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Why I have never liked Aamir Khan

December 22, 2014

Updated 19th Feb 2015: Someone nails it perfect!



Note: This is NOT a review of the film ‘PK‘ but of Aamir Khan. It would have been rather nice had Aamir made this picture after he had made one on the (in)famous self-proclaimed prophet and his bloody violent Ummah. What has Arab way of life got to do with India and Indians anyway. Which is why these guys cannot sync with Indian society.

Islam is for Arabs, it is theirs whether right or wrong.

To be fair to Aamir, my friends who have seen the picture, being secular fools, tend to like ‘PK.’ That is because we are Hindu. And we are blessed to have an open mind.

Now how about making a picture, as I said, on your prophet, Aamir. What has bedouin faith and belief system got to do with you? Do Indian muslim women who cover themselves with burqa think they are Arab. How sick! How many muslim farmers/agriculturists are there, how many muslim nurses serving humanity. How many muslim soldiers at the border fighting for the nation. Shame on you Aamir Khan. Remember to discuss this in ‘Satyameva Jayate.’ On the other hand how many of them are terrorists, how many of them deal in hawala and drugs and contrabrands, how many are gangsters, how many are anti-nationals – if not they are butchers in meat stalls…


I never liked Aamir Khan’s ‘Qayamat se qayamat tak’ his first film that came out during our college days. My whole class was gung-ho on this chocolate-face hero. Its true I hated whatever my college girls loved back then!

Liked the films ‘Dil hai ki maanta nahin’ and ‘Mann’. Loved the songs.

But I always thought Aamir lacked the sense of innocence that is so dear with even an over-acting Shahrukh Khan or an animated Salman Khan. To me he comes across as the very epitome of narcissism. His remake of ‘Ghajni’ in Hindi reminded me of my law friend who used to despise Kamal Hassan after the release of his ‘Gunaa.’ The same kind of character streak that you find in the older Kamal of 1990s and 2000s, you may find in Aamir. Only difference, Kamal the original is a lot better and more convincing.

My intense dislike for Aamir peaked with ‘3 Idiots’ – and I thought Aamir made the picture because of his inborn jealousy for the academic and intellectual he could never hope to become ever in his life. I discount his style of film production totally – I am not the kind that looks forward to his pictures. We have many originals in Tamil before him and growing up on such a fiery brand of story-tellers, script writers, directors and actors, Aamir and his sort will always remain 3rd class heroes to me.

The way Aamir tried to put down south Indian brains in the last scene in ‘3 Idiots’ and his treatment of south Indians through out the picture reflect to me his severe inferiority complex. SRK keeps doing it as well, but I don’t mind when someone makes fun of our dress sense or hindi/english accent. We down south are perfectly capable of, and are comfortable with laughing at ourselves. We are all not Einstein and Newton, but we are known for our academic excellence and hard work not only within India but throughout the world including here in the middle east – well Aamir God will not give us everything. You got the looks, we got the brains. Take it or leave it.

I mean why should it not be possible to tell a story without victimizing someone. I don’t like the brand of humour that comes at the expense of others’ anguish.

And Aamir to us will remain a duplicate – those of us who have seen Kamal, Vikram, Mamooty and Surya and Mani Rathnam and K Balachandar have reasons to believe so. The normal delivery scene in ‘3 Idiots’ is another botched attempt, trying to trivialize and generalize the most important moment in any woman’s life – something so sacred and private. The treatment of the subject (script/story) in the first place is not praiseworthy. Glorification of and/or sympathy with student suicide, the handling of the academics issue, these did not go down well with parents including me. And if Aamir Khan is such a genius why should he put his children through school.

I am not surprised with reviews I am getting for ‘PK’ and, this is what we learn about the man who brags with such a self-righteousness in ‘Satyameva Jayate.’

Someone is asking Aamir Khan to make this picture urgently: For your attention, Aamir, the revolutionary film-maker who questions everything that’s gone wrong in our society:

Lets wait for his next picture now. If you think all the sensationalism generated with ‘PK’ will make me watch the film, you are mistaken. May be I’ll when its on tv or when son downloads the pirated version. Never waste a dime on these useless guys.

Well Aamir Khan why did you perform Haj which is a colossal waste when you were so much critical about ábhishek’ to Lord Shiva in Hindu temples (reviews tell me). Indian muslims expending ‘kafir’ tax payers money on pilgrimage to Mecca is most ‘haraam’ won’t you agree. I wish you discuss it in depth in ‘Satyameva Jayate.’ Fashion industry and cinema are banal, the entire entertainment industry is sheer rotten waste and so are our holidays and star hotels. Even designer clothes. Is that why you came out with that controversial poster in nude.

(I have an ínvisible’ post titled ‘Ramzan productivity index’ in back=burners for over 2 years now. Will soon edit it and tag you up. Those who live shamelessly for 1 complelte month every year on other people’s sweat and blood have no voice or rationality or ethics to comment on any other living creature on earth).

