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Continuing Christian Frauds in India

One main reason Modi is hated by minorities in India is that, he cracks down on foreign missionary funding for conversion by Christians from US/Europe and goes doggedly after islamic terrorists like he did with Zakir Naik.

One would have thought, the funding for evangelists from abroad has almost dried up in last 5 years. Alas. These bastards have actually found a loophole to hoodwink government and circumvent rules to still pump dollars into India. Now instead of mass transfers, these foreign christian missions are provided with individual pastor details and evangelist contacts most of whom also sport Hindu names to receive direct credit from overseas. These conversion missionaries/individuals are being funded micro – like 20,000-30,000 rupees for instance or anything under 49,000/- rs which may escape the government mandatory scan or the tax net. It is extremely difficult to keep track of these minor micro remittances from abroad into individuals’ bank accounts.

There are thousands of Indian citizens lawfully transferring funds to the country. However, there are christians among Indian NRIs especially Keralites who may also be injecting unlawful funding into the system meant for conversion using these channels. NRI christians in gulf need a thorough investigation.

Similarly all foreign remittances must be traceable especially if you are not an NRI but a resident Indian.

Same is the modus operandi used by Indian muslims. Hawala channels have been blocked with a great success by Modi government, still micro funding continues. These are simply untraceable, untrackable.

If you take that christian bastard Mohan Lazarus, he is setting a target goal for conversion in Tamil Nadu and swearing that 25% of Tamils are already christians, although most are crypto christians. Which means, they remain hidden and won’t be accountable as christians to con the government. Changing the demography of a nation with a malicious intent will prove to be detrimental to the nation in the long run.

India is the only Hindu majority country in the world next to insignificant Nepal. Nepal is drug and crime heaven. India has to deal with these christian frauds at any cost. How Modi will do this is a big question mark. He is doing so much already, yet the crooked fellows find a way out.

Christianity and Islam do not belong in India. They have no place in native Hindu nation. You can continue to live in harmony with Hindus as equal citizens if you are a christian/muslim, so long as you do not intend to upset the apple cart. If you dare, we will have to declare India the Hindu Rashtra and show you the place where you rightly belong.

Tough job ahead for Modi. How many crises are waiting for his attention. Nation building, tax structure, Infra, foreign affairs, defence, health and education… and this strange christian conversion and islamic terror issue that no other nation seems to face in the world. India is suffering.

July 1, 2019 is red letter day for Indian economy. Indian currency got accepted as the 16th world currency for exchange in Dubai (dutyfree). While this should bring us cheers for the groundbreaking Rupee performance, we also have to be cautiously optimistic because, UAE is heaven for islamic terrorists and hawala operators. None of us believes Sri Devi died a natural death. Which nationality (for a price) might have done away with her is a guessable work. Not verifiable as it must be. Not questionable as it is foreign soil. Conveniently the setting was a hotel where signs could be destroyed quick because rooms needed to be rented out routinely. India cannot even broach some subjects as these are sensitive questions and issues. By opening Hindu temples in UAE and offering a few more sops, the Arab nation successfully preempts India’s moves.

Pakistan is floundering today because they built their economy printing and circulating counterfeit Indian currency. The day demonetization was announced by Modi, Pak economy took a severe beating leading it to its present crisis. Dubai could well become a good transit point for Pakistanis pushing in fake Indian currency. Normally they use the Nepal route. India should be wary of any goodwill shown by Arab nations. It could prove to be counter-productive.

As such most anti-socials in India are Indian muslims. Contrabrand smugglers, drug mafia, pimps and of course bloody terrorists – who are these in India? 99% only Indian muslims. So after the initial euphoria, there is some misgiving on part of most indians when it comes to Indian currency being acceptable in Arab countries. Until 1970s-80s, the Indian rupee was their trading currency of course. Dubai thrives on illegal trades. Criminals have made Dubai their base. Red carpet welcome for terrorists. Dawood Ibrahim, a small example. Their economy and as well as Saudi’s is in shambles. It is not out of respect or recognition that the Indian Rupee is now acceptable in UAE. It is because India has grown stronger while these Arab nations won’t last mostly after next 5 years with their heads above water. India should do a thorough homework. India is at no one’s mercy.

The One Road.

The Theosophical Society is right in Chennai. Its famous banyan tree is still a well known landmark. In fact when Chennai was still good old Madras, my aunt’s school used to take their high school girls for picnic to the tree that sprawled over a huge area leaving a cool shade. My aunt’s school is in Adyar bank even today. I can’t believe that once upon a time, the school used to open with a snake charmer leading them from the front. The classrooms used to be riddled with snakes from Adyar river. It was only in the 1970s and  1980s. Gradually things changed as India changed and soon there was no more work for snake charmer in the school premises.

So that is how the Theosophical society became familiar to me at a young age. Because of my aunt for whom, the banyan tree was like an icon as she daily commuted by city bus to her school which was close to the society.

In history text books, like anyone else, I have read about Annie Besant and Madam Blavatsky. More about Annie Besant who supposedly spearheaded the Home Rule Movement in India. She apparently moved on to other things drawn by India. More so, the Hindu spirituality. Actually I had no idea. Many Chennaiites have been infatuated with the Theosophical society founded by her and also by J Krishnamurthy. However I have always remained immune to J Krishnamurthi stuff. In fact, I did not even try to understand what they were trying to tell us. I didn’t know the other side of Annie Besant after whom Besant Nagar, the Chennai suburb is named. JK Foundation schools are popular for their style of syllabus and free thinking philosophies. More than that, I have never tried to find out honestly anything about this curious trio. Rukmini Arundale, the founder of Kalakshetra school of the classical dance form Bharat Natyam similarly was a close acquaintance to the spiritual thinkers. No idea again.

It is interesting to learn from Sadhguru, why they came to India exactly over a hundred years before, what drew them to India, and ultimately of the great Indian/Hindu spirituality and of Shiva. It is tragic that in a nation that beholds so much truth and wisdom about creation, there is today hectic foreign-sponsored activity to pull us Hindus away from native faith which is the only actual truth in the universe today. That which truly transcends logic and theories and prophesies to lead you to the ‘true conscience.’

