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75th Independence day post: Reference to Ivory is heartbreaking.

Hindu kings hunted game optimally NEVER to extinction like the British did. Ironically, it is those who NEVER were gifted with the array of stunning wildlife in their native countries who hunted down many a wild life species to extinction. That is how Cheetah was lost to India forever but efforts are on by the Indian govt to bring back the cheetah to our forest reserves from Africa with an aim to reintroduce the fastest feline in India. Laudable! Misuse of Indian elephants in our temples continues with horrendous abuse of the tuskers captured from the wild. Not even our central government is able to curb this heinous custom in the name of religion. Our tribals hunted game for food never for trophy. Trophy hunting as I said was limited to the Maharajahs who hunted sparsely, never with the frenzy with which the British hunted. REading of 170 elephants butchered or captured in a single operation in 1800s etc., is very painful. What a greed. And it is these people who are advising us today to take care of our wildlife. We know better. But I concede, the hunter always at some points turns into a conservationist. This is how it must happen. There comes a moment when he probably looks into the soul of the dying life he hunted down. And that could be the reckoning moment. Ivory is still in demand and is sold illegally as contraband in Chinese and American and European markets. Sadly, as long as there is demand, there will be continued poaching of endangered species. What a magnificent beast is an elephant. How can anyone have the heart to run down the species to extinction. Talking of Makhna, researches now show that even in Africa the elephants are evolving as some are born minus tusks these days. The pachyderms probably factored in their fear and with their rare intelligence could decode the reason for their hunt so that they seem to be biologically shedding their tusks in order to save their species from extinction. What a defence mechanism from nature really! On IndiA’s 75th Independence day, once again I would like to remind Modi ji that our wildlife including elephants are also CITIZENS of India and they just cannot be ignored or let to go to extinction. They are entitled to their living spaces and encroachments into their territory must be legally and severely dealt with. Don’t the cattle of India these days have Aadhar equivalent card? It is the duty of my prime minister to focus on our wildlife equally and see to that our forest cover DOES NOT SHRINK but there is a healthy afforestation which will do us good in the long run. Looking forward to cheetah in India shortly. Thank you prime minister, you don’t know what this means to nature and wildlife lovers and enthusiasts. My humble request to anyone is NOT TO BUY THE ELEPHANT HAIR PRODUCTS SUCH AS GOLD RING WITH ELEPHANT HAIR, PENDANT WITH ELEPHANT HAIR etc. This is simply impossible to procure without subjecting the beast to physical and mental torture. The gentle giants that are elephants are India’s only hope for preserving our ecology. When the last elephant dies, don;t forget it will take away the last trees and bees and flowers and fruits with it – and a galaxy of other living species. An elephant is a complete ecosystem. No point in celebrating Ganesh chaturthi and shouting Ganpati bappa morya without conserving the jumbo population. No God will reside in the temple where elephants soul must get crushed without a consideration. I cannot understand this psychology and the school of vegetarianism that advocates taming of wild elephants for temple use. My heart goes out to the wild elephants and temple elephants of India that need to be liberated and sent right back into forest. I am asking openly to my PM Modi. Ji, can you STOP ELEPHANT ABUSE OR ELEPHANT PARADE IN MYSORE DUSSHERA. I request you to. Is Independence day only for the humans of India. Not for our wildlife? Not for our elephants? What kind of independence is this really. The nation that cannot care for its lesser beings will never be capable of taking care of itself. What an insensitivity. Something is done I agree, but there is a lot left to be desired.

This Made My Day.


