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India and the Indians explained beautifully…*

One Bengali = poet.
Two Bengalis = a film society.
Three Bengalis = political party.
Four Bengalis = two political parties.

One Mallu = coconut stall.
Two Mallus = a boat race.
Three Mallus = Gulf job racket.
Four Mallus = oil slick.

UP Bhaiyyas
One UP bhaiyya = a milkman.
Two UP bhaiyyas = halwai shop.
Three UP bhaiyyas = a fist-fight in the UP assembly.
Four UP bhaiyyas = riot

One Gujju = a share-broker in a Bombay train.
Two Gujjus = rummy game in a Bombay train.
Three Gujjus = Bombay’s noisiest restaurant.
Four Gujjus = stock market scam.

One Tamil-Brahmin = priest at the Vardarajaperumal temple.
Two Tamil-Brahmins = maths tuition class.
Three Tamil-Brahmins = queue outside the U.S consulate at 4 a.m.
Four Tamil-Brahmins = Thyagaraja music festival in Santa Clara

One Mumbaikar = footpath vada-pav stall.
Two Mumbaikars = film studio.
Three Mumbaikars = slum
Four Mumbaikars = the number of people standing on your foot in the train at rush hour.

One Marwari = speaking local lingo and running pawn shop in remote India.
Two Marwaris = 50% of Calcutta.
Three Marwaris = finish off all Gujaratis & Sindhis.
Four Marwaris = all Bars in city booked.

One Bihari = Laloo Prasad Yadav.
Two Biharis = booth capturing squad.
Three Biharis = train hamari.
Four Biharis = entire literate population of Patna.

One Punjabi =100 kg hulk named Pinky.
Two Punjabis = Pinky with his bigger brother Twinky.
Three Punjabis = assault on the McAloo Tikkis at the local McDonalds.
Four Punjabis = combined IQ equal to one.

One Parsi = an Unmarried Man.
Two Parsis = an unmarried man with his unmarried sister.
Three Parsis = loads of abuses hurled.
Four Parsis = 50% of their population.

One Sindhi = owner of elektroniks shop in Hong Kong.
Two Sindhis = papad factory.
Three Sindhis = making duplicate branded goods in ulhasnagar.
Four Sindhis = board members of biggest group of colleges in Bombay.

Hats off to whoever has done this research.


Kashmir Muslims destroy 208 Hindu Temples in 2 Decades


If you think I am always talking about the past, here is a sample of what the Kashmiri muslims have done to native Hindus in mere last 20 years:

A record 208 Hindu temples have been destroyed or desecrated as of date by Kashmiri muslims/terrorists.

It makes the rest of India and even the Indian government even more stronger in our resolve. NO KASHMIR TO MUSLIMS. Kashmir has its very name derived from sage Kashyappa. Sri Nagar – look at the name. The holy abode of Mahalakshmi, the Mother Goddess of wealth and fortune. Vaishno Devi – the Shakthi who is part of Lord Shiva dwells in Kashmir. Amarnath – the Father Himself oversees Kashmir. Do you think India will ever give up Kashmir.

If it comes to that, India will liberate Kashmir from Kashmiri terrorist muslims and rehabilitate other Hindus in the Himalayan state. It’s the last and final option. PM Modi should settle Biharis and families of retired army personnel in Jammu and Kashmir. Long shot, but let us make it happen. For starters, let us quash Article 370 first that accords Kashmir its special status. The illegal immigrant Rohingyas are already grouping themselves into bands and/or getting recruited to terror outfits in the valley. India has to do something about this on war-footing basis.

How the Kashmir muslims wiped out and ethnic cleansed Kashmir of pedigree native Hindu Pundits:


Looking for the day Kashmir will be majority Hindu ONCE AGAIN . Let us get rid of terror elements slowly but steadily. Let ingratitude be shown the door.

What Europe can learn from Kashmir: this could one day happen to them. Already happening as we see in Germany. Soon Europe could be ethnic-cleansed by muslim refugees who will claim to be the masters of the continent.  Europeans will have to flee like the Kashmiri Hindus. This is the true story of Kashmir where the force-converted Kashmir terrorist-muslims prevailed over and chased out the surviving staunch non-converts, the brave and intelligent Kashmiri Hindu pundits.

Because if the EVIL is allowed to win, then it might happen to others tomorrow. Stem the rot. better late than never even if its now. If the Kashmiri muslims are justified in their quest for independence after ethnic cleansing minority Hindus massacring them overnight and making the state 100% islamic in the process, then by the same logic, Sui Kyi is correct in ethnic cleansing Rohingyas from Burma and so on.  Who knows, next it might be the case of Kerala. Kerala is already reportedly turning into hotbed for radical elements. How long before the Kerala muslims start massacring their Hindu and Christian neighbours. If Kashmir muslims are fine, then Kerala situation is plausible. Even otherwise, it is a distinct possibility than can happen within a 100 years. Let us not allow Kerala to become the next Kashmir. Kerala residents wake up and say a big NO to terrorism. Name terrorism by name and religion.

In the case of Kashmir, the Kashmiri muslims themselves were the force converted from Hinduism with sword, up until Aurangzeb.

Every single Kashmiri muslim must hang his/her head in shame. Most of them retain today their surnames like Bhat, Guru etc., only because their ancestors wanted to get back to Hinduism at a later date. They steadfastly stuck to their surnames even at worst of times to enable their children at least to return to the Hindu fold someday in future, from the ‘dreaded ways’ imposed on them. Afzal Guru, the Kashmir terrorist hanged by India for attacking the Indian parliament for one thing.  The sacrifices of the Kashmiri Hindu Pundit forefathers have been in vain, tragic. Today the Kashmiri muslims are No.1 dreaded terror suspects not only in India but they also figure in the top list of terrorists at global level. Their backgrounds to be scrutinized vigilantly for any terror connection given their association and fondness for the epicenter of  world terror: Pakistan.




If an Ayodhya Dec 6th and a Gujarat 2002 had happened long back in Indian History, then India today wouldn’t be home to thankless terrorists in disguise as minorities. India would be a fine and progressive Hindu state minus the bloody corruption-contamination.


On Dec 6th, 1992 something unprecedented happened in Indian/Hindu history. Passive coward Hindus finally got over their shame and misgivings and razed down the Babri Masjid in a rare and heroic display of patriotism and nationalism. I remember this day clearly: it was working day for us. I was working in a Bank then. We had live news on radio even if Internet was yet to make it big.

Since then India has come a long way. It has taken centuries and then these last 2 crucial decades for us Hindus to call a spade a spade, to brook no nonsense and name TERRORISM BY NAME AND RELIGION.

The Babri Masjid is still only one islamic structure pulled down by Hindus. This is nothing compared to what the islamists did to this great Hindu nation of ours over 800 years.

The world as predictable, reacted condemning the rise of Hindu nationalists.

This brings to my mind the Goan inquisition by the Portuguese. Goa in the Konkan coast was taken by the Portuguese in the 17th century after terrorizing Hindus, burning Hindu brahmin priests at stake, destroying Hindu temples and mass converting to Christianity whichever Hindus remained alive. Today the shameless Goan christians are proud of their Portuguese connection. After India attained independence from the British in 1947, the govt of India waited for 15 long years for the Portuguese to turn Goa back to Indian union. The portuguese did not. Indian army took over Goa at last in 1964 after a crackdown that lasted nearly three days. The same western hypocrites UK and USA and Europe were in the forefront warning India and criticizing India because we took back from invaders our territory with force after all means of negotiations failed.

This is why India should be wary of both US and UK. They never play fair. To those who colonised natives with dynamite and made a living robbing others, justice is anathema. Justice to them is self-interest.

India should ignore what the west reports or how the west treats us. It doesn’t matter. Neither should India get involved in their political and military quagmires that may hurt Middle East or even North Korea. It is simply not our business. I hope my Prime Minister keeps that in mind and refrains from supporting any American ideology or warfare that may destroy other nations. For the simple reason, we don’t want blood in our Hindu hands. Let them soak in human blood if they want to. As a strong believer in Karma, I wish we look after our own issues first on war footing basis.

It is also only in 1971, not even 50 years back, that USA was about to attack India for after all Pakistan. Henry Kissinger and President Nixon would have, had it not been for moral support from USSR then and a very bold and strong lady Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi at the time.

India has also blindly trusted China and lost territory as a consequence. The reason although we do not want to admit is, the DALAI LAMA. It is time we say good bye to this no-gooder. India has housed him for decades now. It has only won us the Chinese antipathy. If not for this man, Indian territory would include a few more tens of thousands of sq kms. The Kashmir part which is with China belongs to India.

How I wish every Moghul structure in Delhi is razed to grounds. I hate Delhi and have not visited my capital once in my life because it is islamic and does not represent my native Hindu India. May be I shall someday but as a patriotic Hindu, I still cannot come to terms with the muslim face of India’s capital sorry. Why are we still harbouring the morbid witnesses to our traumatic past when the barbarians destroyed the very fabric of the civilized Hindu society building mausoleums over our sacred temples.