The way I look at Sanathana dharma and at India have since undergone a massive change. I understand my belief system better now. I don’t care what others may want to think or how others may judge. It doesn’t matter.

I have heard of JK, Annie Besant etc over years but as I said I hardly paid attention to their interests or philosophies or experiments. Now I know better. I understand the relevance now. Aurobindo also was a freedom figher who later on became a spiritual guru who founded ‘Auroville’ in Pondicherry near Chennai that has drawn global citizens to make it their home. Pondicherry Mother from France, similarly is like a guru to many Tamils. As far as we Hindus are concerned, our faith is unshakable. It doesn’t matter who came from where. I see Mother’s picture in many friends’ puja.

India is a spiritual enigma. I do not even attempt to explain these things to a non Hindu. Firstly you will be ridiculed. Secondly, they are followers of self-professed prophets who claimed to be sons of gods. Whereas we are from the land of Shiva who never had biological father or mother, who never had to be born to die… Is Shiva an alien. Are we His creations the way we humans today may mutate species in science labs. I will explain this. A Hindu child grows up hearing about ‘Yuga.’ ‘You cannot understand Yuga’ my granny used to say, ‘a Yuga is like millions of years for you but only one minute or one hour for Shiva.’

To an ant or a snail or a centipede or grasshopper, a walking human being is a living God no doubt. How many lifetimes of the ant is our single day. Shiva is the walking giant. We are the ant, millipede, grasshopper, snail. To realize Him is impossible for us for the way it is for the ant to imagine the human being. I try to realize Shiva. I can’t. They say Yoga is a tool that can elevate you to a higher level of conscience. So this is where Yoga and meditation come in. They help in focusing, nothing more. Neither am I good at Yoga nor is my intelligence that evolving. I can’t go beyond a level. In fact I cannot climb over my layman level. I don’t even try because I know my limits. My limitations are not only physical but also intellectual.

To those few who can raise themselves without the help of opium to a higher level of consciousness, I bow my head in respect and awe.

None of us can become a Gautam Buddha or Satya Sai Baba or Ramana Maharishi or even Osho. Living in their lifetimes is enough for me.

I have not had a darshan of Puttabharthi Sai Baba. But I believe in His noble soul. I can understand what message Sadhguru is trying to convey. I am grateful I have a chance to listen to Him. No I am not a fan of him and he is not my guru yet.

But he helps me a lot in decoding Shiva. I am obsessed with Shiva and Shakthi. I just can sense that none of Hindu history is fanciful imagination or work of fiction.  In some other plane of time, I believe like any other Hindu, we have had this past. A lie cannot be carried on for 15,000 years to near perfection, only through word of mouth except for last 50-60 years.

Hindus say, on death we blend with the ‘jyothi’ – we become the collective consciousness, we add to the collective conscience- provided we are freed or liberated from the cycle of birth and rebirth. Our Karma decides that. A Hindu heaven is this liberation or higher intelligence or conscience. Hell is rebirth. There is no way you can compare Hindu Dharma with Christianity or Islam. Please leave us alone.


Unprecedented Water Crisis in Chennai

Actually, not unprecedented.

We have had water woes once every 20 years of so. It is cyclical. If we have good monsoons for straight 4 or 6 years, then a drought year is bound to follow. 2019 happens to be one such unfortunate year for the city folks.

Has our government learnt at all? Even in this dry season when everything lies bare, no activity is seen to spruce up dry lake beds, river beds, temple water tanks etc and making them ready for monsoons that are still away by a few months. Weeding out is essential for retaining water content, something the state administration never concerns itself with. Until Jayalalitha was our CM, we faced no such a crisis because she routinely weeded the water bodies to get them ready in time for monsoons. We miss her effective governance.

Similarly the state hasn’t had power woes for 2 decades. Tamil Nadu is a surplus state generally in all departments. For the first time, I got besieged with 1 hour power cut for 2-3 consecutive days. Now okay but not sure how long this spell with last. People tell me, now without announcement power gets switched off for 1 hour or so twice or thrice a week. Unbearable in this heat wave. We were always a proud state who managed our resources well. Now the common man is facing the scrunch and suffering.

This year 2019, Lord Vishnu in the form of Athi Varadar is rising out of the ancient Varadaraja temple in Kanchipuram, 70 km off Chennai. This happens only once in 45 years. If you are lucky, you can have a darshan of the Lord twice in your life time. Legend has it that, the years Athi Varada comes out is normally dry and drought time. How well our ancestors have worked out times. The water level in the temple tank falls to abysmal low that the Lord surfaces once in four and a half decades. He will go back into water after a 48 day Mandala Puja. It so happens that 2018-19 is not a good monsoon year for Tamil Nadu.

Fortunately the Cauvery delta and the southern parts of the state that are mainly rural and agricultural are receiving normal rains. Only the metro seems to be suffering. Panjangam predictions point to bountiful monsoons resuming this year. What is the point when you are not ready to take full advantage of it.

What a horrible government we have who are doing nothing to weed out the lakes and reservoirs and temple tanks and rivers right now when we have time. We can’t be calling Modi for everything. We have to appreciate the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala that are good when it comes to handling water resources. For instance Mumbai is a 20 million metro with highrises with 30 to 40 floors easily in every road. How do they manage. Mumbai has no encroachment in water bodies and they take good care of their water bodies. They do nothing more. Things will take care of themselves. Chennai has a history of abusing and ill-treating our water bodies for which we are paying a big price.


First Rate/A Class Humour: Crazy Mohan

India lost 2 wonderful and resourceful actors yesterday: Girish Karnad and Crazy Mohan. Karnad could be having all-India following but Crazy ruled the world of the Tamil diaspora with his timely wisecrack. Such was his sense of humour that he would have us roaring in splits in matter of minutes… you wouldn’t even be out of his first joke but then he would already have unleashed a couple of more on unsuspecting you! And through all this, he would never ever poke fun at or offend anyone, strictly no political innuendos and no double meaning dialogues.