None of us is doing anything special. But i read something today that described little things we do as special. Moved to tears reading it. A little kindness can go a long way in comforting us. The honesty of the observation is humbling. Some people never see it. They look at empty shells missing the pearly substance that we have in our home, in our life. Very few have it in them to look deeper. But then why should they bother. The surface is what that can be deceiving. I never talk about self-love because, I know my limits and I reckon the genius of the billion plus superior minded fellow humanity over and above me who keep me grounded. That doesn’t mean I hate myself. I don’t want to be lied to that I am beautiful – but its not a lie I agree hahaha! I have always considered myself beautiful. In this janam this is my abode – this my body. It is sacred to me. It may have imperfections but I am proud of my scars. They are like my stars and stripes that I wear proudly on my shoulders. All of us sensible women do. We love our love handles, our dickybacks (bums), our sagging fronts, our pear shape, our greying hair, our dusky skin – which is original and natural in this part of the world. We care for our physical health but not all of us are obsessed with grooming that’s all. There are lot of other things to occupy our mind with than to be giving attention to such trivial superficial things as physical beauty. In any case, to our husbands we are the Aishwarya Rais of the world. Just don’t care what others have to say about us. Plus at 53 as a blessed grandmother, I don’t know how I can look like Nayanthara or Samantha – both of which I am not. Could never have been even in my younger age! They are different that’s all but NEVER more beautiful than me hahaha! We are each different – we women. Why compare us. The ageing Kajol in her 40s is fine with me hahaha because its closer to reality! Lies and false adulations make us women feel cheapest. I don’t know how some women get carried away with complements. I become immediately suspicious and switch on my alert mode if anyone is complimenting me out of turn! You have to step into old age homes, shelters for the destitute, special schools for the physically challenged and mentally challenged to remind yourself how lucky you are. I am conditioned that way because upto my 13th year, I spent yearly number of days playing with hearing and speech impaired kids. I have eaten with blind kids. It was part of my regular life once upon a time. You know why I can’t forget my mother. Because she is that one special woman who was so sensitive to these unfortunate kids. She was like a mother hen to them. So protective. And she defended their dignity fiercely with such a pride. I am her daughter. It matters so much to me to treat everyone as equal. Sometimes I do get carried away with political or nationalistic influences, but this is me any day – like my mother, with a heart beating for the underprivileged. For the wildlife. For our environment. If we have to bring happiness to others, we can do it in noble ways. We can serve our communities. We can sponsor charities. We don’t have to give men cheap thrills in my opinion. To me, that is selling our soul. Positivity and negativity are most misunderstood. A cautiously optimistic person will never keep shouting how positive he or she is. True negativity lies in wrong prioritization and toxic philosophies that we use to justify our own weaknesses. Mature men and women know what counts and what is frivolous. Character is sexy that’s all. No strength of character – then no respect. As simple as that. Our children are watching us. We are their role models. They shouldn’t be using us as excuse in future should something go wrong for them (god forbid). We all have to live with that responsibility.

Self Love

I don’t know what self love is may be, I do know what self love is NOT.

Self love is
















Not Copycatting

Not Impersonating someone

I always thought I did not love myself ENOUGH but I realize now how much I love myself that I will NEVER EVER STOOP TO THE LEVEL OF BEGGING SOMEONE’S ATTENTION OR FRIENDSHIP OR LOVE OR RELATIONSHIP. Too proud to do that. Sometimes things lead to us discovering sweet truths about ourselves.

This is neither love nor self love.










I think over years I am seeing how relationships and love unfold. It takes time. Years. Years of quiet bonding. Silent companionship. Side by side like co-travelers. There is never a ruckus or attention seeking First of all there is this comfort factor. Just the company will suffice. There is the maturity beyond description. There is NO HOMEBREAKING. That is the first principle. There is responsibility. There is decency. Then there is finally the shared sweetness which is NOT VULGAR. You don’t have to talk about shaving one’s body hair for instance. It took some fake patterns like these for some of us to recognize what LOVE CANNOT BE. Love follows no pattern. I may not have had love marriage but I am seeing how even how love marriages hit rock bottom sometimes. Sadly. Love has the strength of character. Some dignity. And integrity. Love is never noisy. Nobody who is in love proclaims it so many times. I think those who are in love merely know it in their hearts. They don’t have the urge to keep drumming it now and then because they are safe and secure in the knowledge that theirs is NOT fake love but real love. I like the steadiness and surefootedness and quietness of this thing called love. Which is why I loved the picture ‘a lot like love.’ When I first watched the flick I wondered how amazing it is. It is really. When that kind of understanding winds over years, spans years as we grow and mature and mold into conflicting versions of our own selves. It is still my first best pic. My lifetime favourite. Love comes searching for you, you don’t have to feel lost. After a stage we want only this in life: a quiet mature companionship, nothing more, especially NOTHING LOUD AND OBSCENE AND VULGAR AND BRASH. LOVE IS NEVER THIS LIE . LOVE IS NEVER THIS DRAMA.

Luv of a Pet.