Looking forward to the day Ram Janam Bhoomi is restored to its former glory. Ayodhya is the birth place of our Lord Ram. And we are followers of our native Gods who bear our names, who spoke our language and not Arab. How the fakus sometimes pretend as if they are of arabian stock. This i would call Stolkholm Syndrome when the force-converted surrenders, selling his soul thinking he is ‘them.’

I am not asking for my Ram Temple in America or Australia or Arabia or Africa. I am upholding my birthright, my fundamental right as the native Hindu citizen of my Bharatha. I am asking for resurrection of my Ram temple which was razed by Babur, the foremost Afghan Taliban who razed the original temple  in the 16th century, to build a hideous structure for his boy-lover (most of these psychos were bisexuals or homos).

Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every single square centimeter is Hindu property, Hindu nation. If you do not like it, you may leave. Never will India buck down. To make a Hindu angry and so emotional and angry, someone must have done something very very evil.



Hacking Into Others Online Privacy Is Online Pornography As Well

Nothing is private or personal or sacred in online Dunia. I have not done it, but hacking seems to be sickening pastime for some people. I can understand businesses doing it, but totally at loss when it comes to understanding the logic of friends hacking friends.

No ethics, no morals, so how can hacking into someone’s online privacy not be any different from online pornography. It takes on a whole new dimension when people known to you may be reading your private Whatsapp messages, scrolling through your Facebook homepage, scouring your Mail, listening to your Internet calls and in general keep tracking you with cookies or whatever.

STOP is all I can say. I view my conversations with friends and family as most sacred. I hate third parties, even my own blood sibling or closest pal reading my family posts. Most of us prefer Whatsapp over Facebook when it comes to sharing family posts, because we think we can have the privacy and therefore share our most personal and intimate memories with our trusted circle in Whatsapp. But what a cruel joke that the Whatsapp is the first and no.1 casualty when we are hacked. I share dirty jokes with my girl friends and I take this liberty because I think we are insulated within four walls. Imagine your friends for whom it is not intended browsing your stuff.

As I observe, it is mostly those who breach into others’ privacy transcending ethical codes are the ones who preach the world about the rights and wrongs. How ironic. I insist, religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Whoever uses communal lines for any wrongful justification will mostly have sordid issues like these. I have my strong views when it comes to my race or religion, but i have never ‘preached’ or ‘judged’ people or situations on these grounds.

As a woman I cannot shop for my undies and most personal and basic things online because I doubt whether some prying eyes are watching, intruding into my most private space. Every time I log on to my Bank account and Insurances I feel uneasy that I have online company and I am not alone. Every time I listen to Music, I swipe my Cards, pay my Bills, I know I am spied upon.

The worst thing about hacking especially your friends is that, you may not be aware,  but you become JUDGMENTAL. Something very precious about the friendship is damaged for ever. Casualty of hacking.

I don’t ever want to snoop into others private online life, and most of all into my friends’ affairs. Serious violation of basic ethics. Those who have no qualms about violating online privacy of others especially friends have no locus standi to give opinion on any matter social or political or even philosophical.

I have done many posts on breaching of online privacy by Social Media, Media and Business Houses. Now through this post, I am making  my position clear on what I think about those resorting to eavesdropping on friends’ online privacy. No this is not Ethical Hacking. I and I alone reserve the right to share in public what I want others to know. The post NOT meant for you is NEVER MEANT FOR YOU.


How the unisex salons are wiping out the little shame in Chennai girls…

India may not be Middle East but neither is India, America or Hawaii or Australia or even Mauritius. Family is our strongest point. Culture is the recipe for our success story everywhere. Strike at our roots, break the Indian  family, it is then shall India fall, not otherwise: not for China or Pakistan military in a million years. Nor am I the prim and proper Indian Nari. Still I am old school who happens to think, the innate beauty secret of an Indian woman lies in her ability to blush. No apologies from the feminine me if you think I am sexist. I wonder since when the so-called feminists started making femininity or womanhood feel-sound like sexism.


Imagine getting your pedicure done in a beauty salon (you being the woman in the wrong side of your 40s) and having a fiftyish man lounging right next to you having a hair-cut and both your eyes meet across the mirrored wall opposite you. At that moment you feel like fleeing from there, run, run, run and jump into a well at full throttle if you can manage to find one!!! Well, that happened to me. I don’t know whether the Mama (uncle) who had the haircut felt the way I did, he seemed to be enjoying the ambiance, and it looks like i am the only one around so old-fashioned. Or so it appears. Welcome to unisex salons of Chennai: if you want the branded salons, this is what you have to come to terms with: men all around you including the service staff – not merely guests.

Slowly but steadily as the dividing lines blur, the shame of the Chennai women is also vaporizing into thin air. Or this is how I feel whatever you may think. If this is the condition in a laid back city like mine, think of those metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Goa. I have clarified my stance many times in my previous posts: i am neither for the burqa nor for the bikini. I am somewhere in-between. Hmm…


Honestly upto my 36th year I never stepped into a regular beauty salon. Beauty was the last thing on my mind then. Very busy with life. I did once for my wedding, before the wednesday I got married. Tuesday evening was the reception so i called upon them tuesday noon time. I had rung them up from my bank on saturday to fix the appointment. ‘Kanya’ was the first ever beauty parlour i visited therefore. It was in Luz, Mylapore and I am not sure if its functioning now. Right then it was popular and was suggested by friends for bridal make-up. I still cannot forget how the girls there went aghast that it was my first ever parlour visit. I went further pale looking at their rates. 700 bucks was way too steep for me then, including for sari tie-up. The lady in-charge bit her lips and sighed!

Next time I visited a beauty salon was over 10 years later. I was 36 and mother of a 10 year old kid. Finally there was time to breathe in life. In between thanks to my co-sisters, I had had a girl come and do basic cleansing once an year right at home. Nothing more. Once again, I became the hot topic for the parlour girls to discuss when I started Green Trends where I went after consulting my friends who also were trying out parlours mainly for Henna. By 36, most of us girls already had tummy after 1-2 deliveries, grey hair, hair fall, joint pain, a few miscarriages behind, BP or Diabetes or Cholesterol (few cases), chronic back ache, with rare ones even going for removal of uterus thanks to excessive bleeding and resultant tumours. 25-35 or may be 25-40 is the peak of an average Indian woman’s life – with kids growing up, home loans in progress, husbands’ career looking up, changing cars… too many things happening at the same time… and over everything, our harmones are at full swing.

So generally speaking, it was/is after 40 most of us start paying attention to ourselves – to our bodies. By now we’re low on our estrogen and we need some confidence building measures. Finally the kids are independent, husbands well settled in professional life and family home is stable. Now comes the inevitable lull that we have to either fill up or go crazy.  This is where therefore grooming steps in. Too late. So even though I started parlour as a regular thing in my life by my 36th year, I was still hopping in there only once an year – mostly when occasions arose like say a family wedding. Otherwise there was no reason. Another factor was, indulging was something most of us women thought to be frivolous. Beauty routine never came cheap. For middle-class families, the cost factor hence remained the greatest deterrent when it came to grooming.

Back in my Green Trends days, the girls still remembered me because of my membership there that I hardly used. My son and husband (whenever in town) also used it as it was unisex salon. So the first time I tried Green Trends in Kilpauk, (it was right over the SBI branch), I almost turned back at the last step but the receptionist called out to me and girls came running after me! Reason was, I saw a couple of men chatting up there that knocked the senses out of me! Whatever guys had to do in a beauty salon!

I was escorted inside and the girls explained to me it was a unisex parlour but the areas for men and women were strictly demarcated. Only the reception area was common. They showed me around and I noticed that there was complete privacy for women. It was only after they convinced me clearly that I trusted them.

Next 10 years or so, the annual visits to parlours thus was restricted mostly to Green Trends for me who used Johnsons products mostly. I always made it a point to ask them beforehand what they used. Once or twice may be I tried out Maha in Mylapore who used Shehnaz. It was 100% ladies to my great relief but the hygiene conditions there did not match my expectations.

A few years back, Green Trends expanded and shifted to a new place. Walking one fine day I found that the dividing partition between the men’s and women’s section was gone. The private cabins were aligned on both sides of the lounge that either of the sexes could use. It was a highly unsettling experience for me. Having fixed an appointment, I could not go back on them. At least the servicewoman was a 22 year old girl. I was told that the sex of the service people was interchangeable depending on their availability! That was the last time I went in there.

After that I tried out YLG (Nungambakkam) (where I had Mama having haircut next to me because of whom the pedicure experience that must normally bring one such a soothing joy was lost for me) and Naturals (Chetpet) – both of which were unisex. I understood Chennai had changed for good.

Only I seemed to be making a fuss over the unisex salons where anyone could service anyone – a guy could do a facial to a woman like you and a girl could do massage for a man!

What mostly disturbed me was, how younger and younger girls were trotting up the beauty salons on regular basis, some as young as 12-13 years. They seemed to be unaffected by the fact that the hair-cuts were given now routinely by young stylish guys. Or may be they liked it this way??!! That’s what my friends tell me anyhow!