Crazy shot to fame in the late 1970s. We were members of the Sabhas then, as typical Mylaporeans. Every week therefore we attended classical music, dance and stage plays. The era of Tamil dramas was drawing to a close already as the silver screens turned into crowd pullers. Tamil stage scene lasted a few more breaths thanks to those like Crazy who gave it a longer lease of life.

As a kid therefore, I got to watch Crazy Mohan dramas live on stage. ‘Janaranjagam’ is one term i can use for his plays or his acting. He was very refined in his humour/screenplay/dialogues. Back to back at a lightening speed, yet didn’t have to resort to cheaper tactics. Somehow he pulled it which I am sure, none in this generation can manage. His instant improvisation was his biggest plus. For, humour has come to mean cracking jokes at the expense of others, offending others in the present. Bodyshaming is humour. Double meaning dialogues that can make you squirm in your seat with their brazen vulgarity is humour. It is only in last few years I truly understand the greatest service Crazy rendered. Clean, unadulterated humour. Crazy’s.

He also happened to live near my friend’s place. His was a joint family. His brother Madhu also always played a role in Crazy’s plays. In my teens, I have seen Crazy many times sitting on his scooter or starting his scooter outside his house. He was already a public figure doing very well. A kind of mini celebrity. But he was just like any of us mortals. No air about his status. I used to wonder, why he still led such a simple life. They showed his house in tv. He looks just like sleeping in death. Same old house with small rooms that’s not even big enough to hold the mourning crowds. What a way to live. It is now learned, he contributed hugely to organ donation and Madras Cancer Institute, Adyar. Somehow, this man just had no negativity about him at all. Lovable by all. It is easy to guess, how must have been at home, as a family man. Watched his video where he stresses the joint family values in his address to school children. I grew up in a joint family, my son grew up in a joint family too and my husband as well. Somehow I feel, that makes us different than others. It has its ups and downs but it is necessary at least for a few initial years of one’s married life. Crazy family still is a single unit. Adorable! In his personal life too, looks like Crazy was a very kind and generous man.

In our school farewell, a gang of us enacted a part of his first ever drama production, ‘Crazy thieves in Palavakkam’ which got him the title ‘crazy.’ We were such a poor crew, yet we earned such an applause. The dialogues were the reason.

An engineer by profession, Crazy found his interest in scripting and directing and acting in stage plays with humour that became his trademark. He also made his entry into Tamil film world. His screenplay-dialogue could be deadly combination that the Tamil audience would never forget. The hilarious Kamal Hasan-Crazy Mohan team would drive us literally crazy in the period 1995-2005.

I love watching his re-runs even now. Evergreen comedy. Names like Janaki (Janu), Madhu etc., are so very familiar to Tamil audience. Crazy Mohan will be missed not only by his family but also by his fans. Unique. His unique comedy that set him apart from others will be missed. 67 is not really the age to die. Perfectly healthy man, vegetarian with no bad habits… still heart attack? Scary.

Wanna see RaGa in jeans and shorts :D

Whatever you may say, I just luv our Amul baby RaGa for his innocence that he cannot mask. Relieved he is not forming government although Ma Sonia Gandhi may be pretty disappointed. No point in blaming the lady as well. She carries the tremendous responsibility of keeping the Nehru-Gandhi clan name alive in the memory of Indian nation and public. I do admire her for forsaking worldly pleasures and living as a true bahu of India, confining herself to mostly white or peach cotton saris. Widowed very early in life, Sonia could have returned to Italy. Like Imran Khan’s ex-wife Jemima, she did bot defect. I don’t want to delve into the corruption charges leveled against the Congress party or about the conversions to Christianity that Sonia sanctioned. She has kept the Nehru-Gandhi banner flying for which Congress must be indebted to her forever.

As for RaGa, it is time he steps out of this self-imposed uniform of white and white of his – white kurta and salwar. Time to embrace life, get married, have children, and enjoy life with the money minted by his family and former prime ministers of India. Would love to see RaGa in jeans and t-shirt and in shorts as well. Why no shorts??? Like any normal or average man of his age, RaGa must forget politics and engage himself in some or other vocation and earn his income (if not living out of his family estates), be productive and unravel the mystery and complexity of what life is all about.

Who knows 10 or 20 years later, his chance may come. RaGa will always have my sympathy. He is like a parrot in a golden cage to me. He can neither flee nor can he find happiness in his miserable closed world.

The Dining Table Syndrome

My primary school from Pre-kg to Standard 5 was with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Mylapore. Later this school closed and Rajaji Vidyashram, the branch school in Kilpauk opened. The Mylapore school became a full time concert hall for performing arts.

Even when I was attending school in BVB, there used to be film shoots, Carnatic music vocal and instrumental kutcheris, functions etc  in our auditorium. We were regularly screened animated/wildlife films with projector, on the wall of the auditorium, once a few months. That is how I got to watch King Elephant! My elephant fascination began thus in my primary school! Have memories of watching Rajni Kanth and Sri Priya filmy dance shoot on our stage. Attended once a function in our school when MGR was our chief minister. My mother and I were in the audience. She was fascinated to see her hero and CM of the state in flesh and blood. As I was a kid, i was given a small doll as gift by the reception committee that welcomed all guests.

BVB was an all-round school. Even if the school does not function in Mylapore any more, there are still music classes conducted for classical Carnatic instruments like Veena and Mridangam, spoken Sanskrit, etc.

We had a Yoga master in our school who i guess was a resident teacher. He taught us Yoga upto class 5. Without knowing its significance therefore, I learned a lot of Yoga in very young age. Girls mostly don’t get to play cricket. I never had any sporting interest either. However we walked a lot those days. Walking to beach, temples, everywhere. Walking 10 km a day easily was not strange.

Life got busier shortly and I lost touch with fitness totally. It was only after crossing 40, I could catch breath again and have time for myself. My ‘Me’ time started too very late in life. When I really needed a good facial, pedicure, nice clothes and exercise, I did not get it! Life is like that! After 40, when you don’t need it, you have time for all these extras.