Some of us cannot afford a pet because of our lifestyle. Those of us who live between countries and continents just cannot dream of having a pet. My first introduction to pet was when I was a little girl. My athai family had a doggie – INdian breed that was called Jimmy. This Jimmy bit my sister when she opened quietly the room he was bolted in! Then there was Tommie. My athai family too buried their dogies in their home. Back then I used to be scared of pets. No more. I don’t know when exactly I grew out of my fear for doggies. In 2001 I returned from Malaysia for good. Went to visit my sis with son. Surrounded by doggies, their pets: rotweiller, german shepherd and doberman, all ferocious. When I saw my little son go and strike an instant kinship with gnarling dogs, I knew no more fear. I found myself walking upto the gang. I was unsure and unsteady first but I let not my fear get over me. I showed my love and trust in them first which they probably reckoned. They wagged their tails at me and we were friends already. I realized, it is humans we have to fear about, not the animal world. Building that bond with even strange domestic pets is possible. You have to wave in their face your peace flag. Which means you are no threat. The doggies do expect some demonstration of love. My son grew up with two doggies in our joint family home. Even if they were not our direct pets, they were raised by my BIL’s family: a german shepherd and a pomeranian. As a 3 month baby he was introduced to these doggies so perhaps that’s the reason he loves wildlife and nature so much. Who thought of infections in those days!=Yesterday I got showered with so much of unconditional love by my sister’s pet – a cocker spaniel. And today by a mix breed of Maltese and Poodles – mini version. Even my son’s family want a pet. They have an aquarium where they don’t have the usual glittery goldfish but the rare species that let others thrive. They maintain the eco-balance of their fish tank and I can’t help admire the sensitivity of my kids. Just spending a few minutes with the pets can be so destressing. I didn’t have a pet but someone’s (lost) Siamese cat reached my home in Terengganu, Malaysia. It would just sleep peacefully on my doormat. Hang around. Eat whatever I fed. I never had a pet cat. Normally in India we have dogs as pets over cats. Rarely people have cats. The contentment of the two dogs I petted in last couple of days melts my heart. The way they licked at my foot. Sniffed me. Jumped up and down. Rubbed their torsos against me. Their comfort level with me. Its like they know I wouldn’t harm them. Like they know I am their friend. So trusting. ENDEARING. The cocker spaniel gets super excited and keeps running here and there but the maltese-poodle is kind of laidback. The former is a girl while the latter is a boy. Petted many of my friends’ doggies in all these years. Donno when will be my time to have a pet. May be not destined in this janam? I can imagine what wonders the pets are doing to their masters. Apparently they help with raising the special kids. One of these days I hope my son’s family will get a doggie that I can pet heartily. Both my friends in the US i visited had huge doggies. One had a pitpull the size of small cattle. It took a few seconds to compose myself when he jumped out of their SUV when they came to pick us up. But then I thought of his pure heart in that big body. He became immediately mild mannered. He could sense when I relaxed and then he came to me. Big boy really. Biggest doggie I pet in my life ever. Supposedly ferocious. But when we show them just love, they surrender at your feet. Blessed are families that have a doggie at home. Its worth the heartache when its their time – my sister’s family routinely bury their pets in a pet cemetery in Besant Nagar. Yet even as they mourn they go for their next pet. This can be emotionally draining. But beautiful and meaningful and blissful life it is with the pets roaming our homes. I don’t believe in chaining pets in kennels or keeping them out. This is no fun. When the doggie runs and knocks chairs and books within your home, you have the real fun.

Today’s revised history lessons.

Fascism Adolf Hitler

Fascism Adolf Hitler

Fascism Adolf Hitler (100 times imposition)

Fanaticism : Mao ZeDUNG

Fanaticism: Mao ZeDUNG

Fanaticism: Mao ZeDUNG (100 times imposition)

Populism: Donald Trump

Populism: Donald Trump

Populism: Donald Trump (100 times write imposition)

😀 😀 :d :d 😀 😀 :d

What is that boundary wall some women build around themselves.

Dear, that boundary wall is nothing but your self respect. Dignity. Character. Integrity. Finally this is what saves you from the wolves roaming around. The day you lower your guards, will be the day you make yourself available easy so those who use you like toilet paper can shirk you off and move on. So is that what you want to be: soiled and cast away like you are nothing.

Some of us women face flak for saying a BIG NOOOOOO. Can you believe it. Why is it that we cling to our honour with every ounce of pride left in us. We are emotionally abused, stamped over like doormat, yet we do not give in. We hold our forte proud and lofty because we are that invincible women.