Finally last year I went for Keratin smoothening to Toni & Guy, Purasawalkam. This was also a friend’s recommendation. The work was done by a guy over 15 years younger to me agreed. 2 or 3 more guys came very close to me and stood inches away from me. Never in life was I surrounded by such young chaps in such a closed space. I forgot my age and for a moment, my panic mode set it. It felt menacing that so many guys were touching your hair (hair only) and even their slightest touch on my scalp made me ultra sensitive. I think i jerked and they felt it. They kept saying ‘easy, easy’ through out. “M’am look next to you. Aren’t these girls comfortable?’ said one. I saw 2-3 girls below 30 all having hair treatments going on at various stages. They appeared pretty relaxed. The men did n’t seem to bother them as they did me. Looked like it wasn’t their first time like it was for me.

I must say, the hair treatment was a very  uncomfortable experience for me. Two or three men touching your hair and rubbing your scalp was not a normal thing for me. I was told that, mostly when it comes to hair treatment, as far as India is concerned, men were the best and they outnumbered the women-staff. For the simpler reason that they had more powerful hands thanks to a stronger physique which made it child’s play for them to do the head massage or hair ironing. I understood the logic, still it felt strange throughout to be handled by men in a beauty routine. The way they spoke about my scalp and hair felt even stranger. I thought until then these were of very personal nature for a woman, any woman.

I did earlier read up that even Keratin treatment involved heavy usage of ‘formaldehyde’ a very toxic chemical. I remembered to ask the guys at least that. They showed me some concoctions that looked creamy and buttery that looked more like ice creams than beauty aids. One tapped at the details of constituents and told me that they used only formaldehyde-free products in T&G. God knows!

Hair treatment is one thing. But a guy massaging your head like that is OMG !!! I must say it’s out of world experience, i don’t deny i enjoyed it in spite of my persisting embarrassment. There is always this small uncomfortable thing about a guy doing these physical services to you that’s like a dampening factor. If you may forget it, you may enjoy the experience. To be honest, the guys were extremely professional, totally detached. In fact I was taking note of how they behaved with the younger girls out of the corner of my eyes. I know in my age, I don’t have to suspect any foul play (in my case) from them. The guys and the younger girls seemed to have struck an easy friendship. They were chatty. But there was still this unmistakable professionalism in the working men, some consolation. Nowhere was the line crossed in the 3 hours I spent therein for my hair treatment.

I must admit, I got satisfactory results. I knew I was in good hands after all. The men did eventually earn my trust. I could go back someday really. For hair treatments, the big relief is, you don’t have to change clothes. They merely throw a towel on you. Small blessings.

Still, the fumes of the formaldehyde was in my mind for days to come after the Keratin process. I thought I had put myself at great risk. I was all the more worried for the young girls. They were all working or studying, easy to guess. Not yet married, obviously. How can you let yourself consume such a toxic vapour in such an young age when you have not had a baby yet. This was what was going in my mind. I am big coffee lover now. But until my son’s birth and even after that for 1 year, I never had coffee or tea except on very rare occasions. Even eating out was ruled out. We led such a strict and clean life. My husband used to smoke but he would never in front of me. Right from day 1 made sure of that.

I was also extremely cautious when it was time for hair wash. I had read up somewhere that when a woman was getting hair wash, her neck accidentally snapped in the wash basin and she went into an irreversible coma. This happened somewhere in Mumbai, I guess. So the danger was throughout playing up in my mind. It is impossible to dismiss these thoughts when you know too much on these things from browsing the internet.


Modesty will never go out of fashion. Modesty is Dignity.


However today’s girls seem to think of no such things that seemed so important to us in those days. Caution is thrown to winds. Under 20-25-30, I felt awful that their chins were uplifted by young guys even if it may be only in beauty salons, their scalp massaged… The uneasiness that I was feeling in my late 40s, the younger girls of Chennai were not feeling even in their 20s, serviced by guys in the age band 25-30 years. The risks of having regular hair wash with your head bent back in an unnatural angle, the poisonous chemicals that could impact on and harm your health – all these mean nothing. In simple terms, formaldehyde translates to carcinogen.

I understand, my city has come a long way. Now short term pleasures mean more than life long bliss.

Finally this year I tried out VLCC which is walking distance from my place. Honestly I went in there only because i got free coupons to cash in. They refused to give me their label products for coupons and insisted that I could only avail of services for the coupons.

So for one coupon I opted for a facial. I should have become alert when they asked me whether they wanted Mr yyy or Miss xxx to do the facial for me as both were available. I was not prepared for the question but i recovered in a second and opted for a service girl. I was shocked that a facial could be done to a woman by a man. Because even if it is only once or twice an year, I still know a facial process involves massage that can go upto your chest level and most of your back after you change to their robes with open slits on all sides.

My facial was almost over and the girl put a final pack on my face and cucumber slices over my tired eyes and asked me to relax. The room was in total darkness and the air conditioner was mild. I was beginning to snooze, it was heavenly. Just then, the door opened a crack and the voice of a man was heard. He was asking my attendant girl some lotion or cream. Before I could utter a word, the light was switched on for a moment as the girl found the tube for him and he closed the door with a thud as he left. The incident extremely disturbed me. I was fully covered up. Over the robes the girl had also thrown in a couple of towels upon me as I felt the a/c chill. Thank god I asked for extra cover. My clothes were in the hanger.

Once the facial finished, I fired the management like anything for letting in a male staff even if for a second. They sounded unapologetic and told me it was unisex salon. Where you could have a man service you for a facial or even massage, what is there to fuss. They said I was out of tune with what was happening in Chennai. My pedicure remained. For this they offered the services of a 22 year old guy. First i refused. Then they said, ‘M’am, no division of sex here. This guy is like your son. Once if you do it, you will  know how ultra professional they are. It is not like you think.’ Just then another senior matron in her 60s walked out of a cubicle having had a facial done with a male staff. The service staff showed her to me and the lady spoke of her experience. Looks like there’s nothing to be ashamed of or feel uncomfortable about. Finally i let in the guy do my pedicure just as a test. I took pictures and shared them with my friends 😀 I have to say, it is the best pedicure i have had in my life (me having pedicure only in last 3 years or so). I told the guy himself that I allowed him to do it for me because he was younger than my son. He said, ‘M’am if you refuse our services, what will happen to us guys. I am from North East India. I am from Assam. I will be unemployed if more and more women like you would say ‘no’ to unisex salons. 75% of our guests are ladies. So please change your mind.’

There was truth in what the boy said. Still I told the management, it was okay with pedicure but never would i have a facial done by a guy. They said, in that case I would have to call a couple of days before so that they’d find time for a female staff to service me. Otherwise anyone available would be assigned to me.

As I was waiting in the lobby, I could see young girls go for facials with these guys – into dimly lit cabins. I shuddered. Even if there was thorough professionalism on the part of male staff, my mind always keeps wondering about spy cams etc. At my age, I am past caring for all that. I know whoever dares to record me can only get a heart attack hahaha – but what about teenagers and young working girls. The beauty salons are employing young guys under 30 years of age. If i must have a daughter, I would never allow her to visit a salon ever.

One more thing I wanted to talk about: use of a single toilet for both men and women. No separate demarcated wash rooms for gents and ladies in unisex salons as I have noticed so far. It is highly risky for us women to use restrooms used by men, as men generally are found wanting when it comes to hygiene. I have also mentioned this factor at the salons i have so far visited to no avail. Space is a precious commodity in Chennai. I don’t think they would want to waste another few hundred square foot of space for a separate ladies bathroom.

Beauty business remains largely an unregulated service industry in India. ‘Make in India’ is a big joke in the flourishing personal care industry, with 100% product procurement only from countries like France, Germany and Brazil. Cent percent import including other beauty aids like trimmers, scissors etc.

  • I would like a complete audit of unisex salons ensuring the privacy and safety of women who visit them. Even in unisex salons, cabins must be demarcated separately for men and women. Men including the service staff must not venture without specific permission into the ladies quarters.
  • Separate restrooms for men and women
  • The salons must inform clients about the use of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde – if possible in writing. It may be binding on both parties.
  • Branded salons in India I believe may not be using products past expiry date but this must be ensured by regular govt inspections.
  • Ensuring that the towels and bed sheets and aprons are fresh/washed after every use in a foolproof manner. How about supplying them in sealed sterilized pouches as they do in airplanes.
  • Clear and complete product listing with brand names and rates displayed in bold in the reception.
  • Personal details of male staff with past track record must be available on demand.

I also get a fairly good idea why beauty salons are always looked down upon by the public as if they are whorehouses. A friend of mine owned a building in Mogappair, the city suburb. It was leased to a beauty salon. When the salon moved to another address, the drainage choked in the building. My friend says, they flushed out hundreds of condoms from the blocked drain pipes in the building. Now she has made up her mind to never lease her space to beauty salons.

I wish the young girls of Chennai, not just Chennai but entire India, stay very vigilant when visiting beauty salons. It is easy to get trapped. I don’t get the comfortable feel anymore – the one that you normally may associate with visiting a beauty parlour some 20-25 years back. Instead there is always something foreboding about them these days. Of course, for me and my friends, all this is secondary now. We are not bothered about guys 20 years younger to us. Still we are women. We have our dignity.