Until 40, every once in a while I still tried to do at least the Padmasana at home. My knees and calf muscles and thigh bones were still flexible. I used to think, I needed no more exercise. My body was perfect. In daily errands, unknowingly we work out so much. Even chopping vegetables is a work-out for your fingers. I climbed stairs a dozen times everyday. All this, I convinced myself that, somehow substituted for physical exercise. So I gave the gym and Yoga classes a deliberate miss. It is also true that I had no time till then for extra curricular activities. Life consumed me full and total.

All this Zumba, Yoga and friends and friends reunion are happenings in last 7 years only! Unbelievable, nothing was there before that!

One day some years back when I tried Padmasana, i found that I had lost it, i could no more do it. Exactly when this happened, I was not sure. My bones and muscles had become stiffer and the joint fluidity also had disappeared. I still cannot get Padmanasana 100% (after resuming mild yoga that is) and my right leg would not even let me get a perfect Vajrasana. Then I knew, I had crossed into a threshold, where some parts – bones and muscles and joints – in my body, even if not all, had become permanently stiffer almost. To loosen them would be a Herculean task. I also knew, it was time i started exercising.

One of the good habits i still had was, sitting cross-legged on the floor for Puja – one hour a day (at least 10 minutes in half Padmasana pose). I didn’t know then what a life saver it would be! Many of my friends still sit on floor and eat with hands. Some watch tv from floor. Never on sofa. A couple of my friends prefer sleeping on mat on floor as well! Until my marriage, although we had a dining table at home, I never ate at a table. In my house, we always sat on the floor at eat lunch or dinner or whatever. We slept on straw mat on floor even if we had cots and beds. We watched tv sitting on floor. Back in my in-laws home, I gathered, they looked down on you if you sat on floor to eat or watch tv.  Sleeping on floor was unthinkable!They thought we were uncultured and they were actually elite because they ate at the dining table and watched tv from the couch! Don’t even ask about sleeping on floor! Unknowingly, I was fit in every way for the first 24 years of my life because I grew up leading a very simple life. Comforts were there but i always thought of comforts like sofas and chairs as nuisance!

When I rejoined Yoga in my 40s, my Yoga master said, a few of my muscles had of course stiffened forever almost and loosening them might be tough. If I worked out 7 days a week, there was a possibility. Not any gym work-out but Yoga that makes your body flexible. He was still surprised to notice that I was comfortable with some Yoga stretches that others could not manage! Human body is a bundle of confusions and contradictions!

There was also a Bharat Natyam class going on for little girls in the same fitness studio where I started my Yoga sessions. Watching a few classes, I discovered to my shock that most girls under 10 could not sit on the floor, could not get up from floor, could not bend down to touch their toes with their knees straight … that my Yoga master called this condition ‘the dining table syndrome.’ He appreciated me that in spite of a little muscle stiffness that came with age, I was comfortable sitting on floor and raising without help. I can sit on the floor for 2 -3 hours even without shifting. I never knew this was a gift. Mainly because, I used to attend the fortnightly Pradoshams in my street Shiva temple. The ritual would last easily 2 hours minimum. Plus I frequented temples where all I had to sit out for darshan for hours. I realized there was benefit in waiting!

The parents of the little girls and the dance teacher worked at primarily making the girls comfortable sitting on floor and raising from floor. These were starting stages. Parents have awareness now mercifully which is good. They understand, how important India’s traditional classical dance forms are for little girls and grown up women. Excellent fitness form like none other. Now therefore there is an increased enrollment for Bharat Natyam in the city as parents not only look at Bharat Natyam as dance/art class for their daughters but also as a much-needed fitness routine. Over years, the dance practice becomes the best cardio you can ever dream of.

In last few years, i see fitness studio in every street in Chennai offering Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics, Pilates, Belly Dancing and other fitness exercises. Recently during my visit to the heart of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, I noticed, fitness studios in every town I passed by. It is a big, big awareness. India offers the best range of fitness exercises and at cheapest rates. Even foreign tourists tap it as and wherever possible during their travel in India.

So i started taking my fitness seriously very late in life. Even now I am not a wholly fit person. I have my health woes. Naturally in my age, everyone will have some complaint or other. There is never the perfectly 100% healthy. I do as much walking as possible to compensate for lack of Zumba and/or Yoga if I am not attending zumba. I had an excellent Zumba instructor in Doha for 2 years who went back to the Philippines. Really miss his tough work-outs!

I didn’t know my physical strength until my son drove us parents to Disney Land in Orlando 2 years back and made us walk from 8 am to midnight the entire theme park. We covered all the 4 studios within the park and I couldn’t believe I didn’t tire! I was on foot for nearly 20 hours.  We had had walked over tens of thousands of steps!!! Humanly impossible well! My hubby used to play cricket until a few years back. Against my advice, he was playing cricket in Doha as well (just to show off). Then one day after a match he was moaning at home, but keeping quiet as soon as I entered the room. He was obviously hiding an injury! Too proud to admit he’s getting old. After a good showdown by me, he retired (hurt) from cricket finally. Old man was also making his team lose hahaha ! Anyway, cricket he says, has helped him in maintaining stamina.

We both realized, our stamina in Orlando was because of our regular walking. Every single day in Florida, we walked for an hour minimum in their state parks, etc. Our entire US trip became one marathon walking session!

But even before America, we guys surprised ourselves during our Europe tour. On this one for a continuous 12 days, we rose by 5 am and went to bed by 11 pm but never tired. Of course  the weather helped. And we walked and walked and walked….

My climb, down the Athirapally falls in Kerala with my school friends, was also kind of a fitness test. Walked down steep slopes and mountain steps that were high and acute angled, to the lowest levels of the falls. The climb up took one hour! We girls were 49 then and we wanted to give ourselves a trophy!

