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‘Homosexuality Illegal’ : Supreme Court

December 16, 2013

Body blow to Human Rights in India.  Black Day for Indian Democracy.  How trustworthy and neutral and unbiased is our Judiciary truly?

In this context, i want to add this link a friend posted in Facebook from ‘Mahabharat’.

Small Consolation:

Hindu culture is all absorbing and gays and lesbians have been part and parcel of our social fabric in history, throughout human race evolution.  Banning something that we cannot understand is so ridiculous.   Any judiciary should uphold the rights of the minorities, include them, not exclude them.  In this context, look at what Krishna says about Shikandi (ref to the link from Mahabharat).  Krishna says ‘dharma’ is about inclusion first and foremost.   Gay sex is haraam in Islam and may be inadmissible in Catholic church, but there is no such defined code of ethics or conduct in Hindu way of life.  Choices are made by individuals.

Shame on our Supreme court (hope i do not get contempt notice for this).  My trust in our judiciary system is thoroughly shaken.  Are we moving forward or moving back to stone age dear Judges.

All the more disappointed with my favourite political party BJP who have toed the safe line.

And oh my dear country men:

Look at the comments coming from the supposedly educated lot.   Equating homosexuality to child porn and incest is vicious.

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