SOME OF US WOMEN DON’T WANT TO END UP AS STATISTICS. We are happy our intuition saved us. Even the little energy we invested in wrong people got us heart ache.

What is selfcare. What is self love. What is self love is NOT ALLOWING EVERY TOM DICK AND HARRY INTO THE DIVINE REALM OF YOUR HEART AND MIND. As simple as that. Self care is NOT ALLOWING dirtiest men leave their filthy footprints on our sacrosanct temple called our heart. My heart and body and mind are my temple wherein the presiding deity is my Atma (soul). So I take care who has access to my most revered space.

But dear, when you sell your soul, betray your soul sisters for cheap thrills, who can be blamed. Sometimes our sisterly hearts bleed and our hands long to reach out to our broken little girls.

Whatever, strong women like some of us do not rejoice at other women’s pain – even at that of our worst adversaries. Our lives are not built over the broken hearts of our bosom girl friends. We do not seek that kind of trivial sadistic pleasures. We are at the end of the day human so we may vent our wrath, that’s all. But never do we seek vengeance. We are not cruel. We don’t go about destroying our sisters. We are rock solid. We are iron material. We don’t have to stay in touch with our friends. Our care and love for our girls will always be there. We are each other’s support system. We may have a thousand quarrels among us but we cannot bear one among us torn down. At least that is me.

This is the empath in me, not the narcissist. I don’t know whether I am reading things right or wrong. I go by my gut instincts. May god give all our girls happiness and peace. I am made like this: i have least tolerance for some ways of life. May be I must have made that clear right at the outset. I tried to fit in where I never could belong. It is my fault. Because a boundary is not as simple. It is really a set of concentric walls. Once you start breeching, one by one the walls fall, exposing you to element and erosion. Healthy discouraging moats keep of crocodiles waiting to feed on your soul, take care: the moat of distance.

Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. It is very easy to lie, to get into someone’s good books, to fake affections, to say a very simple YES. All it takes is crossing that invisible Lakshman Rekha. But not all women sell our soul cheap. We are the Queens. WE ARE NO HOMEBREAKERS SOME OF US.

Boundary is our SELF defence sisters. Never let it down. Inscribe your circle. May everyone stay out unless you approve sanction on case by case basis. Nobody is worth our self respect. With much LUV. DON’T HURT, MY SISTERS. NOBODY IS WORTH your tears. Nobody cares. HEAL.

The Political Correctness.

There is this thing called Political Correctness. It means text book precision. Diplomatic. Perfect but never PRACTICAL. Most liberals belong in this class. The western ways are not gold standard and the eastern philosophy is not outdated. Bikini can be modest and the burqa can be seen vulgar – even in my own country. If not feared that is. Perceptions differ. Who defines who is a liberal and who is conservative. What is liberal and what is populist. These are mostly relative concepts. You cannot confine these attitudes into proper fitting boxes. You cannot compartmentalize exactly what is what. One can be liberal in some ways and conservative about others. The contents of the boxes are interchangeable. Or sometimes the boxes may overspill. On paper everything is fine when it comes to political correctness. How you apply your theories in everyday life is what that matters. A 2D plan has to materialize into a 3D concrete structure. Family and home and values and boundaries will never go out of fashion. Liberal world also has the lion’s share of rehab clinics and ‘alcoholic anonymous’ not to forget their broken families and homes and even child sex and drug abuse. Half way homes and foster-cares. Crimes and perversions of highest degree. Teen pregnancies despite having the highest literacy rates in the world. Depression and contagious diseases and lifestyle conditions inspite of very high standards of health care. Such a common scenario from the west cannot be generally observed in conservative eastern societies where families are in tact and children grow up with a far higher sense of security. This is why immigrants to America are most successful. They grow up with confidence and familial love and care which cannot be taken for granted in advanced nations. Kids sleeping hugging their parents in the same bed is the norm in India. In Scandinavian countries the couple can court arrest for the very Indian family thing, labeled as ‘child sex abuse.’ Spare the rod, spoil the child. Spanking that is very common in India is again viewed a human rights violation in western countries. Whose kids turn to addictions and remember to call their parents only on Fathers day and Mothers day. America may not have as many wife beaters as in India, yet the arranged marriages in India are most successful culminating in happy families whereas the divorce rates are steepest in the US.