My fitness was latest put to test in Bali where we went white water rafting. It required us to walk through paddy fields for 3 km, then climb down steep, uneven mountain and very high and acute angled steps carved out of the hills – some 1300 of them, with our rafting equipment and life jacket. Either sides were deep valleys. Not so deep, still.. The surroundings were breathtakingly beautiful and greenish. We were in the midst of the wilds and nature! Our rafting companions were 3 Malaysian chinese girls studying nursing in Australia. Our guide walked in the forefront. After going down to the raft, we asked the girls how much behind we were. The girls who called themselves our daughters, said we were only 5 minutes late! Yayyyy! They couldn’t believe I was 50 and my hubby 53 and that we wanted to do river rafting! We paddled the life boat together for the next 2.5 hours. We jumped over 30 rapids of level 2 or 3 I am not sure. One or 2 rapids were really serious jumps! Finally the climb back to the top was another 1000 steps. This took another hour. The climb down had taken 1.5 hours nearly. When we finished our rafting, both the guide and the young girls were highly appreciative of our will power and stamina. They could not believe I was a vegetarian from birth! I rowed far better than the young girls! After rafting, we did not retire to our hotel. We went sight seeing again to Tanah Lot where we had more walking to do, and we returned to hotel for dinner only by 10 pm!

It really felt good, we could keep pace with young girls of age 20-21 who were even younger than our son. Both I and hubby also laughed we may not be needing Treadmill test, because we had been on a far rigorous cardio machine designed by nature. We were comfortable after 5 hours of hard manual labour that included steep mountain climbing (sort of) and rowing.

I just now returned from Kumbakonam-Mayavaram temple tour this April. Its already summer in India and I was warned by friends and relatives that it would be foolish to expose myself in such a heatwave. My companions were 4 of my Athirappalli friends – my school buddies – with whom I had climbed up and down to the waterfall base. We all had our health issues. Not a single one is 100% healthy. But we made it in sheer heat of 38 to 40 c for a continuous 5 days, on barefoot, in direct sunlight, walking for hours and catching up hardly a couple of hours sleep at night. We made it, that is it. In our golden jubilee year. More than the spiritual aspect, all 5 of us were amazed at our own fitness this time. The only side effect was severe sun-tan that will not go away for at least 3 months! It happened with me in US, Europe and Bali. Rather than tanning, I think of it as precious Vitamin D dose. Moreover, I am the last person on earth to worry about my skin colour. I refused to go for detan as suggested by some. Already quite a few girls have commented that i have a severe tan.

Within 10 days of return from Kumbakonam-Mayavaram, I was off to Kerala. The second day there was spent driven through forests and tea estates for over 12 hours  in summer heat again. I was about to tell my friend to call it off because the day after I had an international flight to catch, but I stopped myself. I wanted to take this surprise test. I passed out in flying colours, I must say! I couldn’t believe my body could stand so much and it made me happy!

Sometimes we humans best ourselves. We outdo ourselves. We have no idea what our physical body can endure. We just have to stretch ourselves to do howmuchever we can take. We have to step out of our comfort zone. My friends who used to mock at me for trying belly dance are now seeing the positive side of fitness. I  have been only for a few sessions of belly dance, but those who do it with me include uncles like my hubby – men in their 40s and 50s. Chennai is truly cosmopolitan! Our men may be walking in dhoti, but our men also don’t feel squeamish about bellydancing with aunties for fitness!

My best compliment came when I went for an Ayurvedic massage in Kerala. My mausseur (a lady) told me I had a well toned, exercised body with not an ounce of extra flesh. I said I did not exercise regularly and I never worried about body shape. Fitness was what mattered to me. The previous week i got a similar complement from another mausseur. I went for 2 back to back sessions almost – after getting introduced to massage in Bali. But South East Asian massage is feather touch – like butterfly kiss. Ayurvedic massage of India is the one real massage that we must never miss. It is no teaser like Bali’s and is worth every penny you may pay for it. It it truly therapeutic.

My friends who used to make fun of my Aqua zumba sessions, zumba everything, are finally seeing the point. All of us realize the importance of fitness now. More than ever, we want to stay healthy for our children in future. None of us could take care of ourselves until our kids grew up. Finally we have time for ourselves. Lots of it. Hence the frequent girls’ tour.

The  importance of sitting on floor for at least one hour everyday – I realize now. In my puja, i sit cross legged, which means I am bending my knee at 30 degree acute angle. In a dining table, your knee may not bend more than 90 degree – right angle. Many are of opinion that walking is sufficient. Yes, walking is a very good and wholesome exercise, but Yoga is best to keep your joints fluid and muscles and bones flexible. Yoga is a must. No second opinion on that. Otherwise when will your knees attempt a hairpin bend??? We use laptops and cell phones all the time. Our spine and our neck need realignment every now and then. Nothing can correct it better than Yoga. Even over 50 or 60, one can start Yoga gradually. Flexibility will happen albeit slowly. In 6 months, one can see the progress and change.

Indian parents have to enroll their daughters in Bharat Natyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and such traditional dance classes for their own sake. Once ‘the dining table syndrome’ sets it, it will be difficult to off-set it. Our Indian children are still far better. Other nationalities I notice here are worst. Bharat Natyam footwork, stetches (poses) etc., are great cardio and wonderful workout for every joint and bone and muscle in one’s body. ‘Arthamulla Hindu madham.’ Everything about Hindu dharma is so profound. Nothing is waste. Dances are not mere entertainment value or vanity as some belief systems perceive. They are the best way to sustain health and build strong bones and joints right from your childhood.

I would still confess, I am clumsy at zumba, yoga everything. But I just don’t care. I guess, my dopamine, endorphin, serotonin, oxytoxin levels go for a swing when I do zumba. The feel good factor is absolute. This is what makes me get back to zumba or yoga or pilates or mere walking every now and then. When I come back home after even a 30 min walk, I feel wonderful. I feel lighter.

I am not a 100% healthy individual and i have my share of health woes. Nevertheless, when I see younger girls in 30s tiring fast, not getting regular periods, obese, obsessed with beauty salons, I think perhaps I have lived my life a little healthier without knowing that. Upto my 10th year, even a chemical body soap was a fancy dream for me. Only besan and coconut oil in our home for bath. However, those days may never happen.  In my capacity, wherever I go, I ask children to sit on floor and do homework, watch tv and have food. All Indian habits and customs are best, believe me. We have to bring back what we have lost to westernization in the name of affluence and culture. What is culture really. Losing your native culture???