I am critical of our rituals myself. But those living in glass house must take care before aiming stones at others.  By the way stone-throwing ritual in Mecca-Madina is meaningful? Who are you Aamir, an arab by descent,  or someone with Hindu ancestry trying to act arab in modern  age. What a shame.

I am linking the ‘Khandala’ song to show how natural Rani is in this one whereas the ‘nobler than thou’ Khan is at his faking best. Yeah, that’s the word for him: FAKE. When you overdo something Aamir, that is what the world comes to know about you, think again.

Btw Aamir Khan, watch the tamil picture ‘Jigarthanda’ whose hero is Siddharth from Bollywood and if you get time, watch even Madhavan’s tamil pictures.  You can learn what is pictures, picture-making, acting is all about. You are a matter of luck Mr. Khan – you are what your dad made it possible for you handing down everything in golden platter. The real heroes are those like Siddharth. (I am shortly adding up a review of ‘Jigarthanda’). I am not saying all dad-son combis are pamparered and bad. We have Sivakumar-Surya in tamil film industry and you can’t hope for better. Not everything is as rotten a pair as Amitabh-Abishek Bachchan. (I am doing a post on dad-son, in edits right now 🙂 )

About Kamal, I remain a huge fan of his ’70s and ’80s pictures especially those of the b & w era. My friend said after watching ‘Hey Ram’ how the perverse side of Kamal came out in the film not in its theme of quiet admiration or justification for Godse but in the way he ravaged his heroines Rani Mukherji and Vasundra Das ON SCREEN. ‘He wouldn’t have done that had he had an iota of respect for women. We are not american yaar, we are Indian. And we have some desi sensibilities…’  I thought Kamal did treat Rani and Vasundra as piece of trash in the picture – in the sense, after seeing the film I thought how they could ever link up with another man! Whether its real life or reel life I expect women to be treated with dignity. I was thinking like how Vasundra’s parents would feel watching the picture… Okay, I am a fool, these girls come get into Bollywood with their eyes wide open, right! Some Women’s Lib this is… The same friend said how Karma was playing out already in Kamal’s daughter’s (real) life. I recall Kamal giving a speech in Kerala alleging, without a woman’s consent and giving in rape cannot happen. In which case, how would he explain the Delhi gang rape case.  I think he made some remarks even after ‘Nirbhaya.’ Strangely those videos seem to be removed from You Tube. So here we have: a man who looks at women as more than equals. But then why must I feel a terrible sense of betrayal?

Kamal Hassan is an actor par excellence, no doubt, now he has to rethink where he has gone wrong. Who brought down Alwarpet Benefit Fund dear Kamal. You are talking big in everyone of your pictures starting from ‘Hindustani’ to ‘Vishwaroopam.’ Did you even pause a moment to think before bankrupting a century old finance institution for things as selfish and vain as boosting your super ego seeing yourself in your dream role ‘Marudanayagam.’ What is your answer to aged pensioners who had lost their life savings, to the middle-class who had saved every nickel, every penny for a rainy day – or just to give their children a better education, better home someday…

Still I love Kamal’s sense of humour. His ‘Panchatantram’ and ‘Sathi leelavathi’ and Ávvai shanmugi'(remade as Chachi 420 in hindi) and ”Pammal K Sambandam’ and “Michael Madana Kama Rajan” are matchless. I could go on. I wanted to mention Kamal’s hypocrisy here in my post which is very similar to Aamir’s own.

Aamir to his share has some good films as we know – Lagaan” and ”Rang de basanthi” and ‘Taare zameen par’to name a few. I would rate ‘Taare zameen par’ his best. Even with ‘Lagaan’  one could not get over the feel it was made solely with an eye on áwards’ which I think is distasteful. This is not how to make art, create magic. This is not natural. This is precisely what Kamal is doing in last 10-15 years and now Aamir you are following in his footsteps. I liked SRK’s ‘Swadesh’ far better that way. Shahrukh is a poor actor but atleast he is down-to-earth and seems to have no urge to prove a point to anybody.

AAMIR KHAN IS A TOTAL COPY CAT OF KAMAL HASSAN IN EVERY RESPECT. IF YOU ARE EXPOSED TO BOTH TAMIL & BOLLYWOOD PICTURES, YOU CAN GUESS THIS UNDER A MINUTE. Aamir Khan is trying vigorously to become to Bollywood what Kamal Hassan is to the south. Why both are even their own producers! An original shall remain an original always and a fake shall be a fake, whatever, wherever, however, whenever.

For the ilk of Aamir Khan and M F Hussain, I have this poser: try it out next with your holy prophet and chosen way of life. Bet you are greeted with bouquet of roses over ‘fatwas!’ How come you have managed to marry not one but 2 Hindu women, Aamir. Not a single eligible, coy, nubile, virtuous girl among your own? The Khans of Bollywood!

Because the first thing I think of when it comes to film making of the Aamir Khan-Kamal Hassan kind is HONESTY. Which means, why wouldn’t I expect Aamir to laugh at himself and his folks and their way of life and belief system? Come on Aamir, do it NOW!



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