The conservatives go rigid with their morals and ethics code book that one can find oneself suffocated. Hindu society is liberal by all means compared to the Islamic ones. At least we don’t have those blasphemy laws! Extremes exist everywhere. A man’s freedom ends when he comes up to breaching the boundary of a neighbour. This is the only liberal or populist idea that I can reckon with. Guests cannot outstay their invite. Hosts are still the owners. These are merely basic decencies. Errr sometimes some liberal ideas do put us in a spot! Some conservative religions liberally allow four legally wedded wives to a man right! But the women must be hooded head to toe. In liberal west can we ever have such a law. Their single woman/spouse can stroll in a single piece in the beach front which is absolutely fine! Just to show how one can be a liberal and conservative at the same time!

I guess whether we are individuals or nations, we have to mark our boundaries clear: as to what is okay and what makes us feel uncomfortable. If muslim immigrants are to overpopulate then they will NOT be welcome in Australia or America, that’s the point. Trump spelled it out that’s all. You cannot pedal drugs from Mexico into the US and he mixed no words on that. Modi has no shame in wearing his Dharmic identity on his sleeve as a proud Hindu. If the sultans of Arabia can wear their white robes, then a Hindu primeminister can show his hindu identity to the world. India will not want the minority population to exceed over 20% if we can help it – we are the only Hindu majority nation in the world apart from Nepal and Mauritius that are insignificant. Rather than aggression, this is self-defence.

I am afraid my views are NEVER politically correct. But I can be brutally honest!

True liberalism is secularizing the Islamic world allowing free conversions to other religions. The spirit of questioning laws against immigrants is fine but do we have the Arab/Islamic states taking in the Palestinians or the Syrians.

Before I stepped into the Arab world, I on the other hand associated happiness and good living with liberal attitudes when it came to drinking, partying, socializing etc. My takeaway from gulf life is that, you can still have a blast without making a sound, have celebrations without the liquor flowing in rivers, swim in full suit and be happy enjoying life to the fullest. To me personally, a conservative or orthodox Hindu who is also sometimes called a liberal fascist (!), quality of life is best as I feel fulfilled spiritually, emotionally and economically in the Arab state. So whatever is our comfort zone is our benchmark I guess. This can be an interweaving of liberalism and conservatism. I truly cannot understand what is populism!

We live in a world where liberal parents still find it difficult to allow their teenage daughters for sleepover at their friends.’ We all apply our personal perspective to world views and add a shade to it, colouring the society with our own experiences and encounters. This is but natural. We have our own standards and yardsticks that we design or customize to fit our individual needs and requirements.

If liberalism is what we want, why the age restrictions. Again the Scandinavian countries have ruled recently that it is okay and legal for a 30+ man to have sex with a 12 year old girl with her consent. They have their nude beaches. They are the truly liberal society in most ways compared to some of us who provide only lip service to the cause.

Liberalism must give room for 12 year boy pilots to fly passenger airplanes.

Why do we draw lines and where do we draw lines and how do we draw lines.

Some of us make clear our boundaries, some like to violate unwritten rules. But seldom you see the liberals living their life in the open even in a democratic secular nation like India. When you feel the need to hide something from public view and cannot defend it in the society you are part of, then probably you are ashamed of what you are doing. Or you harbour guilt. Or worse you hurt, damage.

Trump and Modi will happen if the Islamic world is not open to all. We build our boundaries when others CLOSE and preserve their circles. Liberalism is not a one-way street. It must have two way traffic for it to be functional or universal.

The shame of Osho.

THE CRINGEWORTHY – my name for Osho followers/admirers.

OSHO IS NOT FOR NORMAL FAMILY PEOPLE. It is for broken families who hide their fault lines smartly from outside world. Osho admirers have fractured souls. Osho could be the excuse to cloak one’s amorous character.

Wild wild country on Netflix still wasn’t completely honest on Osho. Watched it over two years back but finally found time to review the show.

Osho followers and admirers are mostly perverts of highest order and psychos. Sex maniacs. Sickest people who use Osho to justify their perverted sexual nature and desires. No loyalty, no character, no integrity. Osho followers do not respect boundaries. Will do anything for cheap sex and self gratification.

Osho came running with his tail tucked between his legs to India. Had he not fled the US he would have spent the rest of his years behind the bars in America. Such is the criminal nature of sex crimes of his commune. There are allegations of child sex abuse. No wonder his followers use his name to justify their own excesses and amorality. Osho followers have no shame or conscience, they won’t think twice about breaking families.