I am not saying all men are vicious or bad or scheming. But there is also the age factor. They  may look professional, act professional, yet they are mostly under 30. As a woman in my late 40s, I am not okay with them wholeheartedly still, so i wonder how these younger girls are so readily shameless. Such a cosmopolitan thing, i don’t know why, only causes me acute embarrassment.

I recall my Yoga sessions in Chennai. I had an excellent Yoga guru about my age. Age bound us in the same bracket so I found that he was too very aware of me over other ladies in our batch. Others also noticed it and teased me about it. Doing stretches on my back always was uncomfortable for me owing to this factor. Whatever we feel uncomfortable about, we must avoid.

However I have had this great Zumba trainer. He is a young chap over 10 years younger. What i even today like about him is, never would he notice us women – I mean he would never look at any of us other than in face. His eyes would never dart or linger on any of our body parts. Gem of a guy.  In fact, we also always had body conditioning following up. We ladies felt safe and secure with this one always. It is tough to be in this business I know, but the way this guy detaches himself from women is what endears him to us most to this day. Women can easily gauge men and their intentions.

Yoga gurus or physical trainers like gym trainers and even male beauticians can still thus similarly detach themselves from women clients in a way that would give the ladies a sense of security and comfort. We could still continue to hang out as great buddies, this is what I learned from my Zumba trainer in Chennai.

I have had a Zumba trainer here too ( in middle east). Since this is a dangerous terrain to discuss these subjects, I don’t want to talk frankly about him. I can write about him only in India. He has left for the Philippines. He was a super but not character-wise. I think women should be very careful when it comes to not just beauty routines, but also fitness regimen where it concerns male trainers. I am saying this out of personal experience. I was also under the false sense of security that age was on my side and that my age gauranteed the complete protection that I needed. I discovered for the first time that, age is not a factor for some guys. Women are vulnerable at any age. And a few weird younger guys actually are for experienced, middle-aged women. Sick!

In general, only direct and regular government inspection and audit can prevent mistakes from happening in personal care industry as well as in physical fitness arena. I wonder if India has such a regulatory board at all. Personal grooming is fine, but not at the expense of your shame and dignity.

It is high time, Modi government appoints a regulatory authority to oversee the personal care industry and the physical fitness business in India. This is a multi-billion dollar game. Our Gujarati Bania PM must know.

Vanity Of The Mind

Vanity is not merely physical. Vanity is also of the mind, heart and spirit. – Viji (!)

Those vain in this respect never cease to ask ‘the mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the bestest of’em all!’

Well, I have a name for this: ‘Vidhya Garvam’

Remember the path-breaking epic Tamil picture ‘Sindhu Bhairavi’ from K Balachandar. If you can get the message from him, you can never be so obstinate with your unjustifiable fixations. You will break free. KB incidentally was himself a Palakkad Brahmin who went on to make another trendsetter ‘Unnal Mudiyum Thambi (you can do it bro).’ What he preached in his films, he also practised in real life. His daughter Pushpa married Kailasam, a dalit, with his blessings.


Nirlepa– Free from all impurity
Nirmala – Spotless
Nithya – The Eternal One
Nirakara – Without limiting form
Nirakula – Unaffected by agitation
Nir Guna– Beyond qualities

Nishkala- A unity without parts
Shantha – Ever tranquil
Nish Kama – Beyond desires
Nirupaplava – Indestructible

Nithya Muktha – Ever free
Nirvikara – Beyond all change
Nish Prabancha – Beyond the limits of the universe
Niraashrayaa – Not limited to a body
Nithya Shudhdha – Eternally pure
Nithya Buddha – Eternally wise
Niravadhya – Blameless
Niranthara – Without end

Nish Kaarana – Not caused, but Herself the ultimate cause
Nish Kalanga – Sinless
Nirupadhir – Beyond attributes and adjuncts
Nir Eashwara – Beyond god, as she is herself the god
Nirraga – Free from passion
Ragamadhani – Who destroys passion
Nirmadha – Free from pride

Madhanashini – Who destroys pride

Nischintha – Free from anxiety
Nir Ahankara – Free from egoism
Nir Moha – Free from delusion
Moha Nashini – Who destroys delusion
Nirmama – Without self-conceit
Mamathahandri – Who destroys conceit
Nish Papa – Sinless
Papa Nashini – Destroys sin

Nish Krodha – Free from anger
Krodhashamani – Who extinguishes anger
Nir Lobha – Free from greed
Lobha Nashini – Destroys greed
Nishamsaya – Free from doubt
Samsayagni – Dispels all doubt
Nirbhava – With no origin
Bhavanashini – Destroys the existence cycle

Nirvikalpa – With no false pretences
Nirabadha – Beyond wrong inference
Nir Bedha – Beyond all differences
Bedha Nashini – Destroys differences
Nir Nasha – Without end
Mrithyumadhani – Removes fear of death
Nish Kriya – Without attachment to action
Nishparigraha – Not a receipient of anything

I am reciting the Lalitha Sahasranama for over 25 years now. It has become a part of me. I want to die reciting Her name in my heart, my lips.

I never gave up on the Mantra perhaps because of the  differences I have felt deep down in my heart and mind ever since I started with it all those years back when I needed a strong clutch to cling on to life that the Nama became for me then, and since further down the road, the changes in my perceptions, and in my assessments and judgments and the way how I have been viewing things far more clearly for what they stood, than I did ever before. Every time I recite the Mantra, something more adds up to me. Something extra builds up in me: something I can vaguely describe as a growing acute sense of justice while feeling less self-important at the same time.

To most devouts, Matha is a bestower of health and wealth principally. To me, She is an ocean of peace and intellect and pure conscience.

Incidentally, my biological mother exhibited these traits – so far i can recall from my limited memory of hers. I can relate a few incidents but already this is a long post…

Mantra, Tantra, Yantra – the formula, the trick and the tool… this is also the Mother. I can get only the broader meaning here. I am not proficient in any of the scriptures and i cannot far-reach into the deeper meaning of these either. But what I do know is what my Mother is. What She wants you to be. How she wants to define you, refine you. How She can affect you – if only you let Her. To those who do the Devi Parayana a 1000 times within the sanctum sanctorium of Agamic temples still unable to come out of their innate prejudices, the Nama can have no impact or meaning or relevance in my humble opinion stemming out of this feeble mind of mine. (By the way neither do I know the Agamic temples or Yogic temples or the Tantric temples for what they are or from each other. What is the use in knowing all these but not attaining the ultimate enlightenment). I am not saying I am master of anything. I found a simpler translation for some verses  describing Mother Goddess and these are the exact words that bind Her to me. This is the same vocabulary that affects me deeply, making me what I am today.  Whether I am likable or sociable or tolerable is different issue.  But at least I can live with myself. I have a sense of peace. These are the exact verses that have chiseled my line of thoughts and action for a quarter century so that I live and swear by them now.

In short, as you recite the Mantra over years, you can become what the Mantra purports you to be: Like the Mother, free from pride, free from ego, free from anxiety,  free from anger, free from greed, free from doubt, free from delusion (state of denial), no false pretences, no wrong inferences, beyond differences and without (material) attachment. If you don’t become that over course of time, I would say, there is no point in reciting the Nama. I am not saying I am all that perfect that, but to some extent I am becoming that. I strive to become that. Subconsciously I am that somewhat….

I have already stated in one of my earlier posts: you need not have to know Bheeshma and Vidhura in detail to be a sincere Sanathana Dharmi. You can be a worshiper at a non-Agamic temple offering the Mother meat for Naivedya and still you could be a true Hindu. May be better Hindu than those self-appointed custodians of Hinduism from Tantric, Yogic temples who knows. While I very much appreciate what has been handed over down to us over generations ( I do not definitely want to sound ungrateful), I think it is high time some among us start this self-introspection which is long since due for them. Past is well over us, behind us. Future is before us. Past glories cannot blind you to present injustices. No one is superior to another by mere virtue of birth.

If Shastras are to have their way until today, then a vast majority of us could be out of schools and worthy occupations, with women stoking the kitchen fires, not milling about with handbags flung over their shoulders as they drive to work.

Faith is how we interpret it. Even Faith has to evolve with humans.  I am spiritual and I don’t know how far religious I am. Both can even be inversely proportional in interesting cases, no doubt. Ritualistic and religious forms of faith are fine so long as they do not divert you from your original pursuits, or at least this is my line of thought on this.

Lalitha Sahasranama has a profound impact in me as I realize and come to terms with my growing intolerance to injustice in any form to anyone. If I am critical of certain issues from past and present, then my misgivings about them are well-founded with historical references and can be scientifically substantiated.

Most of all, Mother has given me the ability to empathize. This I realized when watching a recent interview of the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. He was underscoring how empathy helped him, helps him after what life gave him. My greatest gift is perhaps this empathy for the oppressed. For the victims. For the victimized. So that may naturally hurt the sensibilities of the oppressors, the offenders because I call a spade a spade.

The true meaning of a Mantra can dawn on you only when you live the Mantra. You take the Gayathri Mantra:

Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ
Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ
Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi
Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt

What do you mean by the verses:

There are various interpretations:

One is that: We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose effulgence (divine light) illumines all realms (physical, mental and spiritual). May this divine light illumine our intellect.

