terrorism.

Only one question to you man.

If someone asks you to jump into well, will you do it blindly Imran Khan. What nonsense are you talking. You are frustrated because US aid to Pak got terminated. Don’t shift the blame on to others. Grow up and take responsibility owning upto to your actions or misdeeds or whichever!

I can’t believe, once upon a time in my life I actually adored him. He was one of my favourite cricketers. He earned further our respect by building the first cancer hospital in Pak. Very disappointing Imran Khan. What a mess you are now!


Filmed & Interviewed by Enemy!

A funny thing happened a few days back. Me and hubby were as usual walking through an art gallery here.

A girl in her 20s and a turbaned man approached us as we were studying art deeply and clicking pictures.

The turbanator was a young sikh guy. He was shy and hesitant to speak. The girl with him was in black salwar kameez with her head covered in dupatta. She had her nose pierced. So I first mistook her for an Indian.

Turned out that the Singh was business visitor from Mumbai. The girl was Pakistani who did her schooling and college right here in Middle East. After talking to them for 2-3 minutes, I and my hubby felt, it won’t be nice to abruptly end conversation. We further found that the visitor from India was on a short trip. How he and the girl met we don’t know. But the young guy immediately cleared the slate for us explaining that he worked as chef and he and his wife in Mumbai loved to cook south Indian dishes. He had worked in Australia earlier for 7 years before returning to India. He traveled to the south pretty often for business purposes. I asked him to come home if he wanted a good south Indian meal in case he stayed longer enough. He said he wanted a proper ‘saappadu’ – he just loved Saravana Bhavan restaurant meal on banana leaf. I have never met a shy Sardarji in my life before. The girl intervened and started her dominating conversation at this point. She said she was into making short films, interviews that she loaded for You Tube. She wanted us husband and wife to be interviewed for a couple of minutes. She asked my husband what brought us to the gallery. When he said he was an amateur artist, she asked him to show his FB page. In flash of a second, she added herself as his buddy by sending friend request i guess. Same with Instagram. But she was cheerful. Just would not take a ‘no.’ And since she was young and bubbly, we neither had the heart to refuse her. She said, she made short films and interviews of both Indians and Pakis. That’s how in the media world, she came across our Punjabi guy, she said. Was a student of some sort.

She clicked pictures of us. The exhibition was of an Indian artist. There was also a photo gallery. She asked  me to explain the framed picture (photography) of an old woman from rural Tamil Nadu who was ‘aatufying’ tea/chai. Close to her was an idli pot. The work was too good and realistic. She recorded my explanation. She also asked us about our background and we told her a bit about ourselves. She shot it in her mobile phone. Then she said goodbye and made her way out with our Singh. The Singh was very sweet and polite. I wanted to talk to him more and better but there was no way this girl was going to leave him out!

Back home, when we checked her You tube channel, we were shocked to find all Pro-Paki interviews! More than me, my husband felt very disturbed. Not a single Indian content in that. Probably she was just making a beginning in media or whatever. Or wanted to make a penny by way of You tube channel. Whatever! I wonder how many people she shared our video with. Not at all comfortable. We are happy trusting people. Normally we never take in to total strangers. The girl being a girl, young at that, and her companion being a gentle sikh who was familiar with Chennai, changed our hearts.

In retrospect, hopefully the video is not misused or edited! That is our biggest concern now! Never been so naive! Of course we have her You tube name and Instagram ID. Not paranoid but any connection to Pakistan makes us Indians feel insecure. Hubby unfollowed her in Insta and unfriended her in FB!

Today I saw Imran Khan’s interview on religious matters in UN. No way we will trust a Pakistani sorry. I don’t know whether the girl will really upload our video, but I wish and pray she doesn’t. Time to time I shall check and if she does, we shall ask her to remove it. Sorry Khan, we will never, never trust you. Our phobia, the world phobia for you guys is a constant factor. We are not comfy with you, we cannot bring ourselves to believe you or trust you on anything. I wonder how many more Indian citizens have been similarly ‘interviewed’ by the girl.

While clicking a picture of mine near the old woman photo, the girl remarked, she adored the business sense of Indians. I asked her, was that why their tv channels always referred to us as Hindu baniyas. She laughed at that and said she would convey my view to her community. A part of me wants to trust her and her people, but my mind screams a big “NO’

In all sincerity I hope, she deletes our pictures and interviews! Nothing sensational there. Just a middle class middle life story told to her in brief. She seemed to be impressed by our ‘literacy’ levels !!! I asked her when she would be getting married and to whom, if she had lived her entire life here in the Gulf. She gave a vague answer like she had no idea. She was more Arab frankly or sounded so then. But her You tube channel is a complete shocker revealing her unmistakable identity (which we learned about anyway).

Khan interview today made me think of her. Why can’t we ever trust these people. I can’t even bring myself to trust a young girl not even 25 who seemed educated and bold and business-minded. Trust is a precious commodity to earn and upkeep. It takes ages to cultivate such a solid, unshakable trust in anyone. This is the reason. Pakistan has broken that trust many times and betrayed India and Hindus on every ground.  Betrayed world nations. There is simply no question of trusting any of the Pakis again.

We hold nothing against the girl herself. For us, the videos from her background/home are shocking (culture shock) to the core. We cannot still bring ourselves to accept them as ‘acceptable people!’ Yeah, hopefully, she deletes our pictures! That’s the maximum I can hope for now. Prejudice. I can lecture on that for hours. But I am not ashamed to admit here, yeah I am prejudiced on certain issues because that’s something my intuition keeps murmuring to my ears and heart!