There were court cases pending against Osho commune. Arrest warrants. Only a very sick and twisted mind will ever find salvation through Osho.

No family values in Osho fans. Promiscuity is way of life. Some Osho fans buy fake friends and relationships with their money and muscle power. Osho is nothing to be proud of and is everything to be ashamed of.

OSHO FAN FAMILIES ARE BIGGEST LIES WITH HUSBANDS BEING WOMANIZERS AND WIVES CARRYING ON WITH MULTIPLE MEN. WIFE SWAP NOT UNHEARD OF. There is no such a thing as true happiness. Everything is a sham. What they have is TOXIC POSITIVITY. Nothing is real, nothing genuine. Everything is a show. Everything is fake.

If Osho is indeed noble, why don’t they tell the world about their Osho fixation and how they as family – husband and wife – practise Osho principles in real life. Why cannot these men and women then discuss Osho sex ways with their neighbours and friends circles. If something is good, you must be able to convince one and all, especially your immediate family about it and encourage them to do what you are doing. What you have the need to hide to your clean friends and society for decades can be only SHAMEFUL.

Osho is CULT not way of life. Osho is no justifiable philosophy. If you are a seeker, you will seek Vivekananda or Ramana Maharishi or Sai Baba, not Osho. You seek Osho only as escapism if you are a sex addict who will not hesitate to have it with any Tom, Dick and Harry. We see this happening. This is not happiness or positivity, this is toxicity of the soul. CORRUPTION. Like cancer. Osho fans have ruined many families.

Some coincidences.

I wrote a note where I have made a self prediction that I don’t expect to live beyond 70 years. Turning over the page on the book I am currently reading, ‘Elephas maximus’ I found the exact lines 5 minutes later:

“seventy years is the maximum age for an elephant, with rare exceptions.”

_ Alter, Stephen. Elephas Maximus . Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

The temple bell tolled the exact moment as it struck10, almost my bedtime. (My street temple clock is 5 minutes ahead). Sometimes there are too many coincidences.

Keep it simple.

My state board school fee for my class 6 was only thirty three rupees (annual). Paid an annual fee of 150 rupees for standard 12 plus 5 rupees exam fees I guess. This is the maximum language proficiency I could glean out of my sweet spartan school that is now under commercial onslaught (keeping with times). Why pepper our writeups with sophisticated words and phrases that we have to deliberately pick out of dictionaries. I have severe allergy to jingoistic blah blah which is FAKE. Mostly these loud noises turn out to be hollow or empty sounds. Besides, I got my affirmation to stick with simple narration from my … kind of mentor Jeffrey Archer who I have been reading from my school days. Recently I did not like his tryst with Bollywood that sounded so very phony. Otherwise I have to give it to him for staying away from bombastic jargons to up his ante. May be Archer has consideration for his readers worldwide from Africa to Latin America, not to leave out the Indian subcontinent. Whatever the reason, his books still stand out for their story value. I have never come across him consciously going for better or richer language. He conveys his message quite clearly in modest tones with no exaggeration. In my view, mostly the superlatives are laden in works that lack depth to compensate for the missing substance. If your material is good, you have nothing to fear about. I am seeing a lot of posts on English language these days. If we have to take classes to write anything then we fail for a lifetime as even an amateur blogger. I don’t feel the need for window dressing my blog. This is the maximum me. For the 33 rupees fees I paid in class 6 in May-June 1979, I think my school has done a fantastic job lolz. My extra readings are mostly focused on subject matter with least significance to literature quality. As a matter of fact, a couple of Indian authors sound bragging writing with the intention of showing off their language proficiency. When someone does that on purpose, you just cannot miss it. That unmistakable urge in them to prove their genius never gets lost on you. Contrastingly, some well read authors with matchless real life experiences seem to go about their business of enlightening their readers with only necessary information. Words don’t camouflage a weak or watered down conviction. I am for this kind of writing or authoring. I look for facts and figures – evidence and data and substantiations. May be because of my math background. When I can be convinced, I love reading an author. Perhaps unconsciously I adopt this approach. Sorry I cannot fake my language. This is my limit lolz. As a matter of fact, my state board girls think I am Shashi Tharoor range so you can imagine their level hahaha.