A few more here:

Let us adore the supremacy of that divine sun, the god-head who illuminates all, who recreates all, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, whom we invoke to direct our understandings aright in our progress toward his holy seat. – Sir William Jones in 1807

Unveil, O Thou who givest sustenance to the Universe, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, that face of the True Sun now hidden by a vase of golden light, that we may see the truth and do our whole duty on our journey to thy sacred seat. – William Quan Judge in 1893

We meditate on the worshipable power and glory of Him who has created the earth, the nether world and the heavens (i.e. the universe), and who directs our understanding. – Sivanath Shastri (Brahmo Samaj) in 1911

We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our mind. – Swami Vivekananda in 1915

We meditate on the adorable glory of the radiant sun; may he inspire our intelligence. – Sir Radhakrishnan in 1953

We meditate upon the Divine Light of that adorable Sun of Spiritual Consciousness, which stimulates our power of spiritual perception; May It open our hearts and enlighten our Intellect. – I K Taimini

O Effulgent, Infinite, potent, Omniscient and Omnipresent being, bless me with Right Understanding and Clarity of Thought. – Swami Srikantananda

In effect, we can summarize the Gayathri Mantra as Seeking of Clear Thoughts, Clear Understanding, Englightenment of Intellect Inspiring our Intelligence, Stimulating our Spiritual Perception, Opening up our hearts.
There may be slight variations but the essence of the interpretationss is one and the same. A Hindu always seeks KNOWLEDGE first and foremost from the One Supreme, seeks WISDOM, seeks ENLIGHTENMENT over anything. And this is why the Hindu philosophy can never be like the Abrahamics.’ 
With these potent and powerful Mantras, if you cannot broaden your vision, open your heart, cannot improve your spiritual intellect, then what a waste it is of everything. It means, the light of awareness is not yet lit in your heart.
My aunt used to tell me this: ‘Light the Diya only when you can focus and manage a sincere prayer. The Kamakshi Vilakku or the Kuthu Vilakku (both are the traditional Diyas or lamps we light in Tamil Nad) are not Petromax lanterns for you to light without readying your soul.’ Unfortunately, many Hindus are lighting only the Petromax lanterns in their hearts and  mind, never the Kamakshi or Kuthu Vilakku – the Diya that dispels the darkness of ignorance and liberates the soul.
Champions of Hinduism are the likes of Raja Ram Mohan Roy and EVR and Ambedkar, never the ilk of Sadhgurus or Sri Sris or Periyavas that these people fancy.  Narayana Guru may be with his passive, non-confrontational and subjugated, segregated course. Satya Sai Baba of Puttabarthi from recent times is at least attributed with some humanitarian social work and services. These are the social reformers, these are the ultimate Gurus. I do not know much about Vivekananda or Rama Krishna or even Aurobindho but I do know they still lagged behind from enacting bold social reforms like even the Brahma Samaj and Arya Samaj did. They chose the easiest paths, non-contradictory, non-controversial paths.
What is Dharma. Is Dharma calling your ancestral sins your ancient heritage? I am at loss of words here to go on.
Ettu Suraikkai Karikku Udhavaadhu – what a brilliance from our forefathers. Some intelligence is thus of no consequence.
Everyone says the essence of Sanathana Dharma lies in the Vedas, but to me, it will always lie with the Vettiyans and Chakkilis and such breed who still BELIEVE, who still PRACTISE, and this after a 4000 year oppression. Don’t let us drive them into the open arms of evangelists seeking their conversion with promise of their dignity long denied to them.
Mother made me different that I can never agree with the rigid versions of Hindu Dharma. Blessed that such a hypocrisy has not characterized me and I thank my Lalitha for instilling in me this impartial eye. Whatever I may write of other things – other followers, other places, other people,  it is based on recorded historical evidence strictly and may be at times from personal experience. Never is it a foregone conclusion or a pre-existent prejudice.

Why Is Kamal Hasan Pissed Off???

Normally you may not expect a woman to write blunt like this. So a Kamal fan from my pre-teens quite like my mother, imagine how much the ‘Ulaga Nayakan’ must have frustrated me.

I don’t even want to refer to Kamal Hasan’s utter rubbish and nonsense talks in recent times. He has probably become senile. Despite his face-lifts and liposuction and hair transplants and tummy tucks, that is.  He is desperate and he would go to any lengths given the sadist he is. I remember my school friend’s correct assessment of him when his film ‘Guna’ was released. Kamal was a maniac she said then, he was a sadist who would go to any level to prove a point to the world.

Kamal Hasan has put foot in his mouth on more than one previous occasions.

Years back in Kerala, he got into a controversy when he spoke on stage that a woman cannot be raped without her consent !!! The evil me would like his daughters to go through the trauma and make plain to him some home-truths. But alas, these girls are overtly willing aren’t they? Where is the chance for rape. Rape happens when women DO NOT GIVE consent, right?

Kamal has made it clear right from the start that he never believed in the institution of marriage. Good. Look at his daughters born out of wedlock. We all ‘know’ what both of them are, probably not much different from ‘the Mahanadi’ (film) daughter character of Kamal’s who he rescues from the Kolkata’s infamous ‘Sonagachi’ (in the picture).

Kamal is also a self-professed atheist. Yet he made the picture ‘Dasavadharam’ (meaning ’10 Avatars’ based on the 10 Avatars of Maha Vishnu, the protective Hindu God in the trinity of male Hindu Gods). The self-contradiction is striking.

Whatever happened to his film ‘Marudhanayagam.’ The shoot for the so-called epic picture (in his words, not critics’) was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth when she was visiting Chennai more than two decades back. A reported 18 crore rupees later (as of the year 2001 and since then Indian Rupee has been devalued very many times that the same 18 crore from 2001 would work out to a neat 180 crores today no less). Allegedly Kamal borrowed heavily from RBF (Royapettah Benefit Fund) and ABF (Alwarpet Benefit Fund) which were both a century old.  Kamal Hasan was allegedly a defaulter when it came to paying back the loans. These chit funds were pensioners’ investment paradise. How many suicides were instigated by Kamal’s misadventure. How many lives, families he broke to smithereens. Let Kamal publicize his earnings and taxes paid upto date and the Marudanayagam film investment details, his finances for the picture and how he liquidated his dues. Is there any otherstanding left? Who wrote off his borrowings?

Reportedly Kamal Hasan and his family have converted to Christianity after all for a few dollars. His brother Charu Hasan is seen canvassing for conversion to Christianity in a You Tube video, and the eldest of the brothers Chandra Hasan was supposedly buried as per Christian rites instead of being cremated as per Hindu rites. And this is a Tamil Aiyangar family note that.

If a few greenbacks can buy the greedy creamy denizens of Chennai, then what about the poorest among us.

The Vatican, America and Europe and pumping millions and millions of dollars into India for converting native Hindus within next 40 years to Christianity. This is called ‘the Joshua Project’ and it is highly ambitious. India until now with 800 million Hindus remains staunchly a Hindu nation in spite of 800 years of barbaric Islamic reign and a 200 year more British Christian rule. India is an unfinished business for the west.

By conversion, the west will be successfully ‘cultivating’ India – which is supposedly the agenda on cards. So long as we remain the non-follower, not heeding to the Abrahamic faiths of Christianity and Islam, we will remain defiant. The loyalty of Christian nations will be with the west and in case the muslims could win the war of conversion in India, then our loyalty would be pledged to Middle East. India is the stumbling block, the Resistance.

Shame on Kamal Hasan. But isn’t this shameless fellow the pimp to his own daughters? He could stoop down to any low level.

It is not just Kamal Hasan. Tamil film industry is flooded with Christian Missionary Funding received through Church from foreign countries. The evangelists are paid obnoxious wages. Some of the black sheep are actor Joseph Vijay, directors including Ranjith, Gautham Menon, Sebastian Seeman, Aarthi (tv and film actress), T Rajender family. The list goes on. The poaching is relentless. Why? How?

Even newspapers like the Hindu have been bought over. ‘The Hindu’ is Hindu only in name. This is why we need a tv channel like ‘the Republic’ and this is where Arnab Goswami comes in.

The Christian conversion lobby is now feeling the heat because PM Modi cut off the offshore funding for these conversion missionaries. It is no secret that even the Koodankulam agitation was sponsored by the Church and the antagonist Udayakumar is a Christian, receiving funds from overseas to finance the agitation.

On the Islamic conversion front, the recent poachings include leading Tamil actor Jay and Ilayaraja’s son and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja. A R Rahman is to be blamed for conversion of Yuvan Shankar Raja. What a pity that even after conversion, Yuvan is not getting pictures! Well he might have thought the hawala money would come pouring in. Modi kept a check for everything, didn’t he.

God save Tamil Nadu. God save India.

This is why I will always vote for only Modi. I hope he strangles them economically first. Income tax raids recommended for  Kamal Hasan, Vijay, director Seeman, Mani Ratnam, tv actress Aarthi, actor Jay, and music director Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Some may argue that this is eating up India’s ambitious development plans, but I think otherwise. All that you have to do to break India is to either Christianize us or Islamize us. Then we will automatically secede from Bharatha, the land of the Hindu natives for over 10,000 years. We could be on our way to become the next Latin America or Africa or another Caliphate who knows. But no more a significant threat to the world powers.