I don’t know how far I can take it from here, but I shall try to do my best. I suffer from arthritis – head to foot right from my teens. Rheumatoid arthritis. Even typing this is painful but i’ve grown accustomed to it. Today’s youngsters do not want to bear even a slight discomfort. It is very troubling. I wonder what kind of future generation is taking over India. Weak physically, mentally, very shallow, no interest in anything… If I were a school principal, the first thing I would do is, throw away the benches and chairs. Just give the children long desks and ask them to sit on floor. Let them sit down and get up a 1000 times.




Heart of the Hinterland

Recently on Kumbakonam-Mayavaram temple tour, I had an opportunity to travel through the hinterland of my home state Tamil Nadu. Well, I might have been to America and Europe and Malaysia, Singapore and Bali and even the Balkan Georgia, but the fact is, I haven’t even set my foot in my national capital Delhi. Same way, I haven’t seen much of even my home state which could be as big as some European nations like France, Germany and Spain.

From little memories from ,my pre-teen years, I recall thatched huts in villages and widespread poverty. That was  in late 1970s and early 1980s. Fast forward to 2019. Stunned by the prosperity of my home state and India in general.

Definition of poverty has undergone sea change in last few years. Owning a car does not automatically put you above the BPL category – by world standards.

That way, India’s poor are not poor the way the west may define them.

India’s poor are doing well in so many, many ways that unfortunately may not be parameters defining good living.

In Tanjore district especially, I saw that there was hardly any scene of poverty. No homeless almost. I saw some beggars only before the Swamy Malai temple and even they looked well-fed!

The Thanjavur (Tanjore) belt was the stronghold of the Cholas for over a 1000 year period. It was golden age for Tamil Nadu. Around the same time, the Pandyas ruled the Madurai region and the Cheras over what is known as Kerala today. The Pallavas were based in sea coast and upto Chennai and Kanchipuram.

The most notable Cholas were Raja Raja Chola, Rajendra Chola, Kulothunga Chola who raised over a thousand Hindu dravidian architecture temples each – of rough granite. Many temples were also rock-cut or carved out of mountains. For thousands of years, these Hindu temples have existed with regular Puja (service) continuing non stop across centuries.

A casual stroll into the Tanjore Brahadeeshwara temple would reveal to you, what an ardent Shiva devotee Raja Raja Chola would have been. Every single temple is a poetry in Dravidian architecture. Spread over acres most of them, you have to see them to believe them. But you would hardly learn about the Chola (Chozha) anywhere in India – either by way of text book or whatever. That is because the congress govt in India glorified the terrorist Moghul rule suppressing the native Hindu history. Plunderers and thieves and rapists were painted as heroes – from Akbar to Shah Jehan to Aurangazeb. The native benevolent kings who bravely fought and lost battles on dharmic code were sidelined systematically by Indian historians. India is not merely Delhi and Agra. India extends upto the tip of the Indian subcontinent where the 3 seas merge in 3 different hues – the Indian ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea.

There are pillars in Darasum temple built by Chola, that can produce the Sapta Swaras (the 7 notes of music) in resonance if you strike them. The shadow of Tanjore temple tower never falls on the ground – this is another marvel. The apex granite stone itself weighs over a 100 ton – think of it being transported from central India to the temple tower top over 1100 years back. In one particular temple, exactly on Chitra Pournami in April (full moon day), the moon will reflect on the deity of Mother Goddess for the entire night. Light is made to pass on to the deity just for this one day an year and never does it happen any other day. Many architectural wonders are sealed from public view by archeological department because of menace by miscreants.

Another marvel is, the 5 Shiva temples of India – the major Shiva Stalas lie on a 90 degree straight line from the Kailash to Rameshwaram – like on a single axis. Single perpendicular line without deviation. How ancient Hindus managed to calculate the latitude and longitude in those days in unbelievable.

CERN in Switzerland has a dancing Shiva (Nataraja) not without a reason. Although no world scientist has come out declaring info on Shiva, it is now public knowledge that Shiva could be behind Creation. Acknowledgement of Shiva by world community not by missionary activity or by the point of sword is the greatest victory for Hindu Dharma.

In Siva Puranam, we say, ‘Thennaadudaiya Sivane potri! Ennattavarkum Iraivaa Potri’ – it means : Hail Shiva who has the south. Hail Shiva who’s the One for any/every national.

The heart of Tamil Nadu and India are Hindu. The soul of India is Hindu. I felt this vibration of truth every moment during my temple tour of Kumbakonam-Mayavaram, the Tanjore district which is the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu.

It is time to develop good Hindu hearted journalists from south India to take on the Burqa Sluts of north who like to rewrite history.

This is a rich country – green green everywhere. Soil is gold, the country is fertile. People are happy, devoted and family-oriented. No poverty at all. Contended lives. Temple and Shiva are way of life, part of life.

Yet, in front of a temple that i do not want to name in Kumbakonam, I heard 3 old men talking to each other in anguish. One was complaining that 2 muslim men had come to him asking him to convert to Islam. I was shell shocked. The men looked very troubled that this was happening in hinterland where Hindu Dharma is strongly rooted.

The peace and spirituality of the Tanjore belt still stays with me. Shiva’s breath is in the very air, you can almost feel it. Every single street has a Shiva temple almost. The population is literate and highly religious. Only a very devious dirty mind would want to destroy this heaven and invoke the devil’s ideology in this blessed home of mine.

One more thing: these temples come under respective Aadheenams. Ancient Hindu temples that are over 1000-2000 years old are hardly maintained. The temples have been taken over by the government as they are cash cows. But the Hindu devotees donations to the temples are used for Muslim and Christian welfare. Such an atrocity can happen only in a nation like India in the name of secularism and democracy. Some very ancient temples are in extremely bad shape (for instance there is notice board under a Vaitheeshwaran temple tower warning that the tower was expected to collapse any moment) and starved for funds. Wherever funds have become available, the restoration is done in a very crude manner defacing centuries old architecture and sculpture. For example almost all temples have their Gopura darshan from entrance blocked with ‘pandals’ for shade. The restorative works have smoothened and replaced the rough hewn unpolished granite with cheap marble or even bathroom wall tiles in many cases. Horrible varnishes and colourings. I felt such a rage at just looking at these so-called improvements. It goes without saying that the Aadheenams are corrupt to the core swindling public donations and getting fatter by the day, doing no good to the temples. For once I wished India was ruled by America or France or UK. The temples would be taken best care of. They will know the value. How long the temples are going to exist is a big question mark. How they are deliberately left to rot tears my heart.