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is the true scenario prevailing in India today. I cannot even imagine what may happen to us if Congress comes to central power in future. It is important to keep the good work of Modiji going. I have this love-hate relationship with my Prime Minister (in my mind only)!!! But I know like the Krishna, whatever he is doing, wherever he is pulling the chord from behind the scenes, it is establish the Dharma, to save the Dharma from perishing.

Thank you Prime Minister. I have been hard on you. I have my reasons. But I also can see your grander plans for India’s future. I hope you also groom a team as good as you are for the sake of future generations. This is my earnest wish.

Hindu Code of Law

The Hindu Law Code (Reforms) Act was passed in the year 1955 (in bits and parcels)  in Indian parliament giving women (daughters/mothers/sisters/wives) equal share in family estate. But I will add here a personal note with reference as to how before 1955, Hindu women have suffered due to absence of such a law.

To begin with, Hindu widows were not allowed to remarry in India.  No divorce or annulment of a Hindu marriage was permissible as per the ancient Shastras as per which the Hindu society functioned for thousands of years. Hindu men could remarry if they were widowers. Or Hindu men could even take more than one wife. A Hindu daughter/wife/mother/sister could beget only 1/8th of the family estate as per old school of thought and practice. Adoption was not allowed for the widows or single Hindu women. All that was set to change which brought about a revolution in the emancipation of Indian women in the last 50 years plus, with the introduction of a new set of statutes aimed at improving the women’s lot in the subcontinent. I cannot even imagine, how anyone (read the Islamic society) could have opposed these bold but delayed reforms. Probably that explains why the Islamic community in India remains backward until this date.

My husband’s maternal grandfather inherited sizeable real estate. Although all his three married sisters were widowed before 25 (as was common  in those days when mortality rate was high due to typhoid, TB, malaria, jaundice etc), he did not share his wealth with his sisters. Their families with whom we have contacts until today remain impoverished mostly. The widows, two of whom are around even now (one is 101), led harrowing lives for raising their kids in trying circumstances, totally at the mercy of their relatives. Here and there someone is doing well among their grandchildren and great grandchildren in present times. However, the grandfather donated prime properties to temples. In fact the Anna Nagar East bus terminal plot (in Chennai) belonged to him that he gifted the govt for development without seeking a penny by way of compensation. (The Mandaveli bus depot was a garden that belonged to my paternal grandfather. It was a coconut grove, my father used to tell me. As a kid, my father used to take his daily walk there). The neo rich of Chennai may hardly believe.

Similarly, my maternal grandfather and his brother too inherited vast restate. My grandfather’s brother did not work for a single day in his life and lived off the properties shamelessly. The 3 or 4 widowed sisters of theirs received no share in the estate, not a single paisa from the father/brothers. However, these families are doing well presently having worked their way up. Ironically, my grandfather too donated prime properties to a couple of temples in Chennai. He set up a trust fund and did a lot of charity including to the Ramakrishna Mission. There is this memory of my grandfather’s nephew coming home frequently asking for monetary help. My grandfather gave him nothing. Since his were only two daughters (my mother and my aunt), he left them a single house standing, and donated everything to Hindu temples.

The widows’ lives before 1955 must have been awful. Either they had to put up with inconveniences and insults in their in-laws homes as dependents, or had to return to their parents’ swallowing their pride. Women did not have much education in those days. They were not employable. Can’t imagine their plight back then. Hindu women were not even allowed to remarry. No divorce either. Once married, your fate would be sealed.

Now the ‘Motta pattis’ of Chennai have vanished. But upto my 10th year or so, every street or what you say every gali in India used to have them. (Vrindavan even today is a sore reminder.)  Motta Pattis were the widowed Brahmin women of Tamil Nadu with their heads shaven. They had to still cover their heads and don the saffron robes or the white robes. Many of them were widowed even before they attained their puberty – because child marriages were common in those days. In my own family, we have had such widows. But both my parents’ and my in-laws’ families were somewhat progressive when it came to women’s education. Women in our families have been literate for almost a century now, so the widows in our homes were not secluded from society or denied education. But until my mother’s generation, they were mostly taught at home rather than at school. My mom and my mother-in-law could have been the earliest girls from either sides to attend schools.

However, widows in those days were taken care of in joint families. They were provided for.  There was security in joint families. It was still hard life for the widows. Some of them resorted to menial jobs doing chores for relatives and friends to earn a decent living for the sake of their children.

Now the converse is true. Parents seem to be overdoing things for their daughters at the expense of their sons! Women in India may be projected different by the media, but not only Indian women these days are highly accomplished in academics as well as their chosen careers, but are also extremely smart and know their legal rights and entitlements. It is heartbreaking to see brothers and sisters fighting bitter legal battles over parents’ estates in modern times.

Although my husband’s maternal grandfather did not share his real estate inheritance with his sisters, he gave equal share in whatever remained with him to his daughter – who’s my mother-in-law, on par with his sons. In his own times, the change in the mind-set happened. The law might have been like an after-thought.

Happily enjoying the fruits of my parents’ labour today. 35 years since my mother passed away, on a working day, after returning from her school (she worked as a teacher for govt aided school for the speech and hearing impaired). Neither was my father around for my wedding day (he worked for central govt). But my parents ensured that both of us daughters need not have to work for life. Not much may be, still our parents ensured the economic security of our lives with their precious savings and investments. Brings tears to my eyes. After my mom, we received her monthly pension and death benefits. Our parents left us decent real estate. It doesn’t matter anymore you are a daughter or son, it is just that for a mother, both are one and the same. Our ancestral inheritance must be viewed as a nest egg. That’s how we see it.

How the social changes happened over generations is amazing. From 1955 to 1985, from destitute widows to inheriting daughters. What a transformation for the Indian Nari. As for me, I am the daughter of a working woman who sends me a gift cheque every month even today 35 years after she left me.

Son or daughter, we must not wait for our parents’ money. If you get it, it is bonus. We have to work our way up. We daughters never built our lives around our parents’ fortunes. We started our lives like on a blank paper: with not a single rupee in bank account, no parents, no big family circle, no support system nothing. But there was one thing in tact: Hope and Good thinking and Sound education.


My friend says, India is suffering today because of the curses of our widows over centuries and of the dalits.


Why compare India with anyone. KNOW YOUR INDIA !

In Singapore for tax evasion, Tamil film star Vijay could find himself doing his time for a comfortable 20-30 years in central prison. Neither is the IRS of USA any less merciful. In India, he can dare to get away with it all and still preach us morals and ethics.


It is not just about ‘Mersel’ the latest Joseph Vijay’s Tamil picture that compares India with Singapore. Everyone does it which is very unfair.

Why India is incomparable with any other nation in the world:

  • Our unique history: we were for a 800 years under the brutal siege of the Arab-Turk-Persian-Moghul invaders followed by a stifling 300 more years under the British. None could have survived this savagery but we Indians did.
  • No other race in the world was persecuted to the magnitude we Hindus were. Nobody calls ours genocide because the victims are not whites, but Hindus, non-followers of the Abrahamic faiths, the so-called infidels.
  • India’s population even today is 1.3 billion approximately. Except for China, no other nation in the world in the first place can feed such a population. Not even America or Russia.  The yardstick you measure poverty by is relatively biased towards the west. If you smoke a joint and stay hungry, you are still better off in the west than a starving poor villager in India as per standard of living indices in America. If you own a car by loan that you have troubles paying back in the west, you are still deemed rich against an Indian who may own gold and silver, the appreciating wealth, but does not own an automobile or phone, the depreciating wealth.
  • Primary education in local/state language is free in entire India (upto class 5) in rural and corporation schools in towns and cities. Mid-day meals are free for children in government schools until standard 12, the school finishing year. My local state government distributes bicycles and laptops free to highschool students who are enrolled in government schools. If you enroll your kids in international schools or CBSE schools, then it is your problem.
  • Indian economy is a welfare economy basically even if we are not a communist regime like Russia or China. In my state Tamil Nadu, the BPL families receive 20 kg rice free everymonth with subsidized groceries at throwaway rates/prices.
  • If you are poor parent, you can get your daughter married with government funds. Indian government gifts your daughter upto 100, 000 INR, a substantial amount in rural India.
  • If you are pregnant and poor, the government pays you 10,000 bucks for your nourishment in 3 installments. Delivery free in government hospitals.
  • Paternity leave sanctioned in India these days both in government and private sectors.
  • Corporate bonuses are impressive. You may be gifted with a tour of Europe as an incentive which is not at all strange in India.
  • If you are poor, your kids upto 15 years can receive free treatment in childrens’ hospitals throughout India. If you smirk at government hospitals and prefer the private ones, it is your problem.
  • If you are a muslim, government gives you Haj subsidy so that you can travel free to Saudi and still continue to hate Hindu India rabidly. If you are a christian, you get subsidy to visit Bethlehem from government. ZERO SUBSIDY FOR MAJORITY HINDUS ALTHOUGH WE PAY FOR SUBSIDIES FROM OUR TAX MONEY.
  • If you are from very backward SC/ST communities notified by government, then life long your education is free, you have admissions reserved in medical college to technical institutions, government jobs waiting for you, quicker promotions with even age relaxed at every stage. It is a blessing to be poor and from BPL families in India. Your future is secure. This is how India treats Her minorities and the poorest amongst us.
  • Medical treatment almost free or subsidized for those below the poverty line (BPL families). My housemaid and her family hold this health card. They can walk into the government super specialty hospital in Chennai for free and can undergo cardiac bypass, kidney transplants etc without paying a penny. This is the state of affairs in most Indian states to my knowledge. Chennai also boasts Shankara Netralaya, the eye hospital, that treats not only the poor free but also accommodates poor eye patients from foreign countries. You can be an African or Asian or American, but if you are certified poor, you can have a free eye transplant in India, this is for a fact. Cancer Institute in Chennai is totally dedicated to the poor and similarly the Hindu Mission Hospital and the TB Hospital at Tambaram, Chennai do not levy a single paisa for intensive treatment like radiation, chemotherapy, etc. Or you may pay as per your income slab if you have a comfortable source of income.
  • For the affordable middle-class, there is always the medical insurance that lets us get treated in the better environs of private hospitals.
  • Such a generosity of a poor nation like India offering free medical help, transplants, by-pass surgeries etc for those from war afflicted nations like Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan etc., is something you can hardly see in wealthier nations of Europe or Australia or America. Not even China. We ourselves are poor. Charity and magnanimity are characters you inherit by blood.
  • Even patients from America and Europe are now arriving in India because of queue system in their own countries and very high costs of treatment. Foreign patients mostly come for knee replacement, hip replacement, infertility, cardiac bypass etc which cost less than 50% of what it may cost one in USA. Ofcourse they head to private hospitals. My friend who is now a physician in the US certifies, Indian medical procedures are by far the best and comparable to those available in the US.
  • Singapore hospitals may be swankier and doctors could be more qualified with facilities available for complications that may not be treatable in India as yet as we are subject to certain inevitable financial constraints, but Singapore imports its physicians and specialists from UK, USA and Australia. Indian doctors are home-made. Over 30% of doctors in the USA and UK are Indians or of Indian origin as statistics reveal. Medical costs are also extremely prohibitive in Singapore. India is the epicenter of global medical tourism.
  • India has its share of IITs and IIMs – which may be called the Harvard, the Stanford, the Oxford and the Cambridge of Asia. None of the oil rich Arab nations could emulate us even with tying up with leading universities of US and UK and boasting of superior overseas campuses. We build leaders for a modern world. May be a repeat, this system of Indian education is what gave you a Satya Nadella of Microsoft and a Sundar Pitchai of Google in present times. This is what we have done with our most limited resources. Singapore’s NUS is also a popular destination for Indian students. 100% placement for them in Singapore – the tiny nation is more than eager to take in the brainiest Indians offering them PR and citizenship as rewards. Germany offers us Indians PR, equal to Greencard in US. Australia does. Indian students are welcome everywhere. The foreign countries that host them are aware, their investments will not go to naught.
  • The network of Indian railways, the third largest in the world.:Except for China, no other nation in the world has such an extensive network to transport goods employing millions in the process. We move millions on tracks everyday.
  • The very water the Singaporeans drink is from Malaysia. When we were living in Malaysia over 2 decades before, the two nations were at loggerheads over water dispute as is regularly the case with them.  Malaysia threatened Singapore with closing the tap for good or asked them to foot unreasonably costly bills. As a citizen of India, I have never felt insecure the way the Singaporeans felt then. Nobody can turn the heat on us Indians. We are huge by sheer size, we are 1.2 billion by headcount, we are an enigma, we are a strong force that the world is forced to reckon with. Blackmails will not work with us. Singapore is just the size of  my hometown Chennai, probably a little bigger. Or in comparison, Singapore could be 0.00000000000000001 part of India or perhaps even less. You are comparing us on equal footing???
  • Through years, India has developed an array of dams and reservoirs, factories, software industry, health centers, great institutions of learning and even space mission. We launch rockets now for nations, commercially. Poverty or Wars (with China in 1961, with Pakistan in 1947, 65, 71 and 1999 none of them initiated by India) did not make us ignore important areas of science and technology. If China is in the forefront of technology, India is at the back office, doing the essential software work for you. Behind the scenes. We have had the Green revolution, the White revolution – for boosting food grain and milk production: NOT CRUSADES OR JEHADS like the Christian or Muslim nations. We cater to 1.2 billion on daily basis. And we are self-sufficient until today except for oil and gas. The safety and security of India is something you may not find in every nation on earth.
  • India still has to fight Her own battles: we are the worst victims of Islamic terrorism. The cultural terrorism in Indian soil is promoted by the Vatican, Europe and America titled ‘the Joshua Project’ that aims to convert entire India to Christianity by the turn of the century. Imagine having to put up with this nonsense and attack on our culture in the name of secularism and democracy.
  • One word against your government, you may disappear forever be it Malaysia or Singapore. Look at the Indian media, the leftists, the pseudo intellectuals who we tolerate in good humour. Perils of democracy. ‘Mersel’ is yet another transgression. If in India today we are losing our patience, it is because of how we the masses have been taken for granted by some vested interests. The reaction for Mersel is like an awakening.
  • A dozen France or Germany or Spain can neatly fit into the geographical extent of India.
  • We are surrounded by Pakistan and China who are our immediate neighbours. Imagine our existential crisis every single day of our lives. Singapore’s worst bout of disagreements is with Malaysia over water it still pays for.
  • The Armed Forces of India: one of the mightiest in the world only after China and America. Indian armed forces make a mark with their peacetime services with postings in war zones around the world. The one and only nation that can get China to back down in a conventional military warfare is India. 
  • It is not easy to run a nation as vast and as diverse as India. We are not communists like China. We still value the fundamental birth rights of our citizens. Neither are we totally capitalist like the US. America is not even half as much a welfare state as India is. But beware, this is where welfare can get you. On the converse, look what a totalitarian authority can do as with China. 
  • Difference between America and Australia and Europe combined, and India: We never invaded anyone, we were invaded. We never destroyed anyone, we were ransacked. We did not displace anyone, we were displaced. Still we are giving you back our best human resources. We are repaying you the way only a Hindu can repay.
  • Like recently I read this: the best revenge a tree seeks for getting stoned is by way of offering the offender its fruits. 
  • We say to ‘NO’ to Rohingyas from experience. Angela Merkel welcomes Syrians in Germany because she wants to erase the holocaust of the second world war times from world memory and substitute it with the newfound benevolence of the Germans. Justin Treadeau is not anyone’s godfather without a reason: he wants more immigrants, more funds flow into Canada.  The arab refugee immigrants of Canada work in the Middle East and plough back their earnings entirely to Canada. What makes Canada to Germany so generous. It is nothing other than an overriding sense of guilt. America and Australia and Canada are nations of immigrants today because they know they have built their nations on the graves of the natives.
  • It is very sad that my own fellow Indians do not think good of India.
  • BBC will show you the slums of India but get the BBC to do a show on how the Kohinoor diamond of the queen is originally from the Mother Goddess of a Hindu temple. Will the queen return our stolen wealth with whole heart? Will the queen apologize in world stage for the Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre in India? Get the BBC to do a show on male rapes in UK, world’s highest number. But BBC would like to juxtapose India’s ISRO against Mumbai’s red light area. This way, they can keep their public happy and not questioning. You invariably come across such articles aimed at tarnishing India’s image in the west. This is not for India, but feed for their own citizens to keep them occupied and make them ‘feel good.’
  • It is very unfair comparing India with any of these nations: be it Singapore, or UAE or UK or USA or Australia. Nobody inherited the kind of issues like we did. Nobody got vandalized for over a 1000 years like we were. Yet we are here.
  • Middle eastern nations are rich only because of oil. India has been lived in for 4000 years in living memory of humans, mother earth is tired and spent, our waters are drying up yet we sweat to earn our living. Nothing comes to us free handed over in a silver platter. In spite of losing everything for 1200 years, we continue slogging. NOw I would like to ask in return: who owns or takes the Iraq oil? Libya oil?
  • From agriculture to pharmacology, India still has to fight bitter battles with the west who want to impose on us unfair trade practices. We are forced to use GM seeds, surrender our native seeds, and we are forced to price our medicines costlier. Yet they cannot do without India in any sphere: from the jeans they wear to the nurses who wait on them.
  • Taxes in Singapore and America are steep. GST in India will take time to smoothen out. Any change is bound to take time before the dust settles down and the effect shows.
  • Linking of Aadhar card to your bank account is to eliminate blackmoney in a systematic manner.  At one stage or another it has to be done.
  • Linking of Aadhar to your mobile phone is to counter terrorists. It is for the safety and security of this nation. 
  • Aadhar linking to whether bank accounts or PAN (permanent account number for income tax) or govt subsidies or mobile phone is merely regularization of Indian economy, trying to weed out the parallel black economy that thrives shoulder to shoulder with regular economy in India. Very soon Aadhar could be linked to your passport and could be applicable to booking air tickets. It is a good step forward. 
  • All this must have been done the previous Congress government.
  • How many actors who talk so freely about government pay their honest taxes and do not evade it through legal or illegal loopholes. From actor Kamal Hassan to the present generation Vijay, they are one bunch of shameless dishonest people who think it is within their ambit to use their films to foster their views on unsuspecting audience.

Still, in a democracy, I wish the government exercises more prudence and tolerance when it comes to handling public criticisms. We are not a monarchy. We are an elected constitution.

I denounce strongly Islamic terrorism, but i am not against Muslims. I denounce strongly conversions by evangelists and I am not against Christians. I am not for invasion of other nations like the USA or UK are, but I am very much for their Education and Health models and Research in Science and Technology. I am for knowledge and peace, to put it short. Over years, I have lived in India, Malaysia and Qatar. I have stopped over in Bahrain and Sri Lanka. I have toured Singapore, UAE (Dubai) and at least six European nations. I will be crossing the Atlantic this year hopefully to set foot in America for the first time in my life. All this have made me less materialistic (believe me!)… Practising now ‘attachment in detachment.’  It makes me aware of our own pitfalls as well as gains. It makes me see others’ shortcomings and their pluses. Human beings everywhere are still the same. Good and bad exist everywhere.

Nowhere in Germany did I see any sign of the Nazi mindset although we covered only the Black Forest and Cologne and Heidelberg there. It is not even 100 years since the persecution of the Jews.  Not even hundred years since the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombing.  I hope quite like in Germany, one day in near future, Islamic terrorism too will die its natural death. Let Vatican stop conversion of Hindus NOW!


Let us imbibe the best from others. We have every right to condemn their faults but let us also have an open mind to laugh at ourselves and correct ourselves if and when there need be.

How the BJP could have handled the Taj

List of Mosques built in India on razing ancient Hindu temples:


There is no doubt that the Taj Mahal is a misrepresentation of India. For India has gone through a traumatic genocide over centuries ( lasting 800 years) at the hands of Islamic invaders, from Arabs to Persians and Turks to Afghans. However the world hardly has an idea.

Not only the outsiders, even fellow Indians lack awareness about the terror, the muslim reign of India that resulted in devastation of a million temples, loot of Hindu wealth, massacres and mutilations beyond imagination and rape and misrule besides imposition of taxes and forced conversions of native Hindus by the sword, by the Moghuls. This is because the Indian history textbooks from the Jawarlalal Nehru era were drafted by leftist thinkers, and the first prime minister of India leaned heavily to the left even if he proclaimed the so-called Non-Alignment by principle which he did not adhere to. The text books therefore glorified the Moghul rulers as well as the Slave dynasty etc that ran a blood bath of Hindus when they reigned at the Delhi throne until finally the British arrived. In a shocking reversal of facts, the Indian text books also have always underplayed the Hindu-Buddhist emperors whose kingdoms extended as far as Afghanistan and Persia from before the founding of Islam in the 7th century CE. Notable exceptionss lacking elaborations are King Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya and even Maratha warrior king Shivaji whose heroic tales were made to look pale in front of ruthless foreign invaders like Ghori, Ghazni, Alauddin Khilji and Babur who were acclaimed to be and celebrated as national heroes. Tipu Sultan the Hindu killer has even been accorded an official holiday in the state of Karnataka during a Congress term, whereas the south Indian Hindu empires and dynasties that lasted for millennia such as the Chera-Chola-Pandya-Pallavas and the Vijayanagara of Krishna Deva Raya, the Chalukyas, the Pulikesis etc., were brushed under the carpet. None of the newspapers that champion the Taj today like the Hindu have ever come out with an honest perspective on this.

The Congress government that held the reins of power and governance in India for an overwhelming 60+ years at a stretch, never once tried to restore the lost Hindu pride or even do justice to the Hindu kings who fought bravely against these foreign invaders. There were significant omissions of their glorious eras when science, art and literature prospered and not stamped upon like by the Moghuls. The Moghuls were good at only one thing: Urdu/Persian poetry that helped their religion and razing of Hindu temples over which exactly they built their macabre mausoleums. Now these standing landmarks are all we have of the Moghul legacy. Other than Mutton Biryani.

Once I was watching a BBC tv show in which the callous journalist was standing within a south Indian temple precincts and reporting into the mike, that we Hindus had never had knowledge of symmetry! Oh gosh, then I realized something was seriously wrong with these Brits! He went on to add that the moslem invaders taught us Indians symmetry. That BBC could air such a shallow work and analysis is a proof as to how biased the devious mind of the west may work. Mind you, this was before the fall of the New York twin towers. Since then, equations have changed.

Just because we Hindus did not patent trigonometry or calculus or plastic surgery or even the invention of zero as we have not patented even Yoga and Ayurveda for that matter until now, it does not mean all this were invented by the Europeans. Tamil Nadu, my homestate, holds good until today probably the first ever dam – reservoir over Cauvery river built by Karikal Chola, a Tamil Hindu emperor, in the 3rd century BCE. Engineering and science were advanced in ancient India until the moslem conquerers destroyed it all. It is a tragedy that Nehru thought of going to the US and USSR to learn about building a dam – the man who wrote the ‘Discovery of India’ did not know the basic fact that we had it all but lost it somehow.

The British could not even handle the Kailasa temple of Ellora that they dubbed as ‘alien construction.’ They obviously forgot the fact that during the golden reign of Hindu kings when science and maths flourished in India as we produced the universe’s first astronomer and even knew the distance of light from sun to Earth, and by the time the Egyptians were building their pyramids, these Europeans were still leaping from tree to tree, untouched by civilization. So anything superior to them, they undermined very cleverly. Ignorance is bliss.

This is how the British pampered the Taj Mahal whereas they studiously and calculatedly neglected the thousands of years old Hindu monuments and temples. One other reason was, up until then at least, the British closely identified themselves with the moslems as they both descended from the same Abrahamic roots whereas Hindus and Buddhists were a different and puzzling entity to them.

Pics : Madhu Jagadhish, the sculpture enthusiast (without his permission lol) and Google Images. Please follow Madhu Jagadhish on Facebook for more on ancient Hindu architecture and culture. Easily every single temple here is at least 1000 to 1500 to 2000 years old. Solid granite carvings mostly out of single rock.

This is just a sample of ancient Hindu engineering and architecture from millennia before, standing good until today.  Like this is some 0.0001% of what still survives in India after 2000 years plus, what the Islamic invaders of India COULD NOT ravage (although try they did). Have you seen these pictures representing the Hindu majority India in our travel/tourist brochures? Or at least in our school text books? Have you seen these true representations of Indian culture presented to Europeans or Americans or even other Asians?


Why blame only the British? After all, they left us over 70 years before. We have had a long, long time to rectify the image that represents to most of us HINDU GENOCIDE.

Even the Taj Mahal is supposed to be a demolished and reconstructed Hindu temple originally named the Tejo Mahalaya. Because, only a Hindu building is ever called a ‘mahal’ never a muslim monument. The corridors in the Taj complex are from the Vedic age. Rooms are sealed off in Taj which allegedly contain proof to establish the Taj as originally a Hindu shrine. Govt of India is averse to reopening them – to them it is like opening the Pandora’s Box. The communal harmony of the nation is deemed more important.

What the BJP government could have done or do even now is, slowly remove Taj Mahal from representing India anywhere and everywhere. You need not have to advertise it. Replace it with Hindu-Jain temple or architecture images.

The Taj Mahal makes some foreigners wonder whether India is an Islamic country. I shudder at the very thought. If not for the OM mantra and the Vedas and the Bhagwat Gita and the Yoga and the Meditation, India would come across only as an Islamic nation in the eyes of an outsider.

It is time we put an end to this and let us do it in a mature way. Indian government spends hardly a fraction for the upkeep of finer Hindu architecture and monuments compared to what it expends on the Taj. Let that change from now on.

Erase the Taj slowly but steadily and then finally completely from the world memory and Indian psyche. Replace them with the Meenakshi temple of Madurai, the Rameshwaram temple, the Kailasa, the Lepaksi, the Hampi.

This is how seasoned political parties address such sensitive issues. We Hindu Indians owe none an apology or explanation. No misgivings like Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adithyanath trying to justify Taj attributing it to the sweat and blood of Indians. Thankless characters like Owaisi must be our least concern.

Yes, one day I may visit the Taj, not because I have ever liked it, but because I want to sense the Tejo Shivalaya, the great marble temple it was once dedicated to Lord Shiva, the One Supreme. Prosperous kingdoms in northern India raised Hindu temples in marble in those ages as can be witnessed even today in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

If you do not believe in the Hindu past of the Taj, then it is for those like you that the Allah spared Kasab in the ghastly islamic terror attack of Mumbai 26/11. Otherwise the CNN to BBC, to Pakistan to our own sold-out Indian media including NDTV with its pseudo intellectuals-intelligensia-journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai to his dharm patni Sagarika Ghose to Barkha Slutt would be terming the heinous terrorist act on the sovereignty of India as the work of RSS.