The Tanjore belt may not be boasting of skyscrapers and super highways, but the general population brims with inner contentment, good health and happiness. The air is fresh, the pollution is least, nature rules. Art and music and very vibrant culture and spirituality run deep roots here – for millennia. This is Shiva’s country. Not the devil’s.


Islamic Terrorism raises its ugly head in Sri Lanka

There is not a spot on earth where this cancer has not spread. That Sri Lanka so close to us has been hit by islamic terrorism with over 200 including foreign terrorists dead, instills a fear in all of us in India, especially Tamil Nadu, my home state, as only a small strip of sea separates us in mainland from the island nation.

Reports emerge that the suicide bombers were sons of richest Sri Lankan muslim, highly educated. So this goes on to prove that in the religion of terror, rich and poor and young and old and educated and illiterate are one and the same as far as the terror psyche goes.

India is an experienced nation with ancient wisdom, but India’s warnings are seldom heeded to by our petty neighbours such as Sri Lanka or Nepal. These nations think, we are bossing over them. No, never. India is the big brother in true sense – in ticking off the erring wayward younger siblings who may be getting into trouble. Often this care is mistaken for highhandedness. Also, before geographical distinctions mattered, Akhaand Bharat extended from the Himalayas to down south. Hindu culture binds us together – Hindu-Buddhist culture in some cases.

In Middle -east, i see that increasingly the Filipino sales girls are being replaced by Nepalese girls with Sindhoor in their forehead. When I see my Hindu culture anywhere, it makes me so happy. Seeing my Bindhi, the Nepalese restroom service women talk to me. They tell me how they left 1 or 2 year old infants back in Nepal to work in far-off country. Their first choice is always to work as housemaid in India. I am most sympathetic to them and listen them out. Feel extremely sad and helpless because I can do nothing about it when my fellow Hindu women are suffering. Seeing also Bhutanese women these days. They are very friendly for the only reason we share cultural roots. Just the sight of my ‘bindhi’ or my Indian face brings a smile to their lips. This umbilical cord connection between India and our Hindu-Buddhist neighbours/brothers and sisters cannot be broken. Whether you care or not, we care.

India warned Sri Lanka about the China debt trap. Sri Lanka is now snared in a debt trap that they cannot come out of. Part of Sri Lanka will become China territory in less than 100 years. Now they realize why India cautioned them. Protecting Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan is India’s dharmic duty. Vaccinations are always painful – Indian dominance may be annoying. But this is what will guard you in the long run. It is like parental control. India gains nothing from these nations and can do without them. But all the three cannot be without India.

Earlier last year, China attempted territorial aggression in Bhutanese border. India stood up to China on behalf of Bhutan. China backtracked. Only India and America have the political will in the world today to confront China. Bhutan would have lost considerable territory and passageway and also would have become even more landlocked and isolated at the great Himalayan heights without Indian interference.

Sri Lanka ignored India’s intelligence inputs that islamic terrorists were planted by Pakistan which had become overtly friendly with Sri Lanka following China. Sri Lanka paid with the terrible serial bomb blast and hundreds of lives for that single error of judgement. Even now the Sri Lankan government is reluctant to name and shame the terrorists by their religious and other links.

Nepal is next country getting deeply connected to China by road, rail and Chinese have also managed to ensnare tHimalayan nation in debt trap quite similar to Sri Lanka’s. Nepal will go down the way Sri Lanka is doing in near future. Jealousy about India will not help you. You will learn the hard way. Already Nepal, the punya bhoomi, is transit point for drugs, criminals, mafia, counterfeit Indian currency notes etc., pushed by Pakistan. Nepal today is a very dangerous little mountain kingdom. If Indian hands and eyes are off, they will be finished.

If one by one they want to get close to China, let them. It is not India’s loss. However it is our moral responsibility to ensure that they don’t commit this suicide. We have this long range vision that these nations lack. Their geographical extent is insignificant. Their impact on world trade is negligible. Their contribution to general universe limited in scope. It won’t take long for them to be stamped out to oblivion easily by powerful nations. India could have had Nepal long back – they offered themselves a reunion with India after India’s own independence in 1947. Nehru rejected it. Actually I feel better about it, otherwise Love Jehad by Indian muslims would have led to conversion of thousands of Nepali Hindu girls by now.

Sri Lanka was disaster waiting to happen. We down south were aware of it. Sri Lanka was having some dangerous Madarasas imparting islamic training. This we in India predicted over 5 to 10 years back – we were waiting for this to happen. But nobody was willing to believe us. I have come across radicalized Sri Lankan muslims posting threats in social media. Whoever posted comments would be dared and threatened. Many of us could guess, Sri Lanka was passing into the hands of islamic terrorists. Pakistanis were being given free visas.


Thousand times, blessed to be born a Hindu. Sickular liberals in India meanwhile frantically want to coin a new word called Saffron Terror or Hindu terror and implicate Hindus somehow in terror activities. What a sick, sick mentality. They find that difficult even with Pakistan’s help. This is their definition of equality and justice – not condemnation or action against islamic terrorism but trying to make Hindus look vicious. However, they just can’t succeed. Dear BBC, if you try to rationalize islamic terrorism, then get ready to do a story on UK on its way to become the next caliphate within another 100 years. This is your Karma.


Hindu saint worshiped as Sufi saint in Karachi, Pak

Just learned through a You tube video that the Jeev Samadhi (Kaarana Samadhi) of a Yogi (Sadashiva Premendra) from 13th century is in Karachi, Pakistan. Hahaha, no wonder they made it into some sufi saint’s! No way can you make these people believe the truth. One more thing, in case of Jeev Samadhis with or without a temple consecrated with them (where Yogis/Siddhas may have performed their ‘prana pradhishta), the aura is supposed to be present for a thousand years minimum before declining. ‘Prana Pradhishta’ makes these shrines most powerful that you can feel the soul vibrations of the saints who attained their Jeev Samadhis in these chosen locations. Of course you just cannot make these guys accept facts – and here the fact is presented from Tamil Nadu which is thousands of miles afar – and that too in enemy nation following Sanathana Dharma. Siddhas and Yogis in India wandered far and wide through out Bharatha – from Afghanistan and Himalayas to the very tip of the Indian subcontinent Kanyakumari where the three seas merge, in those days. There were no geographical dividing lines then. Plus, in the 13th century CE, even Afghanistan and Pakistan of today might have been still predominantly Hindu-Buddhist or might have just started to undergo mass forced conversions by tyrannical invaders. I am not at all surprised to learn this fact about the Yogi. It just suffices to know that the famous sufi saint of Karachi is after all a Hindu saint; the place has improved now as some popular journalists keep updating readers frequently on that in media. Good to know whatever they may choose to believe in, the Hindu saint is worshiped in the heart of Pakistan as a sufi saint by whatever name. Distortions/corruptions might have happened through centuries. Its taboo for anything to be Hindu in Pak. After all, we know where all the Shiva Linga rules – inviting devotees and so-called believers from around the world – who actually do pradikshanas (circumambulation of deities – a normal and regular form of Hindu worshiping ritual in any Hindu temple) around their so-called sacred shrine, this congregation of many nationalities, that they normally never perform in their other places of worship.

Anyway, Yogis and Siddhas of India are phenomenal. It makes me sad, they are almost nonexistent today in this increasingly materialistic world where everything is so horribly twisted and contorted and the truth is never let to come out. Feels good to learn about this great Yogi who is believed to have lived for hundreds of years. (Yogis and Siddhas can go, without taking food or water for centuries. You can still come across a few in the Kumbh. Those who bath in fire everyday, those who stand on head for years etc). He also had penned ‘Maanasasancharare’ and other literary works besides playing a role in consecrating some famous (and now ancient) Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu which are standing good until today.

The exact date of Shri Sadashiva Premendra’s Jeev Samadhi is inscribed to be 1253 CE. The good thing about south Indian history is that, all this can be found as inscriptions in our  roughly hewn granite temple walls and floorings in perfect condition even today – after over a thousand years or so. We have temples dating back to over 2000 years that way in our state all with the inscriptions in tact. The ancient script has slightly undergone a change but historians/anthropologists easily can figure it out – even I can at times. I could read some in Kanchi Kamakshi temple really. I couldn’t believe I was reading something that was written over 700 or 800 years before. I wish some noted journalists of Pak are given visas to visit our ancient and historic temples that have been there for millennia to understand what their homeland is and who they are really. Past may not matter much to some, but past is relevant to understand what we have become today. I will ask Modi ji to consider special visas to neutral Pak writers hahaha. On a month long temple tour of India. They are not merely temples, they are our original recorded unblemished history. History undistorted.

Yogi Sadashiva Premendra supposedly attained three states of Jeev Samadhis -,He shed his Thooola shareera (physical body) near Karur, in present day Tamil Nadu, Sookshama shareera in Manamadurai also in Tamil Nadu and Kaarana shareera in Karachi (today’s Pakistan). The samadhis in Tamil Nadu stand good until today. The saint wandered all over akhaand Bharat. No reason for stone edicts to lie. That too to lie in the 13th century. Inscriptions were also made in north Indian Hindu temples but most of them were razed by the Moguls. The south escaped this cruel fate. If you even try to explain to a non Hindu how there can be 3 samadhis to a Yogi – they just cannot grasp it following an organized religion where there is hardly any quest to find the ultimate truth or for reaching the higher realms of spirituality. So I stop here. Amazing, amazing.

Dear Pakis, you can now safely climb out of your bunkers

Pak media deliberately missed covering Bilwal statement that hundreds of terrorists were moved to safety by Pakistan govt/army to secure them safe from India. Especially the too much talkative journalists of theirs.

Pak media misses covering the abduction and forced conversion of Hindu teen girls in big scale again but talk big on secularism (in India only mind it)… (happens right under their nose but lecture others) (INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY/SELECTIVE AMNESIA)


Panic and pandemonium prevailed in terror haven Pakistan when news was out that Modi ji was addressing the nation (our nation India) in a special tv telecast. Our neighbourhood antiheroes put up a brave face still but from inside their bunkers, especially their rowdy journalist bastards. Probably expected a rain of missiles from India or a surgical strike or a full scale war. Even I thought so but had to leave on an errand without listening to our PM delivering his televised speech. Turns out that he was announcing to the world India’s promotion to the elite space club with missile capability for destroying a satellite in motion in space. Well done ISRO, DRDO ! That our prime minister decided to bring the news to the public underscores the vitality of the achievement, a big, big feat. A super defence system for India, a deterrence for the aggressors. However, Paki nuisance cases need not have to fear because, (1) they don’t have a satellite intelligence/expertise/capability in the first place to put one into orbit (except for those like we launch at home during Diwali), (2) they cannot do in 2 or 3 millennia without stealing the technology. Yeah stealing is possible as they did with the Patriot missile. They dismembered the Patriot missile launched by the US in Afghanistan within their border and copied the technology. So a similar attempt is possible but knowing ISRO, knowing what it takes to run a space mission as an Indian citizen avid space watcher and also watching our neighbourhood substandards in everything from tv programs to even garam masala (sold in shops here), i just know its impossible for them. Never. Which means, Pakis can relax that they have no satellites to be threatened by India’s elite space status now that we can destroy their satellite (if any).

So dear Pak road side romeos and terrorists and big talkers (but no do-gooders), relax and climb out of your bunkers for now safely. For the moment you are free. And of course you are always free of our Indian space threat. But then i can’t rule out another surgical strike or even a limited/full scale war with you if you act funny. Behave or face consequences. Stop nonsense in all forms and focus on productivity (of not a dozen kids. don’t misunderstand 😀 ) So long as sabotage is your mission, you will be miserable and you will try to make life miserable for others which means we Indians must squash you.

Don’t push us to that extent. Haan?